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kvCORE Training: Top 5 Features To Generate Leads Today


by Kyle Handy       Updated July 28, 2020


Today I share 5 of the TOP things to do on kvCORE today. If you aren't currently using kvCORE this is a great demo as to the possibilities of what you can do for lead generation with kvCORE.

Below you can either listen to the podcast or watch the full video.

Here is the podcast:

1. Change Phone # On Your Website or Get a Personalized Smart Number

If texting from or using certain marketing features of kvCORE, be sure to get your own Smart Number

If NOT going to use kvCORE for texting or marketing, just be sure to change the default number that shows up on your personal website.

Purchase a Smart Number for $25 / month in the kvCORE Marketplace

View Your Smart Number by clicking top right “Team Admin” then “Phone”

Ensure website shows your personal phone number and not generic smart number

2. Easily Market Brokerage Listings to Social Media

Check with your state broker for approval to market brokerage listings to your social media.

Click listings - Filter - Agency Listings - Apply Filters 

Click a property address

In the top right, click where you see 3 dots. Post to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or Craigslist (via Google Chrome extension) (Smart #)

3. Create Listing Sign Riders & FB Marketplace Posts

Lead Engine - Call Capture - Custom Text Codes

Text “Handy1” to 210-361-7057

Saves me $17 / month

Use the same “text to” verbiage when you are sharing listings to social media rather than linking to the listing directly

Text “Handy1” to 210-361-7057 for more pics and updated pricing.

Post to craigslist already does this for you.

4. Add a FaceBook Pixel to Your Page

Must have a Facebook business page.

Goto your Facebook Ads Manager

Events Manager - Data Sources - Add New Data Source - Facebook Pixel - Manually Install Code

- Copy code

Back on kvCORE

Web & IDX - Edit Settings - Custom Header - Paste code

Be sure to ALSO add the “Conversion Code”

5. Add a Custom Page To Your Menu Bar

Web & IDX - Site Content - Custom Pages - New Page

Title = What you want the menu link to say

URL = Where they will be sent when clicking

Category = What the menu link will say

Calendly = scheduling tool. Links to your calendar (Google, Apple, Outlook, etc…)

I offer a FREE 30-minute Private eXp Realty Demo

Link =

You could use this for Buyer / Listing Consultations, Real CMA Done Live, Mortgage Planning Session, etc...


Hey everybody, welcome to The Monday Mastermind and today we're going to cover kvCORE, I'm going to do a quick demo on the system, the platform for real estate agents. And then I'm going to give my five tips on what you should be doing first with kvCORE. Alright, so if you haven't watched this channel before, or if you're new to The Monday Mastermind, my name is Kyle Handy. I'm a real estate agent here in San Antonio, Texas. And, you know, I've been doing these videos for about the better part of a year to two years now. And if you haven't checked out my YouTube channel, I highly recommend you go check it out. I've got a lot of real estate agent training over there. Just get on YouTube and search for Kyle Handy and you'll see all of it and please hit that red subscribe button. And that way you can get notified and of all the future videos that I'm coming out with. So again, welcome. This is LIVE right now. I'm excited to see everybody on the call.

