Agent Attraction List Building on Social Media

In today's post, I share how I build my list, mostly online through social media.

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Right. Good morning, everybody. Today is August 15. And we're doing a quick agent traction social media prospecting video strategy video. I've got Aaron on the line with me, and he's gonna be my mic, my coat, my co host, co host today. And he's going to be actually doing these things as I'm going to be going over them, asking questions, all that good stuff. So hopefully, you'll ask some questions that probably some of you are probably thinking the same thing. Of course, if there's any questions that you have after this, and you want to reach out, you know, send me a message, but would love to help out, but basically, what we're going to kind of cover today is one pillar of prospecting. That, you know, I think is, you know, good to be used. It's not the only thing or you know, even maybe the number one thing I just think that it's what works for me. So of course, I want to share it here first, and just let you know that this is just

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One pillar, I do also do other things as well. But as far as like social media, and you know, specifically being free and not having to pay any money for I definitely think that this is a good, viable strategy to use today. So. So anyways, I'm going to start here, let me share my screen with everybody. So you can follow along, and we'll get going. So just to grow.

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so I've got a blank spreadsheet here. We're going to be filling this out as we go. It's like filling blanks, but even probably more than that because there's nothing even here. So are you filming the whole thing? But so first off agent traction, social media prospecting strategy. What this is basically going to encompass are I use three websites that three social media platforms that I most frequently used to build connections and

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You know,

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get to, you know, speak in front of a bunch of agents on a daily basis. And they are basically Facebook, Instagram, and linked

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in linked in. So these are the three different social media platforms that I use. And what I'm going to do is actually let me give some space in between all these notes. each one's a little bit different course.

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We'll start with Facebook.

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So in general, there's a couple things to note. So first off, you know, of course, I've got, you know, a young just using my personal profile for all of this. I do have a business profile as well a business page that I utilize, but you know, as far as sending friend requests and things like that, you do have to use of course your personal profile for that.

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So, what I do recommend in Aaron, I don't know if you're already on Facebook as far as like, you know, utilizing the group's feature of Facebook. But I'd highly recommend that's kind of where you start. And so like, what you can do, of course, is start by searching out some real estate agent groups, they can be local to you, they can be national, it doesn't matter. But if you want to get connected with other agents in different parts of the country, and maybe not just in your market, you could of course, just search you know, real estate agent

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and then go to groups.

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All right, and you're going to get a whole bunch of groups that you have the potential to join. As you can see, I've already joined a bunch of groups.

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But you know, all sorts of one prep agent is there of course will be newer agents that are mostly in that group, real estate agent sales success training 1200 members,

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Look for groups that you know, of course have a little bit of traction, not like fifth member groups or anything like that I look for ones that have, you know, a few hundred people 234 hundred people's fine doesn't need to be, you know, 1000 or more just 234 hundred people or more, not if they have 1000 That's great, you know, 10,000 or 80,000, or whatever. But as long as they have more than a couple hundred, that's usually the groups that I'm looking to join.

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Alright, so now, like so say for instance, you join one of these, you know, groups, let's just say real estate agent, Rockstar agents, right? And some of them might require an approval before you can actually join. That's fine. Just request to join and, you know, if they have questions that they're asking before you can get accepted, make sure you answer those questions that will help you get accepted into the group. Then once you're accepted, here's where the power comes into play. So now you're accepted. This particular group has 31,000 members in it, really good group. I go to the members tab

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and then an arrow

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You can see my screen correct so make sure you can see all this you know what? I am not seeing your screen I'm seeing just a line on my screen just online or what's going on here

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just to

Unknown Speaker 5:20
Okay, now is that better Can you see Mike my screen?

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I can't. Okay, perfect perfect. So basically all I did here just for in case since that video might not record there but all I did to begin with was of course real estate agent I just typed that into the search box went up to the groups tab, clicked on the group's Once it loads, and then you get a bunch of groups that you can of course either join or you'll see here I've already joined a lot of them

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and so I always look for like I said, a couple hundred members or more. Let's just use this group for instance, I've already joined it so I'm gonna go into here. Some of them again, like I said, you'll have to, you know, requested

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Join before you're accepted, but let's, let's assume now that you've been accepted into the group, you click on that group to be able to go in there. And then what you're going to do so now you're part of this group page here.

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Click on the members.

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And then what I look for is of course, so you're going to see things that you have in common with people you're going to members that are living in San Antonio, Texas, these are where I start at. So you know, first off, I'm probably going to go and at least try and friend the ones that are in San Antonio, Texas with me, so I can click on the See More button.

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And it's going to only show me the members that are part of this group that are also living in San Antonio, Texas. Of course I'm looking to see what they're like where their license that so in this particular case, license study XP realty product. I had that person as a friend,

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coach at San Antonio Christian school. Again, there's so many agents for you to typically friend I look for people that advertise that their real estate agent, this person, probably apartment

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Coach, part time agent You know, I'm just not going to spend the time their associate owner at Lux agency LLC. It is definitely probably somebody that I would so in this case, I'll just say add friend send them a friend request and that's it. You don't need to send a message out right away you know I will every now and then depending on time or whatever, but like with this person, let's say for instance, I was gonna message up all you gotta do kind of hover over their name, click on message, just say, hey shale.

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Unknown Speaker 7:43
real life, our group is real estate rock.

Unknown Speaker 7:49
Agents group together

Unknown Speaker 7:54
as your year in our say real estate

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That's it. So Ryan, I'll just send that message along with it. And that's it, I'll kind of just like go from there, wait for it, but then I'll go to the next person.

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And I don't bring up you know anything about the XP, there's no XP pitch in the first you know, message that I sent to them. This is all about building relationships with them. And, you know, trying to, you know, it's the long game, right? Like, you want to get more friends, you want to have more opportunities to be in front of these people. And if you you know, blow it the first time by you know, trying to pitch them ESP and first very first message you send them, that's not good. And so same thing here, just go to the next person, you know, when you know, and I might even like if I go to my messages, you know, a lot of times what I'll do is I'll just take whatever that message was

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for, so I'll take these messages.

Unknown Speaker 8:53
my computer's on really slow for some reason, but if I go to my messages, and I copy the message

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That I just sent this person

Unknown Speaker 9:03
right copy it

Unknown Speaker 9:05

Unknown Speaker 9:08
messaged her, let's paste that in there, change the name.

Unknown Speaker 9:16
send that out. There we go. And you just kind of keep going down this way, right? So

Unknown Speaker 9:23
Mari Reese like says University of Illinois, but if I look at this picture, if I hover over them, I can tell you that a real estate sign there, that's, you know, good enough for me. And friend, same thing, you know, message him.

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Now, one thing I'll say is because you know, Facebook's wants to make sure that you're not

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spamming and you're not, you know, abusing this tool. What I like to do is I'll only limit this doing this type of, you know, friend requesting to anywhere from between 10 to 20 people at any given time that I'm doing this, so that might be per day.

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That might be, you know, twice a day. So, you know, like, I might come in here and do a session once the morning, once in the afternoon, but I try not to add more than about 20 to 25 friends per day that I'm doing this on Facebook. So, you know, so I'm just doing that keep going down the list until you know the list ends. But usually these lists are pretty big.

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You know, and then if that list ends, again, just go join another real estate agent group and do the same thing there. Or the other thing that you can do is if you you know, kind of gone through and done all your local connections, just look at the people that you have in common with so like, you know, click on a see more for the common people and look at what you have in common with them most of the time, they will tell you right, like what you have in common whether it's mutual friends, you know, whether it is like, you know, mutual groups like this person is in the same seven groups as me

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But then, you know, like I said, I just kind of, you know, same thing here like an instance what I would do here we're going or divergent milty I don't know where that's at or anything. But I would just say, you know, add friend.

Unknown Speaker 11:15
All right, so as far as messaging them, you might have to just right click open a new tab

Unknown Speaker 11:23
pulls them up here, and then you can just click the message button.

Unknown Speaker 11:29
Same thing there, and she's in California, Jackie.

Unknown Speaker 11:43
And then since this one's not in San Antonio,

Unknown Speaker 11:48
I'll just try and find something that

Unknown Speaker 11:52
that we have in common. So like for instance, she's you know, she's a broker owner. So like something like you might just say and you know,

Unknown Speaker 12:04
lot going on already

Unknown Speaker 12:08
and then just be like you know ask a different question how's How long have you been?

