The 11 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Florida For 2022

The 11 Best Online Real Estate Schools In Florida For 2023

In this post, you’ll learn about 11 great options for online real estate schools in Florida. On average, an experienced Realtor in Florida makes $62,500 a year. But getting that experience is a journey that starts at real estate school. But what’s the best online real estate school in Florida?

Many highly accredited, trustworthy online real estate schools exist from Panama City to Miami. I’ve met many agents who have taken these courses and gone on to create successful real estate businesses in the Sunshine State.

Let’s look at how you can find the best online real estate school in Florida, get your Florida real estate license, and start your new job as a real estate agent.

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11. 360 Training

360training agent campus homepage

This course offers affordable and simple self-paced courses.

360 Training, also known as Agent Campus, can provide online prelicensing, post-licensing, or continuing education courses to students interested in learning. Individual courses are offered self-paced, to be accessed and reviewed as desired. At the end of the period, potential agents will receive a certificate of completion.

As a simple, self-paced course, 360 Training is ideal for agents who want to take charge of their learning. It’s one of the most affordable options, and agents will be allowed access to course materials for up to a year. Its prices are low and transparent, with no hidden fees.

  • PRO: An affordable option for a self-motivated real estate agent.
  • PRO: A full year of access to any course materials.
  • CON: No access to live instruction or live streaming.
  • CON: Course materials are provided mostly in the form of PDFs.

10. MLS Campus Real Estate School

MLS is a great choice for best online real estate school in florida

A course focused on mathematics and other fundamentals.

MLS Campus Real Estate School is an excellent school for agents who are struggling with the mathematics sections of the real estate exam. They have pre-license, post-license, continuing education, and broker post-license courses.

About 10 to 15% of the Florida Real Estate Exam Questions are math-related. Some real estate agents struggle with these questions, especially if it’s been a while since they practiced math in school. They can take online real estate exam questions before registering for their license.

  • PRO: A course on mathematics for real estate agents needing additional help.
  • PRO: An array of online real estate practice questions.

You can always start at a lower tier to see whether you need additional help. Some pros and cons include the following:

  • Courses include pictures, videos, and other engaging media.
  • There’s a money-back guarantee.
  • It has a very high pass rate.
  • CON: It’s mostly focused on exam prep. There are a few other courses.

9. AYPO Real Estate

AYPO real estate homepage

Self-paced courses and instruction for pre-license and post-license real estate professionals.

AYPO (At Your Pace) Real Estate offers at-your-pace courses, practice exams, and downloadable PDFs. If you want to get your materials, learn independently, and pass your state licensing exam, AYPO Real Estate could be the right class.

AYPO Real Estate provides both pre-license and continuing education services. There are two packages for those who want to become a licensed real estate agent: the Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Pre-License Course and the Florida Real Estate 63-Hour Pre-License Course Deluxe.

Both packages include review questions, unlimited practice exam attempts, customer support, and a course completion certificate.

  • PRO: Unlimited practice exams.
  • PRO: Extremely reasonable pricing.
  • CON: You need to pay extra for exam prep.

8. Bert Rodgers School

Bert Rodgers online real estate school

A leading provider of online real estate courses in the state of Florida.

The Bert Rodgers School has reportedly helped as many as 2 million students to acquire a Florida real estate license. Courses include pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education.

While some online courses support multiple states, the Bert Rodgers School focuses entirely on Florida. Students can choose between real estate, mortgage, CAM, and appraisal courses.

The courses offered under their real estate section include pre-license, state exam prep, post-license, and continuing education. Licensed real estate professionals can take various continuing education courses to further their business and maintain their licenses.

Pros of the Bert Rodgers School include:

  • A well-established voice in the Florida real estate industry.
  • A wide array of classes.
  • CRAM review courses for weekend study.

7. Bob Hogue School of Real Estate

Bob Hogue is a great choice for best online real estate school in florida

Both an excellent exam prep school, as well as great career starters.

The Bob Hogue School of Real Estate has courses for getting your sales license, exam prep, becoming a real estate broker, and continuing education. They also provide excellent support for a real estate business through other online classes: the Real Estate Accelerator course, Mutual Recognition, and Home Inspection.

