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Millennial Real Estate Agents – 30 Tips For Success


by Kyle Handy       Updated July 28, 2020

Millennial Real Estate Agents

Inman's "30 Under 30" Agents Business's Analyzed

This week we take a close look at what five "30 Under 30" millennial real estate agents Inman award winners have to say about growing a successful business.

We discuss technology, lead generation, business planning, and much more!

Plus, we take a look at each of the agent's online and social media presence and discuss opportunities and weaknesses.

Here's a link to the article (Inman subscription required):

Millennial Real Estate Agents Video

Millennial Real Estate Agents Video Transcription

Kyle Handy 0:00
All right, well welcome to the Monday mastermind I'm excited guys to to share with you some cool stuff, something that I read this weekend an article in Inman that actually got my juices kind of flowing again and made me kind of start thinking about, you know, just different things and you know, what these agents that are all you know, young agents, they're all millennial agents, what they're doing in their business to have success and then what actually got got me really excited is I'm kind of like a stalker online, right for for people that are having success, and I like to see what they're doing. Because, you know, articles can be written about people and you just never know what, what is real and what's not real. Well, you know, after I read through the article, I started looking up these agents and kind of seeing what they're doing online. And, you know, was kind of impressed by you know, some of them, some of them, you know, not so much online. But you know, I obviously know everybody isn't necessarily that's not part of their business model all the way yet. But, but either way, I wanted to just kind of talk about this article, because I think there's a lot of great points in it. And then I wanted to kind of go over and and, you know, kind of look at what they're doing and share with you guys some of my feedback and thoughts around all of that. So I think that you know, like most calls, you know, will kind of again, it's just a mastermind, so we're going to be just talking and I think out of it, hopefully, you'll be able to take away some good nuggets based on you know, either what these agents are doing, or kind of our analysis of it. So that's it. And Curtis, my sidekick is along for the ride. He probably hasn't even read the article yet, because I didn't even tell him what we were doing today. But I know like always he'll be able to roll with it. And he's going to give some great insight and feedback on it. So anyways, with that being said, I just want to kind of roll right into it guys with you guys. And I'm going to share the article here. So let me share my screen.

Unknown Speaker 1:57
I don't need to run down Kyle. I'll jump right in man.

