14 Best Real Estate Logos + Tips to Design Your Own

The 14 Best Real Estate Logos (+ Tips To Design Your Own)

In this post, I’m going to show you 14 of the best real estate logos out there.

When we see a great logo, we take notice. The best logos are clear, memorable, thoughtful, and creative. I’ll also show you how to design your own logo, with the same tips I used to develop my own logo that I use for all my branding.

This quick list of logos will be sure to leave you feeling inspired.

Let’s take a look below.

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14 Best Real Estate Logos

century 21 logo

1. Century 21

Let’s start with a classic. The Century 21 logo is immediately evocative and recognizable. Century 21 has spent a lot of time developing its brand. Up until fairly recently, its brand logo was just “Century 21” in plain font.

But the best real estate logos have evolved. You should know that modern logos are a little more abstract, a little more modern, and use a simple color scheme. Century 21 updated itself with simple golden lettering against a black background.

When you see this logo, with just the letter “C” and “21,” you immediately know who the company is. And related to Century 21, you also immediately think, “Real Estate.” And that’s important in a real estate logo.

Understand that most brokerages could be an accounting firm, legal firm, or anything else. If your brand logo can be specific about what you do (real estate), all the better.

The zillow logo

2. Zillow

Let’s take a moment to talk about Zillow. It’s the elephant in the room. Sure, it’s a real estate company. But it’s a disruptive real estate company that’s stealing a lot of real estate business from actual Realtors.

That being said, its logo is important. Someone probably spent a lot of money on what looks like a simplistic logo. In reality, all the elements of a good estate logo are there.

First, there’s the house. It shows what it is. Many logos are a bright, primary color now. They’re simple and readable primarily, and (and this is critical) they are made for the web.

The web is where most people connect. Buyers, sellers, Realtors; they’re all online.

remax real estate logo


Compared to the other best real estate logos on this list, the RE/MAX logo is brutalist. This Realtor logo is bright, cubic, and eye-catching.

RE/MAX is, of course, well-known in the real estate business. And that changes what the company is looking for in a brokerage logo. When your brand is that well-known, you’re not trying to educate. You’re trying to remind.

But it’s a playful option, and it’s different from the other options on the list. Rather than being delicate or sophisticated, it’s bold and abstract.

Berkshire hathaway is one of the best real estate logos

4. Berkshire Hathaway

Let’s talk about Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices.

Like the other best real estate logos on this list, this does one thing really well that the other logos doesn’t. It recalls tradition.

If you’re hiring a SaaS technology company, then you want to see an attractive, modern real estate logo design.

But real estate is one of the oldest industries in the world. Sometimes people want something that’s more traditional.

Berkshire Hathaway is well-known for being a traditional company; its website has been stuck in 1995 for decades. And it works for them, because you know that you’ll get a company with a storied tradition.

The compass logo

5. Compass

Compass has a logo that just gets more clever the longer you look at it.

The Compass logo features an actual Compass in the “o.” It’s simple, minimalistic, but desperately smart.

That’s the type of logo a real estate agent really wants. Something that can convey information as quickly as possible.

Because it’s a black-and-white logo, the Compass logo can be used in a lot of formats. It replicates just fine in black-and-white. It can be translated to brilliant colors for media. And it can be used anywhere online.

Sometimes, pragmatic effects also need to be considered. Since you’ll be putting your logo everywhere, you want something that can be easily shared and replicated.

Halcyon is one of the best real estate logos

6. Halcyon

A little more complex, the Halcyon logo is clever for a couple of reasons. It has an “H” that turns into a house. It’s immediately recognizable. It also has “home loans” built into the logo itself.

As a Realtor, you might want to put “real estate agent” or “real estate” directly in your logo design.

Especially when building your book, you want people to look at you and know what you do immediately. People really are excited about real estate. But they also need to know what to be excited about.

And you may have noticed there are a couple of colors popping up. Blue is common amongst internet-first services. Yellow is popular with real estate. Why not? It’s the color of gold.

View properties is a great example of one of the best real estate logos

7. View Properties

View has another smart logo with a minimalist design that depicts “view” (the scope) and “real estate” (the house). And that’s all possible because the property service is also intelligently named.

The minimalist house features a lot in the real estate industry. You will find that if you hire someone to do a unique logo for you, they will often mash up a minimalist design like this.

That’s great for branding and brand identity. But you do want to be aware that it’s very similar to things that other people do. You will never get a completely unique real estate company logo. But you may want to differentiate yourself from local agencies.

tirelli partners real estate logo

8. Tirelli & Partners

Doesn’t this logo say luxury? Tirelli & Partners is a great example of what’s known as a typography logo. It’s a logo that’s entirely font-based. There isn’t a single image or symbol.

But it works. When you sell luxury real estate, your word is your bond. This luxury real estate company doesn’t just say “luxury real estate” in the logo, but also displays a signature just like a maker’s mark.

This is a classic logo. It’s not even necessarily readable, which a real estate agent logo doesn’t strictly have to be. But it’s something you see once and will recognize forever. It’s the direct opposite of the graphic design of a site like Zillow.

@properties logo

9. @properties

This is an interesting one. @properties was a tremendously well-designed logo when it was first thought of by a graphic designer. @properties started in 2000.

