Why Elizabeth Riley Joined eXp Realty

Elizabeth Riley is an amazing person and a top real estate team leader out of Austin Texas. She joined eXp Realty back in 2015 and has completely helped to shape the companies growth and culture.

Here is the biography from her website:

With over 10 years experience in the real estate business, Elizabeth Riley has grown an amazing team in Austin, Texas and is proud to have agents throughout the city that can help you find your next home.

Many who know Elizabeth well, often call her “Wonder Woman.” She’s the mother of four beautiful children, an active real estate investor (along with her husband, Wes) and is consistently ranked as one of the Top 10 real estate agents in her market center. She is passionate about assisting her real estate clients and has built a successful business that is almost 100% based on referrals from her past clients.


Elizabeth Riley:

I’ve been in real estate 11 years next month.  I got into real estate on accident. My husband and I were active investors and our CPA looked at us and said, one of you needs to get your real estate license and my husband told me that was me. So I was not very excited about real estate.

I didn’t know much about real estate. I slowly worked on getting my license in Georgia initially and then started working with family and friends and realized very quickly that I found the place I was supposed to be. My business is all referral based. I feel like one on one communication and making my clients feel like they are my only client.

My one and only client is very, very important. And I think that’s what’s really grown my business and allowed me to see the success that I’ve had. I was at another brokerage for 10 years. was very hard to leave something that I was so comfortable with.

I started in Georgia, I moved to Texas, changing states was very different. I wasn’t about to change a brokerage when I was so comfortable. I knew the company inside and out. It really took something very, very different and very, very unique for me to even take notice. eXp was that company.

I was a huge recruiter at my old brokerage I knew all of the other companies, I knew all of their models. They were not ones that were fit a fit for me or my family. Because my family truly is first and eXp fit in so many ways. I wish I’d known about him sooner. I have four small children and seeing what he eXp allows me to do for my family long term is huge.

Having a part and a say in a company where people actually listen and actually want to hear what you’re saying is Phenomenal and It’s unheard of and I wanted to be a part of it. I think we’re a lot of fun. We are top producers. We are entrepreneurial, we are supportive. I haven’t been involved with a group of people of this caliber, and all of my real estate years and I am excited to see where we’re taking it in the future.

The support staff is amazing. I the technology support is absolutely incredible. I am a little bit on the technology challenged side. They they make it easy for me they are responsive, they help they don’t make me feel like an idiot. They’re they’re incredible. Overall I used to come from a company that had many many many more agents and he eXp and the staff just couldn’t support the the production or the agent count. eXp is extremely focused.

I’ve never once felt that I was being ignored. I wasn’t being responded to. They’re extremely responsive and very supportive. My previous brokerage had great training. Unfortunately, I was doing a lot of the training for many of the agents. And I kept asking, what training do we have for the top producers? What training do we have for the top agents and nobody could ever give us those answers.

We would have to spend lots of money travel time expenses to go out and find the training on our own. eXp brings it to us, I don’t have to travel. I don’t have to spend many days on the road when I do have four small children at home. It’s that’s a challenge for my family, where I can sit in the cloud campus and I can be trained from all over the country from people that have a lot more experienced than me a lot more. 

Their business models are different from mine, what they’re learning and what they’re doing in their own states is different. So it’s really kind of neat to implement new ideas and new strategies into my business. It has increased my business, I’m still getting a handle on it. I know once I embrace the technology a little bit more just because my business is so referral based and I am very focused on one on one, one to one, relationships. 

I think once I implement the technology even more, my clients are going to see a level of service that they haven’t expected or seen from me before and it’s just going to continue to grow my business. I would encourage them to start looking at our company more in depth sooner rather than later. I wish I would have made the transition a lot sooner than I did. And I think that there’s so much growth ahead of us. If somebody wanted to be a part of that. Now is the time to join

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