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eXp Commercial – Everything You Need to Know

What I’ve found talking with hundreds of commercial real estate agents over the last couple of years is that many feel today’s commercial real estate brokerages lack the newest technology and training to really help agents earn more. These two issues are what led eXp Commercial to break away from being merely a subsegment of eXp Realty, to becoming its own company on November 1st, 2020.

Today, eXp Commercial is completely redesigned to provide commercial real estate agents the best tools, training, and support to move agents and the industry forward, all at a very competitive commission split and fee structure.

In today’s post, I’ll detail exactly what is included at eXp Commercial and how you can get started right away!

Market Data and Lead Generation Technology

When it comes to technology, eXp Realty has already demonstrated that it’s at the leading edge in the residential space.  Offering agents the very best in CRM, transaction management, support, and training.  eXp World Holdings (EXPI), the parent company of eXp Commercial, has taken the same approach when it developed the lineup of tools and technology offered to its agents.


One of the major tools eXp Commercial provides to its agents is Buildout.

Buildout is software exclusive to commercial real estate designed to help commercial agents with marketing, database management, pipeline reporting, and back-office tools.  It touches nearly every aspect of your entire deal, allowing you the ability to scale your business quicker and with automation.

A dashboard in the Buildout website

With Buildout, you can create proposals directly from your database, generate website leads that are automatically added to your database, and generate comps from closed listings.  By connecting your database and back office to Buildout’s marketing automation, you’ll spend less time and be more plugged in with exactly what’s going on in your business and the business around you.

Whether you’re an individual agent or have a team, you can keep your database and projects private, or share and collaborate at certain stages, like after a listing agreement is signed. Additionally, you can prospect more efficiently by utilizing call lists developed by Buildout, and assign or share leads, and deals with teammates with full transparency.


Another powerful tool eXp Commercial provides to its agents is called Reonomy.

Utilizing AI technology, Reonomy is designed to help commercial agents identify new lead opportunities through the power of big data.  Reonomy provides commercial agents market activity and property owner information which increases your leads and speeds up prospecting.

A table in reonomy

With Reonomy, you can search properties and owners by property type, building size, lot size, sales history, debt history, owner name, owner address, and more.

Not only will you be able to find more leads, but you’ll also be able to quickly become the market expert by leveraging all the data available in Reonomy.

50+ Hours of Live Weekly Training

eXp Commercial is committed to providing top-level training to commercial agents.  Whether you’re new seasoned to commercial real estate, you’ll find value in eXp Commercial’s 50+ Hours of live training every week.  Training is held by top agents from across the US and globally.

Every week eXp Commercial posts a new training calendar for the week ahead.  No matter your niche, you’ll always be able to find something that can help take your business to the next level.

When you attend a training, you’ll be able to raise your hand, ask questions, and chat with all the other attendees that are attending live anywhere across the world.

eXp Commercial Apprentice Program

Any new commercial agent who has not completed at least three commercial transactions in the prior 24 months of joining eXp Commercial will be enrolled in the apprentice program.

Apprentice eXp Agent agrees to compensate the Advisor 50% of the Apprentice eXp Agent’s first three closed commercial transactions paid out of Gross Commission Income (GCI).

The purpose of the Apprentice Program is to help less experienced agents learn the basic fundamentals of starting and building a successful real estate career in Commercial Real Estate. Helping the Apprentice to meet the production requirements to graduate from the Apprentice Program.

eXp Commercial agents earning over $100,000 in annual income can apply to become an advisor for their market.

Virtual Office Space

One of the biggest misconceptions about eXp Commercial is that there is no office to receive support from.  On the contrary, eXp Commercial features one of the most sophisticated virtual offices with over 600 paid employees that are there to assist you in real-time.

An exp world avatar in exp world

Whether you’re in need of transaction management, tech, accounting, or brokerage support, eXp World is available 24/7/365 and staffed 11 hours a day, 5 days a week.  All you have to do is open eXp World, a computer program that downloads to your Mac or PC, and within seconds you’re speaking with exactly the person you need. All without ever leaving your house, and from anywhere in the world!

If you’d like a guest pass to experience eXp World for 2 weeks, fill out the form here.

Multiple Streams of Income

One of the biggest benefits to commercial agents considering joining eXp Realty has to be the opportunity to generate multiple streams of income while selling and leasing more commercial transactions. eXp Commercial offers all agents the ability to “build a business within a business” and leverage the eXp platform to earn residual income and equity ownership in eXp World Holdings, the parent company of eXp Commercial, Realty, Virbela, and Success.

Equity Ownership

eXp World Holdings (Nasdaq: EXPI) is a publicly traded company.  Agents at eXp Commercial have the opportunity to acquire stock awards in multiple ways through their production within the brokerage.

eXp Commercial Equity Program

The ways in which an agent acquires stock awards is as follows:

  • Closing your first transaction each year
  • Hitting your production cap of $20,000 paid into eXp Commercial (More on this later).
  • Sponsoring an agent who closes a deal
  • ICON Award (Receive your entire cap back in stock awards)
  • 10% Discount Program (Optional) – Allocate 5% of your commission towards EXPI stock and receive a 10% discount on whatever the stock is being publicly traded at.

Revenue Share

Revenue sharing is eXp Commercial rewarding agents who are helping to bring productive agents into the company.  eXp gives back 50% of the 20% commission split in the form of revenue share to the agents who sponsor other agents.  You can earn up to $2,800 annually for any agents you sponsor into the brokerage!

Additionally, as the agents you bring in to eXp sponsor other agents, you’ll receive benefit from their agents as well, paid 7 generations down.