Already and we are going to go ahead and just jump right into it because I've got a lot to cover today. And I want to help you out if you're maybe looking into kvCORE if this might be a platform that you're considering or if you're with the brokerage that I'm with eXp Realty and you already have kvCORE, and you may be just want to get a few tips on how to use it a little bit better. So that being said, let's go ahead and jump right in. I'm going to share my screen here. So you can kind of see a little bit about what kvCORE looks like. So first and foremost, kvCORE gives you a website. So this is my website. It is an IDX website, meaning that it is hooked up to the MLS feed of listings here in my area, which happens to be San Antonio, Texas. And you can see that these websites, they're a template and website so you can, you know, edit the background, change the image, and change their course. You can of course put in the different testimonies that you've received listings that you currently have just listed homes just reduced homes, a little about section here, you can put a blog in there if you wish to. And then, of course, you can also mention the different areas that you cover, which kind of create a small little microsite for each of these different areas. So that's pretty cool there. But this is your front end website. It's very helpful. As far as the feedback I get from my clients, they love using this website. It's very speedy and quick. It's also very mobile-friendly, I get a little over 50% of my web traffic from mobile devices. And so it's nice to know that this is a very mobile-friendly website. You can see here, these are all just different listings in my area. As they start to kind of browse around the website. One of the great things about kvCORE is that it's a lead generation website. So what that means is, if they're not registered on your website already, it's going to go ahead and make that person register so they can continue looking at properties, this little pop-up box will come up and it'll say, hey, put in your email address, put in your phone number. And then you can continue looking at properties. And so I'm already logged in. So it's not going to do that. But you can just see here that there's a ton of great information and it's structured very nicely to wear again, clients love to use this site. There's, you know, Google Street View, there's an aerial map that they can do all sorts of great stuff, similar properties will match up kind of what the properties look like other homes in that neighborhood, and of course, puts your testimonials again down there, and then your footer down at the bottom. So a really, really great website. I highly recommend it if you're looking into a new CRM or just a website to highly consider kvCORE. I've used probably eight different CRM in my life as a real estate agent all the way from top producer to Boomtown to us you know, Commission's Inc, fire point you name it. I've used a bunch of them. And kvCORE really is a fantastic CRM, especially for the price that you pay. And just one extra little benefit little plug on eXp is if you're not with the eXp, this is what our brokerage provides us. And we get it for basically our monthly fee, Eddie eXp, which is at $5 per month, that covers all of our tools. And every system that we use, kvCORE, just happens to be one of those tools. So it's a great way to get this platform at a very reduced cost. Because I do think that if you're going to go out there and get it on your own, it runs for about 750 per month, and that includes a team of five agents. So you know, if you're an individual agent, you don't want to go out and get a team platform, you may consider seeing if you know if you're not already with the eXp, that would be a great opportunity for you to get this platform at a much lower cost. And so that's the website. Now as far as the back end CRM goes, this is what it looks like, behind the scenes. So this is what we as the agent we'll see here. And so you'll see all of the different properties that your clients are looking at. You can see which ones they're favoring, you can see text messages, all kind of from this main dashboard here, which is pretty cool. So you know, a lot of times, I'll just kind of browse through real quick and see if there's anybody that I haven't reached out to recently that's been on my website, because if they are on my website, that means that they might have some interest, or maybe a friend of theirs is interested. So I want to make sure that I'm picking up the phone and give those people a call, just to check in on them. And so that's a really helpful part here. And then, of course, there's the CRM aspect of it, where you're gonna have all of your different leads going to be housed inside of here. And so you'll see I've generated over 9000 leads, some of them through kvCORE, some of them through past CRM that I've used, but yeah, down at the bottom here 9100 leads is what is inside of my kvCORE, and it does a fantastic job. handling all of those leads great ways to sort things. You can use hashtags, which is basically just a tag, you can add as many hashtags as you want to clients. You can do things like zip codes or, you know, particular neighborhoods. That way, whenever listings get listed in those areas, you can just do a filter by particular zip code or a neighborhood, pull up the people that are interested in sending them a specific email or text message. If you notice here, there's a mass text feature, where literally, you can select up to 250 leads at one time and send them a listing or you can just send a message to them, say, “Hey, this property just came up in the neighborhood I know you were looking at, let me know if it's something that you or someone you might know is interested in”. And boom, you can do that to 500 or 250 people at any given time. You can mass email, all sorts of great features, ratings, interests, and those interests are constantly being updated, depending on whatever that person is looking for. So you can sort by the interest you can filter by interest, but I mean, if you look at here, you know $166,041, they've taken the average of all of the properties, they're looking at a recent timeframe time period. And it puts that in their interests. If somebody comes back 90 days from now, and they start looking at different properties, it's going to automatically change that interest into what they're currently looking at. It's really cool there. So that's just a quick little brief overview of the CRM and the website. There's a lot of great tools and ways that you can do lead generation and marketing through kvCORE, I literally can't get into everything. Otherwise, this video would probably be five hours long or more. But that's why I'm going to stick to just the five things that I recommend using kvCORE for, and so we're going to just jump right into those. But just realize too, that there's also a Learning Portal down here. So if you do want to learn all the ins and outs about kvCORE, make sure to click that Learning Portal. There's a lot of great courses in there that you can take that will teach you all the different benefits of kvCORE.

