The Best Real Estate School Online In 2022

The 4 Most Affordable Real Estate Classes In 2023 (Compared)

When it comes to finding the best real estate school, there are several options to choose from. With the growing popularity of online classes, it’s now even easier to get your real estate license or take classes for continuing education.

Online real estate schools have gained their footing in the industry, boasting a high pass rate and flexible learning platform. Below is my top pick for the best real estate school, along with a comparison to three of its competitors, to help you choose the best one for you.

About Real Estate Express

Real Estate Express is a leading online real estate school that’s been in the business for 24 years. Staking their claim as the number one ranked online real estate school, they have earned a solid reputation and hold a customer rating of 4.5/5. 

Available in Over 30 States

Real Estate Express offers different levels of education in over 30 states, including pre-license, post-license, and continuing education. The program tailors course and package content to fit the requirements for each state, so you can be sure you are getting the most out of your education.

Expert Instructors

Real Estate Express offers education through their 14 instructors who are certified experts in the real estate industry. The instructors have been carefully chosen and either own a real estate business, have authored real estate textbooks, or direct their own real estate schools across the country.

Every instructor is available for you to email or call with any questions during your course, and they are guaranteed to respond within one business day. In addition, instructors also conduct a live Q&A that is highly rated among Real Estate Express students.

Self-Paced Learning

Real Estate Express offers 24/7 online access to accommodate your busy schedule. 

You’ll have the flexibility to study at your own pace without having to show up for class at a certain time. Agents who have little ones at home or who are transitioning to a real estate career from another job especially appreciate this flexibility.

A built-in progress tracker can keep you accountable and help you meet your daily goals.

Resources For Success

Real Estate Express offers many different resources to help you succeed including eBooks, instructor support, a student forum, live instructor Q&A, and a Career Hub with guidance on starting your real estate career.

The Career Hub offers informational posts and blogs about becoming an agent, salaries, advice for realtors, and tips to help you grow your career.

Real Estate Express has helped over 350,000 real estate agents and is considered to be the Nation’s Top Real Estate School. For more information or to get started on your real estate education today, head over to Real Estate Express today.

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Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee

Real Estate Express is dedicated to making sure you succeed. Available as part of their education package or on its own, their Exam Prep Master can help you bring it all together in preparation for the real estate exam.

Their “Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee” means that if you complete Exam Prep Master and don’t pass your exam on the first try, Real Estate Express will give you a full refund.

Prices and Packages

Real Estate Express offers individual courses as well as comprehensive education packages. Prices range from $150 to $475 depending on the education required by your state and the options you choose.

There are four education packages available:

  • The Basics – This package includes state-specific pre-license courses based on your state’s hourly requirements, a 30-hour practice course, instructor support, and three real estate e-books.
  • Exam Preparation – You’ll get everything the basic package has to offer, plus the Exam Prep Master and Pass or Don’t Pay Guarantee.
  • Exam Preparation Plus – Includes everything in the previous two packages, plus a real estate dictionary and access to 40 hours per month of live Q&A with Real Estate Express’ expert instructors.
  • Ultimate Learning – This is the most comprehensive package available with everything included, plus a printed course textbook so you can take your learning offline and a one year Professional Development membership. This membership gives you access to professional development courses, webinars, job aids and more.

Comparing Real Estate Express With Three Of The Best Real Estate Schools Online

How does Real Estate Express stack up to its competitors? Let’s take a look to see where it stands against three of the best online education programs for real estate.

Real Estate Express vs. Kaplan

If you do a google search for the best real estate schools online, Kaplan will pop up as one of the leading names in the industry. While Kaplan offers a wide variety of online coursework not exclusive to real estate, their real estate program has a great reputation in the business.

At a glance, Kaplan’s 76% exam pass rate is very competitive with Real Estate Express’s 78% pass rate. 

