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How Sheila Fejeran’s Life Changed After Joining eXp Realty

Sheila Fejeran shares her testimonial about what eXp Realty is doing in her life and the thousands of agents who she has impacted.

Sheila Fejeran eXp Realty Story


Unknown Speaker 0:00 We can’t realize how overwhelming This is. Because when we started out little tiny office in Dallas, just a few of us dreaming of exactly what we do do exactly what we could accomplish. And then to look out here and see what’s going on this event Just so you know, you know, asked when we did with Brent, this is three times the size in like six months. So he was crazy how quickly this will grow.Unknown Speaker 0:31 So I want to tell you a little bit about me. But I also today have three questions for you. You all have heard wasn’t this morning, incredible. I mean,Unknown Speaker 0:44 this is the best events I’ve ever been at just the powerhouses of people who come up on the stage.Unknown Speaker 0:52 But as you know, for those of you who know me when I come up here, I tend to have kind of a little off sometimes and I always try to get people toUnknown Speaker 1:00 Thinking of things a little deeper, or things in a little different way. So I have three questions for you.Unknown Speaker 1:08 Why?Unknown Speaker 1:11 WhatUnknown Speaker 1:12 and who?Unknown Speaker 1:15 And why? First?Unknown Speaker 1:19 Why are you here?Unknown Speaker 1:22 Why did you join the XP?Unknown Speaker 1:26 Why did you leave your brokerage? Why did you give up your brokerage? Why did you leave your team?Unknown Speaker 1:33 What is your WHY? And we heard a couple people talk about that yesterday in here and in the breakout session. And some people will say, Well, my Why is I wanted the red chair or my Why is I didn’t want to keep paying for my brokerage.Unknown Speaker 1:50 But I’d like you to think about it from a little deeper level. Because when you really start thinking about what is your why it’s something that comesUnknown Speaker 2:00 From the inside, not the out where you guys don’t agree with that.Unknown Speaker 2:06 Because until here can say they’ve honestly taken a weekend or a week and really researchedUnknown Speaker 2:14 deep inside yourself to figure out what is your why you can honestly say thatUnknown Speaker 2:20 a good amount of you.Unknown Speaker 2:23 Those of you who have not done that, I’d love to encourage you to take the time to do that for multiple reasons.Unknown Speaker 2:33 Your Why is something that drives you.Unknown Speaker 2:39 It’s something that makes you be willing to do what is uncomfortableUnknown Speaker 2:45 in order to attain what it is you’re after.Unknown Speaker 2:49 It’s something else that will make you do what is painful.Unknown Speaker 2:56 It’s something that you don’t want to do in order for you to getUnknown Speaker 3:00 You’re with me.Unknown Speaker 3:04 I have to watchUnknown Speaker 3:06 and I’m not sure if they have the picture up there or not.Unknown Speaker 3:12 So why why why is this my boys?Unknown Speaker 3:16 I’m a single motherUnknown Speaker 3:19 and they are.Unknown Speaker 3:25 I just dropped my baby offUnknown Speaker 3:28 last weekend and I am a messUnknown Speaker 3:41 me toUnknown Speaker 3:43 my second Why is GodUnknown Speaker 3:52 everything I do I really do everything to try to honor God in your life.Unknown Speaker 4:00 I think about my winding my boys. Why did I do ESP? Why did I give up running a brokerage where I had a six figure salary plus all the commission from my sales? Why did I give everything up to come to this little no name company at the time to trust that man sitting in the front row?Unknown Speaker 4:22 In order to take a chance, why did I do that? I did that because of them. Because I dreamed of getting my boys a life that they could never have had any other way. I dreamed of paying for college and cars and houses and trips and travels and experiences and things that I knew I was not able to do with the current situation I was in your why maybe that you have family parents that you need to take care of. Someone mentioned to me yesterday there why is that they lost the opportunity with their kids because they worked all theUnknown Speaker 5:00 Time is and we’re over. And they didn’t get to see their kids grow up. And now they’re not going to miss their grandkids growing up. Somebody today was talking about their wives or something from a health reason. We all have different wives. But it’s really, really important for you to take the time to figure out your why.Unknown Speaker 5:19 Because the one thing I want you to remember is when you’re making that fateful call to that person, is they have a right toUnknown Speaker 5:28 they’re not No,Unknown Speaker 5:30 they’re not istat they’re not it’s not about you. It’s about they have a why. And you have the answer. They have the why that you can answer that call. Do you guys hear that?Unknown Speaker 5:44 If you haven’t seen gene Frederick’s famous napkin presentation, the very first thing that gene says I love Gino. No worries that but he’s one of my favorite people. And he his very first question of the people he calls it Team A. Tell me about yourself.Unknown Speaker 6:01 And when you ask that question to people, I want you to think about what is their Why? If you understand what your why is and you’re driven, you’re going to want to know what it is. You’re going to want to know how you can help them and how you can serve them and how you can change their lives. Because you’re so motivated because of what your why is and what you’re doing