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The 17 Countries eXp Realty Is In (Everything You Need To Know)

Today, I’m going to show you the 18 eXp Realty countries that you can join eXp in.

Since 2002, eXp Realty has been growing by leaps and bounds.

With its agent-centric, high-tech approach, eXp Realty has been able to shed much of what has held traditional brick-and-mortar realty companies back.

Since then, real estate professionals throughout the world have been proud to call eXp Realty home.

Let’s take a look at the countries that make eXp Realty great.

What Countries Does eXp Realty Operate In?

As of 2021, eXp Realty operates in a total of 18 countries, with its last expansion in eXp Germany occurring in August 2021. eXp World Holdings Inc. has been growing aggressively within the last two years. A significant amount of its expansion has occurred throughout 2019 and 2021.

Right now, eXp Realty has over 68,000 agents worldwide. Countries in the eXp family include:

eXp Realty Countries in North America

United States

eXp Realty started its expansion with the United States. Within one year of formation, eXp Realty had agents in 11 states. By 2018, eXp Realty had operations in all 50 states. Today, there are over 60,000 eXp Realty agents in the United States alone.

Canada flag

Canada (2012)

The second home of eXp Realty, Canada’s real estate market is incredibly hot. Housing supply in areas such as B.C. is astonishingly low. While Ontario, Vancouver, and other major city hubs remain some of the fastest-growing markets in North America.

Mexico (2020)

A country of 138 million people and beautiful, varied real estate, it only made sense to expand southward. “We carefully selected Mexico as the first Spanish-language country in our global expansion, due to its vibrant history, rich culture, and strong real estate market,” said Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global. 

Panama (2021)

“The opening of Panama is one more critical step in the expansion of eXp in the Caribbean and Latin America region (CALA),” said Valdes. Many foreign investors invest in Panama’s real estate, due to its modest levels of growth and a particularly stable market. Many agents throughout Panama expressed interest in the eXp Realty technology and culture. eXp Realty’s expansion into the dynamic market of Panama continues to grow today.

Puerto Rico (2021)

Puerto Rico provides an exciting gateway into the Caribbean for eXp world. Not only can it be greatly improved through technologies such as Showcase IDX, but there are some incredible tax incentives that also increase foreign investments. Consequently, the real estate market is growing quite fast in Puerto Rico. This is leading to greater levels of economic stability within the region.

eXp Realty Countries in Europe

united kingdom flag

The UK (2019)

Throughout the UK, many have been enjoying a strong housing market with supported prices. It’s believed that UK houses are going to continue to grow in value within at minimum the next five years.

France (2020)

The third-largest economy in Europe, France was the last international expansion of 2020. eXp Global has been able to successfully build a fast-growing market share in this sought-after market.

Portugal (2020)

“We are thrilled to introduce eXp to continental Europe through our expansion into Portugal. The country’s golden visa program and tax abatements to attract foreign investment are ideally positioned for success with the eXp model,” said Michael Valdes, President of eXp Global. 

Italy (2021)

eXp Realty continued to see growth throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike a traditional real estate broker, the online-first brokerage was able to yield actual results and revenue growth through its digital, collaborative tools. Brokerage operations continued to expand through Europe to the culture of Italy. Boasting quite a lot of incredible real estate, the long-standing culture of Italy is a prime real estate market.

germany flag

Germany (2021)

Germany became the 18th country in the expansion of eXp Realty countries. The decision to enter the German market was a combination of overall company growth and the fact that the country is the fourth-largest economy in the world, with the largest population in Western Europe. eXp World Holding will undoubtedly continue to expand with this strong economy as a further global foothold.

Spain (2021)

After the eXp brand had already launched in UK, France, Portugal, and Italy, it seemed only natural for eXp Spain to be next on the list. Agents in Spain will be able to take advantage of the incredible infrastructure built by eXp World, while eXp Realty has been honored to take part in the rich cultural traditions of the country.

eXp Realty Countries in South America


Brazil (2021)

The 11th country of expansion, eXp Realty is extraordinarily confident about its approach to this growing market. Michael Valdez noted that “Our expansion in Brazil marks a milestone moment in the growth of eXp, as eXp’s global footprint now extends to six continents.” Brazil has over 200 million people and an incredibly robust, thriving real estate market. It’s also a varied real estate market, which significantly benefits from the marketing resources of eXp Realty.

Colombia (2021)

Colombia has a history of strong housing price growth, presenting increased revenue opportunities throughout the country. The eXp Global brokerage moved into Colombia in 2011, providing a strong, digital infrastructure to the country’s pre-existing culture of entrepreneurship. As with many other areas, eXp Global Colombia focused on enabling agents to provide state-of-the-art services in a digital space. The continued growth of virtual prospecting and digital services have helped propel the growth of the real estate market in Colombia.

eXp Realty Countries in Africa

south africa

South Africa (2020)

eXp Realty was excited to bring a new approach to South Africa’s real estate market, an area in which many old standards were entrenched. There were 40,000 real estate agents in South Africa, 8,000 of whom were qualified through many hours of training and support.

eXp Realty Countries in Asia

Hong Kong (2021)

“Hong Kong is globally recognized as a leading multicultural center of international trade and finance,” said Valdes. The prime place for eXp commercial and residential real estate, Hong Kong shows the success enterprises in foreign markets only dream of.

Commercial real estate brokers are increasingly moving into Hong Kong as the economy continues to grow. The valuable marketing resources, virtual events, and virtual technology eXp Realty can provide are welcomed in the high-technology community of Hong Kong.


India (2020)

India is a country of nearly 1.4 billion people and a million real estate agents, making the expansion into India both an exciting and historic one. India’s realtors can now benefit from the state-of-the-art cloud technologies that back all eXp agents.

Israel (2021)

Israel has seen a recent surge across its real estate sector, something that greatly excites eXp World and its agents. eXp’s realtor brand has been able to grow very quickly throughout the historic markets of Israel, due to its widespread appeal.

This can also be seen in eXp World Holdings’ NASDAQ listing; eXp World Holdings stock has shown incredible growth in the last few years as the company’s financial performance has only improved.

eXp Realty Countries in Australia

Australia (2019)

Australia has seen a dramatic rise in housing prices across the last decade and even experts argue about whether the country is in a housing bubble. But real estate operations in the hot real estate market have not slowed.

eXp Global Continues Its Expansion

exp realty countries

Glenn Sanford, CEO of eXp World Holdings Inc., has a vision for eXp Realty. Sanford believes in a virtual world — a world empowered by technology and without borders or limitations.

eXp had been steadily adding countries and agents to its portfolio every year. 2022 will likely see even more aggressive growth as the realty company charts out its development across the globe.

Due to its digital, agile infrastructure, eXp is uniquely well-suited to this type of aggressive growth and expansion.

Meanwhile, international realtors can look forward to the new technologies, training, and resources that eXp Realty can provide. While also domestic realtors can look to benefit from the technologies that are yet to come.


Is eXp Realty in every state?

Since 2018, eXp Realty has operated throughout all 50 states in the United States. As of August 2021, the brokerage has expanded across a total of 18 countries, with the 19th likely soon to come.

Where will eXp Realty expand next?

It’s not known where eXp Realty Global will be expanded to in 2022, but the real estate giant now has footholds across much of the globe. With a presence across eight continents, the brokerage can now continue to establish itself wherever the real estate market is hottest.

Why is eXp Realty expanding so fast?

eXp Realty provides the training, support, and technological tools that empower realtors in a changing and dynamic real estate market. Through eXp Realty, agents are able to get what they need to build success even in a market that’s been disrupted by online growth. 

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