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Client Birthday Cards: My Complete Customer Birthday Program


by Kyle Handy       Updated October 29, 2020

SendOutCards - Setting Up My Annual Client Birthday Program

Automate Sending Client Birthday Cards

Have you ever wanted to send client birthday cards and gifts to your database? Would you like to have a system where you can do it without missing a date and put it on autopilot?

That's right! Only once per year do I ever go in and mess with the system, yet it sends all my clients amazing cards and brownies for their birthdays and closing anniversaries every day throughout the year.

Follow along as I show how I organize my import spreadsheet, set up different groups within SendOutCards, and create the mailing campaigns.

Also, I share the pricing and tier overview so you can get the most bang for the buck!

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I am an affiliate for SendOutCards. However, I've been a user MUCH longer than being an affiliate. I would only promote this service if I believed sincerely in it, which I do! 

If you aren't already a SendOutCards user, head over to and check out their different packages.

Check out SendOutCards and sign-up if you'd like to set this fantastic gifting program up TODAY!

Client Birthday Cards - SendOutCards Video


Kyle Handy 0:00
My businesses all referral and sphere of influence based. I'll sell roughly about 45 to 50 homes this year. And it's all just from past clients and treating my clients well and send out cards is a huge, huge part of my business. And what I like about Send Out Cards is that basically the way I've got it set up it is literally a set it and forget it system. I did this for all of 2019 and it was fantastic. I had over 400 clients in my database. And I basically used this system to send out birthday cards, anniversary cards. Throughout the entire year. I set it up back in november of 2018. I paid for all the campaigns I kind of pre loaded my account with some cards that I was going to use to send throughout the year. And I put the birthdays, the anniversaries, all that good stuff. I picked out my cards I picked out the gifts that I wanted to send, set it all up and literally did not start It for the entire 2019 year but I did receive tons of Thank you text messages, phone calls emails thanking me for all the amazing gifts throughout the year so they were definitely being received and well received. So I can virtually tell you that you know that is a huge component as to why I received so many referrals this year is just by staying in touch with these people you know that I've done business with over the past 11 years. And so not saying that this is the end all be all but this is a great component to add to your business and so I'm going to show you how much it kind of can cost so you know get a get a good idea of how much send out cards will cost depending on your database size. And and then like I say I'm going to show you how to get it all set up quickly and easily. So let's go ahead and just jump right in. So what you'll see here is I've got an actual link that you can use. I am an affiliate for send out cards I became an affiliate this year, just in the last like two or three months because I do actually like to use their service, I wouldn't promote something if I didn't truly believe in it. If you do choose to sign up and you want to list me that, that I've got, you know, told you about this product, I would definitely appreciate it. This is my link that you can see above their Send Out Cards, comm slash you slash Kyle Handy. And I'll go ahead and put a link in the description below as well that you can click on. But just use this to kind of give you the ideas if you want to go ahead and move forward with this. But

