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eXp Realty’s eXpand Mentoring Program: Everything You Need To Know

Navigating the real estate world as a new agent or after a period of inactivity can feel like walking through a minefield. The multitude of challenges – understanding complex contracts, conducting negotiations, managing client expectations, and staying on top of market trends – can make the entire process feel daunting and excessively complicated.

Fortunately, there’s a streamlined solution that cuts through the chaos. eXp Realty’s eXpand Mentoring Program provides a roadmap for new and returning agents to gain crucial industry skills. By combining seasoned mentorship with a robust learning platform, it offers agents the tools they need to forge a successful career path in real estate. Let’s delve into how this program works and why it could be a game-changer for your real estate career.

What is the eXpand Mentoring Program?

The eXpand Mentoring Program provides a unique learning platform for new agents. Under the guidance of experienced mentors, new agents (known as mentees) gain valuable knowledge, practical insights, and learn the nuances of real estate sales. The program emphasizes hands-on learning, collaboration, and guidance from mentors through the early stages of an agent’s career.

Graduation from the program signifies that the mentee has acquired the fundamental knowledge needed for a successful real estate career. Graduation is processed upon approval from both the mentor and State Administrative Broker.

Who is Eligible for the eXpand Mentoring Program?

The eXpand Mentoring Program is tailored for new licensees or those who haven’t completed three transactions within the previous 12-month period. Inactive/active real estate licensees who haven’t conducted a real estate transaction in the previous 12-month or more period can also be enrolled in the program at the discretion of the State Administrative Broker.

The Journey of an eXpand Mentee

What are the Graduation Requirements for eXpand Mentees?

Graduating from the eXpand Mentorship Program at eXp Realty isn’t just about absorbing information, but it’s about applying it, experiencing real-world real estate transactions, and learning the ropes from experienced professionals in the field. Here’s what it takes to graduate:

Regular Attendance at Meetings

Mentees are required to attend at least 50% of all state meetings, showing commitment and consistency. These meetings provide a platform for learning, discussion, and networking, offering opportunities to learn from the experiences of others.

Moreover, mentees should also be present at the weekly eXp Leadership Meeting on Fridays in the eXp World Auditorium. This attendance is vital as these meetings aim to address significant developments in the field, deliver motivational speeches, share success stories, and address concerns within the eXp community.

Completion of Core eXp Realty Classes

A part of the graduation requirement includes the completion of the following core eXp Realty classes: eXp Realty Agent Orientation, SkySlope Basic Training, and eXp World Training. These classes are designed to equip mentees with essential knowledge, skills, and tools necessary to thrive as a real estate agent.

Completion of eXpand Modules

eXpand mentees should successfully complete all eXpand modules, including all course assignments. These modules, designed to provide comprehensive training, span various aspects of real estate transactions, regulations, and best practices. Some assignments will require mentor participation and oversight, including state-specific content.

Shadowing eXpand Mentors

Mentees should “shadow” their eXpand mentors on the following appointments: listing appointment, buyer presentation, presenting the contract, home inspection/negotiating the repairs, final walkthrough, and closing appointment. In certain situations, mentees may also be present for a new construction meeting. This firsthand experience under the watchful guidance of an experienced mentor provides valuable insight into the practical aspects of real estate.

Real Estate Transactions

One of the most important graduation requirements for mentees is to successfully close three real estate transactions with eXp Realty. This criterion ensures that mentees can take the theoretical knowledge and practical skills they’ve acquired and apply them to real-world situations. These transactions offer invaluable experiences for mentees and are an essential part of their learning journey at eXp Realty.

Meeting these requirements ensures that mentees gain a holistic understanding of the real estate industry, helping them establish a successful career with eXp Realty. The eXpand Mentorship Program, through its stringent yet enriching graduation requirements, equips new agents with the tools they need to excel in their roles.

Who Are The Mentors And What Are Their Roles?

Mentors are experienced real estate professionals who have completed at least eight real estate transactions within the previous 12-month period, with at least two transactions closed within the eXp Realty system. They must be certified, committed to mentee success, actively engaged, and provide regular updates on mentee’s progress to the State Administrative Broker.

Mentors offer leadership, oversight, direction, correction, and encouragement to mentees. They guide mentees through a myriad of real estate scenarios, either by letting mentees shadow them during actual appointments or role-playing these scenarios.

Are There Any Exceptions to the Program?