1. Personalized Smart Number

Alright, so first off, what I want to show you here is, you can change your phone number on your website, or make sure that you get a personalized smart number. If you went out and got kvCORE on your own, this is probably not a big deal because you know that personalized number is going to be associated with just you and your team's account. But if you're at eXp Realty, or maybe if you're at another brokerage that offers kvCORE that setup similar to this, you're going to want to pay special attention because what you'll need to realize is that if you don't get your own personalized, smart number, the smart number that comes with the system is going to be shared with all of the agents that are in your market in your MLS that are on the kvCORE platform. So like in San Antonio, I think we've got something like 600 agents that are all using kvCORE at eXp. And so if we don't change that personalized smart number, we don't get our own personalized smart number. Then whenever we do generate a lead on our website, it's potentially going to get round-robin through all of the agents that are in the MLS. So that would not be a good thing. So you can pay $25 a month to purchase your own smart number. I'll show you how you can see what number is on your website. And you know, if you already have a smart number where you go to find that at, I'll show you that here in a second. But real quick, let me share my screen right here. So the first thing that you're going to want to do is go into your website and look at what it says in the top right, go to the homepage, and scroll down to your footer and see what phone number is listed down here. If it's a number that you don't recognize, that means that you're likely using the smart number and most likely, if you haven't paid for a personalized one, it's going to be the generic smart number. So at this point, you've got two options. You can either if you don't plan to do a whole lot of marketing or lead generation with kvCORE, maybe you just plan to how's your sphere of influence database and your referral database in there, you're not going to do a lot of the marketing stuff. If that's the case, you can just change the web, the phone number that's on your website. And that is probably going to be sufficient. You don't need to pay $25 per month. But if you're going to be doing a lot of the marketing and using the lead generation, or the text messaging features, you're going to want to get your own personalized smart number. And so I'll kind of show you how you can do that and how you can see that if you come back into kvCORE and you go to the marketplace, you're going to notice that there's an area here for smart numbers. Add on you just click learn more.

Believe it says it's $27 a month. I've only been paying 25. So I don't know if they've changed it. It came down in price. And for those of us at eXp, I think they're even trying to get it cheaper than that $25 per month.

But they need more people to sign up for that smart number. And then you just click “Add to kvCORE”. It's going to open up a forum here and you'll see there that you can fill out your billing information, all that good stuff there. So that's how you would sign up for a smart number. Now keep in mind $25 a month I mean, it does sound like hey, you know, that's, that's a decent amount of money, I don't want to, you know, be spending that just for a smart number if I don't have to. One of the ways that I justify it for myself is I'm actually saving some money because and I'll get into this on one of my, I think it's my fourth tip about my listing signs, like those little sign riders that you always see at the bottom, I was spending $17 per month to get those sign riders for my listings. And with kvCORE that functionality is built in if you have your own smart number, and so you know that kind of offset some of that cost that you're going to spend for that smart number and I'll show you all that here coming up. But just realize that $25 a month may not be as bad as it seems when you realize the power of what it can do for you. That's your smart number. If you come up here, you can see that's my smart number listed at the top right. If you go down to the “phone” area here, you will see that it's going to tell you, if you've got a smart number, there we go. So these are like the generic ones that are just for eXp realty in San Antonio and it rotates through all the agents. If you have your own, then it's going to be just to call your phone number. So that's how it's kind of set up there. So again, very easy to do, I recommend it if you're going to be using kvCORE for what it's supposed to be used for, for your marketing for your lead generation, you want to get the full benefits out of it, you definitely are going to want to consider getting that smart number. 

