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Aj Mida is a wealth of knowledge and massive agent attractor at eXp Realty. I met AJ Mida at an eXp Realty event and we've been friends ever since.

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In that time, AJ has built an eXp Realty organization of over 1400 agents, traveled across the country in a motorhome, and now resides in Puerto Rico. 

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I've tell you,

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I cannot believe what's going to happen. So this next couple, I just, every Monday morning I do what's called a North American leadership series. It is from 1130 till noon every Monday morning in the cloud. It's in the rec tech auditoria we should be there if you're not there. So if you're East Coast, that would be what 230 but it's 1130 to noon, 30 minutes. Every Monday morning I interview a different star agent. And the focus of this is not listings, not leads not buyers, not how to build a team, but it's how to build a rev share organization and acquire stock. Does that sound something you'd be interested in 30 minutes my guests last Monday was AJ media and you're going to be blown away at what AJ and Abby have done. They're literally traveling the United States. They're they're literally don't really have plans to stop

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They've been with XP for about

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17 months maybe they have no plans to stop traveling. They're in their early 30s.

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And they're literally just kind of done. And their incomes going to double in the next four or five months and it's already really good.

Unknown Speaker 1:20
And they've signed up 27 people.

Unknown Speaker 1:23
They have 661 agents and brokers in their organization.

Unknown Speaker 1:30
And here they are AJ media and Abby know Abby, Abby's gonna sit back. Give me a hand everybody. Yeah, one life to live baby.

Unknown Speaker 1:41
All right, everybody. So I'm AJ mighta. And my wife's back there and she'll be speaking next time with me, she said, but I just want to first of all, just thank my sponsor Cliff room and he's not here. I just want to thank God for giving me this opportunity through cliff and the discernment to actually join this company.

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You Brent for being my support and building such a large organization. Thank you to James for being there as well. Rob and gene for being the inspiration of how big this can actually be. It's It's amazing. And just my team, so originally Charlotte, North Carolina, we are traveling around the country right now. Our RV is currently in Spokane, Washington. And it's been amazing so far, but my team you seen bill price up here? You seen Craig and Shelley you seen Kelly taste and there's rich Thomas senior is not here. I mean, it's if it wasn't for these guys, you know, those numbers wouldn't exist. It's just unbelievable. The people who I didn't really know that well prior to this who've become some of my best friends and family. So thank you guys.

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So my story so you see my numbers been with the XP now for 20 months, personally sponsored 27 and as of today at 676. So it's growing really fast. There, rev share. Thank you. Thank you. The rev share is around

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$30,000 a month right now. And we're adding 100 agents per month. So by the end of this year, we should be around 12 to 1300 agents, which is just mind blowing to me. I joined January 120 17. And in my first year I just hit the gates running. In one year I sponsored nine agents. And that grew into 157. Then events like this are so important because it was one of the first XP con and Puerto Vallarta where I really caught the vision and I started running with it. We've grown from 157 to 676 and eight months, and like I just said, will be upwards of 12 to 1300. In in one year's time, and watching what Brent's doing, I could see us being close to 4000 next year, so it's just incredible what's going on. So we're in 20 1525 different states around the country right now. And that's kind of why we're traveling a little bit. I got the T shirt on one life. So it's really important to us that that would take advantage of this opportunity. So we are traveling we're working we're building the XP as we go.

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Because of social media, I have a lot of level ones and other agents, my organization who I've never met in person, so I've already had the opportunity to meet some of them in Minnesota, which has been really cool.

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But just to give you a little background on

Unknown Speaker 4:13
how I got into real estate or or what was the turning point for me, so

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it wasn't always this good with 30,000 a month in passive income. When I got into real estate, I was selling everything that I owned, I sold my mountain bike. I sold it like these gold coins that were my only savings. I cashed out my Roth IRA that had about six grand in it and was putting everything on credit cards. My wife was working full time as a nurse and

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it was hard for her cuz you know, as an ICU nurse 1416 hours a week. It's hard work and

Unknown Speaker 4:47
and I was a rookie the year the first year, and I sold six houses.