Unknown Speaker 12:15
Real Estate?

Unknown Speaker 12:17
Just anything to get a response really. So you know anybody can really put this right even like if you're not a broker owner whatever, we've got a lot going on and already they don't know that you know if they've got a lot going on in it, you can look at their video.

Unknown Speaker 12:31
You know, you might reference that video that she shared right here like, you know, we're both sitting two boxers group together. And I

Unknown Speaker 12:40
saw that last video you posted

Unknown Speaker 12:46
for a listing

Unknown Speaker 12:48
of yours and thought

Unknown Speaker 12:52
it was great.

Unknown Speaker 12:55
estate for perfect, right, send that out. Right That's about as easy

Unknown Speaker 13:00
It is and I mean, you know, so like I said, you know, you don't want to do more than about 20 to 30 of those on Facebook at any given time. But so for this year join

Unknown Speaker 13:13
groups you as many as you'd like. There's tons on that you can be joining.

Unknown Speaker 13:22
Once approved,

Unknown Speaker 13:26
click members

Unknown Speaker 13:29
to find

Unknown Speaker 13:36
to local or connected.

Unknown Speaker 13:41
Let's put all that

Unknown Speaker 13:43

Unknown Speaker 13:47
20 to 30

Unknown Speaker 13:50
per day to avoid

Unknown Speaker 13:54
the label

Unknown Speaker 13:57

Unknown Speaker 14:01
Send a message along with your friend

Unknown Speaker 14:06

Unknown Speaker 14:09
to increase

Unknown Speaker 14:17
approval and

Unknown Speaker 14:20

Unknown Speaker 14:22

Unknown Speaker 14:24
put this in caps don't

Unknown Speaker 14:27
mention XP

Unknown Speaker 14:31
first message

Unknown Speaker 14:34
in really I mean, you know depends on how that conversation goes like if it you know, you're building good rapport, you know, I usually will ask a lot of questions, you know, just related to their real estate business I'll ask like, you know how long you've been doing it for

Unknown Speaker 14:48
how many transactions they're likely to close this year. You know, if it's if their business increased from last year asked like, what's their niche, you know, where do they get, you know, generate most of their leads from

Unknown Speaker 15:00
Are they doing sphere of influence or internet or business partner referrals? You know, just a lot of these types of questions like, I'll probably ask three, four or five, those types of questions. You know, ask them like, Hey, you know, what's their biggest struggle? If they're just an individual agent last and things like, you know, do you ever plan to grow a team? Do you ever plan to, you know, be an independent broker? You know, I'll just try and really just, you know, ask as many questions I can try and build rapport, you know, hopefully, they'll start asking maybe some questions about you, and you kind of start telling them a little bit about your story, you know, and, and go from there. And then once you've built enough connection, a rapport and specifically with people that are out of your market, like, you know, somebody not in San Antonio, a lot of times I'll ask them like, Hey, you know, have you heard of XP in your area? You know, or something like that, like, that's usually my transition question. You know, have you heard of the XP in your area, and I kind of like wait and just see what they say, and go from there. But if they're in San Antonio, or if they're in my market, you know, that point, what else?

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Just say is like, you know, Hey, have you heard of the XP? And then I might even, like, kind of buffer it by just saying like, you know, I know that, you know, there's a lot of the XP agents in San Antonio. So you might have been reached out before, but I was just curious or something like that and see what they say. And they're going to tell you real quickly on, you know, if they've heard it a million times, if they don't know about it, you know, whatever that is. And then, you know, like I say, and I got a script here that I'll provide to everybody and kind of like, what I think the next step would be. But again, the biggest thing right away is just to honestly get them to connect, get them to be a friend, start or start a message dialogue with them. And then, you know, kind of go from there. So you're going to leave that into Facebook, you know, kind of let that go. You're going to start getting people that respond, you know, once they respond, then you know, that's Showtime, that's when you can start kind of talking to them

Unknown Speaker 16:58
and going from there, but if you do that

Unknown Speaker 17:00
About 20 to 30 times on Facebook per day. And then the other way. Well, first off before I jump off there the other thing too, that you can do I do this on a lot of my people is

Unknown Speaker 17:11
if you go to Yeah, where it says friend requests, then add them to a list. So you see here, you can add them to another list. I add them to the realtors list of mine. So just click on that to of course, you have to go in and create a list. You can do that by just

Unknown Speaker 17:30
click on your profile and taking problem here instead.

Unknown Speaker 17:34

Unknown Speaker 17:36
yeah, so if you click on add to the list, you go to the bottom, just click new list, just make a realtor list or something like that. And the reason why you want to do that as you're sending these friend requests out to agents is that way, show you here when they accept your friend request.

Unknown Speaker 17:54
Then all you have to do is go to friend lists on the left hand side of your Facebook feed.

Unknown Speaker 18:03
You have your realtor list right here that you created, you can click it. And then now literally the only feed that you see is going to be the feed of realtors that you've added to this list. And so you know now really quickly without having to scroll through all my, you know, friends and family and whatnot, I can quickly go through here I can list these people are like these people things.

Unknown Speaker 18:23
The bucket list, like if I want to comment on them, I comment on them. But at least I know that this is all prospecting based, you know.

Unknown Speaker 18:35
So I'm just going through and anytime again, people are going to see your names like Kyle Handy, liked your post, it just keeps you top of mind. It lets people know that you actually care more about them than just like trying to recruit them for a brokerage, whatever it might be.

Unknown Speaker 18:52
But yeah, so I just kind of you know, spend some of my time doing that as well. And then like I say, just sending out messages. Be

Unknown Speaker 19:00
getting responses from messages it's like I just got one we couldn't see foods from

Unknown Speaker 19:11
closing these apps a

Unknown Speaker 19:14
lot of abandoned here

Unknown Speaker 19:23

Unknown Speaker 19:26
Oh, here we go. Jackie Soto. So I'm going to take you through a live like messaging session and show you kind of what that looks like. Once we get some way to respond morning 10 years you and thank you. So yeah, so pretty excited. That's great.

Unknown Speaker 19:46
Same as you

Unknown Speaker 19:51
guys may

Unknown Speaker 19:57
names kind of

Unknown Speaker 20:00
smiley face because of course, everybody knows 2008 was not the best time to be getting into real estate. Just see what they say.

Unknown Speaker 20:12
You can just say like,

Unknown Speaker 20:22
something along those lines. So we'll just keep going, that that dialogue going and see where it goes. But again, it's just about building a connection building rapport building, you know, a relationship with this person and not trying to recruit them right off the bat. So, these are again, I mean, this, this, this might, I've had messages go on for, you know, weeks and months before I even ever bring up the XP just depends. I don't recommend waiting that long on every time you know, you do want to kind of get to the point you also want to start, you know, really, you know, attracting people, but you know, it just depends kind of how the messages go, how big this agent is all that kind of stuff.

Unknown Speaker 21:00
That kind of factors into it. But at the end of the day, it's really a numbers game. So if you can do 20 to 30 friend requests on Facebook and start building those relationships up, it just adds more one so the other good thing about this too is it's going to add more credibility to you. You know, a lot of times like if like in this particular case, like I think my profile got like 2100 friends so far, Facebook maxes you out at 5000 friends

Unknown Speaker 21:27
but when as you get more friends and when people are starting to look if they're going to friend you or something like that, if you only got 87 friends, you probably don't look like you have, you know, a whole bunch going on. It's kind of the same thing with Instagram. You know, if you've got 13 followers and you're out you know, sending out stuff, you know, or trying to influence people, they start to like wonder truly what your influences and so as you're, you know, starting to build friends in this business, you're going to increase this number which is going to again give you more kind of backing and more influence.

Unknown Speaker 22:00
Moving forward as you start to keep, you know, conversations going with other agents. So

Unknown Speaker 22:06
So anyways, that's you're kind of double doing double duty, you're adding friends giving you more credibility, but at the same point to they're all real estate agents. So, you know, it's also going to be good for your prospecting in your recruiting business. All right, so let me kick it to you, Aaron. I don't want to go too far without making sure and stopping in and making sure that uh, you know, answered any questions you might have so far. What do you think?

Unknown Speaker 22:31
Yeah, so far will make sense. Cool. Cool. Any questions or anything that I've missed or didn't explain well enough.

