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How To Ask For Real Estate Reviews: Google, Zillow, & More


by Kyle Handy       Updated July 30, 2020


In this post, we talk about how to ask for real estate reviews. Are you putting enough effort into getting online reviews? In today's market, reviews are the social proof you NEED to get online buyers to trust you. Without reviews, you will not be able to build a sustainable business.

Here is the podcast:

We talk about 5 sources you can receive reviews on and the 2 that you absolutely can't ignore.

Also, I give 4 strategies you can use to improve your reviews right away!


Kyle Handy:

Alright, Hey guys, welcome to our weekly sales call. Today is Wednesday, May 23. And as you can see, I am working from home today. I was out late last night at a concert with Chrissy. And it was a little slow going this morning. So I am working from home and excited to be on this call. We've got a cool topic, something that we've been really focused really hard on for the last, you know, year and a half, I'd say we had a big focus on reviews. And I figured this is kind of a good time right now to be asking for reviews and increasing reviews. We're going to circling back and doing some stuff that I've come up with some ideas lately so I figured I'd share that with you guys. And, you know, kind of figure out where everybody is at in their review game. You know, if people that's a big focus of theirs, it's not a focus, and I'll share you know if you only are You know, have a couple, couple minutes or you know, a couple minutes a day or something like that to go after reviews, I'll share with some people the best sources that I feel, you know, we're going after, as well. So that said, Let me get started, I'll kind of tell you why reviews are so important. I read a statistic that 90% of all consumers who are looking to buy online, read reviews before engaging with a business. And so that's not necessarily real estate specific that statistic, but in general, online, people looking to buy things online or you know, just any service based business. Consumers are 90% of them are reading reviews before they decide to go with the business and so you have no reviews online, there's no way you're ever going to get, you know, random traffic just to you know, hit you up and try and you know, use you as their realtor, you know, you're always going to be going after just your sphere of influence and those kinds of things which, you know, that's fine, but you know, it Again, we're all here about trying to talk about building a sustainable, repeatable business one where, you know, you can, you know, it's predictable. And so when I say predictable, that means that you have things coming to you. You know, even when you sleep, I mean, just, you know, there's always going to be referrals and you know, new leads, you know, signing up at your website. And the only way you're going to do that is if you can get people online to find you, and to trust you, and then to reach out to you. And so, you know, that's, that's a really big thing for us. You know, now as we've been building our team, you know, we've got eight agents now And plus, then myself and Curtis, so 10 agents total. And, you know, so one of the things that we had to get beyond was just my sphere of influence. And so once we realized that we're like, Okay, well, how do we build up a bigger net? And so the way that we did that was you know, starting with with, of course, reviews, and I'll share why those are so important. So first off, I list and Fiverr sites that I think are super important for reviews. You know, starting at the top, Google is the number one source that I think that everybody should be going after reviews on. And I'll go into a little bit more details about how to actually go about setting these these accounts up or you know, actually going and asking for these reviews. And I'll share with you guys you know, what we have going on with our so you can see exactly what we got for these sources, but number one I listed was Google. Number two is Zillow. Again, even if you're not a paying agent, Zillow is the number one real estate website out there. So if you're not on there, if you don't have a presence as a real estate agent, on Zillow, you're doing yourself a disservice, you know, even if its clients that you know, might know you or they're your referrals or whatever, they're probably going to still go on Zillow and look up houses and whatnot. If you don't have any kind of a presence on there, doesn't build a whole lot of trust with them. So not saying get to go pay for Zillow, but I'm just saying have a profile on Zillow. Go get reviews And I'll show you how easy that is to do. Number three is Facebook, of course, you know, that's a big approach of ours for our team is, you know, we utilize a lot of facebook marketing. So of course, you know, we're going to want to have a presence on there. And when I say a presence, that means, you know, a substantial amount of reviews. Number four is Yelp,