Kyle Handy 2:30
I'm going to quickly just kind of give you a general overview of what Send Out Cards is. So first off, you know, you can see here that it's an all you know, computer on the you know, web based platform. And you're going to go in here you can see that there's different cards and templates and campaigns that you can set up and I'll show you some of the different ones. You're going to put your database in here as many people as you want. You can upload a CSV or you can do it manually one by one however you want to do it and then You can either group people together and send them all the same campaigns, or, you know, just send one by one individual cards as you go. So real quick, I'm going to go down because I think it's it's easiest to kind of start with the pricing and kind of tell you the difference between the different packages, because then it'll make sense a little bit more. But there's a basic plan which is free. Basically, you pay, you know, per card that you're sending out to 75 per card. Plus, you're going to pay the shipping. On top of that full retail price on gifts, which gifts are like anything from brownies all the way to books, and little, you know, knickknacks and things like that in between the limited Relationship Manager, it's basically, you know, only good for up to a few people. Realistically, if you're going to do anything with Send Out Cards, you're at minimum going to do the enhanced package. And in fact, that's what I do. I do the enhanced package. It's $17 per month, and then you're going to it's going to drop the heart rate And system cards down to $2 and 25 cents. Basically the difference is a heartfelt card is a one off card that you send to people. You know whenever you think about it right so like if it's a friend's birthday and you want to send them a you know birthday card, you can do that it costs $2 and 25 cents. A system card is basically any card that goes out through the system like an automated card that goes out and so basically the way that I've set up my database is every card that goes out is a system card. I hardly ever use heartfelt cards because again, I don't log into the system. Once I set it up, I forget about it, it just kind of does its thing and it goes they're all system cards last year will technically still this year 2019 I did do the unlimited plan and and I had unlimited heartfelt cards but I never used it I never sent them out. The only reason that I go with the enhanced plan is just because it gives you the unlimited relationship manager so you can put as many contacts in there as you need. And then in addition to that, it also allows you to add on this system package down below, which is $395. This may not be something you need to, you know, get into right away. But I know for my needs, I'll show you here for my, my database in here, I send out about four pieces of mail or a 400 pieces of mail each year. And so this last year was like 350. This year, you can see here, here's all the people in my database, I'll end up sending about 401 cards. And so if you're going to be sending that amount of cards out, it's going to be a better deal to go with the enhanced package and then add the system package because then you get 300. And then even after your 300 are up, you get the rest of the cards for $1 31. So basically even cheaper than the unlimited plan. So the unlimited plan you send in for $1 75 so you can just go with this one upgrade to system package, if you're going to be at about 300 or more, it ends up being a better deal, you still get 15% out on gifts, you don't get the full 30%. But I'll kind of show you that that doesn't really make as much of an impact, as you know, paying $80 a month more for the package. But then also, I guess, if you look at this here, the the next kind of middle plan, if you do think, you know, you might send some heartfelt cards out, you can do the card a day, which basically gives you one card per day that you can do as a heartfelt card, meaning that you can just log into the system, create a card, send it to whoever you want, once per day, 30 times per month. And you can still get the system package and have it kind of going out to your database if you wanted to do that. For me though. Again, I'm not planning to do any heartfelt cards. I'm just going to be doing the system ones that I set up in the beginning. And so that is all that I need is the enhanced package I've added on the system package. And so let me give you a breakdown of What it truly costs so basically on 401 cards that I send out and the way that I've got it kind of setup is I've got everybody in my database either set up on a birthday card, or a birthday and anniversary card. And so what you'll see is if it's like a couple, you know husband and wife, one will be birthday anniversary and one will be just birthday because the way that I use anniversary is not actually to send out celebrate the spouses anniversary, it's actually to celebrate the anniversary of when they purchased a home or sold a home with me. And so I put the anniversary date over here. And so there's no point to send both the husband and the wife a an anniversary card at the same time, but I will send one a birthday card on their birthday, the other birthday card on their birthday, and then the anniversary card will get addressed to both of them. And so you can see here that basically that accounts for two cards, This accounts for one card, and when you add all of those cards up, I've got 401 cards hundred dollar 31 per card comes out to $525 I do gifts on every single one of mine. So if we come over here I'll kind of show you what my gifts look like.