Unknown Speaker 4:52
After splits with kW and what I spent on realtor.com I made no money. But the turning point for me though, was when I went to a

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Real Estate conference because I seeking the blueprint for success in real estate, because I knew it existed. And that's what we have here. That's why we're all here because we came to get the blueprint we came to figure it out. And I think as a lot of you are seeing is there's really no secret you just got to do the work and sharing the opportunity. But um, so I show up for this real estate event. It was July I was in real estate for about six months. And I was super excited. I stayed at the MGM right down the street. My wife was still working 1416 hour shifts back at the house at this nice hotel. I was wearing a cheap suit, probably from homecoming, I don't know,

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for years before and

Unknown Speaker 5:37
and I was sitting there so excited. I saw that, you know, the top producers that had their badges on that they're you know, in the Premier coaching or whatever it was I was like that's gonna be me one day. And I did end up hiring a coach shortly thereafter on a credit card. You know, I was all in and but the turning point for me, I'm sitting there and I just watching and I was like, Man, this is really good. I'm going to do this. And I don't know if you're like me, but there's been so many times

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in my life where I had moments like asking, I'm going to do this, you know, I'm going to do this, but then you don't do it because you don't do the work that you need to do to make it happen.

Unknown Speaker 6:10
I didn't want to spend on one of those times. So I sat there and I crossed my leg taking notes on my leg. And this is really gross, but you know, walk around Las Vegas, I touched the bottom of my shoe. And I had holes in it.

Unknown Speaker 6:23
And in a moment like that, you don't think things, but a little fire under me. You know, I said, This is my moment. And for all of you, this could be your moment. You know, maybe it's not as severe as that. But maybe there was a time in your life that you can go back to in and remember how you felt in that moment. And make that your turning point. Maybe boosts ESP for months, maybe it's been 12 months, like and you haven't done anything. What are you waiting for? This may be the best opportunity you'll ever see in your life. Like just unbelievable. So

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by the way, I got some nice cool hands on today.

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Look, but that's not what matters. What matters is my wife doesn't work if she doesn't want to and God Willing we'll have kids do it and she doesn't she can be a stay at home mom and I can be stay home dad if I want.

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But I love this and I'm not going to stop because I'm on a mission to serve my people and to change lives. So over the last probably years, so I've been thinking of this concept and you know, I finally turned at one life living. That's why I got the T shirt on brokered by the XP Realty.

Unknown Speaker 7:36
And the concept the concept is simple. It's, you know, the average American only lives to like age 78 You know, I'm only 31 but let's just say you're 40 make the math easy. And let's say you just love summer, especially if you're in a cold climate, you know, or say you love Christmas. I know Brent's favorite holidays Fourth of July. So if I'm 40 I only have 38 more Christmases left 38 more fourth of July's left 38 more summers

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Like, time is time is so limited. And if you just, if you're not like living your fullest life right now, like, what are you waiting for, and like, we have the vehicle to take us there. Like my goal in life has always been to live a life that had location, freedom, time, freedom and money freedom. And so I was searching for it. I thought it was going to be through real estate investments. However, this showed up, and we're just so blessed by it. So, so live as though you only have one life because you only have one life. And I don't really think people realize this. And you got a dream again, you know, my dream as a young kid was either playing the NFL or the NBA. And I decided by eighth grade that it probably wasn't going to work out for me. And

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I had a business class in eighth grade, apparently, and I don't really remember much about it, but I remember there was a class on stocks. So that's when I decided I was gonna be an entrepreneur. But yet dream again. I this is homework for all of you. Go back and find a quiet place, coffee shop, and just dream wild like wild dream.

Unknown Speaker 9:00
Like, imagine if you were like Rob flick who 100% believes you were making a million dollars a day, in five years, or whatever it was like, What would you do with that money? Like, what would you have? What kind of cars, houses, how many like people that you'd be serving, like, like churches that you'd be supporting, like just dream, just dream again. Because for a lot of us, it is hard to make those calls because we have fears around what the agents going to say when we share the XP with them. And if you don't have that big why, like a lot of the great speakers up here have talked about is you're just not going to make the calls. That's just the reality of it. So you got to have that big why you got to have that dream. And it helps when it's for somebody outside of you, you know, if I was a single guy gets in real estate, who knows what I would have done, but I but I did it for my wife and I did it for my mom who is in poor health. And I mean, you know, prior to me making good money in this industry, like she can even afford her health care half the time. And, you know, just there's people there that are counting on you. So it's a big deal. So if you don't take hold of this

