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Pat Hays – How He Grew a 2000 Agent Team at eXp Realty

Pat Hays is an eXp Realty real estate agent in San Antonio, Texas. He has been a real estate agent and built a real estate team of agents of over 1900 agents all across North America.

Before eXp Realty, Pat Hays was relatively new to real estate. He had worked at a small boutique brokerage firm in San Antonio for two years. He got a life-changing phone call in 2015 that led him to eXp Realty, and his life hasn’t been the same since!

Pat and his wife Angel still actively sell real estate along with supporting their expansion team. In August 2019, Pat joined the “Two-Comma Club” for earning over $1,000,000 in revenue share from eXp Realty since joining.

*Update for 2021 – Pat Hays is approaching 4000 agents! Currently at 3,850 agents as of May 2021.

My Connection To Pat

Pat Hays helped sponsor me when I joined eXp Realty back in 2017. Pat had reached out to me as early as January 2016 when he first joined eXp.

At this time, I was busy running my independent real estate brokerage. I told Pat that I was happy with where I was and wouldn’t commit to a meeting with him. He reached out to me, my mother, and a few of my agents over a year and a half. The response was always the same.

That was until April of 2017. I was in my CPA’s office, and he asked if I “knew an agent named Pat Hays.” I told him “Yes” and that he’d been reaching out to me for a while.  

It was then that my CPA said I should consider taking the meeting with Pat as he just got done doing his taxes, and he was doing well and acquiring significant residual income. Residual income was something my CPA knew I was passionate about.

So sure enough, when your CPA tells you to take a look at an opportunity and sees both parties’ finances, you take things a bit more seriously.  

I called Pat up shortly after that meeting, and we sat for lunch. The rest is history. I joined eXp Realty in June 2017.

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