Kyle Handy 8:12
I use just this two pack brownie standard. And then I also do the birthday brownies. So on their birthday, they get the birthday brownie set on the anniversary, they get the the two pack brownies standard. Now you of course can upgrade, do whatever you want. I know you know I used to also for like some of my top clients, you know, top referral partners, I would give them a different gift. So I'd have to create a separate group for them. This year, I went a little bit easier. I'm gonna you know, keep the gifts very similar all the same, you know, either brownies or the cupcakes, no tops, but then I'm going to give something extra to the tops whenever I do see them. So that's just kind of how my plan is going to be this year. But if you look at that, so that gifts are going to run about $3 and 80 cents for each one. So that comes out to 1500 bucks. There's a discount because again, you get that 15% discount when you sign up for the $17 a month package the enhanced package. So with the 15% discount, you save $228. And then so that also tells you that basically if I was to save 30% like to buy going with the, the Unlimited, it would only save me about another $228 because you go from 15% to 30%. But it's not worth it when your figure you're spending an extra $80 a month times 12 months, that's 960 bucks more for that unlimited package that I don't need. So I go with that they're now shipping on all of these because they have a gift attached to them is an extra $3 and 89 cents. It's much different if you're just sending cards cards, you don't have to pay the shipping, that's part of it. But for me because you're sending gifts, there's extra weight involved Plus packaging and all that kind of stuff. So it's $3 and 89 cents for the shipping sites, another 1500 bucks, the send out card membership, 12 months at $17 per month is $204. So in total, I'll spend about 30 $500. for the entire year, it's about $300 per month that I'll spend to set up my entire program for 270 people in my database 401 cards in total. So that comes out to about $8 and 94 cents per card per gift mailing that's going out because I'm not sending any cards by themselves. Every time a card is being sent. There's a gift attached to it. So basically, it's a little less than $9 to make a touch for somebody in this program, which I think is fantastic to be able to have the type of impact that you have with this. I'm telling you I get so many texts and emails, just the fact that I remember their birthdays and they get a little gift. Very few people are sending things in the mail for people on their birthday. And especially on the anniversary of when they bought their home. So it's a great, great program for less than $9 per touch. And, and again, just setting up your, your database, it's pretty simple. I'll show you kind of the columns you're going to want, you're going to want first name, last name, their address, their city, their state, their zip code, the country, the birthday for that particular person, the anniversary for that. If you're doing you know, when they close on their home, you're going to want to put when that couple closed, pick which one of those is going to receive, you know, the birthday anniversary, you don't want to do both. Again, it doesn't really matter, because I'll show you the way that I template my campaigns, it's going to have both of their names on there, so that's fine. And then you do need to put the spouse I don't know if that actually makes a difference. But there's a spot for when you do the import into Send Out Cards. So I do do that. The reason why I do know that it's important is for instance, on this anniversary card here when I do Merge tags, which is basically where it's going to pull the names to put onto the card. It's going to say first name, and then spouses first name, last name, right? So it's basically going to say, Simon and Deseret Aguilar, right? Like it's gonna pull from that spouse's name.

Kyle Handy 12:17
So realistically, you probably don't need to put the spouse name on the one that you're doing just the birthday card too. But definitely the one that you're going to do with both of their names on you're going to need to add that spouse record in there. And where it asks for the spouse birthday, I don't think that that's important. It's not going to pull from that you're already putting the birthday for the birthday cards over here. So that's basically how you set it up. You just go through you know, go through all your people. I had to of course, that's probably what takes the most amount of time in this entire process is getting your database organized and calling people texting, Facebook messaging, getting on there finding out when the people's birthdays are going back in your transaction records and trying to find out when the deal closed. So that's what Probably going to take you the most amount of time. And then just whatever you want to put for group, I mean, this is what works for me. But of course you can do you know, whatever works for you. If you do want to have different groups for, you know, your top clients, you could do like a birthday top group or in a birthday anniversary top group. I did that last year. Again, just not doing it this year, made it super simple, literally just have a birthday group and a birthday anniversary group. So it's made it very, very easy. Oh, and I do have some people that are just on an anniversary group as well, if I don't know what their birthday is, or maybe they weren't comfortable sharing what their birthdays were. At that point, then I just send them an anniversary card on the anniversary of when they closed on a house with me. So anyways, you can kind of see how that all works there. Next, what I'm gonna do is I'm going to jump in and actually do a quick import of my database. I actually set up a whole new account just so I could start it from the beginning, set it up with my wife's name here, just so it would start fresh and you can see how it Looks from the beginning. So I've got no contacts in here. Literally just going to click Import. I'm gonna say download, click or drag your file here. So first off, I need to export. Download this to CSV. Okay, we're going to go over here, drag it there. All right, first name, last name, address city. So that looks all right. The groups are all their spouses names, spouses birthday. We don't need to worry about assigning any of that stuff. not assign not assign. Okay, cool. So all the stuff that I want is correct. Verify the date format, which matches birthday anniversary. So month, day year. That is how I have it. Yep. month, day, year, month, day year. Yep, that is correct. Let's see here. Make sure there's not like yeah, that's right. That's I haven't MONTH DAY then here. All right, perfect. So that looks correct. So at this point, the headers are all set up. These are all set up your Just scroll down to the bottom hit next. It's going to read see 235 invalid records. Okay, well see invalid country name. Oh, interesting. Okay, well now we'll just go ahead and say import we'll see if that works. Oh, I guess it doesn't work. Well let's try and just turn off country. There we go. Not assigned. Oh. Alright, there we go. So I had to log out and login for some reason it wasn't recognizing the United States as a country but we're just had to log out login. Now it is but you'll see here it basically imported all of them except for there's one that I kind of messed up said the spouse's birthday was not correct. And it was only because I didn't put it in the correct format. They're all love. month, date and then four digits for the year. I forgot to Put the four digits there. I just say done. There we go. All of them are ready to import. I'm gonna hit import there. All right, imported 50 100.