Kyle Handy 2:00
failure. That's how you roll, man. I love it. I love it. Well, let me share my screen here. Let's go ahead and say share, and we're going to pull this article right over to the side here. All right, so I don't know, if you read this article already, go ahead and put in the chat like a one or, you know, raise your hand or something. I'm just curious to see who reads in men. But, but anyways, what we got here is what do these 30 under 30 agents all have in common? So if for those of you that don't know, Inman puts on a 30, under 30 every single year. Unfortunately, I am not eligible for that award any longer the last three years. I'm 33. Now So, but I like to see what younger agents are doing kind of like what's coming up. As far as social media and just technology. A lot of times, you know, these agents that are doing cool stuff around the country are pretty plugged into that. So I was curious to see what these agents are doing. And a lot of what they're doing actually might surprise you might not be as text savvy or you know, social media kind of stuff, as you might expect. So anyways, the first person that I wanted to look up was this, this girl Jenny lock. Looks like she's out of California. She's with Keller-Williams. But what's really interesting so, what her game plan for success is, is of course we all know be proactively lead generating constantly, right? Don't be afraid to pick up the phone, go out there, knock, right knock on doors. That's what she talks about consistently doing a neighborhood farm, and then hosting events for the neighborhood. So I will say I've never done a neighborhood farming kind of like where I do events and things like that for the neighborhood. Now, I do do that for my sphere of influence, and hosting events, you know, both on a monthly and a kind of a yearly basis, big annual events like a Christmas party and things like that, and they're super effective. So I can just imagine doing it in a neighborhood environment would be extremely effective as well. So if anybody's on the call that does any kind of neighborhood farming at a high level, feel free to, you know, chime in, you know, put your name in the chat there. But I do know that farming neighborhoods can be extremely effective. And what I know about that, I would say is mostly you've got it you got to do from multiple aspects, right? If you're just sending out a mailer to your neighborhood farm, that's probably not going to be as effective as if you're, you know, constantly holding open houses in that same neighborhood and putting signs up every single weekend or every other weekend. And then you know, also adding on top of that events like they talked about doing things that you know, if you got an amenity center, hosting things like that picnics, they talked about, you know, doing some kind of like learning workshops where they can you know, teach about home buying, stuff like that selling maybe, you know, if it's already a neighborhood that people own homes, maybe you're going to be you know, talking about the neighborhood. values and things like that just happy hours, stuff like that I thought was pretty cool. There's one thing she said that I thought was kind of an interesting deal that I don't know if I necessarily agree with it 100%. Some of it, I do, but she says to work with a team or build a team. And so, you know, the traditional solo agent with an assistant model will not suffice in today's competitive market. We have a team of 13 people with nine agents, it's important to constantly be out there to build your brand. I've built a large team and you know, I will say from doing that, going back to solo agent, you know, I don't know that that's necessarily true for it just depends on your level of success, right? I mean, I think that you know, an agent with an assistant can sell anywhere from 60 to 80 homes a year. And you know, for most of us on this call, that would probably be pretty good number to sell each year. And so now, if you want to sell hundreds of homes a year, then yeah, maybe that gets that gets to be true, but I would still say that, I mean, You know, I know teams that are selling, you know, 100 to 200 homes with four to five agents, you know, I don't know that you necessarily need 13 people. And so I know just one of those things different for everybody. But that was just one of the things that I figured I'd point out. And then I definitely agree with this. And in my needs to kind of fix there or do a spell check but create a five year plan, then working backwards four years, three years, two years in one year, and I even say, Yep, six months down to one month and weekly to daily. And that's so true, guys. I think that, you know, we all need to have a business plan. I know that for me, I definitely do that. I actually haven't went out five years. I can't say that I do that for sure. But I do have a three year a one year, a six month a monthly and then go all the way down to a daily plan. And that's so important to help you focus on what you need to be doing each and every day. And so as my business is kind of adjusted over time, and It's shifted from a team to an individual agent to now also kind of this real estate kind of trainer coach that I'm doing. I've got a plan for all of that stuff going out, you know, every day every week what I need to accomplish every month, and then projections and goals based on that. So of course that's, that's extremely important. Now I want to pull up and just kind of show you guys what this this person's social media and online presence kind of looks like. I kind of pull up here. So you've got on here this is her on her Facebook page. She's got a Facebook business page. Nice looking right 515 people like it nothing crazy. Yeah, it's now she's got thousands and thousands of people right but she hit in 30 and 30.

Kyle Handy 7:45
You can see here you know as far as reviews go, let's see what she's got five of the five based on eight people. She only got eight people on her Facebook business page reviewed her five out of five. I think that you know, of course you can get more than that. reviews are extremely important. And you'll see we'll go into Zillow here in a second what she's got over there. But you know, her posting schedule looks like she posts. So see july 9, that was, what, six days ago, may 19, I'll see I'll scroll down may 10, not a whole lot of posts, I mean, maybe one to two to three per, per month, which To be quite honest with you guys, even myself, I don't post that much on my Facebook business page, I'm not going to falter there. I do think that the reach on Facebook business we've talked about this in the past is not necessarily something that you know, unless you're paying for for, you know, boosted posts and for advertising, you're probably not going to get a lot of reach from your business page. So she very well, maybe just using her personal profile and doing that kind of thing for her real estate business. But that being said, it's still important to have the page and to get some some traction behind it some reviews and stuff like that just so that way when people look you up, there's something there. So hey, she's got that for sure. That's what kind of looks like there. If you just Google her name in real estate, this is kind of what comes up for that. You know, I don't, it doesn't look like she's got like an actual website for herself. She's got one through Keller Williams, it looks like Zillow is kind of the first one that comes up when you reach out or Google her. Of course, she's got LinkedIn. And that's kind of it. And then down here, you know, we get into her Instagram. You she got 1400 and 87 followers. Pretty good, I would say there. And then if you actually look here, it looks like she does actually have a website. Let's see what that looks like the own team. com. kind of take a look at it. So this would be it looks like her website. Oh, looks like she's a part of a team. So Wilson might be her team leader there. So anyway, so you can see that it looks like she's part of a team. But this is her actual personal Instagram page. It said that I had looked up something else and she had done about 25 million in volume this year, which is a lot of volume. The team that she's a part of that about 108 million in volume. So again, Pretty, you know, pretty good numbers there. Definitely nothing to look down upon. But then as far as her Instagram goes, You know, I don't know her posting schedule looks like she posts fairly often she's got 300 posts on there. And then lastly, her Zillow profile, she's got 10 reviews 37 sales in the last 12 months. So you know, she's got definitely stuff out there. I definitely think that all those things are important to have. If you haven't already gotten reviews on your Zillow profile, go onto Zillow and get reviews, people will look you up on a lot of places and most of the time if they just type in your name, because Zillow is such a big real estate site. It's going to be one of the first things that pops up so you're going to want to have some reviews on there. So anyways, that's Jenny Locke, Curtis, anything you want to share as far as that, you know her either her insight or her presence online. Any takeaways from it?

