Bold Leads Reviews - Should You Use It?

BoldLeads Review: Is This Lead System Worth It For Realtors?

As a new real estate agent, you might be wondering how to find potential leads. While you can focus on your own networking, the internet is filled with untapped possibilities. You can generate leads online through a lead generation solution like Bold Leads. But what are Bold leads reviews like?

Bold Leads can help you manage your Facebook lead generation, making it easier to secure leads without having to spend a lot of time doing it. In this post, we’ll take a look at the pros and cons of the platform and how it compares to others.

What is Bold Leads?

BoldLeads by PropertyBase is a real estate lead generator. Designed for the real estate agent who isn’t accustomed to online marketing (or just wants more free time), Bold Leads makes it possible for a Realtor to create a Facebook-focused digital marketing campaign.

There are three versions of Bold Leads:

  • Lite. A simple customer relationship management suite, the Lite version provides leads, ad management, landing pages, CRM, follow-up automation, and email marketing. This is the perfect entry-level solution for someone just starting out.
  • Professional. A more advanced advertising solution, Professional includes features such as text concierge: the ability to automate your text responses. If you find that Bold Leads works for you, you may want to upgrade.
  • Advanced. The Advanced version includes everything in Lite and Professional, as well as an IDX website and market reports. If you need a website and market analysis, the Advanced solution is probably best for you.

Altogether, Bold Lead makes it possible to generate real estate leads through Facebook ads and filter seller and buyer leads through funnels such as a landing page.

There are pros and cons to using Bold Leads. Many real estate agents will use Bold Leads either on its own or in conjunction with other platforms. As a lead generation company, Bold Leads has invested a lot in its marketing technology.

That being said, there are many solutions out there for those who want to start a real estate business. While Bold Leads says that it provides exclusive leads, these leads aren’t always well-qualified.

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The Positives of Using Bold Leads

There’s no doubt that Bold Leads sends real estate agents a lot of leads. There are many positives to using Bold Leads. With the platform, real estate agents can:

  • Focus more on their customer service rather than finding their initial qualified leads. Marketing can be a full-time job, and many people spend years learning the ins and outs of Facebook.
  • Get leads from all over their area delivered to them straight from Facebook. Then, they can follow up on those leads as desired.
  • Use the power of Facebook for their paid leads; Facebook can advertise to very specific demographics. For example, an agent could advertise only to a certain age, zip code, or salary.
  • Customize every part of their marketing campaign, including their ad budget and reach. They can do this in Facebook too, but they will be doing so without guidance.
  • Work with a lead/CRM tool that’s already tailored to the real estate industry and real estate market. The CRM aspect will help in providing customer service as well as monitoring reports and touchpoints.

Bold Leads isn’t just a lead generation service. It’s also a customer relationship management suite. Realtors will be able to manage their campaign and their potential clients within the platform, making the entire process easier.

The Negatives of Using Bold Leads

So, with all that in mind, why wouldn’t you use Bold Leads? After all, every lead is a good lead, right?

Well, there are some negatives of the program, too. Let’s take a look at some of the more notable issues.

  • Bold Leads can become expensive, fast. It’s a subscription program, so you’ll find yourself paying $269 a month — plus more for the advertising campaigns.
  • Bold Leads often delivers “weak” leads. A potential buyer or seller on Facebook isn’t likely to be very serious, so you’ll frequently find yourself chasing a cold lead.
  • Bold Leads isn’t a robust CRM. While it does provide basic customer relationship management, it’s not as strong in customer support as a dedicated CRM product.
  • Bold Leads focuses almost exclusively on Facebook. While Facebook is a great venue, there are other channels (such as emails and mailers) that are just as effective.

Bold Leads isn’t the only solution out there. While Bold Leads itself certainly isn’t a scam, there could be another lead source that’s more applicable to the way you do business.

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The Features of Bold Leads

Before you read Bold Leads reviews and make a decision on whether you want to work with the platform or not, you might want to look at the features it offers.

Here are some of the major BoldLeads features:

  • Automate your Facebook advertising campaigns. Bold Leads takes your zip code and generates advertising campaigns for you, so you don’t need to worry about your social media campaigns.
  • Exclusivity per zip code. Bold Leads claims that you’ll be the only one advertising through them per zip code, and it’s the only solution to make that offer.
  • Automated follow-ups. Your leads will receive text messages automatically to follow up on their inquiries, thereby increasing engagement and reducing your workload.

These are the features that set Bold Leads apart from many other real estate and advertising CRM solutions. Bold Leads is focused on Facebook advertising, makes it easy for you to advertise, and helps you make your initial connections.

The Pricing Structure of Bold Leads

Bold Leads is priced on a subscription basis. The company will charge you $269 a month until you cancel. Additionally, you will usually have a six to 12-month contract with the company.

But that’s not all. In addition to the subscription fee, you do need to pay for the Facebook ads. It’s a small price to pay if you land even one client, but you do need to be bringing in clients.

The Major Alternatives to Bold Leads

Bold Leads isn’t the only lead generation company. Some of the most popular include:

Real Geeks. 

Real Geeks provides advertising management for both Facebook and Google Ads. According to the platform, many clients see as much as a 400% increase in their traffic through Real Geeks.

