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eXp Realty Onboarding Process: Everything To Know In 6 Steps

Are you considering joining eXp Realty and want to know what you can expect? The eXp Realty onboarding process can seem overwhelming at first, but eXp gives you plenty of help and resources to guide you along the way.

Below, we’ll cover the six steps to becoming an eXp Realty agent. I’ll share all the emails you’ll receive along the way and give you several resources you can use if you need any help.

1. Submit Your eXp Realty Join Application

The eXp Realty onboarding process begins with your “eXp Realty Join Application” and Independent Contractors Agreement. To fill out the short 10-minute Join Application, head over to  Click “Apply as an Agent” in the top-right corner of the page.  

2. Sign The eXp Realty Independent Contractor Agreement

Once you’ve completed the Join Application, you’ll automatically be emailed a copy of the eXp Realty Independent Contractor Agreement via an e-signature platform.  This document is 33 pages and includes all the details about your responsibilities to eXp Realty and vice versa.  Click here to download a copy of the eXp Realty US Independent Contractor Agreement.

Naming a Sponsor

At the very end of this document, you’ll name your sponsor (the person most responsible for your decision to join eXp Realty).  There’s a search box that you can type the agent’s name and pick from a list of agents.  There are photos for each agent, in the event, there are two agents with the same name.

If you’d like information about partnering with me at eXp Realty, head over to my partner page. I provide exclusive access to my entire course academy, weekly Zoom training calls, and private Facebook community all for free.

Resuming Where You Left Off

You have a login associated with your application that will save your progress and allow you to view a dashboard where you can pick up where you left off.

To complete your eXp Join Application and Independent Contractor Agreement:

  1. Click on
  2. Sign In with your credentials
  3. Click on the button to complete your eXp Join application and sign your Independent Contractors Agreement.

eXp World Guest Access

When you log in to the link above, you’ll receive an email with your login credentials and guest pass so you can get into eXp World even though you aren’t officially an eXp agent yet.

With the guest pass, you’ll be able to access eXp World so you can get help with the eXp Realty onboarding process from the support team, or get any other customer service you might need.

Save this email for your records so you can remember all the steps you need to activate your eXp access, complete your eXp Join Application, and sign in to eXp World.

To activate your eXp access, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the “Activate” link in the email eXp sends to you after signing your independent contractor agreement.
  2. Click “Configure factor” and enter your phone number to authenticate your account
  3. Choose a security question and answer

To sign in to eXp World:

  1. Download the eXp World Application:
  2. Select PC or Mac download and install eXp World on your computer
  3. To sign in to eXp World, click “Login with Passport.”
  4. Enter the username and password provided below and select “Sign In.”
  5. Click the box on the right to agree to License Agreement
  6. Click the “Create New Avatar” button to customize your avatar and get started!

The same email will also include the activate link mentioned in step one to activate your eXp access. This link will officially activate your guest pass. You’ll see your guest username and password beneath it.

how to sign up for exp world guest pass continued

3. eXp Internal Team Signs Your Independent Contractors Agreement

Now that you’ve signed your Independent Contractors Agreement, eXp’s internal team needs to sign it as well.

Once that’s complete, you’ll receive another email with a copy of your Independent Contractors Agreement that you can download for your records. 

exp email with a copy of independent contractor agreement. This is the third step of the eXp realty onboarding process.

4. Transfer Your License

Next, you need to transfer your license to eXp. This process is different for each state. You’ll receive an email from your state broker team within 24-48 hours after signing your independent contractor agreement. The email will have step-by-step instructions that are specific to your state.

Exp email to initiate license transfer process

Once you’ve received this email about transferring your license, you’ll need to contact your eXp Realty Broker team to initiate the transfer process because it does not happen automatically. 

The rules for transferring your license will vary depending on your state. Once you contact your broker, they will let you know what the process is.

If you have any active listings that you need to transfer to eXp Realty, let your broker know during this step of the process, at the same time that you initiate your license transfer, so that they can help you start the paperwork for that as well.

The email address for your broker team will be the abbreviation for your state, followed by “” For example,

Once the license transfer is complete, the Designated Managing Broker will sign off on your file and you can move on to the next step.

5. Getting Set Up with eXp Realty

After your license is transferred over, you’re officially a member of eXp Realty in your state. However, you still have to work on setting up all of eXp Realty’s systems and tools to get started.

First, you’ll need to set up your eXp email address. Make sure you set up forwarding correctly between your personal address and eXp address, so you don’t miss any important emails.

You’ll receive an email with the subject, “Activate your eXp Realty email address.” Follow the prompts in the email to complete forwarding to your eXp address.

exp email to verify your exp email address

Once you’ve verified your personal email address and set up forwarding, you’ll be able to send and receive messages from your eXp realty email address. In addition, all emails from your eXp Realty address will be sent to your preferred forwarding email address.

To learn more about sending email as your eXp Realty alias, you can visit eXp’s Knowledge Base. The link will be in that same email, as well as a unique password you’ll need to log in to it.

6. You’re Officially Active With eXp

At this point, you’re active and officially an eXp Realty agent!

Once the team makes you active in the system, it will trigger three different emails to your new eXp Realty email address, which is why you need to set it up first.

These three emails are:

  • A welcome email: “Welcome to eXp Realty! Your Passport Account”
  • Skyslope activation: “Activate Your eXp Realty Skyslope Account.” Skyslope is the cloud-based transaction management platform where you will turn in all of your signed contracts with clients.
  • Coupon for free business cards: “Onboarding: First 1,000 Business Cards On Us.” You’ll get a coupon code for your free business cards.
exp congratulations email when your passport account is successfully set up

In the welcome email, you’ll receive a link to activate your eXp Realty Passport, which is eXp’s single sign-on system.

There are about 15 different tools and systems used by eXp Realty, including eXp Enterprise, the Marketing Center, Explore Guide, and Workplace. With eXp Passport, you only need one login for all of these systems.

official welcome to exp realty email

If you end up needing assistance with activating your eXp Passport, you can get help from the eXp Tech Support team at, or general customer support at

However, the quickest way to get help is in eXp World with eXp staff in real-time. eXp World is open Monday through Friday, from 6 am to 5 pm PST and 9 am to 8 pm EST.

Also, this email will tell you to watch out for a calendar invite from the Agent Experience Team for your agent orientation.

The orientation will answer most of the questions you have. It takes place in the eXp World auditorium.

You’ll also get familiar with all the different systems and tools that eXp uses, and where you can go to answer your questions.

Lastly, the eXplore guide is another helpful tool that you can access through eXp Enterprise. It has all sorts of information that you can read to know more about how eXp Realty works.

Additional Resources

For general agent questions about the eXp Realty onboarding process, you can reach out to Agent Onboarding at

If you’re a team leader and have questions about general team onboarding, you can email Team Services at

The entire eXp Realty onboarding process typically ranges from 2-5 business days. On average, it should take around two business days.

To check on the current status of your onboarding, you can visit

Visit this link and input the personal code you received in the first email eXp sent you, and you can see what step of the process you are on.

Of course, if you have any issues you can always ask your sponsor. They are usually more than happy to help you out themselves or get you in touch with someone who can.

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