Unknown Speaker 10:50
Yeah, I've got I've got to number one, I would just wanted to go back to the business plan for a second because I know it's been a while since we've covered that topic in depth but coming up here near the end of the third quarter, One will start kicking that topic backup into gear to prepare for 2020 for everybody on the call, but if you're sitting there wondering like, well, I wonder what's in her business plan. I wonder what it looks like. The easiest thing that I can tell you and if you don't know these for yourself is it's full of numbers, right? She's got her sales goals or unit goals. She's got her conversion percentages. She's got her amount of leads she needs in her pipeline. She's got, you know, amount of calls, she's making prospecting wise, like, if you haven't looked at somebody's business plan, who sells 25 million a year. That's what it looks like. It's full of numbers. So just wanted to remind you, if you're sitting there wondering like, man, I need to scratch out my rest of my year or the next couple of months or whatever, put some numbers down on paper today. Don't be afraid, bring them to us next week, we'll gladly you know, help you analyze them and make suggestions. And then the second thing that stuck out for me, just as you looked at her profile was this word of congruence. Like things that match you know, and they all kind of align and go together. I'd say that's probably one of the hardest things for most people to do because we so rarely sit down when it Our social media and actually make it all mapped, right? If you think about like the upstairs of your house, you probably don't have six different paint colors. But if you think about your social media presence, you probably do have six different versions of what you look like and what you type in your look at that profile picture. Like, it's all continuous from her Facebook, to her Instagram, to her web branding, stuff, like everything is pretty, you know, congruent and all kind of fits and matches. So that's the other thing that I like, you look at all her pictures, right? They've all got good lighting. They're all very clear, you know, she just doesn't have a lot of confusing information out there for buyers and sellers. So even though she may not have thousands and thousands of friends and followers and reviews, she looks, you know, sharp and professional and inconsistent. And I think that buys you some credit when you look at people online.

Kyle Handy 12:48
Awesome. I love it. Love it. Well cool. Let's move on to the next person now. I like this gentleman to North Carolina named Davis hold out of REMAX united So pretty cool guy here, you know, the one thing that all these people talk about is, you know, family and, you know, doing this for their family and they love to be with families. I mean, I think that one of the cool things about this real estate business is, you know, all these people have a y beyond just, you know, kind of selling, you know, homes are making money. Like, I mean, you truly, I mean, I think that, you know, that's something to that it's not really in this article necessarily, but, you know, so that drives me and is always driven me is, you know, the joy that I get kind of helping families and becoming like part of their family in some some cases. And then just, you know, like, the idea that I can actually incorporate my family as part of this, like a lot of my clients, you know, like were, they know, my kids they know. And one of the things that you'll see from this guy Davis whole and a couple of the others, is they talk a lot about family. And it's funny, actually, I think like three out of the five people we're going to talk about, they actually are like mother daughter teams, and so you know, that was a kind of cool thing as far as business goes. But anyways, this guy Davis whole REMAX united some of his current game plans for success, what he talks about is effectively marketing to our database. We've talked about this, I forget to maybe like our set like two weeks ago, but having he has a 66 Touch plan for staying in touch with his database on a consistent basis. And guys, you don't know how important that is. I think last time we talked about I mean, even if you have 32 touch, I think that's pretty darn good. But 66 that's another level. I don't even have that many touches in my business plan. But guys, I mean, just have a plan, right? Like that's the whole part, right? Like if you've got

