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Why Jay and Ashley Nelson Joined eXp Realty

Jay and Ashley Nelson, eXp Realty agents from Nashville, Tennessee share their stories about how eXp Realty has completely changed their lives and business in such a short period of time.

Not only are they amazing agents but they are even better people who truly care about the agent experience and sustainability of the company.

Jay and Ashley Nelson eXp Realty Story


Unknown Speaker 0:12 Now to get us back on track, I want to introduce the next speakers for you. I met this fella over several years ago, many, many over 10 years ago. And when he saw the presentation over the phone, we did a webinar for him. He got done, he pulled off to the side of the road to listen, he was on his telephone. And he got me on the phone and had me ask an hour’s over an hour’s worth of questions on the spot right after the webinar was over. But this guy and his wife, when you get a husband and wife team that support each other that are a force to be reckoned with. This is what this couple is he sells over $50 million worth of real estate pretty much himself. He’s running 24 seven, and we’ve looked for a way his big Y was to be able to spend bit moreUnknown Speaker 1:00 time with his family and not be on the road so much selling real estate. And so I want to bring to the stage right now.Unknown Speaker 1:07 Jay and Ashley NelsonUnknown Speaker 1:10 from Tennessee.Unknown Speaker 1:21 Got this?Unknown Speaker 1:24 Man, this is crazy. This is fun though, right?Unknown Speaker 1:28 Um, you know, first thing I will say as we sit here and watch everybody I mean we don’t. Ashley and I, we went on I don’t even feel worthy mean I never thought would be following Jay kender man. I mean, like, we’re just thankful. And I guess you know, Jay had 43 slides, and this is my notes.Unknown Speaker 1:52 But I will tell you this, I’m gonna tell you what we stand for, and probably why it has has, you know, we’ve got 899Unknown Speaker 2:00 active people at the XP, we’ve enrolled 41 I just go out and we roll. She kind of keeps track of everything but I’m here. Here’s a couple things I would say, you know, we don’t feel worthy. We don’t feel like we’re better than anybody. If you’re a brand new agent and you’re in the back, you know if it wasn’t for that guy on the front row over there that that taught me how to sell real estate 20 years ago, that took me out of a restaurant. I don’t not think that I’m better than anybody in this room. And I tell people that all the time I want to empower you to believe in yourself. Here’s a couple of key points for us and he XPUnknown Speaker 2:37 I believe you gotta feel you gotta you gotta lead with your heart with this thing, guys. This is not about transactions. I don’t sell real estate that way. I give my heart Your hearts gotta become first. People can read bullshit. I but they can also read when you are real. And you got to believe in and I’m sorry I cuss My wife is really mad right now.Unknown Speaker 3:00 No,Unknown Speaker 3:01 sorry baby, I love you. I just got excited. I couldn’t help myself.Unknown Speaker 3:06 But But lead with your heart. And I really feel that this is a this is a movement for the cause. There’s a cause here. You know, I spent 15 years selling real estate selling, going selling on Sunday working. I showed 11 houses last Sunday. You know, and I don’t even have to I do because I want to do it because I love our industry. You got to believe that ESP was was delivered here by glenn sanford, to save the industry as real estate agents.Unknown Speaker 3:44 And I believe that. So my wife is is really, I mean, she’s the powerhouse behind what we’re doing. And she knows how to build this business and she keeps me on track. And so I’m going to turn it over the most beautiful woman in the room. My wife Ashley.Unknown Speaker 4:03 So we are both agents. And so I’ll say to you, so there’s two different skill sets. There’s a skill set of being a real estate agent, and there’s a skill set of being able to recruit a recruiter, does it? Do you agree? That’s two different things. But you know, my grandparents own century 21. And the town that I’m from in Louisiana, originally my whole life, and what did I see them do? recruit my whole life? And where’s the money come from and real estate, the commission that agents bring in, and it’s just how does that get dispersed? So whenever we saw that video of Rob Blick, halfway through the video, Jay was at REMAX at the time. I was in investing and not an agent, but am now at the time. We got about halfway through that video and I hit pause and I said, You’re leaving REMAX and we’reUnknown Speaker 5:00 Doing thisUnknown Speaker 5:02 and he filled out the application that night.Unknown Speaker 5:05 And so it is worth your time to learn both skills. Because before he XP, we weren’t allowed to learn the skill or need to know the skill of recruiting. But it is important and it is life changing. It has been life changing for us. So we’re going to give you just a few tips like practical tips of what we’ve done to bring on