It looks trendy. But it’s actually too trendy now — and that’s what’s important to discuss.

While @properties is still a beautiful logo, it would be bad for a real estate professional today. It now looks dated. And that reminds us that we can’t center our real estate brand around trends.

You want to be in business longer than a few years, don’t you?

So, don’t put an @ or a # in your logo. (There’s another side effect; @Properties is very difficult to search for.)

Tim perry real estate logo

10. Tim Perry

With this minimalist logo, Tim Perry has built his name into a brand. His real estate agency is clear: real estate sales and mortgage origination. He’s a one-stop-shop. And it shows.

His realty company is based around his name. So his logo shows a T and a P in the shape of a house.

This highlights something important. The perfect real estate logo can probably be made by you in a logo editor. A good logo doesn’t have to be complicated. Rather, a logo designer has to be thoughtful.

A lot of thought went into this logo, from the symbol to the font style. But this custom logo was still pretty easy to make.

Two tress is one of the best real estate logos

11. Two Trees

This logo might not seem so clever until you know where it’s from — New York.

Who longs for nature more than a New Yorker looking to move out into the suburbs?

The Two Trees logo is very different from any other business logo here. It’s ornate. When you’re serving up high-value real estate or luxury property, ornate or sophisticated designs can really work.

In this case, rather than luxury homes (though the entire real estate market in New York City can be considered luxurious), they’re selling an idea. The brand is about longing and nature.

Coastal ridge real estate logo

12. Coastal Ridge Real Estate

Every logo on this list has something unique. This real estate logo idea is obviously so. Do you already see it?

It’s the only logo on this list that doesn’t have the name of the realty company on it. But it’s still a great logo. It’s recognizable. And it can be paired with text if needed.

A lot of professional logo design actually comes in sets. You’ll have a number of logos: an icon only, icon with text, and text only. You’ll use them with different media kits.

If you’re extending your personal brand, consider that you might want various versions of your logo.

luxury portfolio international logo

13. Luxury Portfolio International

What do you think of when you see this logo?

This logo looks like a minimalist symbol at first glance, but it’s actually typographic. It’s just “LPI” in a custom font. And it’s the perfect logo for a sophisticated, high-end company that caters to wealthy clients.

If you’re in luxury or commercial real estate, you often want something that’s simple, timeless, and abstract. These things are considered the most trustworthy.

And while any logo maker could have made this logo, it took a lot of work to make it abstract enough to be interesting while still being direct enough to be readable.

North 8 logo

14. North8

Finally, let’s really go out of the box. Your logo doesn’t have to be the same as every other design. In fact, it can be borderline unreadable.

This North8 logo looks like a jumbled mess at first glance. And it keeps looking like a jumbled mess. But isn’t it memorable?

Sometimes, the best real estate logos are just the ones that are most memorable. If you can create a real estate logo that’s visually compelling and interesting, you’ll at minimum get a second glance.

This real estate logo is tailored toward edgy, trendy, modern followers. And that makes it the perfect real estate logo for this business, even if it might not be the perfect logo for any other business.

Wooden blocks stacked on each other with words like "brand" "logo" "marketing"

You’ve seen some great designs from the best real estate logos on this list. But how do you start designing your own?

There are some options.

Buy a Logo Online

You can get a logo design from somewhere like 99 Designs, Fiverr, or Canva — but be aware that you get what you pay for. If you pay only a little for your design, you’ll probably get something relatively slapped together.

When buying a logo online, you should provide a few logos you really love. This will give your designer something to work with. Also, include any colors you want your design to have and the general “look and feel” that you want for your real estate logo.

Get a Logo Design in Person

You can also look for a local company to produce your logo design. A brick-and-mortar advertising company will usually cost more because of their overhead, but the advantage is that you can work face-to-face to help build your design.

If you want to invest in your branding, getting a logo design that you really love can be important.

Build a Design With a Logo Maker

You can look up a free real estate logo maker. Usually, the real estate logo maker will ask you a few questions before creating a custom real estate logo. There are even software systems that use AI to generate your logo for you.

The advantage is obvious: your logo design is free. But you may need to update your real estate logo design in the future if you want something more professional and polished.

An example of what a real estate logo and company name could look like

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who is my primary demographic? What logos have they grown up with?
  • Do I want a minimalist logo, sophisticated logo, or abstract logo?
  • Is there any iconography (trees, birds, houses, bridges) important to me?
  • Are there colors I want to associate with my real estate logo design?
  • What do I want people to think and feel regarding my real estate business?
  • What are the primary missions of my brand?

FAQs on Best Real Estate Logos

Your real estate logo is automatically “copyrighted.” No one else can use it without your permission. But you will still need to file a trademark if you want to protect your company’s brand.

You begin by creating your company’s name and brand. From there, a Realtor can hire a professional to work on their branding. Branding includes voice, mission, values, and even colors.

A good real estate logo has consistent and clear branding. Its branding is immediately recognizable. It’s memorable and easy to understand. It shows people what it’s about.

Anyone concerned about their branding should get a logo. A real estate agent doesn’t strictly need a logo (especially if they’re working under a national chain), but having one doesn’t hurt. Every broker needs a logo.

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