2. Market Brokerage Listings

The next one is to be able to easily market your brokerage listings to social media. So check first with your broker to make sure that this is an acceptable practice for you to do but I've done that here in Texas. And because all of the listings are actually held by the broker, there may be a different listing agent and whatnot. But because the broker holds those listings, I'm able to help market those little listings on my social media without having to go out and ask the agent every single time. Now if you try to go list, you know to market another brokerage's listings, that's definitely going to be another story, you're gonna want to make sure that you have the approval to do that both with their broker and with your broker. But at least here in my market in Texas and in San Antonio, specifically, I can take a listing from an eXp agent in San Antonio and list that to craigslist listed to Facebook without having to go through all the hoops of trying to get approval. So let me show you how you can quickly and easily do that.

So just follow along here. If you go over to the left bar and you click on listings, you'll see that here are all of the listings that are in the MLS. Now, what you're going to want to do first and I've already done it on here, but I'll show you how to do it even if you hadn't already felt made this filter is you just click on the filter in the top left. Make sure to turn on agency listings. That means it's going to pull up just your business listings in your MLS, and filter by “agency listings”, hit apply filters. There we go. So these are all eXp agent listings in my market. And then over on the right, you can actually see it tells you if an agent has already listed that property to Craigslist, you can see I've already listed two of them. What's very surprising is in my market, we've got about 600, eXp agents. And very few of them actually come over here and post to craigslist, I find it amazing because I mean, it's a free way to market and get traffic to your website. It's very simple to do. I mean, I think that it's good to just get on a consistent schedule of putting three to five listings up per day on Craigslist and to also Facebook marketplace, which I'll kind of show you how to do that. But what you'll see here is like for instance, if I wanted to come over here, and let's click on this property right here, up in the top right, there's gonna be three dots that show up here and when you click on the three dots. You'll see that I can post a Craigslist to Facebook to Twitter all within a single click. And so let me just show you what it looks like to post a Craigslist, I click on the post to craigslist button, I'm not touching the computer at all is literally running through all these prompts on its own, it's going to put the image in there, it's going to put the map in there, all the description comes in. And then this is where you see my smart number down here. So again, you want to make sure you have your own smart number if you're going to be using this type of marketing. And so what's going to happen is it's going to go to Craigslist, people are going to want more details, they're gonna have to text in that number to get more details. When they text in, you'll get notified and that's a new lead for you. And again, you'd have to pay anything, all you got to do at this point is just hit on, hit publish, you're going to get an email, that's going to tell you to confirm that listing to your email. And that's it. The first time you do this posting to Craigslist, you are going to have to download an extension for your Google Chrome browser. 

First off, you got to be using Google Chrome. If you don't have that, this doesn't work. That's the only functionality that exists is using Google Chrome. But it'll put a little pop-up. If you haven't downloaded that, download that extension already. And tell you, this is how you need to download the extension. Once you do that, it's done forever. You don't have to ever do it again, you just click post to craigslist, and you can see exactly how that's done. Now, let me just show you here. If I go to my mail, that email that you're going to receive from Craigslist looks like this. It's going to say post, edit, delete. You just click on that, here we go. And then you can have to click that link right here to be able to confirm it. It's going to ask you to accept the terms of use. I accept it. And there we go. Now it's been posted to Craigslist. Very easy to do. The other way that all and I'm going to show this in a later tip is to post it to Facebook. I'll kind of go through it real quick right now, but I'm not going to finish it because there's one other thing we're going to need to do. But you'll see here that up in the top left, I can post this in a group. And I always recommend, you know, posting it into some of those like by cell groups. So for instance, if I just click on, you know, San Antonio, buy, sell trade, and then you're going to want to add in a description for that post. And I'll kind of tell you a little tip for you to put in for your description. You can kind of see that there. And I'll finish that up here in a little bit. But that is the best way to quickly and easily post these listings to your social media. The other thing is to post them to your business page, because or to your personal page, whatever you're using for Facebook. But the reason why is even though it's going to give credit to the listing agent, you know, if somebody goes in and they look at the listing, most of the time, people are just scrolling their feed and they say "Oh, man, Kyle, here's another listing. Here's another listing, they see like three or five listings a week going through my social media and they're like, you know, man, he must be, you know, staying pretty busy", when really they're not all of my listings, they're just eXp listings. And so it's a great way, especially if you're a newer agent, maybe you don't already have listings, to kind of get the word out there that you're, you know, in the business, they may not be if they, you know, completely go and look at who the listing agent is, they'll see it's not you, but most of the people like I say, don't actually take that time to do that. They're just seeing that you're getting a listing, if it's something that they're interested in, they may click on it and go look at more information. But for the most times, they're just seeing it come across their feed.