Unknown Speaker 14:39
a number, a number like you got four you got 44 you got 22 It doesn't matter, just something,

Kyle Handy 14:44
whatever it is, right? Yeah. 3025 five, I don't know, whatever that's going to be like have some plan. And I think that's going to be super important. He talks about that as being one of the most important things for his business to have success and so and I think You guys. I mean, that is we, I think the number was, it's six to one. So for every lead in your database, if you have a touch plan and minus 32 points, if you have 32 points, it's 61, for anybody that's in your database that knows, likes and trusts you. So meaning that if you've got 60 people in there, you should be getting 10 deals from that database on a yearly basis, if you're if you're sticking to a consistent touch plan with them. And so, I've got at this point about 300 in my database, and it's no clue I know, you know, no surprise why I sell 50 homes a year, like that's just how it is. And that number didn't go down like we were doing, you know, internet leads and Facebook stuff for a very long time. And I basically cut that out of my business here in the last six months or so. But at this point, I'm still on track, you know, this year to hitting about 50 units, and it's just because of my database and you know, doing that touch plan with my data base. That's all that I do at this point. And so anyways, yeah, that's super, super important to note that and to point that out, is having a 66 Touch plan for your database, including improving the client experience. Another big one there, guys. I mean, this is just you know, things that you can do simple things that that you can do throughout the process, whether it's a listing, whether it's a buyer, that you can take it a step above, and create an exceptional experience that makes people remember you, right? Because then they'll either come back to you for business, they'll tell their friends about you, so important to improving the client experience, providing real value value to clients. Again, this is what he talks about separating himself from like the I buyers and things out there, like open door and how we as real estate agents are going to continue to, you know, get the business that we've always got, because our our value, the value that we provide to clients is so much different than what they're going to get I buyer or anything like that. So we got to always be aware of that. And then of course, embracing technology. So he talks about, you know, just, you know, using technology in his business, we've talked a lot about technology and the different types of things will actually get a little bit further down in the article we talked about, like they, you know, one of the agents talks about CRM systems, and a couple different tools that they use. And I think in fact, one of the next weeks something we might do as a future training is to kind of talk about all of the systems and tools that I use in my real estate sales business. I actually did this last week for my XP agent attraction business, that was actually a really, really good call that we did, I think we got a lot of likes on it. But I think I could do something similar as far as technology and the tools and systems that I use in my real estate sales business. And so because again, technology is so important today, guys, as far as scaling your business, you know, you might not need it. If you're if You know, just trying to get up and going, you know, sometimes it can be more of a distraction, almost, if you're just going out there trying to do all this stuff and you haven't even sold, you know, five homes yet. Like it can be more of a distraction than really just, you know, getting out there and prospecting and making phone calls. You can almost use technology as a crutch as like, a time waster because you're thinking, Oh, well, if I can get this going, then you know, then all the business will come. It's almost not like that. It's almost like now I see at this point, I had to put in years and years of prospecting and building my business through like manual labor who's like manual work, and now to keep that business flowing, and sustaining. I use technology to help me with that those efforts. And so I think that's almost like a misconception that a lot of people might have. And so anyways, that's something I want to share there.

Unknown Speaker 18:47
Now real quick, yes. To tie back in with that girl said earlier, like be on a team or have a team and then kind of what you were just talking about with, you know, prospecting and technology as leverage. You know, I think that's like a probably something she doesn't really articulate very well, but it's probably an important distinction. know the reason she probably find the team so valuable. If you recall, she said there's nine agents and for admin for a total of 13. And she sells 40 units a year at a high sales price, right? Meaning she's probably providing an extremely high level of service, an amazing experience. And she probably spends a lot of time prospecting. So that is a good candidate to be on a team or to have a team, right a team of administrative support. But if you're not like an elite prospector, and you're not providing a high level of service to a high number of clients, you know that that team is not something you need. Next, you need to do more prospecting and the tools and technology or not something else you need to use until you have a good you know, prospecting skill set, like all the tech you're going to show now is going to be stuff that you know, supplements what you do on a prospecting side. And on the team side. The tech we used to use was more administrative because we had agents doing a high volume of work and we needed tools to automate some of the other stuff you know, so I just think that's provide a little bit of clarity. Don't think you need to go out and get people Until you're an elite prospect or doing a lot of sales.