Kyle Handy:

we've got Yelp is a little bit trickier. And I'll share some of our experience with Yelp. But again, that's actually you know, a lot of, you know, a lot of the business that people are going to get that started Yelp is getting really popular. It's not just for restaurants, and you know, things like that anymore mean, it's for service based businesses. A lot of people are searching for their painter and their, you know, Attorney in there, you know, all these different types of people on Yelp now. So and the nice thing about Yelp is that it's pretty untapped. And so there's, you know, you might need seven reviews and you could be the top agent in your entire market. So that's kind of the cool thing about Yelp right now. And then the last one I put was So it Again another, you know, real estate focus website. Zillow gets the nod just because they get a lot more traffic than does. I think I The last time I looked, which, you know, might be six months old statistics, but you know, Zillow was getting about 186 million users to their website, whereas gets about 75 million. So I mean, you know, Zillow, Zillow is, you know, more than double for sure, that a So, of course, if, again, if if we're talking about just where you spend all your time, I'm not telling you you got to go out and get all five of these, you know, review sites, all ranked and high. Focus on those first two, for sure, Google and Zillow. And then of course, I'm a little biased I'd say even try and sprinkle in Facebook as well as much as you can. But by far, Google and Zillow are the top sites I'm going to share with you guys a little bit why that is. So first off on Google, you know, of course, that's where the hub of everything is right people as always, you know, searching for, you know, homes for sale. 70 258 the Google that or they'll Google business or they'll Google top realtors in san antonio, or they're going to Google, you know, to kind of get started. And I'm going to share my screen now with you guys so you can see what it looks like. So here's kind of, you know what it looks like. Basically, we've got, you know, when somebody was to search the Handy team, you can see all of our Google reviews here. 47, five star reviews. It also the cool thing, it does pull in your Zillow reviews as well. That's why lyst that is number two, that's a source that Google pulls from. Whereas they don't pull from It does come up on And the actual bar over here you can see here, I got 48 reviews over there. Yelp, it pulls from that over here, but the ones that are actually in this little tab on the side is of course your Google reviews, and your Zillow reviews. The way that you get this right here and you don't have to have a team or a brokerage or anything like that. To have this you can create a Google business profile by literally just googling Google business. And right here, get your free business listing. And just like we talked about, I don't know if you'd watch the Facebook training about how to create a Facebook business page, but Google is the same way you want to Google business page as well. And what you want to do is if you don't have a team, maybe just name it your name, right? You know, Kyle Handy, if that's a Kyle, Handy, comma, realtor, or whatever you want it to be, I would probably in this case, put a realtor on there or something like that. Whereas on Facebook, I told, you know, told you just to put your name, it's a little bit that's more of a social platform. So people will, you know, see things about you on Google, though, you know, I think it would be advantageous to put in their realtor real estate or something like that, along with your name in there. So once you have a Google business profile, then it's literally just as easy as you know, once you have reviews You got it here, you'll get a link that you can send to people to ask them to leave your review. So I mean, like, I've already left a review on here for myself. So I mean, I can't do it, it just lets me edit my review. But if somebody came across this link, and they hadn't left your review yet, it would actually give them a little box up at the top that allows them to type out what their review is, but how many stars they want all that good stuff. So that's the only differences you know, you're not seeing that on mine right now because I already have a review left. But

Kyle Handy:

so Google reviews are super important. The reason why they're super important is of course social credibility. You know, people can you know, see that you do business in this area that you know, you can you do a good job, all that good stuff. Also for your website. If you know if you have a website or real estate search website, having more reviews actually will improve your SEO which is search engine optimization, which basically means, you know, if somebody was to search for real estate in your area, you're going to try and you want to rank higher and higher and higher in Google so that way you can get organic traffic. And so the more reviews that you have, the better. And the other thing too about all of these reviews guys, is it's not just about getting a ton of reviews and then stopping pretty much most consumers in this is where I mean, again, reviews are getting bigger and bigger. Most consumers when they see a review that's over 90 days old, it's not really relevant anymore. They don't give that review much credibility. So this is something that you want to consistently be getting new reviews, as well. So it's not something you just do it and then stop once you get to 50 or something like that. You want to do it always be putting new ones in there. So that's something that's pretty important to plus, as you start to run if you want to run google ads, it's going to help to lower your cost per click or cost per lead. Eventually once you know that lead registers, so the way that Google works is, you know, if you start doing advertisements is that it's like a bidding system.