Kaplan Real Estate is unique because it offers three different study formats to fit your needs:

  • Live Online Instruction
  • OnDemand Video Instruction
  • TextBook Home Study Package

You can study at your own pace with any of these options. The only requirement is that you complete your course within six months.

Overall, a Kaplan education can be a bit more expensive than Real Estate Express. However, prices varying based on your location and the package you select. 

Unlike its competitor, Kaplan does not have live instructor Q&As, and you can only reach instructors by email. Kaplan does, however, offer other resources such as study groups and practice exams.

Another major difference is that Kaplan does not offer a money back guarantee if you do not pass your exam.

However, Kaplan promises you’ll be learning from the best with instructors who are highly qualified industry experts.

Real Estate Express vs The CE Shop

The CE Shop is another big contender when considering the best real estate schools available online. 

In fact, they offer three unique features that Real Estate Express doesn’t. These are:

  • Constantly updated career resources
  • Extended customer service hours
  • 5-day free trial

Career resources come in a variety of formats from blogs and eBooks to podcasts and videos. They span a variety of subjects such as current trends in the industry, marketing and advertising, technology, and how to grow your business.

The CE Shop offers customer service support 7 days a week, whether by phone, email, or via online chat. However, this is general support and not support from the instructors themselves.

And finally, The CE Shop offers a trial period so you can see the coursework for yourself before you commit.

Overall, The CE Shop’s pricing is more expensive than Real Estate Express. 

And while they do offer unique resources, they don’t provide interaction with other students, state-approved instructor support, and live Q&As like Real Estate Express does.

Finally, while the pass rate for The CE Shop is impressive, their first time exam pass rate is only 75%, which is lower than that of Real Estate Express.

Real Estate Express vs Aceable Agent

Aceable Agent is unique because it offers a mobile app, so you can take your studies with you on the go. 

Similar to Real Estate Express, you can also download the courses as PDFs so that you can continue your study offline, or print certain pages out for review.

However, Aceable Agent is currently limited in their reach, and only provides pre-licensing courses in 11 states. Their continuing education program is only available in a handful of states. 

Aceable Agent does not offer education packages; they only offer a course for each state, with prices ranging from $115 to $430.

There is a money back guarantee; however, the guarantee is based on passing your exam within three tries, versus Real Estate Express’ guarantee that you’ll pass the test on your first try.

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Is Real Estate Express The Best Real Estate School For You?

There’s no one size fits all answer. It all depends on your learning style and what you’re looking for.

In my opinion, Real Estate Express is one of the best real estate schools available for online study. Their state approved courses, competitive pricing, money back guarantee, student resources, and expert instructors make for a comprehensive real estate education at your fingertips.

Real Estate Express has helped over 350,000 real estate agents launch their career, and is considered to be the Nation’s Top Real Estate School. For more information or to get started on your real estate education today, click here.

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  2. Hello I am a mother of an extraordinary young man whom graduated this last May from Friendswood, TX High. He’s thinking that he wants to launch a career as a Realtor. He’s a very outgoing & may I say handsome & a quick study. But I have my concerns… How long would it be for him to actually making money being so young and new. And should he wait till he has a large amount in savings. We are blue collar with very lil left each month so he needs to make his way, no silver spoons here lol. And wat type of firm should he be looking for to join? Thank you for your time!! Jo Anna aka: MOM

    1. Hey Jo Anna! Kudos to you for looking out for your boy. My mom did the same when I got my start in RE 13 years ago! Outgoing, quick study, handsome all may help him but the biggest qualities he’ll need to get a fast start is self-motivation and not being afraid to make mistakes. If he has those qualities he’ll force himself to be successful and fairly quickly. In the beginning, he can make some small cash finding people rentals and doing showings for other agents but I’d say within 3-6 months he should have a couple to a few closings under his belt, which if he’s good with him money should last him a while. I was 22 getting into the business and I could live off $24k a year like a king ;). That’s about 4 commissions in most markets so he should do just fine. There is no limit from there!

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