Kyle Handy 20:02
Exactly, exactly. I love it. Well cool so then now let's take check out Davis holds online president. Let's see what let's see what's he doing online. So if you just do a quick search for Davis whole real estate, of course the first thing that comes up is is REMAX page, Zillow, and then he's part of this giveback homes. I looked this up. It's not his actual website. He's just a part of it. I can actually pull it up just to show you real quick. It's just like a little deal about who he is as a realtor, but it's not actually you know, his deal. He's just a part of this charity. And so it doesn't look like I couldn't find an actual like, you know, one off website of his. You look at Zillow. He's got a huge Zillow presence. All right, so I'm sure he's probably picking up some some business off of Zillow. He's a Zillow premier agent. 168 reviews five stars at four sales in the last 12 months. So this guy's doing a lot of business. Right, but that's also him and his mom. He's one of the I guess mother son teams there. And so it's his what his mom and then him. And you can see they got over 20 years of experience they're getting out of the North Carolina area. But some really good stuff, right? So we got, we got that there. Then if we look him up on Facebook, I couldn't even find a Facebook business page for at least for him. They might have one as a shared team, we can kind of take a look at that the results team there. Yup. So they do have one as a team. Let's take a look here. They've got about 560 likes, they've got 18 reviews, 4.9 out of five. You can see them here. It looks like as far as their posting strategy, July 12, July 4, so they're putting up you know, weekly content, I would say June 28. It's like you know, they're adding their listings in there. So some good stuff, putting in you know, hashtags to try and get some more reach people that will find them and on Facebook. This page, like I say, it's it's hard to get reach, it's hard to get stuff unless you're promoting these posts. So you know, it's still good to have them because again, if people are looking you up, you want people to find stuff. But as far as getting out there, and just people finding me organically on Facebook, probably not going to have too much success unless you're boosting posts. So anyways, but there's that is Instagram, I could not find anything. I literally put them in here, and there's nothing so we might be able to find something. If we look at his team name and the results team, I'm sure there's a lot of the results team. So being able to find that probably not going to be very good. So anyways, I would say that, you know, as far as online goes, probably not the most fluent there but it looks like he's getting a lot of business. He's a Zillow premier agent. I would imagine he's probably you know, getting some leads off of Zillow. Plus his mom being in the business quite a while they probably get some, you know, obviously a lot of referrals sphere of influence business and and he's doing well so I mean, 80 homes a year. That's definitely 84 homes in the last 12 months at definitely a pretty, pretty good there. So anyways, let's move on to the next person. All right, we're going to talk about Felicia Marquez, and she's out of Oakland, California. Right? She says you need to figure out your goals. Right. So we talked about that, I think three of the people out of the five talk about goal setting, and how important that is. But one of the cool things that she talks about that I think is so important, and sometimes we get caught up with this, but she talks about lead generation goals, but then what focusing on enjoyable lead generation and the lead generation that you enjoy, right. So she actually says, quote, my main two types of prospecting are hosting open houses and social media. I genuinely enjoy these two things, which makes me happy to work on gaining leads, which means it is sustainable. If door knocking was my biggest source of leads, I'd be miserable because I don't like door knocking. So guys, there's no right business model for everybody. Right? Like does door knocking work?

