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AJ Mida: Why He Switched From Keller Williams To eXp Realty

AJ Mida is a wealth of knowledge and massive agent attractor at eXp Realty. I met AJ at an eXp Realty event and we’ve been friends ever since.

In that time, AJ has built an eXp Realty organization of over 1500 agents, traveled across the country in a motorhome, and now resides in Puerto Rico with his wife Abby Mida and their soon to be, baby boy. Living that island life and enjoying the tax savings and great culture the island provides.

Today AJ focuses on growing and coaching his team, and building his personal brand online.  He has an amazing youtube channel where he provides tons of real estate agent advice and coaching.

If you are on the fence about joining eXp Realty or if you are a new agent just getting started, listen to AJ’s story to really understand what the opportunity is all about.

Below I’m including two videos I have of AJ.  In one video, he explains his reason for making the switch over to eXp Realty from keller williams.  In another, he gives his best advice for building your revenue share organization here at eXp Realty.

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AJ Mida eXp Realty Story

In the video below, AJ Mida discusses how he went from being a Keller Williams team leader in North Carolina making around $20,000 per month working his butt off to building an expansion team at eXp Realty totaling over 1500 agents earning him today over 3 times that amount with complete time, financial, and location freedom.AJ explains his 3 step process of sharing the model which is creating curiosity, share a presentation (webinar, lunch and learn, etc..), and get 3rd party validation. Finally, he shares how he leverages the tools that eXp Realty and the agent community provide including lunch and learns, webinars, and videos to share the opportunity with agents.

How to Gain Time, Location, & Financial Freedom in Real Estate with AJ Mida

Kyle Handy

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  1. Hi Kyle,
    I'm looking forward to meeting you tomorrow, Friday Aug 21 at 7am. A major question I have is do I have to be sponsored by the person who introduced me eXp? I would prefer to be sponsored by someone that is going to invest in my growth as an agent and recruiter, like you or AJ Mida. What are your thoughts?
    Thanks so much,
    Erika Corson

    1. I look forward to our call as well. A lunch and learn is a local event that agents hold, typically during lunch where we do a presentation of the eXp business model. eXp agents can’t use this as a way to bring agents and share the model with other non-eXp agents.

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