Rich Tomasini – How He Built a 700 Agent Team in 2 Years

For today’s post, I interview Rich Tomasini out of North Carolina about how he grew his real estate business to over 700 agents in less than 2 years at eXp Realty. Rich talks about why he decided to make the move over to eXp Realty and how it has impacted his life, both business and personal.

Some of the topics Rich covers are being relentless, consistent, and getting on the phone. He talks about lunch and learns, events, and even gives some amazing scripts on inviting.

2021 Update – As of May 2021, Rich has surpassed 1500 agents on his team!

One of the highlights of the call is how Rich explains the eXp Realty business model.

3:28 – Rich talks about why he made the move to eXp Realty.

8:08 – What the eXp Realty business model has done for Rich’s life today.

8:50 – How Rich was able to effectively retire after 10 months at eXp and now focuses on being an entrepreneur.

10:00 – The perfect blueprint for being successful at agent attraction at eXp Realty.12:26 – Rich’s simple system of connecting with agents.

14:20 – How Rich splits his time between growing his personally attracted agents and helping his organization grow.

16:08 – Rich explains the eXp Realty business model as a 3-lane highway (MUST WATCH).

23:10 – Discusses the upcoming opening of eXp Realty in the United Kingdom and how that came to be.

Connect with Rich:

Facebook – Rich Tomasini

Instagram – Rich Tomasini

YouTube Rich Tomasini

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