Yes, the eXpand Mentoring Program has several exceptions, mainly concerning team leaders who can serve as mentors, the participation of inactive/active real estate licensees, and more. In certain cases, rentals may also be counted as applicable transactions.

The eXpand Mentoring Program exemplifies eXp Realty’s dedication to community, service, sustainability, collaboration, transparency, integrity, innovation, agility, and fun. It provides a unique opportunity for budding real estate agents to learn the ropes from seasoned professionals and pave their way to a successful career in real estate.

Get started with eXp Realty and make the most of this phenomenal learning experience! For more details, visit

Becoming a Certified eXp Realty Mentor

Are you an experienced eXp Realty agent with a strong track record and a desire to give back? If you’ve successfully closed at least eight real estate transactions within the past year, two of them with eXp Realty, you might be the perfect candidate to become a Certified Mentor.

Before applying, ensure you have a full understanding of local real estate regulations and contract writing, and are prepared to be available to your mentee during standard business hours. An excellent standing with local, state, and national realtor associations is crucial, as is the capacity to mentor new agents through their first transactions. If there are any grievances filed against you, discuss this with your state broker team first.

Please note: For agents in Washington, only managing brokers are eligible to become mentors. In North Carolina, mentors cannot be on Provisional Brokerage Status.

Once you’ve ensured your eligibility, here’s the step-by-step process:

  1. Application: Visit the Mentor Program App at and log in with your eXp Passport credentials. Choose “I want to be a Mentor” and fill in the Mentor Application in full, ensuring all personal information is accurate. Indicate if you want to mentor agents on your team or in your downline.
  2. Submission: After completing the application, submit it. The system will automatically notify your State Broker Team.
  3. Approval: The team will review your application and make a decision. If approved, you’ll receive a confirmation email. If declined, you’ll receive instructions on how to connect with your broker for more information.

Remember, patience is key. Approval may take up to two weeks. If you haven’t heard back within this period, reach out to your state broker team. Your passion for mentoring and industry experience could be exactly what a budding agent needs to make their mark in real estate.


At eXp Realty, we’re not just about selling properties – we’re about building successful careers, nurturing potential, and driving innovation in the real estate industry. The eXpand Mentorship Program is a testament to this commitment, providing an enriching and hands-on platform for aspiring agents to learn, grow, and excel.

As you journey towards becoming a successful real estate agent, remember, you’re not alone. With our experienced mentors by your side, and a comprehensive program that covers everything from classroom learning to real-world experiences, success is not a question of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

If you’re ready to start your journey with us, or if you have more questions about the eXpand Mentorship Program, I’d love to hear from you. Visit my partner page and set up a meeting to discuss your future with eXp Realty. This is your opportunity to embark on a fulfilling career path, leveraging our resources, network, and unwavering support.

Step into the world of real estate with confidence. Your success story starts here, at eXp Realty. Let’s write it together.

eXp Realty Expand Mentorship FAQ’s

What is the purpose of the eXpand Mentorship Program?

The eXpand Mentorship Program aims to offer a learning platform to new agents. It provides the necessary knowledge and skills for the foundation of a successful real estate career, guided by eXpand mentors.

Who can be a mentee in the eXpand Mentorship Program?

All new licensees or those who haven’t completed three transactions within the previous 12 months are eligible for the eXpand Mentorship Program.

What are the graduation requirements for eXpand mentees?

Mentees must regularly attend state meetings and eXp Leadership meetings, complete core eXp Realty classes and eXpand modules, and “shadow” their mentors in various real estate scenarios. They also have to close at least three transactions with eXp Realty.

What are the minimum requirements to be an eXpand mentor?

To be an eXpand mentor, one must complete at least eight real estate transactions within the previous 12 months, with two of these transactions closing within the eXp Realty system. Other requirements include the completion of a certification course, regular attendance at Mentor-the-Mentor Workshops and state events, and active engagement with mentees.

How can I apply to become a Certified Mentor?

Once you meet the minimum requirements, you can apply via the Mentor Program App, accessible with your eXp Passport credentials. The application will be reviewed by the State Broker Team. Approved applicants will be notified via email.

What happens if I complete the eXpand curriculum but need further engagement?

If your mentor or the State Administrative Broker believes you need more engagement, you will be re-enrolled in the eXpand Mentoring Program for another three transactions at the discretion of the State Administrative Broker.

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