5 Things You Need To Know About Homekeeper (Is It Worth It_)

5 Things You Need To Know About Homekeepr (Is It Worth It?)

Homekeepr is an app for both homeowners and real estate agents. The mobile app helps agents stay top of mind with their clients after the deal has closed and helps homeowners keep track of necessary home repairs.

In this post, we’ll cover Homekeepr’s main features, pricing structure, and whether or not it’s worth including in your long-term marketing plan.

Homekeepr Features

Track Home Repairs

Homekeepr is a home maintenance app. It is designed to help homeowners keep track of necessary home repairs and simplify the process of reaching out to contractors and handymen who can work on their homes.

When a homeowner first downloads Homekeepr, they will fill out a short questionnaire about their new home.

Based on their answers, Homekeepr will create a schedule of home maintenance repairs for the year. Throughout the year the homeowner will receive notifications, either on their phone or over email, whenever a due date for a repair is approaching.

Homekeepr will then provide the homeowner with instructions on how to do the repair themselves, or where to find local businesses for more complex tasks.

A contractor working on a project in a home. Homekeepr can help you find contractors in your area

Hire Local Contractors

Aside from the schedule of repairs, the other main feature of Homekeepr is that they provide the homeowner with a list of contractors, local businesses, and other home service pros in their local area who can work on the repair.

Homekeepr has contractors across many fields, including electricians, exterminators, gutter cleaning, HVAC specialists, landscapers, irrigation specialists, mortgage professionals, home inspectors, and even hairstylists.

These contractors are provided and recommended by actual real estate agents. Homeowners can be assured that they are receiving a trustworthy referral because they come from their Realtor, who they’ve already worked with.

Homekeepr is currently only available on the Apple App Store. It is free to download, and a homeowner can download it either on their own, or through a link sent by their real estate agent.

How To Use Homekeepr As a Real Estate Agent

The Homekeepr app for real estate agents can be used as a supplement to your marketing strategy. You can use the mobile app to help extend your relationship with the client beyond the purchase of their new home.

In addition, the Homekeepr app can help boost your referrals, give business to the home service pros in your sphere of influence, and keep you top of mind with your client.

In a homeowner’s mind, referrals from a trusted source are often more reliable than reviews from random people. This can translate into more business for you and your sphere of influence.

Homekeepr is also a great way to demonstrate your knowledge and authority in the community. If homeowners see that you work with an extensive list of local businesses and contractors, they will view you as an expert in your local area.

Homekeepr also allows for personal branding on blog posts and pro search widgets. This means that your profile picture, contact information, website, and social media links will be included on all of Homekeepr’s blog posts.

When you share these posts to your social media, your audience will be able to connect to your Homekeepr profile.

To get started with Homekeepr, you will need to upload your list of home service pros onto the platform, either online if you have them on a spreadsheet, or directly to the app if you have them in your phone contacts.

Homekeepr Pricing

Homekeepr’s pricing structure is based on the number of clients you want to connect with on the app.

After you register to become a partner with Homekeepr, you get a one-month free trial. After that, you can choose a pricing plan that works best with your budget:

  • $19.99 per month for 100 clients
  • $29.99 per month for 200 clients
  • $39.99 per month for 500 clients
  • $49.99 per month for 1,000 clients

To save on your costs, you can choose to pay annually rather than month-to-month. Paying yearly will save you around $100 each year.

  • $199 per year for 100 clients
  • $299 per year for 200 clients
  • $399 per year for 500 clients
  • $499 per year for 1,000 clients
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Is Homekeepr Worth It?

So, is it worth partnering with Homekeepr as a real estate agent? Currently, there are 185,000 Realtors with profiles on Homekeepr. The mobile app is certainly worth using, but not in every situation.

For example, Homekeepr works best for a first-time homebuyer or a buyer relocating to a new area that they are unfamiliar with. On the other hand, it’s probably not best for an experienced buyer with knowledge of the local area.

The Homekeepr app is a great way to extend the agent-client relationship, but it only works as long as the client keeps it on their phone and doesn’t turn off notifications. For this reason, there is always the risk that the client might lose interest in the app and stop using it.

In addition, keep in mind that it is always possible that the client could have a negative experience with a contractor or vendor you recommended, which could reflect badly on you.

Final Thoughts on Homekeepr

Overall, the Homekeepr app is great to use as an addition to your long-term marketing strategy for maintaining relationships with your clients after the deal has closed.

With that being said, it should not serve as your entire marketing strategy for keeping top-of-mind with your clients. Have another way to keep that relationship going if the client eventually stops using or deletes the app.

Do you use Homekeepr? What has your experience been like? Let me know in the comments below!

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