Unknown Speaker 22:41

Unknown Speaker 22:45
Cool. Now, let me I'll just give you give you another example two here. Here's a one that I just did this morning. You're here

Unknown Speaker 22:54
734 this morning. Hi, Micah. Thanks for accepting my friend request has real estate going so far this year.

Unknown Speaker 23:00
It's good year so far and you question mark said It's going great told him what kind of what we're about to do this year. Great we'll close over 200 transactions This year our team 14 very nice How long you been in are you for 12 years awesome what's your Legion strategy not something I'll share but I can tell you that I do have two full time I essays and I hear you wasn't mean to get all the details but what your niches that's what I was getting at. I do heavy Facebook when I say tons of systems for follow up so you're from SA grew up here question mark and then he even he even knows because of course at this point he's probably looked at my profile. This is a pet a pitch for up ology up front been doing I've been recruited two dozen or so times not something I'm interested in nominated Team Leader first XP second for me. I talked to people who asked me about it. I just like learning networking with agents who do high volume or doing things I'm not etc. which is definitely true. Because you know, I've been at this point I still do a lot of sales and production. A lot like to hear what

Unknown Speaker 24:00
You know, team leaders, other big agents, you know, what they're doing in their business, you know what numbers they're seeing. So I mean, at the end of the day, I guess to that's, you know, part of why I think that this has been successful for me is, I'm not in it to try and recruit some on day one or anything like that. I'm cool just building relationships and networking and learning more, because that's just my personality and who I am. And I think if you're going to, you know, do really well at this business, you have to treat it like that, like, all these are people, you know, they're people that are real estate agents, some of them are big team leaders, you know, and so if you go at it from a standpoint of, Hey, I'm a real estate agent first because that is what we all are. And yes, we all do want to recruit I want to very heavily but at the same point to you got always have that learning mindset and being willing to, you know, accept that maybe they're not ready to jump right away, and that's fine. Even if they jumped, you know, Chip a year from now, that's fine. I'm doing this for the long haul. But in the short term, what I do really want and what I think everybody's willing to give because they're not willing to give

Unknown Speaker 25:00
That they're going to join up right away is they're willing to give a potential friendship, networking, and you know, ideas, sharing of ideas, sharing of your stories, all that kind of stuff right away. So, you know just kind of focus on that sure enough You know, I mentioned that guard is down appreciate that did a lot of the same networking requirement buyers agents to put in a minimum of three deals in escrow each month and on an annual basis 25% must be sphere deals, hold so then he starts you know, kind of opening up a little bit and sharing with me, so boom, there we go. We kind of you know, put that all behind us. He knows I'm at the XP you know, at this point, the only way that I'm going to get him anyways because he's already been recruited by two dozen other people if I build a better relationship with him, and so honestly, that's got to be the focus is you know, how do I build a really strong connection with this guy because I have no doubt in my mind, or at least that's what you have to think that this guy is going to join the XP at some point in the future. Might not be today might not be you know, a week from now might not be a year from now, but

Unknown Speaker 26:00
I I know without a shadow of a doubt in my mind that he will join the XP realty it's going to be more of who is he going to join it from who's gonna who's gonna get him to join the XP realty as his sponsor and if you treat it like that and you think okay well then that just means that I got to build a better relationship with this guy if I truly want him well then that's what my mouth my big focuses so now at this point you know all I'm going to do is you know add him into my database which you know I keep a separate database I use follow up boss you don't have to use this for you just what works for me you can keep a sales spreadsheet if you want but basically somewhere that you can try name, phone number email, I just added him today

Unknown Speaker 26:43
and so basically all of these people here you know if you if you look at it, they got you know, I just pulled up his Nick his information inside of my local MLS because he's in my MLS so I could add his name in here. But now at this point, I just want to add a note right like this.

Unknown Speaker 27:00
him on Facebook

Unknown Speaker 27:04
he's been approached by multiple XP agents not interested right now

Unknown Speaker 27:14
focus on relationship. He has a team of 14 and should do around 200 deals in 2018

Unknown Speaker 27:32
or 12 years.

Unknown Speaker 27:36
So you put a little note there and then I can put a task in here you know if I want to do make sure I don't forget, you know, just follow up, see

Unknown Speaker 27:46
yours, finishing

Unknown Speaker 27:49
out and maybe even put like a little note here to see about grabbing drink.

Unknown Speaker 27:58
The mic offer and station season San Antonio

Unknown Speaker 28:00
Neo, and this is I'm going to put this out for, you know, maybe like late September doesn't have to be right away. We'll do it for some tasks there. Alright, so the next time I talked to him and be like, Hey, you know, how's things going? You know, I know we talked about a month back,

Unknown Speaker 28:17
you know, wanted to see if anything's changed in the last month, still on track to hit 200 you know, ask him those types of questions. And then I'll say, you know, Hey, man, you know, I know that you know, you're doing a lot of things in real estate here. I love to learn from you or hear from you. Yes, what you're doing, you know, could I buy you a drink or you know, buy your lunch or something like that and just you know, network and get to know you a little bit better is that I'll put it out there some like say yes, I'm like, say no, you'd be surprised a lot more people say yes then than you think. Even if they're way above your level, I went to lunches and things of that nature with people doing three times the amount of business four times the amount of business that I do in a year. So you really be surprised.

Unknown Speaker 28:58
You know, a lot of people just like to

Unknown Speaker 29:00
Sharing network and you know kind of tell you what they're doing brag themselves maybe you never know what their personality type is. But either way if you just come from that like learning mindset that you know, you're always trying to learn and you know and then again, you know if there's any value you can provide to them, you know, of course you always want to try and do that too. So

Unknown Speaker 29:18
But anyways, so that's this guy. That's what I've done with him. That's pretty much a good thing for

Unknown Speaker 29:26
for Facebook. I just got another

Unknown Speaker 29:28
message here. From Jackie Soto, where are you from?

Unknown Speaker 29:34
Antonio, Texas.

Unknown Speaker 29:42
Just say something like

Unknown Speaker 29:49

Unknown Speaker 29:58
this is great. I like

Unknown Speaker 30:00
Just like, you know, ask another question, because of course, you don't want to stop the conversation like there's no question ever to answer. So I'm gonna just say something like, you know

Unknown Speaker 30:13
groper You do?

Unknown Speaker 30:19
So are you

Unknown Speaker 30:26

Unknown Speaker 30:33
So there we go. So we got another question. You just keep that going along, keep going along, then, you know, we'll see where the conversation leads. if I'll be able to ask her about, you know, if they've heard of ESP in their area, we'll see where it goes. Hopefully this opens another tab. And so we see here, I'm gonna make sure you're adding

Unknown Speaker 30:54
these friends to a friend

Unknown Speaker 31:02

Unknown Speaker 31:07
geralyn how we did that? And let me think you're gonna want to add

Unknown Speaker 31:16
people you had a conversation with to your database,

Unknown Speaker 31:24
name, email, phone number.

Unknown Speaker 31:29
And so most of the time and I don't know if I'll get to it In this video, we'll get there and not you know, of course all at some point either ask her for her email and her phone number. A lot of times it comes in after I've asked about the XP. So like, if we get there today or I'm asking her like, oh, by the way, have you heard of the XP in your area? If she says, you know, something along the lines of, you know, no, you know, or maybe like yeah, you know, I've seen signs are, you know, but basically just not knowing a lot. I'll say Would it be okay if I sent you a quick you know, 30

Unknown Speaker 32:00
minute video that you know kind of shows what we're up to what we're doing. And then she says yes, I'll say create you know, send me your your email address, boom America her email.

Unknown Speaker 32:11
Okay, so she said both if she says,

Unknown Speaker 32:15
you know and then after I get that I'll say and by the way would be okay, if you gave me a good phone number for you because I'd love to call you after you've had a chance to watch this video. When do you plan to watch the video? And, and Is that okay? Can you send me your number, just something along those lines maybe worded a little bit differently. But ultimately, I try and get the email and the phone number that way. And she says both.

