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eXp Realty Stock – Everything You Need to Know (2021)

eXp Realty is a publicly-traded company on the NASDAQ stock exchange under the ticker symbol “EXPI.” Anyone can purchase and sell eXp Realty stock though their current investment brokerage.

eXp Realty became a publicly-traded company in 2013. By 2018, eXp was up-listed to the NASDAQ.

One of the many unique benefits of being an eXp Realty agent is acquiring stock in three different ways while selling real estate as you normally would.

What We’ll Cover In Today’s Article

  • Sustainable Equity Plan
  • ICON Agent
  • Agent Equity Program
  • Selling Your Stock

eXp Realty Stock Program Explained

1. Sustainable Equity Plan

With eXp Realty’s Sustainable Equity Plan, agents are awarded stock shares for completing specific tasks within the company. Agents receive shares of stock whenever they: 

  • Close your first home each year with eXp Realty – $200 worth of EXPI stock
  • Fully cap each year – $400 worth of EXPI stock
  • *Sponsor an agent and that agent closes their first home with eXp Realty (one-time only) – $400 worth of EXPI stock

Once earned, these awards have a three year vesting period. 

*Note: To vest for the sponsor award, both you and the agent sponsored must remain with eXp Realty at the time of vesting.

2. ICON Agent Award

eXp Realty Icon Agent Award Trophies

Agents who achieve specific production and cultural requirements can receive their $16,000 cap back in the form of eXp Realty stock every year they are with the company.

Two Ways to Achieve the Production Requirement

1. Cap + $5,000 in Capped Transactions Fees

Agents need to cap ($16,000 paid into the eXp Realty through the commission split). Once an agent caps, they go to 100% commissions minus a $250 capped transaction fee.

To meet the ICON production requirement, agents must pay an additional $5,000 in capped transaction fees. Achieving $5,000 in capped transaction fees typically means an extra 20 full transactions beyond capping.


I’ve achieved ICON status all three years I’ve been with eXp Realty. I average between 30-40 closings per year.

It takes me around 12 deals to cap each year (12 closings x $7,000 average commission = $84,000 in commission). eXp Realty agents cap at $80,000 in gross commission earned. ($80,000 x 20% = $16,000 paid into eXp Realty).  

Once capped, I complete another 20 closings within the year, and I’m now an ICON agent. Achieving ICON status in this example equals 32 transactions.  

The number of transactions needed to achieve ICON status can vary depending on your average sales price and average commission.

Speaking of average sales price leads me to the second-way agents can be awarded ICON status.

2. $500,000 in GCI + $5,000 in Capped Transaction Fees

Agents who typically sell luxury or commercial real estate, but who may not do many transactions each year, can also participate in the ICON award.

A white luxury real estate home

Another way these agents can achieve ICON status is to close an annual gross commission income of $500,000 or more with a minimum of ten closed transactions. Additionally, they can pay a one-time “ICON Qualification Fee” of $5,000 less any capped transaction fees.


Let’s say I have an average sales price of $2,000,000, and my average commission is $50,000. (2.5% of $2M = $50,000). I’m eligible for ICON status if I complete ten transactions in one year and earn $500,000 in gross commission incomes.

In this scenario, I would have capped with eXp Realty and gone to 100% after my second transaction. Therefore, I would have paid in the $250 capped transaction fee for the remaining eight transactions. 

These eight transactions total $2000 in capped transaction fees for the year. I would then be required to pay an additional one-time $3,000 ICON Qualification Fee if I wanted to fulfill the ICON production requirement and be eligible to earn my $16,000 in EXPI stock award.

Payout of the ICON Award Stock

Payout of the ICON Award stock is done so in three parts.

Qualifying for ICON Status

Upon reaching ICON status, you’ll earn $8,000 in EXPI stock. eXp Realty purchases this stock on the 15th of the month in which eXp Realty recognizes the ICON agent. A company release goes out, which names all ICON agents for the month. 

This stock has a three-year vesting period.

Cultural Commitment Participation

eXp World Training

$4,000 in EXPI stock is released when an ICON agent satisfies their cultural commitment to eXp Realty. eXp Realty staff evaluates this cultural commitment 12-months after achieving ICON status. 

There are four ways to fulfill the ICON Cultural Requirement. You must complete one of the following:

  • Becoming a mentor and serving in the program for 12 months
  • Becoming an ICON instructor and teaching a class six times throughout the year
  • ICONversations panelist/moderator and participating ten times throughout the year
  • ICON vetting Committee Member and vetting ten ICON candidates within the year.

Upon verification of your cultural commitment, this additional $4,000 of EXPI stock is released to the ICON agent at the end of the month, with the market share price being equal to the price on the 15th of the month.