3. Listing Sign Riders

My third tip is to create a listing sign riders. And now this is where you're going to put in the Facebook marketplace posts. So I showed you the first half of it. I'm going to show you the second half of how I do my Facebook marketplace posts here. But as far as creating the listing signs writer again, this is what saves me $17 a month. I used to use a program called Drivebuytech to be able to do all of my sign riders’ great company. If I wasn't with kvCORE and if I didn't already have my own smart number, I'd still be using them. It's a fantastic way to get your text riders at the bottom of your signs and get leads from it. So I highly recommend that company if you're not using kvCORE, but if you're using kvCORE, it might as well save the money and use the call capture feature. So that way you can save money and get that functionality. And so let me show you here how it works. So if I go back to my screen share, and we go over to the lead engine, you're gonna see down here it says call capture unit click on get started.

Alright, so now what you're going to see over here on the left is on the right, excuse me is the custom text codes. So you can set up unique text codes for each property that you have. What I tend to do is instead of I know a lot of times people will use a custom code like the address of the property. Like if it's 1234 Main Street, they'll use the custom code of 1234. So then people will send in, you know, text 1234 to the smart number for more details. I don't like to do that. Because then that means I got to create a custom rider, every single one of my new listings. Instead, what I do is I come in here and I create the same custom code. And I just change the properties as I get those different listings. And so what I mean by that is like, I've got “Handy1”, “Handy2” “Handy3”, all the way through “Handy10”. And basically, I just interchange those riders that go at the bottom of the sign on my different listings. And then I come in here and I can edit where that text code will point to. So for instance, Handy one, this is on one of the listings that I have out in mystic shores, so somebody would text in “Handy1”

To this smart number, they're going to get a text message back with this reply. And it's gonna say click the link for more pics and updated pricing, they're going to click this link.

And it's going to send them to this page with deep news with more details on this particular listing, this one I just created just for kind of an example for cameras in the past. And so you're going to see that now at this point, somebody is going to, you know, if this was your listing, you put out your sign in the front with your, you know, for sale, and then at the bottom, it's going to say text, Handy One, two, this number, they're going to text handy one to that number, and they're going to get a link with this link here where they're going to go to get details on the property, pics, pricing, all that good stuff. But what's going to happen is on the back end of it in your CRM, it's going to create an actual lead for the person because they've texted in. So you now have their phone number, and it's going to put that in your CRM and a lead that you can utilize. And so that's the way that you do it out in the field as far as listings go. But how you can use this also on social media and digitally, is literally all you have to do now is you can still use that same code. And basically you can change around whatever you want this link to be, maybe you want it to go to a different property or whatever, you can do that. And so I just used a short link here, the way that you can create that short link. And this might be getting a little off-topic. I don't want to get too far out of what I'm doing. But I think it's helpful to note that if you go back to the lead engine, and you create a squeeze page, right, oops, you select your domain, how you can get that smaller link versus just grabbing the link of the URL on your kvCORE site. As you come in here, click single property. And then you're going to want to find you know, grab the listing ID so

Let me go back so let's just go grab a property here. So if you detail this one, you're going to want to get the MLS NUMBER for that listing. So here's one on 13930 Cohen way, I'm going to go ahead over to Let's close out all this Craigslist stuff, I don't need that anymore. Close up Cameron pass, come back over here for the listing ID, I'm gonna put that right there, source but whatever you're going to do. So like if this is Facebook marketplace, that way when the leads register, it'll mark that source as what they want. You can also put a hashtag with them. So like, for instance, you know, this home is in the 78253 zip code. So I might want to hashtag 78253, because if somebody is interested in this property, enough to click, they're probably interested in that zip code. And then you can do how many property views before registration I like to do immediate, so that way if somebody clicks in, they're going to have to fill out their details to be able to see all of the information