Unknown Speaker 32:41

Unknown Speaker 32:48
says they're

Unknown Speaker 32:52
eventually like, here's the thing guys like it. I mean, you don't want to just like ask a million questions because then it sounds a little weird. If she had

Unknown Speaker 33:00
You know, started asking about you, you might, you know, at some point like, not quite yet, but maybe after another question or two, I might just say like, you know, I'm an agent in, you know, Team Leader here in San Antonio, I used to own my own brokerage know, kind of go over what my story is, and just be, you know, honest and real about your story. If you're a new agent, if you are, you know, just still just doing, you know, a couple transactions a year just, you know, say, okay, you know, I'm a new agent, but I'm hungry. I'm always looking to learn and to network, and, you know, see what other people are doing. And then also, you know, I mean, hopefully, you're out there learning about how you can increase your business. And if there's anything you can share with this particular person, like, Hey, you know, by the way, you know, I've been watching a lot of, you know, this particular YouTube channel that has, you know, great trip tips and tricks on real estate, you know, have you heard about that, and try and like, provide any bit of value that you can, if you get to that point with them, all some different strategies for you to basically do

Unknown Speaker 34:00
But I mean, this stuff takes time. That's where it's like prospecting, honestly should be about three to four hours of your day. This is where the majority of you know my time is spent when I'm out prospecting with agents, just sending them messages, making phone calls, texting, all those types of things. If you're spending three, four hours a day prospecting, then you know, you're not going to have anybody to, you know, say yes to you, because you're gonna always be worried like, you know, when people say no, it's like, the worst thing in the world. For me, I just, you know, move on to the next person because I'm doing this with so many people that when they say no or they're not interested, or whatever it is, you know, no big deal, right? Like I just make a note not interested right now make a follow up task month, three months later, whatever it might be. And then you know, keep doing this more and more and more and eventually, if you're doing this enough, you will find the people that are willing to accept your you know, videos that are willing to give you their phone number and their email that are willing to get on a phone call with you that are willing to do a three way phone call with me and with you.

Unknown Speaker 35:00
You were with whoever your sponsor is or whatever and that's kind of how it goes and so but if you're not doing this consistently three to four hours a day well then you get told no you're like man this doesn't work stinks you know and then it kind of Of course motivates you and and you stop doing it but just got to stay consistent with this. So alright so Facebook pretty sure this is the bulk of it and if you do Oh, that's that I was getting to is like for instance, this person Jackie Soto, what I will do, but don't have her email and her phone number is you can just do quick google search Jackie Soto.

Unknown Speaker 35:41
see which one thing is going to work faster? divergent realty about us. So I'm always trying to even if I wasn't trying to get phone number and email, you know, I just like to like learn about this. See what her real world is. So let's get she is the broker. She's got about four agents. It looks

Unknown Speaker 36:00
Like working for her nice little website. Of course, there you go, there's a phone number, there's your email address, you know, I'm not going to do anything with these phone numbers or emails because she hasn't given them to me. So like, I don't have permission to do that.

Unknown Speaker 36:15
You know, to do anything with it, but I do want to just add her to my database so I can start putting notes in and stuff like that. And so I will put that information in there. So like for instance, here,

Unknown Speaker 36:30
Soto, go,

Unknown Speaker 36:34
grab this phone number there

Unknown Speaker 36:43
at an address to California.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
Facebook prospecting.

Unknown Speaker 37:01
Oak Ridge diverging realty

Unknown Speaker 37:09
note in here

Unknown Speaker 37:27

Unknown Speaker 37:30
something else that will remind me to maybe like if I want to touch on this again you don't want to talk for a month or two weeks or whatever it is gonna business 10 years ago never know what I'm gonna use that particular note

Unknown Speaker 37:44
that's it so kind of good there was going to leave that as is. There we go. So now I've added her to my database. She has a lead. So perfect and so basically bottom line what I my goal that I try and do every single day

Unknown Speaker 38:06
Insert a couple of these are like across the board and things

Unknown Speaker 38:15
reach out to

Unknown Speaker 38:17
people per day.

Unknown Speaker 38:21

Unknown Speaker 38:25
database per day.

Unknown Speaker 38:28
They're like that's those are like my big goals right there. That's all I'm focused on. I'm just focused on if this is what I can control, I can definitely reach out to 100 people a day, I can definitely add three to five people in my database per day. I can't control how many people say yes to me, they can't control me, people are going to allow me to send them a video or get on a phone call with me or anything like that. I can control my prospecting efforts. And so if I've done this, then I know that I've done a good thing for the day. And you know, regardless of what happens, but I can promise you if

Unknown Speaker 39:00
You're doing this consistently every day, good things will happen. And again, you don't have to spend any money to do any of this stuff. So that's, that's Facebook. Alright, so we got that. Instagram, it's gonna be harder for me to show you Instagram. Just because page just because Instagram is mostly mobile. I do everything on Instagram on my phone. I don't know. See,

Unknown Speaker 39:27
before we jumped Instagram, can you ask a quick question on Facebook? Sure thing.

Unknown Speaker 39:32
When it comes to groups, how many groups are we trying to become a part of over what about a timer? Like everything in real estate? Yeah, well, so yeah, I mean, it just depends like I mean, start with just joining one group and like for instance, if you join a group with 30,000 members like real estate, rock stars, you'll probably be able to like you know, use that group for a while because you're going to have mutual friends and you know, things in common local agents for

Unknown Speaker 40:00
You know, to keep you busy for, you know, a week or something like that, or maybe more. And really, you just joined the next group, whenever you run out of people in that particular group that, you know, you can actually add them as a friend and start messaging with that. So I mean, you'll, it's unlimited the amount of groups that you'll want to join or be a part of.

Unknown Speaker 40:21
So, you know, that's, that's one of the things is, yeah, I mean, you can start out join five groups, because some of them might need approvals and take a while. But then whenever you get a part of that first one, go through there, hit a ball, the, you know, local agents that are part of that group with you hit up all the ones that you have in common with, once you get to the end of the list, go into, you know, the other group that you joined and do the same thing there. And then do the same thing. And the next one, the next one, the next one. So, yeah, you'll join as many groups as you need to, to be able to have, you know, people that you can continue to reach out to.

Unknown Speaker 40:53
Okay, wonderful.

Unknown Speaker 40:56
In terms of, so kind of, kind of two things here.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
One I know that you said that you can only send a friend request to a personal page. Right Do you also have a business page I do have a business page it's the name the same thing as my personal page. So for instance, Facebook

Unknown Speaker 41:18
you know I've got my personal page here and I got my business page here but I am not doing anything right now. As far as this prospecting goes through my business page

Unknown Speaker 41:31
you know, I do add posts to my business page.

Unknown Speaker 41:36
And once people do friend me, I will invite them to like my business page. But at the same point, that's not like a huge thing and for this training, it's not necessarily not necessarily something we need to go over right now because for prospecting, I think you can do it all through your, your personal profile. And you know, the thing with a business profile is and the reason why we don't use that versus your personal is because

Unknown Speaker 42:00
With a business profile, you're not able to friend request somebody else. This is a business profile. They only allow friend requests to go from personal profile, the personal profile. Got it? Okay. Yep, make sense? Yep.

Unknown Speaker 42:15
Cool. Alright, so let's see here.

Unknown Speaker 42:35
Alright, so what we got all right, let's take a look here. So now's my personal profile got, of course all these different profiles. These are all real estate agents that of course have friended you know, time and time again. We got the max agents got all sorts of different people and this is basically like your friend feed that you have on

Unknown Speaker 43:00
Your Facebook friend lists. So

Unknown Speaker 43:04
I'll show you kind of how this all works. If anybody's not on Instagram yet, it's really easy to create an account, you can actually link it to your Facebook profile. But what you'll see here and go to my feed, so I've got 7200 followers, I'm following 2700

Unknown Speaker 43:22
of them.

Unknown Speaker 43:24
And the way that I work this, this strategy, let me just show you is I've got, so Instagram is hashtags. So the way to think about it is like Facebook, you're going after Facebook groups to find people that you have things in common with. With Instagram, you're going after hashtag so like, I'm going to search hashtag

Unknown Speaker 43:49
something like closing day, right? Maybe like that building here.

Unknown Speaker 43:55
You're gonna see all these people's posts, right these are all real estate agents starts up here at the top.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
Top posts, in your most recent posts, it's a lot easier to do all this on phone. So I don't know if all this is that I'm going to show you is going to work here on the desktop, but I'm going to try. But at least as far as like the strategies, you'll be able to at least understand that. But at the end of the day, it's very similar to Facebook just using a different platform. And so the way that you work it is like, you know, once you've searched that hashtag, you know, click on the picture, here we go, we got a person here didn't want I will just follow this person. And then I will like their post, and then say, you can even comment if you want to say, congrats.