This stock has a two-year vesting period.

Event Attendance

The final $4,000 in ICON stock awards is given to ICON agents when they attend the two company events. These events only need to be attended AFTER ICON status is met. Proceeding events do not count towards meeting this requirement.

eXp Realty holds two public events each year, EXPCON and Shareholder Summit. ICON agents are awarded $2,000 for each of these events they attend that year.

This stock is vested immediately.

3. Agent Equity Program

Another way eXp Realty agents can participate in ownership is to opt-in to the “Agent Equity Program.” This program allows eXp Realty to withhold 5% of the commission from an agent’s transaction and purchase EXPI stock at a 10% discount.

The stock price is determined by the closing market value of the last trading day of EXPI stock for the month. This day is also the issuance date.

Agents can Opt-In or Out at any time they wish to participate or not in this program by completing the Opt-In/Opt-Out Form.

Selling Your eXp Realty Stock

Someone counting dollar bills

Upon vesting, shares of EXPI stock can be transferred to another brokerage account or sold through the agent’s Shareworks account (Before November 1st, 2019 Broadridge holds agent shares). 

Access to Shareworks is through the eXp Enterprise system.

Process and Fees

EXPI stock acquired after November 1st, 2019, can be sold via Shareworks through the online portal in eXp Enterprise.

EXPI shares of stock sold through Shareworks will have a $.03/share commission fee associated with it. Additionally, there is a $20 wire fee. There are no other fees if completing this transfer/sale via the internet.

EXPI stock acquired before November 1st, 2019, can be sold via Broadridge by contacting Shareholder Support at 1-800-586-1585. 

Shares acquired before November 2017 are considered “restricted stock” and require a $50 restriction removal fee before sale/transfer. I’m not aware of any other fees to sell/transfer stock acquired through Broadridge.

Let Me Know What You Think

Have you acquired shares of eXp Realty Stock since joining the company?  I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.  Also, let me know if I left anything out related to the topic.

Kyle Handy

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  1. Thank you Kyle for such a detailed explanation of how stock is earned with EXP. This will be very useful in explaining to other agents in black and white how it works!

  2. I'm with EXP now. I LOVE the way you detailed this information. I am SO appreciative! I also just really love EXP.

  3. For 5 years I have been specializing in leasing and doing a high volume of transactions. Anywhere from 40-80 per year and in my market those commissions can sometimes even be as high as a sales commission in other areas of the country. I moved brokerages in March but the Covid shutdowns have really shown me how much I don't depend much on my brokerage to run my business as most of the resources available are much more sales focused. For this reason I've been considering eXp and I'm interested in discovering if any of these structures change when applied to a lease transaction vs a sale transaction. Would I still earn eXp stock if its a lease transaction and not a sale transaction? Is there a minimum commission that my lease transaction would need to be to earn that stock? Also, I don't currently offer property management to clients but I'm curious if there are any rules at eXp about whether or not agents can offer management services if they have earned proper certification in their state.

    1. Hey there Lindsay! I think Covid opened many agent’s eyes to the switch in priorities around an office. To answer your questions, leases are on the same split and fee structure as purchases. 80/20. Additionally, you can receive stock for completing lease transactions. Agents can NOT offer property management to clients. You can list a property for rent but cannot do the management. Brokers are allowed to be with eXp and have a property management company outside of eXp if this is something they wish to pursue. If you’re not already working with another eXp agent, I’d love to set a meeting with you. Here’s a link to my zoom calendar: https://calendly.com/kylehandy/zoomcall

  4. I’m in a team and I half capped and getting 100% commission before the team split. Can I still get the $400 when I reach 16,000 full cap?

  5. I think a lot of agents are going to be very disappointed after all the 'hype' ends and they see they're making 'diddly squat at EXP Realty

    1. Hi NJ. I appreciate your comment. I’m a little curious what your insightful analysis is based off? Or is it just more FUD that many outside of eXp try so hard to spread? (FUD = Fear, Uncertainty, & Doubt).

  6. Kyle, Thanks for spelling it all out.

    One question? Vesting

    When I ICON award stock every year for three years, then on the fourth year I do not ICON award is all my stock vested?

    Or just the first year ICON stock is vested? Then the fifth year my second year ICON stock is vested then the sixth year my third year ICON stock is vested?

    Thanks for your input!

    1. Hi Chris! Your second scenario is correct. Year 4 = Year 1 ICON stock vests. Year 5 = Year 2, and Year 6 = Year 3. You bet!

  7. Hi Kyle,

    This is a great explanation – thanks for sharing this.

    I have questions around how this applies if I’ve already capped at my current brokerage. Would the $400 of stock be awarded if EXP is honoring my current cap status?

    Happy to set up a quick Zoom with you!

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