So that would be the way that you do what you say, generate links. There we go. And then there's that short link that you can use for that text message. So that way, they're not just getting a long link, because normally what you'd have to do is you have to copy this link up here. So, but I like to cap copy that one, in addition to that is if they were to register on this, there's no way to track the source. Whereas if you create that squeeze page, remember, it's going to hashtag them, it's going to put the correct source. So that's the right way to do it. Go back into call capture. And again, you can say add new, or we could just, you know, edit this one that we had already created, and just change out that link right there. So now, if somebody was to text “Handy1” to this phone number, they're going to get this reply that's going to send them to that link. It's going to make them register when they register, you're going to get the lead. So that's how that works there. And so now what I would do is I would use this one wording inside my, my post when I go to the Facebook marketplace, I would just say something like, you know, for more pics and updated pricing text “Handy1”, and then my smart number 210-361-7057 and of course you can spruce it up, put a few emojis do things like that, right, make it a little prettier than that you might even put a few more details about the property, you know, just so that way, it's nice. And then there you go, you can go ahead and post that deal. Now they can still click this and if they do that, it's going to go right over to the website, and they can register that way. It's not going to go through your text conversion code. But a lot of times people will just want to text the number and so you'll get leads this way still too, if you want to completely eliminate the ability for them to get to see that property.

Then the next thing you would need to do is just grab a couple of the images of that property and do the same thing but manually go into the Facebook marketplace, but the images and then just use this verbiage. So in order to get details, they truly will have to text that number and, and get the information that way. versus if you do it like this, they can do that. But they could also just click straight to your website, and at which point they'll get the information. But they also still may register. So it's not guaranteed that they won't register this way. It's just that usually the way that kvCORE is set up is that they get to look at one property before registering. So they click on this they will get to see the details of this property. But if they start using your website to look at other properties, then it will make them register on the second property. So it just depends on how you want to do it. But a couple of different ways to do that there.

4. Add a Facebook Pixel To Your Page

It's adding a Facebook pixel to your, your page. This is so important. And even if maybe you don't know what a Facebook pixel is, you don't know how to implement retargeting or any of that kind of stuff right now, don't worry about it, I would still add this Facebook pixel to your page right away because it's going to start generating data on when people start going to your website that you can use for when you do want to start doing some retargeting on Facebook. And for anybody that doesn't know what retargeting is, it's basically when you put this pixel on your website, it's code that allows your website to talk to Facebook. And it's going to say, you know, it's going to give you the option. When somebody comes to your website, it's going to send that as a trigger to Facebook, it's going to put that person that came to your website, it's going to match up that person's account on Facebook, and allow you to create an audience on Facebook that if you want to start sending advertising or marketing to it's going to just go to those people that have visited your website. And so when you go to create an ad on Facebook, you'll select the audience and you can say, you know, this pixel for your website. And if it's going to be anybody that's visited your site in the last say, hundred and 80 days, will go into that audience. So if you had 1000 people visit your website, it's going to now go on Facebook, and maybe it finds six or 700 of those records on Facebook of people that actually have a profile on Facebook. Well, when that person logs into their Facebook account, and they're scrolling their feed, they're going to see your targeted ad. They don't know that you necessarily grab the pixel from them. You know, when they were on your site, they're just going to see your ads and now it's like, they went to your website, they're seeing you on Facebook and be like, wow, this person all over the place. That is what a Facebook pixel does. It's a little advanced kvCORE does have the option if you go over here. I'll show you real quick to their marketplace. You can have kvCORE set up your retargeting for you down here, which is the great quick and easy way, if you don't want to mess with any of that, you can do that right here. It's a fantastic program. I've heard of other agents utilizing it. And again, it saves them a ton of time, so they don't have to learn all the ins and outs themselves. But that being said, let's go back to the slideshow. So you can see here, I'm going to show you how you can quickly and easily just add that pixel. And then that way, if you want to get into the retargeting stuff later, you can do it, but at least that data doesn't start getting captured. Because again, if you start doing it 90 days from now that the retargeting in you set up the pixel today, you'll automatically start with an audience in that pixel. Whereas if you decide 90 days want to start retargeting and you set up your pixel, then you don't have any data at that point. And so, I definitely want to set up this pixel as quickly as possible. I'm going to show you how you can do that. So first off, what you're going to need to do is make sure that you have a Facebook business page. So let me quickly go to my Facebook business page.

