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The Best Planner For Real Estate Agents In 2022 (Top 8 Choices)

The best planner for real estate agents is one that keeps all of their engagements, contacts, and key codes handy in one central location. Real estate apps work best for some agents, while other real estate professionals prefer some kind of paper planner. Some even prefer a combination: an online real estate CRM and a separate paper calendar.

As you consider an app or planner for your own real estate business, consider the options in this guide.

Paper Real Estate Planners

A wise agent won’t leave anything to chance. A paper planner can be very helpful in keeping track of calendar dates, and most importantly, contact information. This tool can also help you improve your customer service because you can quickly check your planner if you need to make an appointment with a new potential client.

Some of the best paper planners for real estate agents include these:

1. Real Estate Agent Planner Pro

Real Estate Agent Planner Pro

The Agent Planner Pro is the best-selling daily action planner made for real estate agents ready to get organized and consistent. The planner is broken down into 4 sections; (1) mapping out your why and goals; (2) daily productivity and gratitude; (3) weekly goal tracking; (4) monthly goal tracking – and includes daily planning pages with space for Affirmations, Gratitude, Hourly Schedule, Prospecting Goals, Admin Duties, Wins, Lessons Learned, and space to add new client information.

This paper planner is easy to customize. You can list every open house, showing appointment, and client meeting in one convenient location with the Real Estate Agent Planner Pro. It has pages that help you keep track of important goals you are working towards in your business. Also, the Planner Pro has spots for tracking costs and expenses.

2. Purple Trail Planners

Purpletrail Real Estate Planners

Looking for a planner that’s as unique as you are? Look no further than Purpletrail Real Estate Planners. Their planners are easy to customize, with plenty of personalization opportunities along the way. Whether you’re looking for a planner that’s perfect for your individual needs or want to create a system that’s perfect for your business, they’ve got you covered. So why wait? Start creating your perfect planner today!

Purple Trail lets real estate agents customize their own paper planners. With this option, you can put only what you need into the planner, such as a daily schedule, goal setting, and monthly calendar. Customize it into exactly what you need it to be for effective workdays.

3. The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents

The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents: Success in 10 Minutes a Day

The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents is an essential tool for staying on top of your daily activities and goals. This unique planner includes six months of space to record your daily prospecting, marketing, and sales goals, as well as appointments and personal notations. The daily log makes it simple for you to keep track of your progress and stay organized.

The Essential Daily Planner for Real Estate Agents works by keeping agents organized. This daily planner requires just 10 minutes a day to get marketing, client interactions, and agent motivation all under control.

4. Pipeline Planner

Pipeline Real Estate Planner

A real estate agent’s to-do list, goal setting guide, journal, expense tracker, and pipeline manager all in one planner. Our Spiral Bound Pipeline Planner is crafted to help real estate professionals organize and align their tactical day-to-day tasks with larger business and personal goals.

The Pipeline Planner helps real estate agents align daily tasks, so they can create a better work/life balance. You can use the real estate planner to plan all of your daily tasks, including calendar and lead generation activities like social media posts. But you can also get monthly time management tips, business motivators, and plenty of open space for brainstorming.

Real Estate Planner Apps

If a paper calendar is not going to work for you, consider investing in a planner app. Planner apps give real estate agents the tools they need to stay organized, all in the palm of their hand on a phone, Android tablet, or iPad. Here are some of the top options to consider.

5. RealOffice 360

RealOffice 360

Work on the go, and never miss a thing! Your schedule is always with you on your iPhone, iPad or Android mobile device. Also get other features like contact reminders, client birthdays, and home anniversaries.

This program is a real estate CRM with an app for your phone that will handle just about everything. It has task and contact reminders to help with your daily tasks and your real estate marketing plan, and it has extra features like client birthdays, home closing anniversaries, checklists, and sales flow spreadsheets. RealOffice 360 has a little bit of everything to make your job easier.

6. Paperless Pipeline Planner

Paperless Pipeline Planner

Less clicks, less clutter, and less work. That’s better transaction management software for you, your admins, your agents, and your company. See all your transactions & tasks on one page, automate reminders, tasks, and milestones, send emails and attachments in less time.

The Paperless Pipeline Planner is set up to send people through your sales process easily. The program is designed for real estate transaction management, so you can be sure where each client is in the sales or purchase process. It does not have a daily planner, necessarily, but will help a realtor manage transactions more effortlessly.

7. Connecteam


Keep everyone on the same page, boost engagement, increase transparency, gather measurable feedback, and more with countless communication features to suit every business need.

This app is best for a real estate broker working with a team of agents. Connecteam is a good tool that team leaders can use to keep everyone connected. It offers the sales team help with customer interactions, property listings, contact management, and even onboarding for new agents, all within one mobile app.

8. Calendly

Calendly allows you to sync your schedule with the schedule of all clients, whether they are a buyer or a seller, more easily. Simply send them a link that lets them book an appointment on a calendar that is already synced to yours.

This keeps you organized, helps you avoid double booking, and makes it easier for clients to book appointments. You can customize the app so that you give yourself enough time between appointments. This way, you’re never scrambling to find the fastest route from one showing to the next, just to make it on time.

How to Best Use a Real Estate Planner

Whether your real estate agent planner is a simpler calendar saved on Evernote or one of these more complex systems, it only works if you work with it. Use the planner to track your marketing efforts, Facebook posts, client meetings, client contact information, and listing information. By keeping these all in one place, whether it’s on an app or in a paper calendar, you will be able to put your real estate license to good use as you plan well for your daily activities.

Best Planner for Real Estate Agents FAQs

What is a real estate agent planner?

A real estate agent planner is a planner designed for a Realtor or broker that lets them organize client information and daily schedule needs. Because the real estate industry is so fast-paced, a quality planner is important for helping a Realtor, broker, or agent find success.

How do I use an agent planner?

A real estate agent planner works best when you put everything that you need for a successful real estate transaction into it. If the planner is digital, you may even be able to store floor plan details, listing photos, and other details of the home.

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