other agents. So stand up. If you know somebody that is not a real estate agent that does not in live in your town. They don’t live in your city. They’re not a real estate agent but you know them so well. You’ve got their cell number. You’ve known them for a long time. their friends, their friends, stand up.Unknown Speaker 5:51 Do you know somebody that’s not a real estate agent.Unknown Speaker 5:56 Okay, there we go. They’re wondering what is going on?Unknown Speaker 6:01 Okay, so we have brought on agents know Stay, stay up, stay up, stay up, stay up.Unknown Speaker 6:08 Okay. So we brought on agents because we believe that this business and really every businesses relationship driven, right. So if you could pull out your phone right now that one person why you stood up and you said, Hey, so and so I’m in real estate in Nashville, Tennessee. I know you’ve known that for a long time. But you know what? I’m actually building my brokerage nationwide. Do you know any real estate agents that are great agents and your neck of the woods?Unknown Speaker 6:42 That’s it. They’re going to tell you somebody and then you can send them a text and talk to them and get that referral from them. And they’re going to be like, Oh, I did not want to talk to this person at all about another brokerage. But because ofUnknown Speaker 7:00 So and So, and my respect for this person, I’m going to talk to them.Unknown Speaker 7:05 So get out your phones right now. Everybody, I don’t see it happening. Pull out your phone right now. Right now. Send a text. Somebody got their phone up over there, I love it. And send a tech say, hey, whoever that is.Unknown Speaker 7:25 I know you know, then I’m real estate for a while in Nashville, Dallas, wherever you are. But I’m actually building my brokerage nationwide. Do you know any great agents in your neck of the woods or your city? That’s it. And then let’s see if they send you a referral back. Let me say some to that. And what’s so brilliant about that is everybody loves their agent in their towns. And so they’re not an agent. They’re like, Oh, you gotta meet Becky. She’s awesome. She sold us five houses. Here’s her number and and you get a referral. I mean, how much harder isUnknown Speaker 8:00 It to convert a raw lead off Zillow or somebody says you’re the greatest realtor call them so it’s kind of the same concept and Ashley’s done such a amazing job at connecting we don’t force XP on people, we just share a vision of what he XP can be for other agents. And you know, one of the things I want to say is and this is really everybody’s working everybody’s trying their bodies like you can stop talking now Jay.Unknown Speaker 8:26 I’m talking to some agents. But but we just make ESP fun. And we lead with fun. And we we have events at our home we have a farm in Nashville and we have we just invite every all the agents will like fly in. You guys come in come, you know if you want to crash at our house. I mean, we’re just fun people. And I think that’s been and we’re so laid back. I don’t even cook like it’s just potluck. Come on, let’s just hang out. And that’s what we do with our agents and we have like 200 agents, come show up, and justUnknown Speaker 9:00 Hang out all the time. And so and we’re also doing I’m just kind of take these are my notes. Remember guys, we do these events in Nashville, and we don’t. You know, Brandon, I tell you something good that Jason and Jay was so dead on. You’re creating, you’re creating leadership when you’re not around, okay. And I’ll give an example because Brandon Patrick, who got me in real estate sitting right beside Jay kyndra right now great guy. I owe him everything in real estate. And Brandon does the lunch and learn.Unknown Speaker 9:32 And he stepped up and he said, Jay, I got this Lunch and Learn man, I’m gonna do this Lunch and Learn over here. And he does it and he’s there. And he the he’s teaching agents that he’s helping agents. And I just like Brandon, that’s his deal. We don’t even do lunch and learns, guys. I do webinars.Unknown Speaker 9:50 And it works for us and something that’s very important. Guys, you got to figure out what works for you. I mean,Unknown Speaker 10:00 Jays X’s and O’s My gosh, I mean, I’m sitting over there soaking it in. I mean, we’re all learning. And you might take one little thing from him and something from Scott Lewis and Glenn Sanford is going to say something, figure out how EXP works for you and make it fun.Unknown Speaker 10:21 That’s so true. And you know, we just, we don’t only do webinars, another thing we do is Top Golf events. So we also believe that have fun with your agents and agents that they want to talk to. So we do events that have nothing to do with a presentation about ESP. All it is, is having a good time together. So every other Friday, we have a Top Golf event. Agents are agents calm, they bring other agents and it’s not even the XP it’s just let’s, let’s hang out. Let’s have a good time. Everybody wants to have a good time. So I would say even while you’re here, show videos of you just having fun.Unknown Speaker 11:00 People are attracted to