Unknown Speaker 44:45
You're closing,

Unknown Speaker 44:48

Unknown Speaker 44:50
So you get a little bit of engagement. So now you're following you then the whole thing is hopefully that they will follow you back. Once you do see that they're following

Unknown Speaker 45:00
You back like in this

Unknown Speaker 45:02
particular case, like I've got a follower here, this person started following here, this person sort of falling here. So like once you get like followers, like I'll just take this person's I see Douglas, Elliman, that's a real estate brokerage, I'm pretty sure this person for sure, as a broker, this person's following you, it's the same thing where now instead of sending a Facebook message, you can actually send a message message doesn't look like I can do it on the mode on the desktop version. But of course, on my mobile app, there's just a thing that says, you know, send message and you click Send Message and do the same thing. Hey, you know, thanks for

Unknown Speaker 45:44
you know, following me, I saw your fellow agent in you know, you might find try and see if you can find out where this person is, or you know, just kind of say I see your fellow real estate agent on Instagram with me, or whatever it is that you want to say, but just really kind of build that

Unknown Speaker 46:00
connection, ask them how business is going, you know, ask them a little bit about their business, same kind of thing we did on Facebook, just a little bit different platforms so.

Unknown Speaker 46:09
So like I say, with Instagram, you know, you know, the whole goal to it's the same thing as like on Facebook, you want to show that you've got influence. So of course, you're going to follow a lot of people.

Unknown Speaker 46:22
And then hopefully a percentage of those people are going to follow you back. Now what you do have to do occasionally, is you will have to unfollow people, like if they don't follow you back, you know, you don't want to just follow a bunch of people and then not have you know, a lot of followers. So the reason why is Instagram only allow you to have 7500 people that you follow. So if you're always just following people and never unfollowing the ones that want to follow you back. You basically have to unfollow them. And so it's kind of like the idea of, you know, if you send a friend request out on Facebook, and nobody accepts you for

Unknown Speaker 47:00
requests just going in there and deleting those friend requests like they didn't accept your friend request anyways. So even at this point, you just can't unfollow them. So that way you're not, you know, getting closer to that seven 500 mark. And so,

Unknown Speaker 47:14
so just keep that in mind. So let me kind of start typing out some notes on here. So you're gonna go in your search a hashtag, hashtag.

Unknown Speaker 47:24
Like hashtag, closing day, hashtag real estate

Unknown Speaker 47:31
agent, hashtag, realtor life, hashtag, open house, all sorts of hashtags that you can search for on there. And the cool thing about it, too, I don't know if it shows you on the desktop version. But I know at least in a mobile version, if I click on like that,

Unknown Speaker 47:52
now it doesn't look like it but on the desktop or on the mobile version, first of all, you can actually follow this hashtag

Unknown Speaker 48:00
So like, there'll be an option where you can follow it. So that way, when you log in, it's going to just show the top posts all the way on your feet for hashtag open house, but then also, it's going to give you a little drop down box that you can click on. And then it'll show you similar hashtags. So like, you know, the ones that have open house, it's gonna say just listed, you know, just close, just whatever, you know, different hashtags that give you more ideas of different hashtags you can follow. But when you do this, I mean, there's like, unlimited potential. I mean, as far as you know, I like looking at top posts, of course, because the cool thing there is most of those people, they're real estate agents that might have more influence because, you know, like this person here, he had 851 likes. So if I click on his profile, he probably has a lot of followers. If 12,000 followers in this business, like, you know, yes, you can go after, you know, individual agents and people that are, you know, just starting real estate or whatever. But, you know, we're the ones that really moved in

Unknown Speaker 49:00
You, of course, are going to be the ones that have influenced, like, if you get a big influence or Johnny XP, you get two or three of those people in your entire career. You know, I've seen agents that of course, have been here longer than I have, that might have three four influencers, but yet their entire businesses, you know, now pretty much on autopilot because they've got these people out there doing all the work. And so it's pretty crazy. But you know, so you definitely want to go after like, call them whale, you know, whales that have you know, lots of influence, maybe they're a bigger agent in your local market, you want to go after some of those, you want to be adding some of those to your database. But at the same point to you're going to go after people that you're comfortable going after as well. So go after agents that are doing less business than you do go after agents that are doing the same amount of business and you know, whatever that means, but just don't be afraid to go after anybody. The worst thing that they can say is no, but you'd be so surprised when I've heard story after story of multiple big agents that are here at the XP and the reason that they're here is because one person reached out to them

Unknown Speaker 50:00
One time and said, Hey, watch this video or whatever. And the more of these ESP events, you go to the more of a storage room here. So you just never know and you're going to catch the right person at the right time. And be the only one maybe that's reach out to them. So don't be afraid. Like I say, just you know, the worst thing is they can say no. So, search a hashtag like that.

Unknown Speaker 50:22
Once you do it, you know, look first at

Unknown Speaker 50:28
top posts, then look at most recent, you're automatically does that on the desktop version. It automatically does that on the mobile version as well. But sees top posts here, then it goes to most recent right here. And then these are just going to be you know, pretty much just anybody who used that hashtag most recently.

Unknown Speaker 50:50
And you can go into any of these, you know, click on this person General's realtor, click on a profile 406 followers to generating

Unknown Speaker 51:00
You know, same thing, follow her, you know, maybe like this pictures, this picture of hers. And then again, I can't send her a message on here.

Unknown Speaker 51:12
At least I don't see how I can send her a message on

Unknown Speaker 51:16
the desktop version, but I know for sure in the mobile version, you can send a message. And that's, it's called Instagram terms. It's called a DM. So you're sitting with direct message to send them a DM on Instagram. And, and then wait again, same thing for them to respond, build a connection, add them to your database, if you started talking to them, reach out to them, you know, hopefully you can, you know, add that information in there because you get to the point where you can ask them for it. But if not, you know, same thing, just you know, in this particular case, it's like she's got a link to a website. Just open that in a new tab here.

Unknown Speaker 51:51
contact him now. This is something to check. Thanks looks like

Unknown Speaker 51:57
so I don't want to be there.

Unknown Speaker 52:00
Go here view her homes for sale now looks like this might be her brokerage I guess it doesn't sound like she's a broker this probably just for brokerage website but then you can of course just go to Google Jan realtor in

Unknown Speaker 52:20
Howard Yuna

Unknown Speaker 52:25

Unknown Speaker 52:28
call your pa there we go so now you can get some info batter

Unknown Speaker 52:34
at her in here into your database I'm not going to add her because I literally just had her I haven't had any kind of you know connection with her but I'm just showing you what you would do if say you did get a direct message back from her and started me and kind of build the connection and informations available cell phone numbers right there. And I'm sure

Unknown Speaker 52:53
if you wanted to you can probably find her email address you know pretty easily

Unknown Speaker 52:57
you know, but it's still

Unknown Speaker 53:00
Like that, look down here, website.

Unknown Speaker 53:04
They don't have a thing on Zillow. But if you want to just keep looking up with your icon will show it, LinkedIn Business Journal, all sorts of ways, you can probably try and click it and see if you can find her email address.

Unknown Speaker 53:18
But anyways, so that's what you do just have to add that person to your database, make sure that you don't forget them. But again, I only add them if I've had a conversation with them. I mean, otherwise, you could be adding, you know, 10 or, you know, you'd be adding 100 people to your database a day, or just randomly putting in people's names and emails and stuff like that, that you're finding on social media, you're only trying to add the people that have responded to you that you're trying to build a connection build a relationship with. So anyway, so there you go. That's kind of the way to do it on Instagram. Make sure I get all my notes in here, look at top post and most recent.

Unknown Speaker 53:53
You're gonna want to follow

Unknown Speaker 53:58

Unknown Speaker 54:02
Agents whose posts you see, or like their post, comment on their post, send a direct message.

Unknown Speaker 54:22
Alright, so then we'll go we're going to still same thing add to your database if you receive message back from them

Unknown Speaker 54:34
to build a relation, ship, and then you're probably saying, Okay, well now how do I know if somebody has unfought? Or that, you know, hasn't followed me or whatever? Well, there's actually that's a good question. There's an app that you have to kind of download to do that. It's a separate app. I'll show you here. Phone

Unknown Speaker 54:55

Unknown Speaker 54:58

Unknown Speaker 55:09
Only use it about once every week or every couple of weeks.