There we go.

So go to your Facebook business page.

And or you need to have a Facebook business page. Once you have a Facebook business page or you need to go to the ads manager, click on Manage ads.

Go to your account.

I've actually got two accounts. Here we go. Let's go to the right one most times, you'll just have one account so you'd see all the ads in here, right? And then what you're gonna want to do next is go to the business tools menu, you're going to want to go to the events manager.

Now Next, you're going to get the Facebook pixel. So you can hear that is right here where it says get started.

There we go, you're going to name it, whatever you want to name it. You know, Kyle Handy is a pixel or whatever your name is pixel, you can put the website URL, even though that's not how it's actually going to get set up. But let's go and just say continue.

You're going to want to manually add pixel code to the website. So once you do that, you're going to see here that we've got this code here that you can copy it. So you click that, copy it to your clipboard, come back over to kvCORE to IDX.

All right, you can go to the Edit Settings. Scroll down to the custom header. And then you're going to paste in that pixel code to the custom header. And that's really all you have to do at that point, your Facebook pixel will get set up, make sure you hit save, and it'll get set up and it'll start collecting all of that data. You may not need to, you know, go into Facebook ads and start, you know, doing your first retargeting ad right away, but at least you'll know that that data is getting saved. Now there is one other tip that I recommend you do. If you go back, I'm going to share this slideshow. You'll notice too, there's another code that you can add called the conversion code. And this is going to actually take it another step further, this is going to tell Facebook if somebody on your website actually registered as a lead. This is super helpful because if you're doing a bunch of marketing on Facebook, you can start to pinpoint the types of people that are usually more apt to register on your website by installing this code on your website. So now you'll not only know who goes to your website, you'll know who converts on your website, which will give Facebook more data as to serving up those ads to people who are likely to not only just click and go to your website, but those that are also likely to register on your website. So the only way to do that is you're going to need to copy this script exactly, which you can see here. It's just that script, FAQ track lead, right, like that's what you're going to copy. And then you're going to jump back over to the webinar dx and a little bit lower, where you just put in the custom header, you're going to see conversion code, right, and you're going to paste in that conversion code down here. I've got mine right there says script FAQ track lead script, right? Just put that in there. Don't worry, that's all you have to do at that point, it's going to track it. Now. There's nothing more that you need to do. At this point, it's all going to get tracked and then as soon as you want to learn how to do retargeting and start to optimize that stuff. You can do it or if you've got somebody that's in charge of your lead generation, you can let them know now that you've got your pixel installed, you've got conversion code installed, that should help you out. 

5. Adding a Custom Page to your Menu Bar

So this is an awesome one. I love this because it gives you a lot of flexibility on what you can use your website for. So let me just show you kind of what this looks like. So what this custom menu bar allows you to do is you'll see here up in the top that is kind of standard that's going to look like that word search sell another resource, but you can actually add additional links in this menu bar for whatever it is that you want to promote. So for instance, like I just added this one in here the other day, a free 30-minute private eXp Realty demo. And what that's going to do is if they click on that link, it's going to send them where I want them to be sent. And so if you look at the very bottom left of the screen, you're gonna see that goes over to my Calendly which I'm going to go ahead and click that