Since 1978, the Bob Hogue School of Real Estate has maintained a presence in the Florida real estate market. Its courses can sometimes be watched live online and other times completely self-paced. Because there are various courses, the school may be suitable for those who want to become an agent, want to manage properties, or are interested in real estate investment.

It should also be noted that the Bob Hogue School of Real Estate recently partnered with Kaplan. Kaplan also provides tools and support for those who want to go to the Bob Hogue School of Real Estate, and it’s a trusted voice in education.

  • PRO: A wide variety of courses available.
  • PRO: Both live and self-paced courses are offered.

6. The CE Shop

ce shop homepage

Free trials, career-building content, and a wide inventory of classes.

The CE Shop provides comprehensive pre-licensing, post-licensing, and continuing education coursework. The CE Shop offers a 63-hour online, interactive course for a Florida sales associate. CE Shop reports 96% student satisfaction and 87% Florida pass rates. Furthermore, the course can be completed in as little as two weeks.

There are multiple packages, ranging from just the courses to premium. All include eBooks, career resources, downloadable resources, digital flashcards, a real estate glossary, and a study schedule.

  • PRO: Incredible student satisfaction rates and pass rates.
  • PRO: An accelerated course that can be completed in two weeks.

5. Florida Real Estate School

florida real estate school homepage

Some of the best instructors available in online real estate schools.

Courses at the Florida Real Estate School include pre-licensing, post-licensing, continuing education, mutual recognition, and exam prep.

The Florida Real Estate School uses their “FRESH” method of learning: Flexibility, Reinforcement, Engagement, Support, and History. Students can also demo the course for free to determine whether they want to continue.

The courses include fully narrated coursework, chapter quizzes, interactive learning experiences, practice exams, 24/7 instructor support, and supplemental study materials. Instructor support is a big reason why many attend the Florida Real Estate School.

If you’re the type of student who wants to be able to discuss things one-on-one with an instructor, Florida Real Estate School could be right for you.

  • PRO: One-on-one instruction is available for students who want to learn more.
  • PRO: Free course demos for students interested in testing out the process.

4. Gold Coast School

gold coast online real estate school in florida

Livestreamed classes with a history that dates back to the 1970s.

Gold Coast Schools have been operating since the 1970s. So, if you want to work with a school that has history, this is the one. They don’t just do real estate; they do insurance, construction, and more.

Their Florida Real Estate Exam preparatory course includes a state exam simulator, practice questions, and digital flashcards. This affordable course provides all the exam prep needed, including live-streamed classes.

Gold Coast Schools provide exclusive materials prepared in-house, including multiple language courses (English and Spanish), scheduling options, employment assistance, and networking opportunities.

Students who aren’t sure whether they want to go to school online or in person can talk to the experts at Gold Coast Schools to learn more about their scheduling and the pros and cons of each option.

Some Pros include the following:

  • Livestreamed classes over a very wide variety of disciplines, including non-real estate.
  • Multiple language courses are available in both English and Spanish.
  • Online and in-person classes are available for students who want both options.

3. Mbition

mbition school homepage

Personalized learning experiences revolving around student strengths. 

Mbition boasts personalized learning experiences. Its pre-license course provides immediate feedback and correct answers, much like flashcards, during the study. It has 1,600 practice questions, timed exams, and real-time reports, and it’s entirely mobile-compatible; you can study on the go.

Unlike most other courses, Mbition has a final exam guarantee. You’re reimbursed for your state exam fees if you don’t pass on the first time. And in addition to the licensing course, there are continuing real estate education classes.

But there are some downsides. There’s no option for live training with Mbition; you can’t do live webinars or seminars. Courses are also only available for six months after they’re purchased.

  • PRO: Over 1,600 practice questions and timed exams personalized to the student.
  • CON: No option for live training or one-on-one instruction.
  • CON: Courses are only available for six months.

2. Aceable Agent

aceable agent is a great option for best online real estate school in florida

An excellent option for agents who need engaging, online prelicensing exam prep.

One option for the best online real estate school in Florida is Aceable Agent. Aceable Agent provides a 180-hour approved real estate license course. This course is self-paced, and an online instructor proctors the final exam. On average, Aceable Agent boasts a 78% pass rate. This is much higher than the average pass rate for first-time exams.

