Agent Legend – A Real Estate Agents Review & Demo |

Agent Legend – A Real Estate Agents Review & Demo

Agent Legend is an automation tool for real estate agents to help communicate through text message with leads and clients.  Agent legend works as a drip-campaign for text messages.  Most database and CRM systems will send email communication as drips over a scheduled period of time but doesn’t address text messaging.

This is a huge hole in most real estate agents business as text message have up to a 98% open rate compared to and average just just 20% for email. Campain Monitor also states it takes an average of 90 seconds for a text message response versus 90 minutes for an email response.  

Agent Legend is an easy to use system that allows users to import leads via a list and add new leads via automations.  This means that as soon as a new lead is generated, you can have Agent Legend begin texting the lead.

Speed to lead is the MOST important factor in dealing with online lead generation systems like Facebook, Google, Zillow, etc…  Inman states that your odds of conversion drops 400 percent if you wait even 10 minutes to respond to an online lead.  Agent Legend solves ALL that!

In this video, I do a full Agent Legend demo and show how my team has it set up to follow up with our inbound leads (Facebook, Google PPC, Signs) and our existing database (Sphere of Influence).

Also, I show how it integrates with our CRM (Firepoint). Be sure to watch to the end for a couple of bonus tips on the 2 campaigns I have a setup that generates massive response and referrals/repeat leads.

Agent Legend Pricing:

  • Individual – 800 email, voicemail, & SMS – $199/month
  • Team 5 – 3600 email, voicemail, & SMS – $750/month
  • Team 10 – 4800 email, voicemail, & SMS – $1000/month
  • Monthly contracts

If you’d like to sign up, you can reach out to Jon Huber at 512-956-5430 or and let him know I referred you OR you can set an appointment with him via this link.

Also, Jon’s awesome and will be more than happy to answer any questions you have.

Also discussed in this video is Firepoint. Here are the details regarding this platform:

Firepoint Pricing:

  • $350/month for up to 5 users
  • $50/month for each additional user
  • $300 one-time setup fee
  • Month-to-month contract
  • Discount for a 1-year contract


*Update as of 2019.  I now use kvCORE as my CRM system.  Firepoint is an amazing CRM but kvCORE is included at my brokerage eXp Realty.

Kyle Handy

Kyle Handy is a real estate agent, team leader, coach, & mentor to real estate agents all over the country. Kyle focuses on social media, tech tools, and system automation to help agents scale their business and create consistency of closings.

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