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How To Unlock A Realtor Lock Box With Code (5 Types Of Boxes)

A lock box is a helpful tool for real estate agents. It allows all agents with prospective buyers to access the key to the home, housing it in a secure box closed with a combination lock or electronic key. But you might be wondering how to unlock a Realtor lock box if you’ve never encountered one before.

Yet you don’t have to be a real estate agent long to know that there are many kinds of lockbox options out there. Learning how to unlock Realtor lock box designs is challenging, but with the proper instruction, you can get it right and open the door to any home in your target market.

This guide will take a look at the different types of Realtor lock box options out there and give a basic explanation of how to open them. The next time you go to a showing as a showing agent, you will know what to do to open the lockbox.

Key Lock Box

One of the first types of lockbox real estate agents used was a key lock box. This was the standard in the 1970s and required a master lock key to open. The only way to show the house was to get the key from the agent who was selling the house, so the selling agent and the buyer’s agent often would meet at the home together.

Obviously, this has some disadvantages. While you may still find some agents using a key lock box, this style significantly restricts access, so you will likely find them migrating to a different type.

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Electronic Lock Box

An electronic lockbox requires a keycard, similar to a credit card, and a code entered into the lockbox keypad to open the box. When a real estate agent lists with the MLS, they receive an electronic key card that they can use to open these lockboxes. The lockbox owner receives information about which Realtor entered the home and when, and this helps increase security.

In addition to the keycard, an authorized user gets a code from the listing agent. The Realtor must have both the key and the code to open the lockbox and access the house key inside.

To open this type of box, the showing agent enters their card into the card slot. Then, using either a keypad on the lockbox or using a smartphone app, the agent enters the code received from the listing agent. This allows the key box to open and the Realtor to continue with the showing.

Combination Lock Box

A combination lock box works similarly to a safe. It has a keypad where the agent enters the combination code to grant themselves lockbox access. When an agent requests a showing, they get the combo lock code from the listing agent, enter the code, and open the box.

Supra iBox Lockbox

Since most agents today have a mobile device with them at all times, lock boxes are evolving to include digital access codes instead of combination locks. This eliminates the need to remember a code when opening a locked box to get into a home for a showing.

The Supra lockbox system includes several different models, and the iBox is the first. This large, dark blue lock box uses infrared technology that detects the agent’s smartphone. This allows agents to enter their information and the unique CBS code (call before showing) using an eKEY application without carrying physical access cards.

To open, simply place your smartphone near the Realtor lockbox and wait for it to communicate with the Supra eKEY app. The app will do the rest and unlock the key compartment.

This lock box design has several variations, including the iBox BT, which uses Bluetooth in addition to infrared technology, and iBox BT LE which uses Low-Energy Bluetooth as well as standard Bluetooth and infrared technology. The process of opening the key compartment with the Supra key app on your phone is the same for each of these.

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SentriLock offers a weather-resistant, highly secure combo lockbox that hangs on the door of the home. To open, agents must enter their key card into the slot and then place the access code into the device using the keypad. It then pops open to reveal the key inside.

SentriLock also allows agents to use their smartphone to enter their code and access information using the SentriSmart mobile app rather than a physical card and keypad authorization code. The app allows the user to look up properties near their location to find the home or enter the serial number on the lock box.

Once the agent has the right property, the app asks for a PIN and any other identifying information. The agent can then get an access code on their device and enter it into the device. This will release the shackle and allow the agent to open the key container and access the home.

This box has a specific feature that lets the agent create a 1 day code when needed. If the homeowner locks themselves out or a maintenance professional needs temporary access, the one-day codes let the agent provide that access without hurting the home’s overall security. Agents can also program a contractor code into the SentriLock Lockbox to allow access until a job is done, then remove that code once the work is complete.

Final Thoughts on How to Unlock a Realtor Lock Box

Whether you are preparing for an open house or a showing, knowing how to open the door to the home you wish to show is vital. This starts with opening the lockbox key compartment. With this guide, you will always be prepared.

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