June 22

Addison’s Jojo Siwa 5th Birthday Party

My Personal VLOG


Our daughter is growing up right in front of us!

It seemed like just the other day that I had purchased my DSLR (Canon 80D) and was excited to film her 4th birthday… Now a whole year has already rolled around.

This year, she wanted a colorful, “Jojo Siwa” themed birthday party. We had characters, games, cake, swimming, and of course a unicorn pinata!

Addison is turning into a bright, beautiful, and adventurous little girl. Her love for games, friends, and fun is unending!

She’s our little sour patch girl… Sometimes she beats to her own drum and can be a little “toot” as we say, but other times she’ll be the sweetest little girl that just melts your heart!

We love you so much, Addison Rose! Happy Birthday.



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