having a good time and having fun. So, okay, let’s go back to what we were doing with a referral. And so after you get that referral from somebody, then you send that to that other person and say, Hey, we have a mutual friend, so and so. And you say who that is and how you know them. They said this about you in quotes.Unknown Speaker 11:24 And they’re like, wow, that person said that about me. You must be a really great agent. I’m so excited to talk to you. I would really love to know what you have going on in real estate, and to share with you what we have going on a real estate. Is that cool? Do you have a time to talk about next couple of days? So that’s how we get a lot of our referrals. You know, another thing I would like to say and, you know, like said, We don’t really have a fancy pitch here.Unknown Speaker 11:53 But like, you know, I think it really our success has a lot to do with the factUnknown Speaker 12:00 That we are so connected to do this together. And I understand that there’s a lot of people that maybe your wife is at home with five kids or you know, and you’re the one that’s out there hammering out, I just want to encourage you guys and I know in each situation is different so I don’t want to force that on anybody but look includes your spouse in the XPUnknown Speaker 12:24 because this is a lifestyle and I believe that you can be more successful if your spouse is just feels like he or she’s a part of it, even though you might be the one on the real estate sign and, and stuff like that. So that was just one of the little notes I took while I’m sitting down there. Um, the other thing is, is be obsessed. be obsessed with learning the industry.Unknown Speaker 12:50 Learn everything you can about how to be a great realtor like I’m obsessed guys. I mean, I don’t heart I sleep very little becauseUnknown Speaker 13:00 I’m like, I’m Jay kinnor doesn’t know it, but I stopped the living crap out of you, Jay.Unknown Speaker 13:06 I mean, I watch Jake hinder at four o’clock in the morning. She’s like, are you going to bed? Are you watching Jake Ender?Unknown Speaker 13:13 I mean, but he’s taught me where I’m learning some of you guys, I, you know, I follow you guys and I watch what you’re doing. And I’m obsessed with the knowledge of this industry. The other thing I wanted to say, and then I’m handing it back to her to close it out.Unknown Speaker 13:30 I believe that one of the I had I was sitting down with a guy and I am not i’m not saying this to step on anybody that doesn’t sell houses. Look, Jean Frederick has nothing to prove that he’s not going to sell a house this year. He sold 180 and a year, okay. He has nothing to prove. It’s not about it. But I will say for me, just for me, when I’m out there selling, you know, million with no buyers agents in that first year DSP. I toldUnknown Speaker 14:00 Ashley and I did I remember we came back from San Diego. And I said, and she goes, we’re going all in. I said, I know. And she goes, what are we going to do? And I said, You know what, baby, I’m going to sell more dad GM houses in the next 12 months than I ever have. Because when we wake up in a year, and we built a brokerage, we had 491 agents 12 months later, and I closed $31,386,000 with a real estate in 12 months, with no buyers agents and one assistant. And the reason I did it is I had to prove to myself, I had to prove to myself that when I sat down in front of an agent, and they go, Well, I’m too busy. I don’t have time to recruit. I’m like, you can do this. It wasn’t like to say, Oh, I look at me how great I am. I want you to believe that you can still go sell 40 houses a year or whatever that is, and still build the brokerage at the same time and then agents are seeing you doing both and they’re like oh my gosh.Unknown Speaker 15:00 You build a brokerage, but he’s still selling houses, and it attracts agents and they respect you. So don’t stop selling. You know, I tell Glenn this all the time me and Glenn Glenn has been so accessible to me thinks I’m nuts. Maybe I entertain him a little bit. I don’t know. But But I tell him I said, Man, we got to always remember, we have to teach, empower, and focus on teaching agents to sell houses. Because if we don’t sell houses, we don’t have an XP brokerage.Unknown Speaker 15:29 You finish up.Unknown Speaker 15:33 But that goes just back to what I said in the beginning. The only money that comes in from real estate is the commission that an agent makes so we have to train and empower agents to know how to sell houses to know how to be good agents, and then also to incorporate How do I be a good recruiter because like we said, it’s two different skill sets. So we just feel honored and blessed to be up here and likeUnknown Speaker 16:00 We said we got the vision immediately. We did not really understand that it would turn into what it is and 27 months, we just really didn’t. So we’re very thankful and we’re thankful for everybody in this room and we hope you even more success than we’ve had. So thank you. Thanks, guys. And thanks for having us. Thank you.

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