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advantage, there's only really one reason is because of fear, fear of rejection, fear of failure, and what fear of rejection what fear failure is, it's because you know, you have your family, you have your friends on this side. Then over here, you have your fear of rejection, which is your fear of what other people are going to think of you. So what's stronger is is what you're going to the life you're going to provide for your kids more powerful than that the life you're gonna provide for yourself, for your wife, the church, you're gonna support whatever it might be for you. What's more powerful, you got to decide that today, like don't leave today without deciding that are you going to give in to the fear or you cannot live one life and make it an awesome life. So I challenge you to go after it.

Unknown Speaker 10:46
Thank you.

Unknown Speaker 10:49
And you got to have a sense of urgency with this guys. We are here at the bottom floor and the more you put in right now, the better it's going to do for you. So have that sense of urgency. Some of the things that I've done to be successful

Unknown Speaker 11:00
A combination of relationships just give you some more tips. Making a list is the first thing you have to do. And you got to make a big list. Because that's super important. Because once you get through those first few contacts, like we already talked about, you know, you need to have the big list to give you the confidence to keep going. And I like to think of the list as it's not a list of people. I'm going to recruit agents, I'm going to recruit its agents, I'm going to help. Like, who wouldn't want to make a giant list of agents you want to help? Like, I want something a life changing. I mean, if you guys leave this and don't have full belief that this is changing lives and have the passion and motivation to do it, then come back again in January because we'll be doing it again, I guess.

Unknown Speaker 11:40
But so Facebook, so if you're, if you're kind of a new agent in business, you don't have a lot of relationships. Well, it's called social networking for a reason start to build relationships on face, the Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook's been great for me. I have lots of friends on Facebook and I network with them. It's very simple. It's kind of funny, you know, on social media. I don't know if you're like me.

Unknown Speaker 12:00
But typically what I used to do is someone would friend request me, or I would friend request them, we'd become friends on Facebook, then nothing happens. They don't message me, I don't message them. But imagine go to like a networking event. And everyone's just like standing there and like their backs are turned to each other like, this is social networking guys. So what you're going to want to do is if someone friend requests, you just reach out to him start to build that relationship, it can be a Facebook message, there's Facebook voice chat, which is little more powerful Can you can actually get some tonality in that which is really cool. You can even call them up. I mean, we understand that realtors advertise everywhere find their phone number and say, Hey, this is AJ, we just connected on Facebook networking is really important to me, I want to reach out and kind of see what you're doing with your business in the Phoenix area, then you start to grow the conversation from there. So So there's some tips just to grow your list because not only do you want to first make your list, but you need to also keep growing it so set a goal. So the homework is to dream again. So write down your goals. And the second part of your homework is to actually make your list of people or agents that you want to help eventually

Unknown Speaker 13:00
Continually add to that list. So make a goal of if you want to add five agents to that list every week, whatever it is, but just do it. And there is a key to success and it's called consistency. So once you consistently do the work and it just doesn't apply to real estate or agent attraction, it applies to everything in life. It applies to your marriage, it applies to working out and applies to, you know, being a good friend, a good family member, good son. So just be consistent with everything that you do.

Unknown Speaker 13:30
Yeah, I was gonna share another story, but I won't

Unknown Speaker 13:35
be so taking action. So do those two things. Make your list of agents you want to help and they're not going not that you're going to recruit. But I just want to challenge you guys to just go after it today. Just have a fire just lit up underneath you guys and draw that line in the sand. I said this year was gonna be my year of health and wealth.

Unknown Speaker 13:55
And the wealth part is working out the health parts working out good

Unknown Speaker 14:00
You know, God when we have children, soon my wife and I had four miscarriages last two years. And she had to cut out cut out all gluten, dairy sugar. So I was like, Well, if she's doing that I'm going to get in shape. I lost 30 pounds. So that's the reason it's been my year of health and wealth.

Unknown Speaker 14:19
And thank the Lord, that it's all working out. So be praying for children for us and all that good stuff. And that's all I got. Thank you.

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