for them. Does that make sense?Unknown Speaker 6:26 Number two, butUnknown Speaker 6:30 what excuses are you makingUnknown Speaker 6:34 that are keeping you from attaining your Why?Unknown Speaker 6:41 What lies are you telling yourself?Unknown Speaker 6:44 What are you whispering in your own ear?Unknown Speaker 6:48 Just in the last two days, I’ve had so many people come up to me and tell me excuse after excuse after excuse, they’re like, well, I’m afraid. I don’t know what to say. I really feel uncomfortable. That’s aUnknown Speaker 7:00 You know I loveUnknown Speaker 7:04 what excuses are you making?Unknown Speaker 7:07 Because going back to my original point, when you know your whyUnknown Speaker 7:11 there are no excuses. The excuses go away when you really understand your why, when I’m a single mom, and it is do or die I don’t have a home I have no Susan, I have nothing unless I go out there and pound the pavement and knock on doors and deliver flyers and sell another home. It’s completely up to me whether we survive, guess what, that’s pretty that are motivatedUnknown Speaker 7:42 and be very honest with you. I had every reason not to be successful.Unknown Speaker 7:49 I hope I don’t cry but I feel likeUnknown Speaker 7:54 I am the statistic.Unknown Speaker 7:57 single momUnknown Speaker 8:00 I have a muscle to muscle diseases and nerve diseases that I’ve had for almost 30 years. And there are days that I’m in such pain that I can’t even get out of bed.Unknown Speaker 8:14 I’ve been in over 20 car accidents.Unknown Speaker 8:17 Thank you know cars now hills. I’ve been in 100 car pileup I was hit by a bus had whiplash four times, and I was paralyzed from the neck down.Unknown Speaker 8:31 And in my life, I have either been married to live with the had a family member or close friend, be every kind of addict there is.Unknown Speaker 8:44 And thanks to my friend Michael Reese if he’s in the room, and through his encouragement, I’m finishing a book called life with an addictUnknown Speaker 8:54 to help support those people who live in addictive situations.Unknown Speaker 9:09 And Britain Rob didn’t know this until after, but when Rob that thing, I was still pulling my husband at our crack housesUnknown Speaker 9:19 here would disappear for a month at a time. And I would go into crack houses with guys with machine guns looking for my husbandUnknown Speaker 9:28 until I was really still a single mom because he was he was gone for months at a time and I didn’t even know where he was. I’ve had my life threatened five times. Can I live the life that you see on TV and the movies?Unknown Speaker 9:44 So I have every reason not to be successful.Unknown Speaker 9:50 I have every reason to have every excuse in the book.Unknown Speaker 9:57 What’s yours?Unknown Speaker 10:00 stand before you today, by the grace of GodUnknown Speaker 10:06 is blessing as the leader of a team of agentsUnknown Speaker 10:12 that are larger than every real estate brokerage in America.Unknown Speaker 10:25 What are you telling yourselfUnknown Speaker 10:27 that’s keeping you from attaining your goals. And I’m asking you and they get you and encouraging you to get it out the way and whoever that was. And I want to say for anyone that I talked to you right before I came up here, and I said, Just wait until I get on stage. I have a message for you. Make the call.Unknown Speaker 10:47 Get over yourself and bring that brokerage onUnknown Speaker 11:00 Who do you want to be?Unknown Speaker 11:03 If you were to die today,Unknown Speaker 11:06 what would you want written on your tombstone?Unknown Speaker 11:10 I do not believe that you would want it to say that you sold 1000 homes.Unknown Speaker 11:17 I do not believe you would want it to say that you were a mega agent.Unknown Speaker 11:25 What do you want people to say about you your bond?Unknown Speaker 11:31 Me personally, I went on readingUnknown Speaker 11:34 the words of Jesus.Unknown Speaker 11:37 He said not my will but your will be done.Unknown Speaker 11:40 I want to be known as someone that does his will.Unknown Speaker 11:45 I know I make lots of mistakes in my life every day. Along the way, that’s my goal in life.Unknown Speaker 11:53 Is that your will not mine.Unknown Speaker 11:56 And I want you to know that today. There was a gentleman thatUnknown Speaker 12:00 came up to me right before I talked. And he was talking about he’s been here six years and how he hasn’t recruited people and Lola same thing excuses.Unknown Speaker 12:09 And I said, Today is a new day. Tomorrow and yesterday’s gone. Forget it. Forget what you have done. Start today.Unknown Speaker 12:27 Too late to become who you want to be.Unknown Speaker 12:32 There’s a quote that I love that I actually posted on my Facebook today it says winners are not people who never fail.Unknown Speaker 12:40 But people who never quit.Unknown Speaker 12:44 It isn’t just about what you accomplish. It’s about who you become from it. And today, I encourage you to find out why. Get the fire in your belly in the drive in your soul to overcome everyUnknown Speaker 13:00 That steps in your way in your path and get those doubts out of your mind so that you can become whoever you choose to be.Unknown Speaker 13:10 You can be the person that you’ve always dreamed of being the person that you always looked up to.Unknown Speaker 13:16 And if you will do that, not only are we going to be a more successful company because we all be amazing if we all chose to do that today.Unknown Speaker 13:26 Together, we will change the world.

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