My Adwerx Review_ Should Realtors Use This Service In 2022

My Adwerx Review: Should Realtors Use This Service In 2023?

Adwerx is a popular digital advertising platform that serves a variety of different industries, including real estate. But is Adwerx for real estate agents worth the price?

In this post, we’ll explore what Adwerx offers, what other real estate professionals think about the company, and whether or not you should use it.

What is Adwerx?

Adwerx promises to automate your advertising, whether you’re a brokerage, small teams, or individual real estate agent. The platform is geared towards retargeting ads, which only shows your ads to buyers and sellers in your target area.

These digital ads follow these buyers and sellers when they visit other websites, whether they’re real estate-related or not. For example, an Adwerx ad can appear on sites like Zillow, Trulia, and, as well as popular sites like NYTimes, CNN, Yahoo, and local news sites.

Adwerx has two different ways you can set up ad automation. First, you can upload a list of your sphere of influence’s email addresses into the system.

This strategy will likely get you more leads because your online ads would only appear to people who have already expressed interest in you.

The other option is to create Adwerx automated listing ads. This is a great way to get a specific listing a high level of exposure, which you can leverage in your listing presentations to impress your client.

What Do Other Agents Think?

So, what do other agents think of Adwerx? As evidenced by these Facebook comments, reviews of the Adwerx platform are mixed.

Adwerx reviews on Facebook
Screenshot of Adwerx reviews by other real estate agents
Facebook reviews of Adwerx

The most common complaint about the system is that while it gets agents many impressions, it doesn’t actually get them leads. Adwerx does not have great lead capture tools, such as landing pages. Instead, you will have to create these on your own.

In addition, some agents have found the data Adwerx provides to be lacking compared to other systems like Facebook and Google Ads. For example, the platform does not collect geolocation information or IP addresses.

Lastly, Adwerx’s default ads are a bit on the plain side. However, there are options to make customized ads that feature your brand colors, headshot, and custom photos. This will help your ads stand out from the competition.

Should You Use Adwerx?

Overall, Adwerx is a great tool that every real estate agent can use to increase their web presence and build brand awareness in their target area. However, in order to actually capture leads, you’ll need to take some extra steps outside of the system.

First, you don’t want the lead to click on your Adwerx ad and end up on your website homepage. Instead, you’ll need to create landing pages that direct them down your ad campaign marketing funnel.

Also, if you want the best chance of encouraging your leads to click on your ad, you need to make sure you have a strong call to action.

For example, don’t just include your phone number with the expectation that leads will pick up a phone and call you after seeing your ad.

Instead, use your call to action to bring leads to your landing page, where they can take a specific action like sharing their email address in exchange for a resource or information.

Final Thoughts on Adwerx For Real Estate Agents

Overall, Adwerx is a great platform for building brand awareness and getting your name out there as a real estate agent. And if you take the right additional steps, you can also successfully generate leads.

With that being said, you should not rely on this system as the only advertising tool in your marketing plan. Check out my other posts on real estate Facebook Ads for real estate to learn more about advertising on one of the most popular social media sites.

What has your experience with Adwerx been like? Do you recommend using it? Let me know in the comments below!

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