Unknown Speaker 55:25
Okay, let's go to unfollow for Instagram now There we go. Followers track for Instagram. So

Unknown Speaker 55:34
show you type it out your followers track for Instagram.

Unknown Speaker 55:42

Unknown Speaker 55:43
um, basically what this app does if you're going to log into it with your Instagram profile and inside of it, it's going to just say, you know, like people who have not followed you back and you can look in there and eventually that list is going to get pretty big

Unknown Speaker 56:00
You know, and with Instagram, I mean, you could literally if you wanted to, you can follow, you know, 100 and 150 people per day.

Unknown Speaker 56:12
I feel like of course with Instagram, you know, it does, you do need to do a little bit more work, I've found that I do get a lot more response back on Facebook per message that I'm sending out with Instagram, you know, I do have to say your messages out, connect with more people to get the same response. And so, you know, it just depends, like, you know, but it's easier probably to do things on Instagram, like it's easier to follow somebody, it's easier to send them a message. You can do it on your mobile app, it's really easy. Once you get in the habit of doing it. You can do it pretty easily. So anyways,

Unknown Speaker 56:46
hundred 150 people per day track follower app, you're going to do that like every week or two weeks just go in there and you know, look for the people that have not followed you back and then real easily you'll just be able to unfollow, unfollow, unfollow. You know all those people.

Unknown Speaker 57:00
That you sent follow requests out for the week. And you know, just never chose to respond back or follow you back. So,

Unknown Speaker 57:07
you know, don't be afraid to do that, especially once your follower count gets, you know, a little bit higher, but you're going to see it. So it's about what I've, what I've seen, is about for me, it's about every four to one. So I'm sending out you know, 100 follow requests per day. That means that I will usually get about 25 people that will follow me back, so four to one ratio, follow to follow our ratio,

Unknown Speaker 57:36
and then have those I actually as far as messages, it's probably maybe five to one, it's not much more but like, you know, if I send out 100 messages with those, you know, most of the times the ones that actually follow me back are ones that will send me a message back, but there's still a few that don't. So I would just say you know, getting closer at five one message back ratio

Unknown Speaker 58:00
Alright, and then like I say, you just build connection, build connection, build a connection, add them to your list, add them to your database. And the whole thing is, this is not really what, you know, this is part of prospecting, but it's not what we're going over today. Really, this is more like list building, I would say. But also, the other part of prospecting guys is like, if you're only doing this, it's not going to work either, right? Like this is good for list building. But then a lot of it too, is going to be making sure that you go back, you're not just building list that you're never going to communicate with. Again, you got to have some not way to remember to like, go back. And you know, whether it's like, I'm going to at least touch everybody every month, or I'm going to touch everybody, every two months, whatever it is, just make sure that that's what you do. And you just like sort by, like once you have a database, hopefully you're using something that makes it easier, you know, to sort your notes and sort by your last contact effort and that kind of thing. But you can like sort of by the last time that you wrote a note or the last time you texted them or whatever, and then just make sure that you don't have anybody in there. That's going to

Unknown Speaker 59:00
Long, they've not reached out to them on Facebook or Instagram. But keeping good notes of these people will help you remind you where you need to go to, like, reconnect with them again. So like if it's a month down the road, and you know, let's just say a month later, you know, Michael Harper, that agent I was talking to or Jennifer Soto, you know, I see all man, it's been a month since I reached out to this person, I go back in the notes and it says, sent a Facebook message about this, I'm like, okay, cool, then I just got to go back to the Facebook, and then send another message. And that's as easy as it is. And so, you know, that's the other half of this. This is mostly about building that list. But again, I don't want to stress the importance of like, you know, this is probably, you know, half to maybe just a little over half of my time was spent doing this build my list. The other half of my time is going through my database, which I'm not going to go through today, but like literally just going through my database and connecting going back to the people that I've already built the list of and connecting with them seeing how things have changed. Seeing

Unknown Speaker 1:00:00
They still remember who I am, like anything like that. So. So anyways, that's kind of how you would work Instagram,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:08
the last one and then again, it's going to get shorter, this one will take as long because all of these principles are the same. It's really just about the mechanics of how you do them on these different platforms. But like socially, LinkedIn, you show you how you do it here.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:25
So for LinkedIn, what I do literally just you know, make sure you have a LinkedIn profile.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:32
You know, make sure it's up to date, that's a good thing to when you're doing all this make sure your profiles before you start doing any of these strategies or is up to date as possible. Make sure you've got a good headshot make sure you've got you know your your information, but your job and where you work and your location and all that kind of stuff up to speed. Because, you know, if you're, you know, not up to date or if you're missing information, people you kind of think that maybe you're spammer or maybe you're you know, something like that. They don't feel that

Unknown Speaker 1:01:00
Comfortable accepting those friend requests or anything like that. So what I do want to LinkedIn is real simple once you have an account, you know real estate agent, all sorts that tasks that title

Unknown Speaker 1:01:13

Unknown Speaker 1:01:16
now you have no shortage of people that you can literally connect with 841,000 realtors on LinkedIn. So it's as easy as clicking Connect. And the nice thing about LinkedIn, you can have as many connections as you want, you know, like I said, Facebook limits you to 5000 friends.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:36
Make sure I added that in here.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:39
I mean, you're not going to get there for quite a while unless you already got a bunch of friends but limit you to 5000 friends,

Unknown Speaker 1:01:48
Instagram limits

Unknown Speaker 1:01:52
are following. You can have unlimited followers on Instagram, you can have 100,000 you can have a million

Unknown Speaker 1:02:00
Doesn't matter but you know, you can only follow 7500 Facebook, you can only be friends with 5000 people. LinkedIn is unlimited. So on Instagram, if you unfollow someone, do they unfollowed you? They do not. I mean, if they you know, it won't get like a notification or anything like that. If they go in and they look at who their followers are, you know, if somebody only has 10 followers and they see that, you know, you aren't following them, they'll know.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
But you know, they don't get any kind of like a notification or like that.

Unknown Speaker 1:02:39
Okay, so you could technically follow

Unknown Speaker 1:02:43
you technically follow on 7500 and then as soon as they follow you, you can just go in and unfollow all those people and always be following up. Exactly, yep. But just remember, they won't, they won't show up in your feet if you're not following them. They

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Yeah, correct, they won't show up in your feed if you're not following them. So if it's like somebody who's your friends with or if they follow you back or if they're at their local connection, somebody that you actually know personally in San Antonio, like you're not going to want to unfollow them, you know, you're just gonna stay follow them that way you can see them when they're feeling like their posts, do all that kind of stuff. It's just like being friends on Facebook Like, if you if you unfriend them, they probably aren't going to know that you unfriended them. Unless of course, they're looking at all of their friends or if they do a search for you and see that you're not friends anymore. That'd be the only way they're not going to get a notification but at the same point, if you unfriend them, you're not going to see their posts or anything like that on your feed.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:41
Alright, so LinkedIn unlimited connections, same thing all you know what you can do here. You know, of course is connect with them send a message, you know, so for instance, like connect with this person. More likely to accept invitation include personal note, sad note Hey,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:00
Remember what clicked on this one I think was a little bit down here.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:05
Go back and see Terry

Unknown Speaker 1:04:11

Unknown Speaker 1:04:13
just wanted to connect with

Unknown Speaker 1:04:19

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
There you go. So this is easy as that. I actually know Terry Collins but you know if I did it, that would be fine. But literally you can just go down these lists and

Unknown Speaker 1:04:42
as many as you want, building the relationship.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:46
You're never going to run out of people location though of course you can of course you know, just look at San Antonio, if you want to do out of market you can do how to market if I wanted to target agents that are in you know Tampa, Florida.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:00
I fly, we go 9600 agents now I can just reach out to agents in Tampa, Florida

Unknown Speaker 1:05:08
and go from there you know a lot of times you can just say hey, I noticed you have a lot of shared connections,

Unknown Speaker 1:05:14
all that good stuff, whatever you want to do to kind of break that ice

Unknown Speaker 1:05:20
there of course real estate agent XP, I'm not rich now. But you know if they're either just real estate agent or you know, real estate agent at a different brokerage, and of course, that's where I'm gonna reach out to all those same strategies that I've kind of talked about in the past. The nice thing like I say, with LinkedIn, there's no limit. So you know, even like a daily limit, like I said, with Instagram, yes, you can go out and follow 7500 people, I wouldn't recommend you do that right away. If I get your company and people think that you're spamming them. Just do about 100 hundred 50 people a day. limited to that limited know, you know, you can do Unlimited, I still would say you know, probably just keep it to, you know, hundred hundred 50 people a day.