There are multiple tiers to Aceable Agent’s exam prep course. The most basic only includes the essentials you need to know to pass the state licensing exam. The “Deluxe” tier contains additional exam prep. The “Premium” tier includes live instructor support and webinars.

1. Colibri Real Estate (Formerly Real Estate Express)

Often lauded as the top online real estate school, Colibri Real Estate has much to offer.

According to Colibri Real Estate, it’s been the top online school for real estate for over a decade and a half. In Florida, Colibri Real Estate provides courses for those interested in licensing, those trying to become a real estate broker, and those doing post-licensing work. It’s the perfect place for anyone looking for a one-stop shop for their real estate education.

Colibri Real Estate provides:

  • Online courses.
  • Full instructor support.
  • Self-paced and live-streamed videos.
  • Exam prep materials.
  • Customized customer support.

Industry professionals write all the lessons; over 520,000 students have used Colibri Real Estate for their exam prep.

  • PRO: Instructor support and self-paced courses.
  • PRO: Extensive materials, including exam prep.

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What is the Best Online Real Estate School for You?

You can look at reviews all day, but to start your real estate education, you must decide. What’s right for you?

Every real estate professional is different. Choosing a real estate course depends on materials, instruction, and cost.

The options for the best online real estate school in Florida are superb. They’re a great introduction to the real estate industry – and an excellent entry into a real estate career.

It’s not like college. Once you pass the exam, it won’t matter which online real estate course you took. So, take the classroom course that you feel most comfortable with, that’s most affordable, and that’s most convenient.

All that being said, Colibri Real Estate is generally considered the best all-around real estate school across most metrics. It has excellent instructors, a wide breadth of materials, various courses, and excellent student support.

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Should You Go to Online Real Estate School?

What if you don’t want to go “into class?” What if you need a flexible schedule? Or do you still have a day job?

Before your license, after your license, and while practicing, you’ll need a real estate school. A real estate sales associate has to take continuing education classes for their career.

An online real estate school can help. The entire process of procuring and maintaining a real estate license can be completed online.

An online real estate class is best for self-motivated students who know how to perform research and understand how best to learn.

If you need one-on-one time with an instructor or to attend face-to-face lectures, an online real estate school might not be the best choice.

But if you’re the type of person who thrives in education, can motivate themselves to study, and (perhaps most importantly) requires a flexible schedule, an online Florida real estate course will be smooth sailing.

What Should You Think About When Finding The Best Online Real Estate School in Florida?

Primarily, you should ensure the school’s courses have a FREC certification. Otherwise, they aren’t going to count toward your license or continuing education. Most courses will tell you how expensive they are and how many hours of instruction they provide. Some people need less instruction than others.

In addition to budget and coursework, consider whether the course provides live instruction, whether you have direct access to an instructor, or whether the course is entirely self-motivated and self-paced. The courses’ passing and satisfaction rates can also give you an excellent look at how well it is designed.

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FAQs on Best Online Real Estate School in Florida

Can I get a Florida real estate license online?

Not only can you attend a Florida real estate school online, but you can also actually get your Florida real estate license primarily online. Apart from getting fingerprinted, a real estate license in Florida has been largely virtual. You can even take the real estate exam itself online through an online proctoring platform.

How long does it take to study Florida real estate?

On average, a real estate agent will spend anywhere from two to five months at a Florida real estate school. Once they’ve completed their exam and found a managing broker, they will get their license.
They must return to take another licensing exam to become a real estate broker. They will also need to take continuing education courses throughout their career.

How hard is the Florida real estate licensing exam?

On average, about 50 to 55 percent of individuals pass the Florida real estate exam on their first try. Luckily, the state exam does allow multiple tries. Taking a good real estate course can significantly increase your chances of passing the final exam on the first try.

How can you tell whether a Florida real estate school is accredited?

Your real estate school must meet the requirements of a Florida real estate license. If it doesn’t, you may learn quite a lot about real estate (such as exam prep), but you won’t be able to become a real estate agent in Florida. Agents are licensed by the state, so a general real estate school won’t help you obtain a license — you need a pre-licensing course that follows Florida’s guidelines.

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