Kyle Handy:

And there's a whole lot of factors that go into that bidding system. But one of them is the amount of reviews and like the credibility that your site holds. And so you know, having reviews will help you get a lower cost per lead. And this is true on Facebook as well, guys, so like if you're, you know, doing facebook ads, and you wanted to get, you know, better results, get better reviews, get more reviews on your Facebook page. So, that's a quick little tip there. So the other notes that I've got on here, talk about ways to actually get Oh, yeah, ways to actually get these reviews. And, you know, there's a couple different ways of course, you always want to ask all of your clients, you know, at the start of a transaction, you know, set the expectation like, Hey, you know, at the, at the end of this, I'm going to be asking for review, I'm going to give you you know, five star service the entire time, you know, and just that way, it's Not like you're hitting them from left field at the end and like with the Hey, can you leave me a review, you set that expectation up front that, hey, I'm going to give you great service, I'm gonna make sure this is the best transaction that you've, you know, ever had, you know, if I can ever do anything to make sure that, you know, this is a five star experience, you know, let me know if I'm not living up to that, because at the end, I want to make sure I earn your five star review. And so just, you know, get set that expectation up front, and now at the end, you can definitely do it or when also if you have like a, an issue that you overcome during a transaction, that's a perfect time to say, you know, once that issue has been resolved, and you you know, got it taken care of for that client, say, hey, by the way, you know, I'm so glad we were able to get this taken care of for you. You know, it's definitely a difficult time through real estate, and just like you've experienced this encounter, I would love for you to be able to remember this as something that you can leave in your review, because I mean, honestly guys like reviews just in and of itself. You know, they're powerful to have the number but when Read some of these reviews, it's much better to say, you know, something, to hear to see something that says something like about a Kyle Handy, you know, had a, we had a difficult, you know, deal with a buyer who was about to cancel. But, you know, at the end of the day, Kyle was able to save it. And, you know, that helped me get the, you know, my house sold in, you know, 30 days, which is what I really needed in this in this transaction. That's so much more powerful than Kyle is a great realtor, you know, he's absolutely amazing. I, you know, recommend him, you know, I mean, that's, you know, when you can have a specific time that somebody you know, that you had some hardship and then you were able to overcome it, those are super powerful view. So, especially after those types of moments, remember that tell the client about that, not to forget about it, and that when they do leave or their review, if they can, you know, somehow mention that into into their review. So, that's important. Your email signatures, guys. So like those are the active things that you're going to be doing, starting today, all the way throughout now. Now the other thing that you just need to make a change to is your email signatures, I put a little link down there. And that's why I've actually put my page up here that you can see where you I use Bitly to shorten a lot of my links. So like, you know, if if you copy and paste what the link is that you need for your Google reviews, and for your Zillow reviews, you can actually paste it in here to be a really long link, but then Bitly VITLY will shorten that link to where it's like 10 characters, and it looks a lot better in your email signature. So you can put that in there.

Kyle Handy:

You know, that way, you know, again, it's just kind of that subtle reminder of, you know, people to send you a review if they haven't already. And so that way in plus to that way, you can reference it like hey, just go back to one of my old emails, and you'll see the link at the bottom of my email, you can click on that to leave me a review. So that way it's just easy for people to do the easier you make this. You know, the easier it will be today. So its most people, they want to leave your reviews, but they're busy. You know, they just don't mean they don't, you know, sit around thinking like, how can I, you know, leave a review today, you have to ask, and you have to probably do it more than once. I mean, there's some people that you know, the first time we asked they do it, there's some people that are with us 10 times, and it's not that they don't want to, it's just they get busy, or they forget, or they don't know how to do it or whatever. So the easier you make it, the more consistent you get in your effort of asking people, the more reviews you will get some, the other one that you can do, especially if you're just kind of getting going, you want to build these up quickly offer a contest, you know, give give people a reason why they should go leave your review. Now. Again, you don't want to bribe people and say like, hey, if you do this, I'm going to you know, give you something but like, just to get them to the page, you know, get them some kind of motivation to do something you can offer a contest. I know a lot of people that have offered contests and they say hey, you know over the next seven days, you know, if you leave me a review on this site, and this you're going to be entered into a drawing for You know, X, Y, or Z or whatever you want to do. And that's another good way that you can increase those reviews pretty quickly. So that's something that, you know, that I would also I've seen done. And then also for newer agents or people that don't have a lot of transactions and you're thinking like, I don't know, you know, I don't have any transactions to really go and ask for reviews yet. Well, here's what I did. I mean, you know, when I didn't have a whole lot of transactions, I went out and I just asked for character reviews, right, like, leave me a testimonial, you know, speaking to my character, like, you know, who I am, what I'm about all that kind of stuff, you know, you get some friends to that will do that, you know, like, Hey, you know, Kyle is a, you know, a hard working individual. You know, I know he really cares deeply about his clients. You know, I when I'm ready to buy a house, I know, you know, Kyle be the person that I'm calling, you know, something along those lines, like if you don't have any, any transactions, that's a powerful review. I mean, just you know, having something along those, you know, with you know, spoken like that You can even tell people I've told people like, they don't know what to write, or what do we put? And I'll just tell them what I want them to put, you know, in, you know, in their own words, they'll say like something like this and and sure enough, you know that they're happy to do it. So don't be afraid to ask for that. So those are some of the things that that I do for reviews, the reasons why I think that they're super important, Zillow. Oh, that was the other one that I was going to tell you why that's important how that works. So on Zillow, if you look, Zillow ranks you. So like, you know, even if people are looking for real estate agents in your area, if they just put in the location, Zillow ranks you and puts you into kind of a, you know, listing, there's 1010 agents per per page right now on the fourth page, and I'm trying to get up and get up and get up to that first page. But if you notice that the way they do it is they look at your local reviews for the city that you type in. They added up with the recent sales that you've had in that city, and then they add your listings that you currently have active right now. So in the past All of those up, and then that ranks you above the next person. So like, you know, reviews as a big part of that, you know, I've got 55 plus 42, that's 97. That's 103 basically is kind of the way that syllabus algorithm works. They'll add those up there. They're weighted a little bit differently. Because like, if you look at Tom like here, he's just below me. He's a, you know, God looks like 81. But 110 if you add those all up, but you notice his reviews are less than mine, and Tom's a good friend, he's might be watching this in the agent underground. So what's up, Tom, but if you look at that, he's got 110 I've got 103 but I think because I've got more reviews than he does. That probably gives me that little bit of boost. But if you look at all the people here, you know, you can just see that, you know, they start kind of going down as far as that total number. So either you got to be doing a ton of recent sales, like look at this person here. 60 recent sales, they've got 15 reviews and 58 listings, you know, that gets them you know, really high up in these rankings to some fourth page here in San Antonio, so not too bad, but again, reviews I feel like is, you know, something that's super simple to go out and get more of pretty quickly and start, you know, focusing in on that. So, anyways, that's how Zillow works, you know, and and it's really easy to add as for review on Zillow as well. Let's see here. I've got the link save. I've actually had to go back and get my reviews here in a while. But

Kyle Handy:

yeah, there you go. So if you just go to your reviews page, like go to your agent page, and you go down where your reviews are at, write a review. Yeah, well, let me do review on my own, but either way, you'd copy that link right there and then you'd make a new link to be able to send out to people so those will be the first two that I would go after guys is really just, you know, Google Zillow, and then if like I say, if you got Facebook and you know you're familiar with it, and you're already using it, you've got a Facebook business page, you know, go after those Facebook business page reviews as well. So Alright, well, I'm going to open this call up now though, I want to hear we got some good people on here. Want to get some stories from some of you guys here who's already getting reviews. What questions do you guys have? All that good stuff? So let's see here. Who do we got? Curtis? Well, first off, Curtis, Did I miss anything? Are you there? I'm here, Kyle, not a thing. Man. That was fantastic. I'm sure you've covered it. But if you didn't count at home guys, nowadays, everybody, whether they're 20 or 50, knows how to search for reviews knows how to look people up online. And the first thing that they're looking for is that social proof that other people also think working with this REALTOR with this team or this brokerage is a good idea. So people are out there searching actively and they may not even come to you right away. They may research you're studying for a long time. But the more and more reviews you're racking up, the better and better your profile looks. Each time they come back and see you the more inclined they really are to pick up the phone and give you a call and there's nothing better than getting that in Down lead as opposed to actively, you know, outbound marketing for it. So now that was great reviews matters so much, we work really hard on him and we take a lot of pride in them. The last piece I guess, in a face to face presentation when you can lean on or reference reviews, it's also a very strong thing that you can recommend, hey, go ahead and research me Google need you have your computer right in front of you. Sometimes you pull up your Facebook page or your Google page and they just see five stars and it just you know gives them that comfort that trust that belief. So yeah, I do that in every single listing appointment that I go on. I literally will pull up while I'm doing my so that's why I bring my laptop when I do a cma in a listing appointment. I pull everything up in front of them live in person. So they can see that you know that these comps that I'm using are the right comps. But I also do that because then I can literally pull up my Facebook page, I can pull up my Google business page. I can show them you know the proof there guys, and that's powerful when you can do that. Now you can only do it if you got the reviews. So yep, very cool. Very cool. We'll see what else does jog my memory. Oh, Jason Phipps I see you are on the call man I don't know if that was your if you're still in the room or not I know if you have any advice to share with us if there was a any reviews that you're doing I haven't pulled you up in a while to see see what you're doing if that's a big part of your strategy or not. But but yeah guys, I'm telling you that the reviews are very very, very strong once we started increasing Oh, that was the other thing is our SEO like I was telling you guys search engine optimization for our website. Once we did you know over the last year I look and track what our organic visits to our website are. The organic visits increased
so much to our website. Once we started going after Reviews on Google. That was a huge, huge things if you've got a website and you want to get more organic traffic and you know not paid traffic again reviews will help you for that. I promise you. I think that was another statistic. I'd heard about it when I was doing a little bit of research. But they were saying that if you get just 10 Google reviews for your Google business listing that's connected to your website, that it typically will help you get about 50% more organic traffic than whatever you were getting before. Now, some of you guys might not be getting any organic traffic. So I don't know what that does there. But they said the number was 50% more organic traffic, but just having 10 or more reviews on Google, so pretty exciting stuff. You know, that definitely would be something I would be be pursuing. The other thing too, I want to, you know, speak to is, you know, I know we get a lot of team agents on this call that are in the agent underground, probably watching the replay on this. And, you know, you think, Well, you know, my brokerage does that or my team leader does that, or you know, like and you don't think of yourself as needing, you know, this social proof or whatever, you're just kind of, you know, relying on on what's being done above you. And I would say to that, guys, you're doing yourself a disservice. First of all, I think you need to treat this just you know, even if you're part of a team, like Every agent, this is your business, right? Like, you know, you could do every one of these strategies that we talked about, you can build a Facebook business page, you could build a Google business page, name it your name as a real estate agent, even though you're a part of a team, you know, and of course, you know, talk about your team as part of your profile. But you know, you could start getting that social proof to because you're going to get clients and just instead of having to show them, hey, here's the team that you're on. Yeah, that's powerful. But then when you can also show them and by the way, here's my personal reviews, you know, these are 25 different reviews of people that I've specifically worked with, you know, that's powerful. They're two guys. Plus, you never know what the future holds, right? Like if you ever want to maybe start your own team, or if you ever want to, you know, go out and be an individual agent, not on a team. You know, having that social proof from the get go is going to make it a lot easier when you go out on your own. versus if you just go out on your own and start from scratch. You know, that's not good. So, again, you always got to be thinking of the future. You know, start today, start building these dreams. views, you know, it's one of those things that you're not just going to do it today and be done with it. I mean, this is a strategy that you have to, you know, continually take take advantage of make it easy on yourself. Again, you know, put the links in your email signatures, you know, have them on your, on your website, have them, you know, on your Facebook page, and then once they're all there and established, then start going in promoting them, you know, just talking to people about them, you know, going out asking for reviews, telling every new client that you're going to ask for review at the end of the transaction, all that good stuff. So that is all that I got. What else do we got any other stories? Anyone else? Want to share anything regarding reviews or any questions that you might have? All right, good stuff. Well, then, guys, we're going to go ahead and we'll, we'll stop this recording. And if you guys need anything, let me know. I'm happy to leave you guys a review. So now I would love it if I can see a couple people that start up their Facebook business page or their their Google business profile. If you don't have one already and send me that link. I'll be happy to review each and every one of you guys. I'll be your first one if you need it. So send me that over. Let me know if you got questions getting it set up. But yeah, everyone, let's go out and have a great week. Hope to see you guys in the agent underground. And we'll talk to you later. Bye Bye. Take care. Thanks, Kyle

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