Kyle Handy 16:18
There we go. So now it's all set up. Let's go ahead and say go to the catalog and knowledge check and see and make sure that these Yep, they're all in there. Correct. And don't freak out. I know that I kind of worried about this. At first, it looks like it duplicates some of the records. And it only does that I guess because of the secondary contact the spouse relationship there. So it shows like you have more people 471 total. But that's not the actual way that need that's not as many people you have because it's duplicating them but if you go to the group's here, you should see your groups that are all set up there. You got an I've got my anniversary group, my birthday group and my birthday and anniversary group. So at that point, now At this, this stage, I'm ready to kind of start looking at the campaign and in setting up my campaign so that I can send those out to people. And that is one of the thing about the system package that I think is important. If you are sending about 300 cards, it's important to note that you actually get unlimited access to the campaigns in the campaign store. And that's important because if I go over to the campaigns, I'll show you here. It takes a second to load the campaign store. They're not cheap. They're about $85 for like a three card campaign all the way up to $135 for a five card campaign, and so what I'm going to do is I'm just gonna search real estate. actually know what before I search that I want to just show you I mean, there's all different industries to that you can get cards and campaigns from so like automotive beauty, construction, dental, finance, fitness, anything you can imagine here personal Cards inside sales, insurance, landscaping, medical, motor sports, whatever so there's a ton but here we go, here's real estate right here. Now you can see there's a lot of them I'm going to just click see all so there's real estate mortgage broker there's real estate new listing Thank you real estate buyer and other real estate new listing. Thank you in real estate seller congrats and then down here real estate prospecting. I actually use these prospecting ones. And if you look at the view details, you'll see that this three cards is just a an immediate, send a six months send in a 12 month send campaign, and basically what you're paying for that at $5 is like the text and all that kind of stuff, the cards format, the front image, and so that's the way to do it. The easiest and so like if I go over here and I get the five, touch one, you'll see that it has in here a birthday card. The same all the other cards and it's got like a december card. Well, what you can do again is just kind of repurpose these, you can change the dates like they don't have to go out at 12 months, you can set this for anniversary, you can set this one for birthday, you could set this one up for, you know, 12 months out if you want or a certain date like it is here, however you want to do it or like in my scenario, I'm not sending out other cards, I'm only sending a birthday card and an anniversary card. So I would just need to have these five cards, which is fine. So that's basically what I'm going to do. Because I've already got the unlimited campaigns from the campaign manager because I purchased that add on, I can just hit by I know I was nervous. At first I was thinking Oh man, I might spend another hundred and 35 but you'll see here discount minus hundred and $35. So it's no cost, just hit by there. And you can buy as many of these campaigns as you want. So if you're in different businesses, different industries, whatever it may be, so that 300 is really worth it the 395 especially if you're gonna be sending out 300 pieces of mail last night I want to show you two just to give you an idea, real quick on pricing. For instance, let's just say that you are going to do only, you know, 200 cards, I'll say you're gonna do 300, exactly 300 to max out the relationship, or that that program the system sends, where you get the 300 for the cheaper price, it would be about 20 $700 for 300 cents for 300 cards. if maybe you only need say 200, right, you're going to look at it's probably going to be a bit more because you're at this point going to probably