As both a marketing and CRM solution, Real Geeks includes features like Lead Capture Notification, Automated SMS & Follow Up Workflows, Agent Lead Assigning, Email Reminders, Lead Prioritizing, and more. The CRM and lead qualification features of Real Geeks are more robust. It’s also $249 a month, making it comparable in price.

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Zillow Leads. 

Each Zillow Lead might cost anywhere from $40 to $60, depending on where the lead is. However, unlike Bold Leads, many real estate agents find that Zillow Leads are higher in quality. This is because anyone on the Zillow site is going to be more serious about buying or selling a house.

The only issue is that leads are given to multiple agents. Because Zillow is such a well-known company, you may find that your zip code is already saturated. A lot of people will go to Zillow Lead before they go anywhere else. Lead Generation. 

The company also provides leads similar to Zillow. Like Bold Leads, you can purchase exclusivity in a zip code. But it’s expensive. A lot of the leads will be high quality, but you will also pay more.

When you work with a lead generation company, you’re going to get what you pay for. Companies that charge more can offer exclusivity and highly qualified leads, whereas companies that charge less may give tons of leads, but they will be poorly qualified.

An Overview of Bold Leads Reviews

Most real estate agents say that they get quite a few leads from Bold Leads. The primary issue is the quality of the leads. Nearly all negative Bold Leads reviews note that the leads tend to be very poor.

This has less to do with expired leads and more to do with leads that aren’t interested in committing. Individuals may be idly looking for a sales rep with some idea that they will sell their house within the next few years. Likewise, a buyer may be “window shopping” even though they really have no plan to buy a house.

Bold Leads pricing is another potential issue because it costs $250 to essentially manage Facebook campaigns. Over time, most real estate professionals learn to manage their Facebook campaigns on their own.

Apart from this, a negative review will often note that Bold Leads has a contract. The minimum contract with the company is six months. So, you know you’re committing to spending over a thousand dollars even if the lead capture doesn’t work.

Should You Use Bold Leads?

As with many things in the real estate industry, your mileage may vary. You’ll likely find different Bold Leads reviews depending on who you ask. Because real estate is hyper-local, it’s always possible that Bold Leads could be more or less effective in your region.

Some things to note: Bold Leads is known for producing high volumes of leads, but these leads are often of poor-to-middling quality. Further, Bold Leads does require that you have a subscription with the company for at least six months.

A danger with Bold Leads is that a real estate professional might spend too much time chasing down bad quality leads, which leaves them less time for good leads and customer service.

But if you have a way to quickly sift through and qualify these leads, Bold Leads could be instrumental to you landing a client — without much work on your side.

For many professionals, it will come down to trying out different solutions and finding the one that works best for you.

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FAQs on Bold Leads Reviews

Is Bold Leads worth it?

You can easily find positive and negative Bold Leads reviews from different real estate agents. It all depends on how fine-tuned your own process is for scoring new leads. Bold Leads will undoubtedly deliver leads to you, but these leads might initially be of poor quality.

Through your own processes, you’ll need to determine whether a seller lead really intends to sell, and whether a buyer is actually pre-qualified.

How effective is a Facebook ad?

Bold Leads operates primarily through Facebook. So, how effective is Facebook at lead generation?

Facebook is commonly used for lead generation because it makes it very easy to target specific demographics. In the case of the Bold Leads platform, Bold Leads is targeting your zip code and only your zip code.

But a problem with that is that many people use Facebook when they’re in quite a few stages of buying or selling. While they may respond to your ads (which is a very low-effort thing to do), they may be nowhere near committing.

A proper buyer funnel and superb customer service will be necessary to coax leads through the sales process. Bold Leads can help with this, but it can’t do the entirety of the work.

Should you use a lead generation company?

Whether you use Bold Leads or not, you may be wondering if you should be working with a lead capture company.

There are many lead generation companies out there. Many of them will be able to forward you leads, especially if you’re just starting out. And for a real estate agent, every potential lead is a potential commission.

If you aren’t sure you can procure all the leads you need through in-person networking, a lead generation service can help.

Could lead generation software provide me with fake leads?

It’s important to always look at the reviews of your lead generation software. Fake leads are one of the most important reasons why.

Many cheaper platforms will send you leads that are either fake or that aren’t very good. While you’ll get a large amount of leads, they may be expired or have very little interest in committing.

If you stick with well-reviewed software solutions such as Bold Leads, Zillow Leads, and Real Geeks, you should be able to avoid fake leads — although the quality of the leads that you receive will still vary.

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  1. Bold Leads is anything but that.
    In my experience with unbold leads, I was sent unqualified or represented people .
    No Clients or customers, only money spent and time wasted.

  2. The ads are misleading to those that sign up and will not let you cancel. They will try to charge you half of the contract and will threaten to show the credit card company so that they can get the money from you no matter what. Don’t get fooled. Don’t sign up!!! ZIllow is more expensive for a reason

    1. Thanks, David for your feedback. Which ads are misleading? The ones they run to get you leads? Or the ones they run to get agents to sign up? What was your process for following up with the leads that came in?

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