There is no limit to the amount agents you can sponsor or earn from the program.  Additionally, you can sponsor agents in residential and globally, anywhere eXp operates!  For more information check out my full post on eXp’s Revenue Share program.

eXp Commercial Commission Split and Fees

Ok, so how much does all of this cost?  What if I were to tell you that it’s likely less than you’re currently paying?!  That’s the reaction I get as I talk to commercial agents almost daily!

The commission split and fee structure are extremely simple and straightforward at eXp Commercial.  Additionally, it’s the same for all agents regardless of tenure or production levels.

eXp Commercial Fees

The start up fee for all eXp Commercial agents is $250.

All agents are on an 80/20 split with a $20,000 commission cap.  This means that once you’ve done $100,000 in gross commissions for the year, paid 20% of that to eXp ($20,000) you are now at 100% commission for the remainder of the year.  So whether you’re doing $100,000 in commissions per year or $1,000,000 or more, you’ll only pay $20,000 to eXp Commercial in commission split!

In addition to the low split and cap, you’ll also only pay $250/month for all the tools, training, and support that eXp Commercial offers.  To recap, this includes Reonomy National Access, Buildout Elite CRM, eXp’s Marketing Center, Listing Syndication, Skyslope Transaction Management, and the Cloud Brokerage.

Sale Transactions

All Sale Transactions are subject to the following fees/deductions:

  • Company Share of 20% or Capped Transaction Fee*
  • Broker Review Fee, Risk Management Fee
  • Mentor Fee (if applicable)
  • 5% Equity Stock (if opted in to the program)

*If the commission is less than $1,500, a capped transaction fee will be assessed as 20% of the commission rather than $250 and no broker review fee. The risk management fee will be $40 rather than $350.

Lease/Rental Transactions

All Lease/Rental Transactions are subject to the following fees/deductions:

  • Company Share of 20% or Capped Transaction Fee*
  • Risk Management Fee (if the commission is over $1,500)
  • 5% Equity Stock (if opted in to the program)

*If the commission is less than $1,500, a capped transaction fee will be assessed as 20% of the commission rather than $250.

Referral Transactions

All Referral Transactions are subject to the following fees/deductions:

Company Share of 20% or Capped transaction Fee*

5% Equity Stock (if opted into the program)

*If the commission is less than $1,500, a capped transaction fee will be assessed as 20% of the commission rather than $250.

BPO Transactions

All BPO Transactions are subject to the following fees/deductions:

  • Company Share of 20% or Capped Transaction Fee*
  • 5% Equity Stock (if opted into the program)

*If the commission is less than $1,500, a capped transaction fee will be assessed as 20% of the commission rather than $250.

Finally, once you’ve paid in your $20,000 in commission split to eXp Commercial, you’ll transition to a $250 capped transaction fee.  Once you’ve paid $5,000 in capped transaction fees and achieved over $500,000 in gross commission income, you’ll be eligible for ICON agent status and receive up to you full $20,000 cap back in the form of EXPI stock.  See my post here for more details on the eXp ICON Agent Program.

eXp Commercial Active States

eXp Commercial is currently available in 39 states.  We are not in Alaska, Hawaii, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, Minnesota, Arkansas, Delaware, Massachusetts, or Vermont

Frequently Asked Questions

eXp Commercial is a separate entity owned by eXp World Holdings.

eXp Commercial is NOT affiliated with the National Association of Realtors.  Therefore will not be members of National, State, or Local Realtor Boards. Do NOT join MLS’s or Board of Realtors.  Non-Realtor MLS’s can be joined with permission.

CCIM’s are required to be members of NAR as affiliate members.

Does eXp Commercial have brokers?  Who would be my broker?  

eXp Commercial has brokers in every state that we operate in.  You would work with your the designated managing broker of your state.

Is eXp Commercial international?  It is coming soon!

Can I affiliate with both Realty and Commercial?  Only if your state permits licensees to affiliate with more than one brokerage. Please see your state licensing regulations for this answer.  If the answer is yes, we would love for you to join both.

eXp Commercial - Two Brokerage Map

When does an agent receive the Buildout and Reonomy Access?  Once the agent has transferred his/her license to exp Commercial, signed the ICA, has been confirmed in the join application, within 48 hours the agent will receive logins.

Can eXp Commercial agents brand themselves?  Absolutely, but please refer to your state advertising guidelines so that you are compliant.

Can eXp Commercial Agents sell in all 50 States?  You must have a license to sell in each of the states that you want to sell, however, many states allow Co-Brokering where the eXp Commercial Designated Managing Broker can sponsor your license on a transaction.  It is of course better to find a local eXp Commercial Agent to Refer the transaction to. Please pay strict attention to State license portability laws.

eXp Commercial License Portability Map

Can an eXp Commercial agent co-broker with an outside firm? The answer is No, due to legal liability issues between E & O carriers.  We recommend the eXp Commercial agent take the listing and pay the external co-agent a referral fee, or vice versa.

Next Steps with eXp Commercial

If you’re interested in learning more about eXp Commercial or how you can partner with me and get started today, head over to my Join eXp Realty page and click “Join eXp Today” to fill out a short form.  This form will take you to my Zoom calendar, where you can set up a time to meet with me, ask further questions, and apply to eXp Commercial today!

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Check out my Partner Page for details on the benefits of working with me at eXp Realty. I’ve helped hundreds of real estate agents, team leaders, & brokers all over the country, increase their business & build additional revenue streams. Together, we can make this year your best yet!

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