Kyle Handy 20:39
not get the dollar 31 you're going to be paying I believe, let me see the pricing again, to 25 for a system send. So at that point, you're gonna go to 25 doesn't change it too much. And at that point, you're looking at about $2,000 about $10 per card. Still not bad pricing at all. If you go down to 100. You're looking at $11 a call About 1100 dollars to do the full campaign. So even if you only have, you know, 50 people in your database and you want to do a program like this, or 60 or 70 people, you probably get about 100 cards, it'll run you maybe about $100 a month. Well, well worth it, in my opinion, for your business. And so anyways, that's just some pricing. Let's go back over here. So we've already bought this now let's go ahead and close it. Let's go over to our campaigns and see if it's in there yet. Oh, doesn't look like it's in there. All right. Let's see. Give me one second here. All right, there we go. So it came up, I just had to hit the refresh button. And you can see that the campaign is in here. It's ready to be edited. So all you would do at this point is just hit open campaign. You can see the different cards that are in it. I've already went ahead and edited one of the cards because here's the thing is I did the same campaign, the same package in 2019. I don't want to send people the same birthday card that they received before. So what I'm going to do on this particular one is I'm going to pick a different card to put in place of this birthday card. And so the way that you can do that is if you just hit the edit button, and then you hit up here where it says Edit card. You can go to, oops, actually hit the wrong button, hit the edit button, and you're going to hit the Replace card button. And then let me search for Happy birthday. Okay, there we go. Here's different happy birthdays. I'll go ahead and just pick this one right here. won't change you can kind of change around the theme of it a little bit. We'll select that one say customize. You can pick if you want a flat card, a two panel card, three panel card, a big card but does cost extra each time you do it. You can choose if you want to set and finish pearl finish a standard finish. These cards look great. I'll tell you I've mailed them to myself before to kind of check the quality and see if I really like the feel of it. them and they're amazing. They, you know, even the standard card is great. So I wouldn't necessarily say to spend the extra money unless you just want to, but even the standard is just fine. It's gonna say crafting your perfect card. There we go. I'm going to say update. All right, there we go. So now what I can do with these other cards because this one's birthday, I need one for their anniversary. So I'm going to go ahead and just delete out this one. I don't need that card. I'm going to delete out this one. And so I can keep let's say, let's keep that one we got birthday. I'm going to delete out this one. All right, now let's edit this card. And let's see if there's a better card because again, I sent that same one there. Let's see if there's any other house cards or home cards in here. So here we go. Marion bright. That would be a nice one for Christmas. Congrats on your new home. See a house becomes a home when it's filled with love. Let's see. Happy Holidays. This top foreclosure weekend, we've got options, whether you're looking to sell your house or you need to buy a home, so this is on their anniversary of their home. So we probably want to send something let's see a little different than what we're seeing there. So let's go ahead and type in home and see if we get any other options there. ohms that's like a Christmasy one. Just a generic house one that could work we don't want to do congrats because this has already been a year past.

Kyle Handy 24:38
You do this one, I would say is probably the most generic one. Or let me close this out. So most of the time, you probably would be fine, but it's just in my particular case. I'm trying to customize it cuz I don't want to use the same one again. But Let's open this campaign. Let's look at that. All right. So let's go ahead and see here. All right, there we go, I found one that I'm going to use is going to go different angle on this one. And instead of it saying something to do with their home, it's going to be dealing with a grateful heart. And I'm going to come from the angle, hey, you know, it's been a year, I'm so grateful that we got to work together a year ago. And so that's how I'm going to utilize this particular card for this campaign. So at this point, I've selected it, I'm going to say update. There we go. So now I've got my happy birthday card, I've got my grateful heart card. And then now I need to actually go in and edit the text. And so real quick on the Grateful card. I'm going to click that I'm going to click Edit card, scroll over and then over here is where I can add in some text and so I can, you know, change all the fonts, everything. thing that I want to do there. And let me see something, I think they've got some pre loaded ones where you can do images, or you can do text or however you want to do it. I'm just going to edit text. And give me one second to type in my text. And I'll come right back. All right, I've got it all typed out. So you'll see here that all I did was I put in there Hey, and then I use this insert field for the first name and spouse name. Next, as we approach the anniversary of us working together, I simply want to drop a line and tell you how thankful I was to have had the pleasure of working with you. I truly hope you are doing doing well and know that if there is ever anything I can do, I'm here for you. In the meantime, enjoy these delicious brownies, call me anytime. And then I put my phone number below. And then if you go to the back, what you're going to want to do over here because it comes standard with like a generic kind of Send Out Cards distributor URL, I like to go and click on the Layout button. And then I click on this one, it looks like an empty layout. But if you just click on that, it's going to pop this up where it says your name and there's a picture in so I will just click on the picture I will click on upload a photo go grab the picture here it's gonna take a second upload it

Kyle Handy 27:27
there we go grab that and then you're just going to change that so we'll put Kyle actually hear it but you the copy that piece that so there we go the huh copy paste