Unknown Speaker 1:06:03
And so now now here's the thing, and this is why you might think like, okay, cool, you know, maybe I'll just do one of these. And if that's the case, that's still fine. Like, just pick the one that you're most comfortable with. And maybe that you're already starting with the most following on. If you're not big on Facebook, and you do a lot of stuff on LinkedIn, already, go to LinkedIn, start there. But I do like to do a little bit of each of them, because I do feel like people will, like research you or they'll kind of like see, you know, what, your, your, you know, influences across different social platforms, like they might, you know, see if you're on Instagram, like you might friend them on Facebook, and then they might, you know, check you out on Instagram in like, you know, in the more that you can be building up all three of these, I feel like these are kind of the top ones for real estate agents that we're using right now. Of course, there's all sorts of one, you know, Snapchat and you know, Whatsapp and I mean, all these different ones that I mean, these are the big three for real estate agents. If you can, you know, boost all of these up

Unknown Speaker 1:07:00
Get more, you know, friends, you know, get more followers get more connections, you know, when people search you across different platforms, you're going to look like, you know, you got it going on, which is, of course going to only help on your recruiting efforts. And, you know, attracting people to accept your friend requests and things like that. So, you know, this, you know, building up a following of 7200 people, and that's taken me months, you know, it's not something that you do every day, but it is consistent. So like, you know, it's consistently, you know, reaching out and connecting. And, you know, if you just do it sporadically, you know, you're not going to get good results. But if you set this as like part of what your weekly workflow is, and making it a goal of, you know, I'm going to connect with 500 people per week, and I'm going to add 25 people to my database per week, whatever it is, set that goal, stick to it, continue to do it. Sometimes it feels like you're banging your head up against the wall, but I promise you you're not this does work. It just takes time. You

Unknown Speaker 1:08:00
gets easier as you do it more and as you build more and more influence, as you build more and more connections, again, just never be too pushy, you know as far as your message of what you're sending out to people, you know, you don't want to be pushy and kind of like, you know, burn that bridge, you just want to build the connection that way, you know, maybe the next time they're going to be receptive. Maybe the next time there's an opportunity that presents itself. So that's kind of how it goes. But you know, ultimately, let me go back to my spreadsheet here.

Unknown Speaker 1:08:32
Let me know if I need to put this but just click Connect or check in some years. Search

Unknown Speaker 1:08:41

Unknown Speaker 1:08:49

Unknown Speaker 1:08:51
drop down

Unknown Speaker 1:08:54

Unknown Speaker 1:08:57
can filter by

Unknown Speaker 1:09:00
Yeah, not

Unknown Speaker 1:09:14
all right. So there we go. So that's kind of our strategies.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:24
Go back up here.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:27
Right? So

Unknown Speaker 1:09:30
these are your goals.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:33
The other things so like here's kind of the process let me just do this.

Unknown Speaker 1:09:48
Alright, so the process that you're building courses you want to make a connection

Unknown Speaker 1:09:54
some way

Unknown Speaker 1:09:56
build rapport. Know, that's important.

Unknown Speaker 1:10:01
About the XP

Unknown Speaker 1:10:04
asked to send a video

Unknown Speaker 1:10:09
which in this case I use the brand go 30 minute

Unknown Speaker 1:10:19
this is just so you know when you're when you're introducing this video to say hey my partner Brent go we're all partners here to get fee but it just you know will kind of elevate you you know because when they you know hear this webinar which is a great webinar they're going to associate you with this person they're probably not going to be looking to get in touch with both because you're not their connection to that we just say yes my partner Won't you know just to this video and love for you to watch it Brent go and then you need to watch this video to you're gonna be sending it out so you can actually like talk about what the video is going to share with them but just be like, you know, Bronco was formerly, you know to the largest brokerages, you know, REMAX and Keller Williams. He shares his

Unknown Speaker 1:11:00
story about, you know, why he made the switch and you know how that's impacted his business, you know, over the course of the last couple years

Unknown Speaker 1:11:09
you know, and it also just explained the the XP model and how you know, it's helping agents grow their business and why we are the fastest growing real estate company around, you know, and just kind of pitch it that way. You know, but, you know, don't say too much. Don't try and over pitch it, you know, just kind of do that. If you want to get that breakout video. Let me get you my YouTube link for it.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:42

Unknown Speaker 1:11:48
to private links, you have to send a link or for them to get to it. Go.

Unknown Speaker 1:11:57
This used to be hosted by somebody else. I just put it on

Unknown Speaker 1:12:00
My own YouTube channel just recently didn't like them having to go to this other website, I'd rather just send them this random LinkedIn link that it was on. So

Unknown Speaker 1:12:12
there's the link, they're more than welcome to use that link.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:19
Someone that all right, and then when you when you send them the video, you don't want to just send them the video what I try and do is I say, Hey, you know, I'll send the video I'll say, you know, when, you know ask when they can watch it by so you can follow up and answer questions.

Unknown Speaker 1:12:41
You know, so get a date like say like, you know, would it be okay if I call you if they say that they're gonna watch the webinar this by this Wednesday, like, Hey, I'm busy today, but I'll watch it by, you know, by Thursday. Awesome. Can I call you on Friday? You know, so you want to set an appointments. Future appointment.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:00
If they say I'm really busy and just say, Okay, well cool Was it okay? If I set an appointment for next week, like, you know, next Tuesday or something just to check in and see if you had a chance to watch it by then? And maybe at that point, answer any questions, or see if you're ready to kind of talk more about it. So just you want to make sure that you at least pencil in a an appointment to set a future appointment or a phone call.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:21
You know, and this is again, where you're going to try and get that you try and get their email address, you can send them the link to the video.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:30
Add this in here.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:33
Ask for email address to send the video. You of course can send them that link in Facebook Messenger, you can send it in Instagram, you can of course, send it within. That's not the point you want them to give up their email address to you. It's just like taking it down the next step.

Unknown Speaker 1:13:53
So like once they give you that email address, it's like now they're a little bit more committed. And then same thing once you get that

Unknown Speaker 1:14:00
You're going to set up future phone calls. So you're going to ask for the best number to reach them on to call them

Unknown Speaker 1:14:09
at that day, and

Unknown Speaker 1:14:13
that's it. And of course, then you bet this point have added them to your database or putting a task in there to make sure you don't forget to call them you might even put on your calendar to do a call. Know when you're calling them. Here's the thing is like you, you are just calling just to check in and see how that video that if they had a chance to watch the video yet or what their thoughts were, don't you're not your job at this point wouldn't be to pitch them or to like, explain or answer all of their questions that they might have or trying to sell them on anything. You just want to check in and say, you know, do you have questions and if they do start having questions, or if they're like, yeah, it's kind of an interesting, you know, but I need to research more or whatever be like great, because your next goal after this is to set a three way phone calls, then you're at this point trying to say Well, here's the deal. I would love to set you a

Unknown Speaker 1:15:00
Through a appointment with my sponsor, one thing he'll do is we'll do a video conference call where you know you him and me will be on a video conference, he'll share his screen with you. So he can do a back end tour of XP Realty and show you all of the systems and the tools and all of the stuff that you saw on the video, you know, conversion CRM, the sky slope, the you know, XP cloud office or enterprise dashboard, how all of that stuff works, he'll show you that, you know, live with a shared screen. You know, it takes about you know, 45 minutes to an hour long phone call, but we're happy to do that just to you know, build that relationship with whatever with you. And you know, kind of go from that standpoint. A lot of people love that pitch. They love to know that will show them the back end or system, because most brokerages if they're considering joining like they're, you know, they're not getting all of that backend stuff right away. They're meeting a recruiter in the

Unknown Speaker 1:16:00
Office. And that's about it right? So, you know, the fact that they can sit in their own home, you know, learn more about the model, if it's a good idea, you'd be surprised to see how many people are open to that type of,

Unknown Speaker 1:16:13
you know, three way phone call if you pitch it like that. So, you know, try not to answer too many questions. But save all of that kind of stuff for the sponsor, the three way phone call. So you're going to call them with the goal of setting

Unknown Speaker 1:16:30
the three way zoom video call.