You can see there it sends into my Calendly, which they can then select a time to speak about eXp, I give them a full back end demo of the platform, answer whatever questions they want to know. And it's a great way to do that. Now you may be thinking, Well, I'm not with the eXp or I don't want to use it for that, Well, great. You can use it for all other sorts of things. If you want to do maybe a zoom buyer presentation, or a zoom, CMA for somebody, right? Like I offer those types of things for people where it's like, hey, you know, there's so many automated CMA’s out there, most of them are garbage. If you want a 15-minute session where I'm going to actually share my screen I'm gonna run through the comps, I'm going to show you what's sold in your area, give you a kind of some feedback on you know what your home could be worth without having to come out to your home right away, sign up for this, you know, free 15-minute session and you could use that as one of your links or buyer consultation. Hey, sign up for a free 15-minute buyer consultation via zoom where I'm going to be able to meet you virtually through video, answer whatever questions you might have, and explain the process to you. These could all be different calls to actions that you put up in this bar here. And it not only goes there, but also when people are looking at different listings like, let's go ahead and just look at one of these listings.

You'll notice it goes on all of your pages. So it's very present in a, you know, available for people to see that on all of the different pages. So that's how you do that there. Now, let's let me show you how you actually set that up. So what you're going to do is go back into your webinar IDX feed here.  You're going to click on the Site Content button, right here. All right. You're going to go to custom pages. There we go. You can see this is where I've selected mine, you're going to add a new page. Title it whatever you want to title this is internal, they're not going to see this particular title. So you could just put, you know, listing console stations, you don't need to put anything in the content, the URL, this is where you're going to want to put your external page. Right. So let's go ahead and go. So we'll just put in the demo, one for eXp. It's not the right one, but I don't have one set up for a listing consultation right now. So we'll just use that for now. The category you're going to select is a new category, and this is where you want your title to be what you needed to be so free listing, consultation, right. Something like that. You'd say save.

You can refresh the page should it show up. Custom pages, there we go. Go back to your website.  And there we go, you can see your listing consultation, it should link you to wherever it is that you wanted to link to. I didn't do a whole little training on Calendly. But that is a great tool to use. If you're not already familiar with Calendly, I may need to do another video on Calendly soon because it is a great tool. But it's essentially a tool that links up to your calendar, whether you're using Gmail calendar, or you know, Apple Mail or Apple calendar or whatever you're using, it'll link up to that. So it'll see when you're available and when you're not available. And it'll allow people to set up times automatically without having to reach out to you based on when you're available. So the number one thing is you got to be very good with your calendar because again, I get people that set up times all the time. And if I'm not keeping my events in there in my calendar up to date, then they may set something for when I have an event already. And then I have to go and try and reschedule which is just a big mess and so make sure if you're going to use Calendly

You're going to be keeping your calendar nice and tidy. But it is a great way to have this be automatically done. Because at this point in time, you know, I can have 234 demos set up automatically without me ever haven't even set the appointment. And I just look at my calendar and I'm like, Okay, I've got a demo today at this time I got a demo, you know, whenever and so you could do the same thing for listing consultations for buyer consultations, whatever it is that you think up. So that being said, that's pretty much it. Those are the five different tips that I recommend as far as kvCORE goes, I hope that was helpful to you guys. If you've got any questions, put them in the comments here on YouTube, or if you're watching on Facebook, feel free to put them in the comments below. And I will get back to your questions. As always, I appreciate you sticking around to the end. Make sure to type in the comments part of the 1% because again, I always check all of my video analytics and insights and literally

Only about 1% always make it all the way to the very end. And so I always find that pretty interesting. These are 40-minute videos, you know 40-50 minute videos, but I do appreciate you guys if you watched all the way through Make sure to let me know to Leave a comment below letting me know that and you know feel free leave a comment too if there are any other pieces of training that you want to see me do. I'm happy to know to start kind of taking those feedbacks and suggestions and incorporating it into my schedule for what I plan to do all of next year. So thanks again, guys. I hope you have an amazing week. Go out there, sell a home, get a closing on the books for the first of the year for January, start the year out, right. But anyway, I'll talk to you guys soon and have a good one.

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