Kyle Handy 28:09
Gotta love going live here we go see paste, select and then the there we go, Andy team just like that. There we go. So it looks just like that your setup ready to go this card is done we're just going to hit update. So that's for our grateful heart. We're also going to now want to edit when it gets sent. So over here in the Send delay you're going to click on arrive on anniversaries that one is good to go paper options is regular, we're going to want to add a gift. So this one we're going to add the brownies to add gift. There we go. So we see the brownies are up in the top right. And then now for the birthday. We're going to do the same thing. We're going to edit it we're going to edit the card. Let's go over to the message. There's no message. I'll put it at the bottom here. Give me one second and type that out. All right, there we go. I've got it all typed out just happy birthday first name from the first name tag there. I hope this is the best birthday yet. Here's to another full year of prosperity and fulfillment. You deserve it. Hopefully, these cupcakes helped to make it so all the best Kyle. And one thing you'll notice is that I actually like to use this font Bradley hand, it looks a little bit more like handwriting. I'm sure people know that it's not handwriting, but even still, it looks like it and so I think that's the most natural. So that is what I go with. I did change the color up top and I made the font a little bit bigger. But it is all Bradley hand. I think at that point, that is all that I do there. I'm just going to go ahead and Oh, go to the end page there. See, this is what that standard page looks like. If I just go to layouts. I click right there, add a picture. We're going to go ahead and upload a different one this time. Just need to put like a square picture in there. Let's go ahead and upload that one on it. All right, perfect. There we go. Do the same thing. See if we can do it right this time. All right. There we go.

Kyle Handy 30:18
Andy, team. There we go. Perfect. That's it. We're going to say update. It's going to update your campaign. Let's go ahead and edit make sure the dates are right arriving on their birthday. That's perfect. We're going to add the gift. And this one we're doing cupcakes. scroll over here we go. I guess they're brownies, but looks like cupcakes to me. But I'm just gonna say add gift. There we go. And at this point, now that is saved this campaign is ready to go we would just hit Save

Kyle Handy 31:11
Right, let's see. I don't know. Let's see it hasn't done anything. I'm not sure if it actually saved Let me check in and see if it did. All right. Yep, it was in there. And if we just save you items will see that Yep, both cards anniversary and birthday. This one you can just review it. It goes out on anniversary. And it is standard paper type. This one a standard paper type birthday, so we're good to go. Now what we're going to do is go back over to our relationships, we're going to select the birthday anniversary group. And we're going to go up here where it says campaign campaign. We're going to select that campaign say Submit. It's going to go ahead and create the order.

Kyle Handy 31:54
Takes a little bit because it's a lot of cards in there. And I'm actually not going to submit the order yet. on this call just because I've already got all of mine receiving birthday cards and whatnot through the end of the year. And since we're still in December, I don't want to double send some of the people that already have birthdays in December. And so at that point, you know, I'm going to wait until january 1 to start this campaign. If we look at this year, you can see here the charge up at the top, it is $2,035, which again, that is less than what what it's going to be because we still have some more cards to send out if you remember the total cost for me, it's gonna be about 3500 bucks. But as you can tell that that particular group, the birthday and anniversary group is one of my largest ones. That is $2,035. So I'll have about another 1500 dollars to send out between the anniversary only group and the birthday only group. And so again, not going to send it out just yet. But all you would do at that point if you're ready to do it is Ready to send. And then it's going to ask you for, you know, just like a confirmation double confirmation showing you your credit card details and all that good stuff, make sure to that your return address is correct. Because if you do send a card to somebody, and if they've moved or if they're, you know, somehow that address was wrong, you're going to get that envelope back to you throughout the year. So randomly throughout the year, I would receive some gifts and some cards. And and I would be able to see whose address that was. So I could go back in the system and updated and try and fix the problem. And so one other thing to note, I just want to be clear, because I didn't really explain this too well. But I'd showed you if you were using the campaigns that were pre loaded by Send Out Cards, but you also have the ability if you just go to my campaigns, if you don't want to pay like maybe you didn't do the 300 cards and and you don't have the free campaigns. You can just select your own and create your own campaigns by just going in here creating a campaign. So let's say we're going to create just The birthday card campaign we're not going to do the anniversary one, we go in here we say birthday, and we just add a card. Let's go ahead and search for a birthday card here. And then let's go ahead and hit the Happy Birthday One there and say customize to panel standards fine. Alright, you just put your message, let's just go ahead and say add it to the campaign. There we go. It's in there, we're going to edit the date on that. So we would want to do a send delay to where it goes arrives on their birthday. Paper options is fine, add a gift. So the gift for birthdays is the cupcake slash brownies. And the ones that look a little different. There we go. Alright, so now they've got that

