Does eXp Realty Provide Leads (Plus Cost & Quality Compared)

Does eXp Realty Provide Leads (Plus Cost & Quality Compared)

Does eXp Realty provide leads to its agents?

Yes and no.

eXp Realty will provide some leads. But probably not enough to drive your annual revenue. For the most part, eXp Realty’s leads come from a suite of tools you can use to drive leads to you. So, it’s not so much a lead generation program as it is a lead generation system.

Let’s look at eXp Realty’s lead generation options and how they compare to others.

eXp Realty Express Offers

Through the Express Offers program, eXp Realty provides seller leads. But they take a 25% commission.

How does it work?

Express Offers is an online lead generation product. A seller interested in selling their house can give eXp Realty their information directly. From there, that information is sent over to a real estate agent.

A real estate agent has to sign up to be a part of eXp Realty’s Express Offers program. You will need to undergo a brief orientation and agree they will take 25% commission for any sales.

Is eXp Realty ExpressOffers worth it?

A deal won through eXp Realty Express Offers is likely a deal you wouldn’t get elsewhere.

What are the odds that this seller would get to you before getting to another agent?

If you don’t have enough deals available to fill your books, then it doesn’t hurt to sign up for Express Offers. But if you’re already really busy, then it may not be worth your time.

And on top of the 25% commission, the service is a monthly service. So, you will need to pay $150 a month to generate the leads. You should, however, get 10 to 15 leads a month.

Are there alternatives to eXp Realty Express Offers?

Express Offers is pretty similar other online lead generation options, such as Zillow and RedFin.

Zillow leads are pretty cheap; they range from $40 to $60, depending on zip code. So, that’s much better than paying a big percentage. On the other hand, Zillow leads are usually pretty “weak”; it’s usually people who aren’t ready to make a commitment.

RedFin doesn’t charge for leads; it charges a referral fee after. Like Express Offers, the referral fee is 25%. If you’re being charged a 25% referral fee, there’s really nothing stopping you from signing up for as many lead-generation tools as you can. The real question is what you have time for.

eXp Realty Making It Rain

Most of the lead generation through eXp Realty is produced through the Making It Rain service line. This is a suite of digital utilities intended to help you develop your own lead generation.

In many ways, this is preferable. You need to be in charge of your lead generation. By building up your online presence, you can create your own brand. That brand will continue to generate leads for you, independent of any third-party service.

Making it Rain includes:

  • Home Search Leads. Home Search Leads directs traffic to your website and encourages users to search for homes within your operating radius through your website, ultimately connecting to you through your CRM.
  • Convert Your Prospect. Training, lessons, and courses designed to make it easier for you to convert prospects. If you feel that you’re terrible at selling or negotiation (or you just want a bit of a boost), these services are for you.

eXp Realty drives traffic toward you using digital marketing and shows you how to market yourself. But it doesn’t deliver leads to you.

Lead generation at eXp Realty

So, if you aren’t being delivered leads, how do you get leads at eXp Realty?


KvCORE is the all-in-one CRM system of eXp Realty. It will help you organize and track your leads, schedule showings, and more. Even better, it ties into your website, giving you a complete platform for bringing in and building your leads.

To generate leads, you can:

  • Use SEO to climb rankings and appear more often in search engine results.
  • Utilize online advertising, such as Google Ads or Facebook Ads.
  • Participate in social media platforms, like Instagram and Twitter, to increase your presence.
  • Create content that speaks to your target audience (thought leadership content).
  • Leverage the power of video marketing and post videos to YouTube, Vimeo, or other platforms.
  • Develop relationships with potential clients through conversations on forums and discussion boards.

When you’re a real estate agent, leads are essential to your success. eXp Realty offers some great tools for capturing these leads when they come in and some great options for initially generating those leads.

In many ways, procuring leads and turning leads into prospects is what being a real estate agent is about. While you will also coach your buyers and sellers throughout the real estate transaction, the really hard part is almost always getting your foot in the door.

Once you have created a solid lead generation pipeline and started developing your reputation, you will find that the entire process of finding and converting a sale will become much easier. You’ll also find that your career can grow exponentially faster as your lead generation compounds.

Do other brokers provide leads?

There’s something we shouldn’t lose sight of during this discussion.

Does eXp Realty provide leads? No. But most brokers don’t provide leads.

The reality is that most brokers rely on agents to bring in leads. Sure, they’ll facilitate the generation of leads. They’ll give you tools and advice. And you can work with other agents to generate referrals and interest.

But they won’t just hand over leads. That wouldn’t make sense because the agents who bring in the leads are usually the ones who close them.

Only the very largest of large brokers will occasionally hand out leads because they are generating so many leads based on their presence alone. Keller Williams provides some similar lead generation strategies and tools, but they don’t just let you “buy leads.”

A smaller broker is going to rely on you to bring in your own leads; they are simply going to provide training, support, and infrastructure through which to do business. If you want to buy leads, you will need to go to a listing-buying service. They may have a deal with a buying service, but they won’t maintain one on their own.

So, the fact that eXp Realty provides any leads at all is actually a step above most other brokerages, and it’s something that you should definitely consider when you’re thinking about whether you should choose eXp Realty or not.

Can you get free realty leads?

Yes, there are some ways to get free leads as a realty agent. The most popular option is using social media. You have to start building your brand and fostering your own online connections.

That being said, you will move much faster as an agent if you intelligently invest in some lead generation tools and services. It’s worth it to pay a few hundred dollars for a lead that will make you a few thousand dollars, especially when you’re just starting out.

Becoming a real estate agent is all about building your reputation. When you don’t have a reputation yet, you may need to pay for leads. It all depends on how quickly you want to scale your business and the time and effort you have to put into it.

Conclusion: Lead generation is hard work, but eXp Realty can help

Does eXp Realty provide leads? eXp Realty gives you everything you need to generate your own leads.

From training and strategies to KvCore and Express Offers, eXp Realty has a wide variety of venues for lead generation. Wherever you are on the business-building spectrum, you can find a strategy that’s right for you.

You can’t just buy leads directly from eXp Realty, but there are ways that you can bring in leads quickly, and you won’t need to do all the lead generation on your own.

Regardless of your broker, you aren’t going to find an all-in-one tactic for lead generation. You need to try a lot of things to see what works and continue diversifying your lead generation portfolio. eXp Realty doesn’t just offer a variety of tools; the brokerage is always hard at work developing new lead-generation strategies.


How do you get Realty leads?

Realty leads can be generated in many ways, including social media, online advertising, content creation, video marketing, and relationship building. eXp Realty provides tools such as KvCore and other training to help agents produce leads.

Why do people leave eXp Realty?

People may leave eXp Realty for various reasons, such as not having enough leads or feeling that the training and support are inadequate. Some agents may leave because they don’t like the commission structure or feel that it’s too competitive in their market.

How do you get an eXp sponsor?

To get an eXp sponsor, you must first meet the necessary requirements and enroll as an agent. You can then request a sponsorship from your local market center or contact your regional sales director for more information.

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