6 Reasons Why I Moved My Real Estate Brokerage to eXp Realty

6 Reasons I Moved My Independent Brokerage To eXp Realty

As a real estate brokerage owner, it can be tough to navigate the constantly evolving landscape of the industry. That’s why I made the decision to roll my independent brokerage into eXp Realty. Here are the six main reasons why I made this choice:

  1. Growth: It took me four years to grow my independent brokerage to 15 agents, but with eXp, I grew to 600 agents nationwide in less than five years. The company’s business model and technology platform make it easy for agents to join and succeed.
  2. Financial freedom: As a brokerage owner, you can feel trapped by the financial responsibilities of running a business. With eXp, I gained financial freedom that I didn’t have as an independent owner. The company’s revenue-sharing model allows me to earn passive income and take control of my financial future.
  3. Time freedom: In addition to financial freedom, eXp Realty gave me time freedom. The company’s virtual platform allows me to work from anywhere and eliminates the need for a physical office, saving me time and money.
  4. Support: As an independent brokerage owner, finding the support you need can be tough. With eXp, I have access to a vast network of experienced agents and brokerage owners willing to help me succeed.
  5. Technology: eXp Realty’s technology platform is unparalleled in the industry. From its virtual office environment to its advanced lead generation tools, the company’s technology makes it easy for agents to do business and succeed.
  6. Culture: eXp Realty has a strong culture of collaboration and support. As a member of the eXp community, I feel like I am part of something bigger and can make a real impact in the industry.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my decision to roll my independent brokerage into eXp Realty. The company’s business model, technology, and culture have allowed me to grow my business and achieve financial and time freedom. If you are a real estate brokerage owner or are considering starting one, I highly recommend exploring eXp Realty.

Kyle Handy

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  1. hello ! I am looking to enroll in real estate school and have been recruited by KW Arizona . I am hoping to gain as much knowledge before spending any money on the industry . If you can give me any advise id really appreciate it . Thank you in advance

    Angelina Erazo

  2. If you haven’t already looked at eXp I would highly recommend it. I have worked at Long and Foster, Berkshire Hathaway and Coldwell Banker and this is by far the best opportunity. Let me know if you have any questions.

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