Kyle Handy 34:48
on there. And now you've got your own campaign and you could do the same thing that I did with the relationship with the campaign that came from send out cards as you can do on your own. You can group together as many cards as you need. So that's pretty much it. At this point, you know, I'm not going to go through and show you the other two because they'd be just repeating what I did with the birthday and anniversary campaign. But that is it. Once you hit send, and you've got all those people in there, you literally sit back, set it and forget it, what you'll end up seeing is, for instance, in your email, you'll get a receipt whenever the cards are sent. So for me, you'll see here that like, I pretty much get one just about every single day. Here we go. Literally every day here, December 14 1312. You can see every single day I get a small card, usually, it's billing you as you go. So that's the one thing to note too, is that you're not paying for all of these cards up front. So when you saw $2,035, that's just telling you that over the life of that campaign, that's what it's going to cost you but you don't actually get charged on those cards until they go out. So you'll see here that as they go out. I'm paying you know $25 $8 $117 $31 and so you can see it's just building, you know, as you go. And so that's kind of nice to know that you're not paying it all at once. It's just coming out. And so again, I think this is one of the very best things you can do for your business, spend a week, get your database in order, get it all uploaded into send out cards, and, and take the effort to do it all up front, because then you don't have to remember doing all of this, I will tell you, I used to have an assistant dedicated to sending out birthday cards and these types of mailings. And the money that I spent for that assistant for the time that they were invested into this program, well exceeded what I paid for this entire program for the entire year. So again, it's a huge huge savings. When you configure that you don't have to worry about you know, forgetting somebody's birthday, it's all going to go out. It is going to get great responses from people. So again, if it is something that you guys want to sign up for, feel free. Like I say I am an affiliate, it would help out a lot. If you use My link. And if you actually want to become an affiliate, I just became one myself, I don't know a whole lot about the opportunity. It was 59 bucks a year. I said, why not? I'll try it out. But you do have the opportunity. If you know people that you mail your cards to, they might ask you like, Hey, you know, what program are you using to send these cards out and you tell them send out cards? Well, now if you wanted to become an affiliate, you can earn a little bit of each of their cards that they choose to send. And so at this point, that's the only reason why I became an affiliate was I had a few people that, you know, clients of mine that received these cards, and they've been asking me, hey, Kyle, you know, what do you use to send these I'd like to use this for my business. I like to send these out for my Christmas cards, whatever it might be. And I just tell them, Hey, this is what I used. And so then I became an affiliate and quite honestly, I haven't even had that many people buy cards, but I've actually made up that $59 real quick. This is a little bonus section here. I'll login to mine and just show you what the affiliate side Looks like if that's something that you're interested in. So you go over here to the revolution office. It's 59 bucks. The other point was to is I signed my wife up to send out cards for she's going to do all my mailings this year for 2020. And now she's a member under me. So I actually earn credit whenever she's sending out cards, which works out great. But if I come over here, see, I don't even really know how to use this whole system here. But yeah, if you look at the Commission's that I've earned, it's already paid out. Let's see $58 $52 so it's $110. And then I've got still about $28 remaining right here. And that's not even including like my wife's mailings. These are literally just from about four people that have

Kyle Handy 38:50
signed up under me and they've sent out you know, a few cards, they've got a membership. And so it's it's worthwhile In my opinion, like I say it because again, It's one of the things if you get a few people that ask you about it, it's worth it for that $59 annually. But either way, even if you just use it as a customer and you want to send cards out, if you don't even want to use it the way I do it, like maybe you do want to use it for more personalized, like one off cards that you send out. It's great for that as well. But like I say, I just like to set it and forget it method, I can kind of move on and do other things. So if you got questions, put them in the comments below. I'm happy to help. I hope this video helps you out. And again, if you choose to sign up and you want to use my link, like I say please do and then if you need any help moving forward, I'm happy to help because again, I've kind of gotten the system down pat, at this point. I know kind of all the ins and outs. So I hope you guys have a great day and hope this video was amazing. If you are already subscribed, consider doing that hit that subscribe button, and you'll get notified whenever I come out with future videos. Thanks again guys. Have a great day. Talk to you later. Bye

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