Unknown Speaker 1:16:35
So you don't want to just set the three way phone call for that future appointment, because at the same point, I don't want to be on a three way call doing spending an hour with them, or 45 minutes, show them the back end if they haven't even heard about the business model about e XP. So your basic the whole reason why you're calling them when you said you would is just to make sure they have watched the video and if they have, that's when we're going to set that up if they haven't

Unknown Speaker 1:17:00
You're just doing this again. Okay, cool. When do you think you can watch it by? You know, is it okay? If I call you, you know, back then and just push it down a little bit further. But now you're going to have to sometimes do that 234 times with people.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:12
But, but you know, the ultimate goal is of course setting with that three way zoom video call. So that's, I know, it's a lot for this training. You know, Aaron, let me give it back to you, man. Just see, is there any questions or anything that you know, I went over too quickly or didn't cover that maybe you had questions about?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:31
Well, obviously, the things you didn't cover would have to be covered in another video here. As far as like what types of posts and window personnel often and what types of things?

Unknown Speaker 1:17:41
Obviously, I can do some research by jumping on your Facebook and Instagram and kind of just looking back over the past few months. That would give me a great idea. But really phenomenal information here. I'm not on Instagram. I'm not.

Unknown Speaker 1:17:58
I think I have a LinkedIn profile.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:00
What probably haven't logged in five years.

Unknown Speaker 1:18:03
And the same thing with Facebook? I only have a Facebook account because it's mandatory. Never on there. So it'll be fun kind of starting from scratch here. Yeah, Nah, man, I'm telling you, it's a great, great strategy. You know, of course, you know, like I say, this is just one pillar. I'm not saying like I said at the beginning of the video, that, you know, this is the end all be all strategy. If you're a belly to belly person, and you want to, you know, get out there and network and meet people at realtor events and in conventions and stuff like that, by all means, do it. I definitely think that there's great merit to doing that. You'll cut down the building rapport time quite a bit with people because you're face to face. And again, that's why I like to do the zoom video calls because I feel like that, you know, kind of builds a little bit more rapport with them quicker. But you know, the belly to belly thing. If that's your thing, then make sure you're just treating it like a business like you know the same thing. You know, both

Unknown Speaker 1:19:00
towards that you need to go out there and meet people need to add them to your database, it's not good enough just to go to these events and meet people, like you need to meet them and be sure that you're adding them to some kind of a list that you can then follow up with. And make sure that you're bringing up XP at some point in time, you're not just going to, you know, get the free food into, you know, laugh and joke around with people, you gotta treat it like a business. And so I've heard that before, where people love to do the belly to belly. Great, I do it too, I love to do it. But you know, it's one of those things that of course, that is time limited, because, you know, it takes a lot of time to, you know, go to these events to find the events. And there might only be a few agents at the events, which is fine, you know, you might build a build a better connection than there. But with this, like, you can do this anytime that you have time to do it. So, if you're just getting going and you have nothing but time and you don't have money or you don't want to spend money, hey, you can do this 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so.

Unknown Speaker 1:19:57
So anyways, I'll kind of leave it at that and then

Unknown Speaker 1:20:00
I like you said, Aaron, there's definitely topics to cover I mean posting, we didn't go into posting most of the stuff is like connecting with their posts and connecting with people that you're seeing stuff. But you know, there are going to be things that you can do when you're posting stuff that's going to, obviously help you with connecting and having them feel comfortable with you, when they can see who you are, you know, what type of you know, person you are, but you know, a lot of what I look at when I do my posts, and you can look at my posts for inspiration or to see things you know what I'm putting in there, but a lot of times all I'm doing is like I'm going to Instagram and I'm looking at what the top posts are on there, what are things that people are liking, and then I just try and make sure that I'm you know, staying consistent with that. So, you know, of course pictures of myself pictures of my family pictures of my team pictures of, you know, a closing of mine pictures, you know, things like that, that you see people enjoying, like that's what you put on there, you know, pictures of new homes, just anything really but you know, that's Instagram On Facebook, you know?

Unknown Speaker 1:21:00
Sharing articles creating articles, you know, sharing pictures, videos, you know, pictures and videos are King right now on Facebook, you know, direct, you know, text links, and just text aren't doing so well. So, you know, try and share pictures and videos, things like that ask questions on Facebook, you know, it's not all about just, you know, typing stuff out, but like ask questions will get a lot of engagement, these people like to help you. So you know, ask questions and get engagement from people. So all that type of stuff, you know, is things that you can be doing, but, you know, stay consistent with that as well. You know, I mean, if you can just, you know, have some schedule of how often you're going to post things per week, you know, just try and do that and stay consistent with it. But, but that's like, again, you know, that's kind of I don't wanna say it's secondary. You do want to do it so that way your feed is just completely blank. But

Unknown Speaker 1:21:52
but at the same point, you know, a lot of this prospecting is a lot of like outbound work versus like, you know, you posting eventually once you get a lot of followers and things

Unknown Speaker 1:22:00
Like that it is nice to do some posts yourself because you'll get more inbound people that are, you know, following you, and you don't even follow them to begin with, or people messaging you and you don't even know who they are, like, all that stuff will start to happen. Especially if you're out there putting content out there, you know, putting good stuff out there. But I don't want you to think like, Oh man, I have to, like be this amazing content creator in order to like do the strategy, because you don't you just want to put some stuff that's true to you. You know, tell us a little bit about who you are, and then start you know, building it just being consistent with it and going from there. So cool. Any other things there? Yeah, just last question is how do you break these up to you do one a day do you do all three a day?

Unknown Speaker 1:22:41
If you're if you know on here, you're looking at

Unknown Speaker 1:22:46
you know, adding X amount of people. How do you kind of split that up? Man, I think that'll be something for you to kind of like you know, figure out like on when you're just doing it because you're going to see what you're most comfortable with. Like my average day for

Unknown Speaker 1:23:00
I'm a lot more on Instagram because I feel like I'm more comfortable doing it on my mobile instance, a lot of times I'm out and about, if I'm in between appointments, if I'm whatever, you know, sitting at a Starbucks, if I'm just wherever I'm at, I can, you know, pretty much do Instagram, I don't need my laptop. I mean, you can do it too, on Facebook and LinkedIn, I just feel like it's easier, faster, quicker to do it on Instagram. So I've just, you know, gotten more familiar doing it there. So I'd say like, that doesn't mean that I'm not doing it on the other platforms. It's just that that's my natural Ben. And so I might go 60%, Instagram, you know, 30%, Facebook, 10%. LinkedIn, like, that's how I am. But I'm not saying that that's the optimal strategy. You can just do it, you know, with whatever you're comfortable with. If you can do in a full even split and go 33%, Facebook, 33%, Instagram, 33%, LinkedIn, great, you know, you'll be building up all those platforms pretty quickly at the same time. And that's like I said, you know, that's good to have good presence on all three of those platforms.

Unknown Speaker 1:23:59
You know, but it's just gonna be

Unknown Speaker 1:24:00
whatever you're comfortable with whatever is kind of your day flow is like if you're, you know, in front of the computer more often if you're in front of your phone more often, whatever that is, but yeah, does that answer your question?

Unknown Speaker 1:24:15
Yeah, it does. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker 1:24:17
Awesome. Well, good deal. Well then I'm going to stop this training and get this thing uploaded. And of course, again, if you have any more questions, let me know if you're not already connected with me and you want like Aaron said to you know, see what I'm doing. Connect with me. You know, I've got my Instagram is real Kyle Handy. My Facebook of course, is just search for Kyle Handy. And, and then my LinkedIn, just search for Kyle Handy. You're going to see all the types of posts that I'm doing. And you know, I'm happy like I say, if you need a copy stuff, I have no no problem with you copying things or anything like that. That's again, I do the same thing. I copied good posts that I see of other people so it doesn't have to be completely original.

Unknown Speaker 1:25:00
You know, take what take what you've seen and repurpose it and use it and all that good stuff. So anyways guys, hope everyone has a great week. And until the next time I see you will, we'll talk soon. Bye

Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy is a real estate agent, team leader, coach, & mentor to real estate agents all over the country. Kyle focuses on social media, tech tools, and system automation to help agents scale their business and create consistency of closings.

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