Kyle Handy 24:01
Yeah, it works, right? But it only works if you enjoy doing it. And you're going to be consistent and do it all the time. And so you got to find what you like to do, and then just do more of it. Right. So same kind of thing there, right? Like I, you know, I kind of agree with her, like, those are probably my two favorite things. I love open houses, and I love social media. And that's, you know, at this point where I get all my business from, you know, and at this point, I really don't even do open houses anymore. But, but I used to do a lot of them and I enjoy doing them. I love you know, getting up and kind of putting signs out, getting up early in the morning, knocking on the doors around the houses, inviting neighbors, getting people to come into the houses, and you know, talking to people every single day, I was just used to it because my past job, you know, being a new home sales, that's kind of what I did there. I sat in a model home and people came to it. So it's very familiar for me, I could do that weekend and week out without fail and get leads from it consistently, all the time. And so and just again, we've had videos and trainings where we talk about open houses, how you can do that. We won't rehash it in this one. But you know, it's one of those things, you don't have to do them on your listings, right? Find other agents. I'm sure there's agents that are happy to let you do them. If that's something you want to do, then find a way, right? Don't make excuses and say, Well, I don't have listings or something like that. There's always a way for you to do whatever type of lead generation that you want to do. And if it's, you know, and that's, I think that's kind of the difference to between agents that have success. And the ones that don't, is the ones that like, make excuses and find ways what reasons why they can't do stuff. They don't have success in this business, the ones that make away like, even if it's a financial thing, find somebody you can partner with find, you know, a way that you can share those expenses and like make it happen. Like there should be no reason why you cannot do something in real estate. So find what you like, find a way to do it, and then just go out there and be consistent and do it all the time. So that's something I took away from kind of this person here. educate, educate clients up front, we talked about this last week in the body consultation process. And she says that she meets with a buyer for an hour to an hour and a half just to educate them on the market, the home buying process and how she works with her clients saves a ton of time moving forward. So she doesn't have to re explain things over and over. And for sellers, the listing presentation should be a mini class and selling a home. Again, we've talked about that how important that is. So again, really, really cool to see that she put that and then being authentic,

Unknown Speaker 26:29
you know, being who you are.

Kyle Handy 26:30
That took some time for me to learn that and to gain that. You know, being authentic. I think, you know, when I first got into real estate, I was so worried that I was young, young in the business. I think when I first joined the real estate, I was 22 years old, and I was just worried about what people were going to think about me and you know, and that, you know, they weren't going to trust, you know, a young kid or whatever. So I always had to, like be this person that I wasn't, you know, and it wasn't until I mean, obviously having a little bit of success and some conference What's behind you helps. But once I became authentic and you know, started being who I am, this business became really easy. I will say that I didn't have to feel like I, you know, was was doing something that wasn't me. And so my days became more fun. People wanted to work with me more, you know, often versus me having to go out there and sell people on stuff. And, and so that's a really cool thing to see as well there. So be authentic. Let's see. I'm going to get into our social media. But Curtis, did you have anything you want to share there or talk about before I jump into that?

Unknown Speaker 27:34
Yeah, real quick, Kyle. So number one, and that educate clients bullet point. Read that first sentence again. She says, My buyer presentations last an hour to an hour and a half, right? Just back to like, the thing that I keep harping on is knowing your numbers like she's very clear on what she does and she knows what she does. She knows how long it's going to take. She probably knows how often she needs to do them. Like all that good stuff. I just like numbers keep popping out right so as these people that are 16 as full as they talk and share and communicate, they talk about their numbers and they know them really well. So just another challenge again, today to go back and make sure you know your numbers. And on the education front, I just wanted to remind people like the way this reads when you read every single one of these people, you know, talking about what's working for them. They're all telling you like what they like and what they're good at and and just like who they are, right, so some exercise you could do today is write out these like five bullet points for you pretend that they're interviewing you, and pretend you're telling in men what you're all about and what you stand for. And make sure you do it not based on like, you know, what you think you should be like, or what you think you should do, do it. As if you were really successful doing what you want to do like that education hits home to me, too. I'm a big educator. I love educating buyers and sellers. That's been a big integral part of my process, but not everybody else mentioned that right? So if that fits you, make sure you're highlighting that for yourself. And if it doesn't, make sure you're highlighting, you know what the fit you. I just think that'd be a cool exercise. And that one spoke to me. Awesome.

Kyle Handy 29:04
Alright, so let's pull her up. Let's see what she's she's doing online. So she's got it looks like a website through her broker brokerage avito properties, right, and this is just like her page on it. I didn't find anything like personally, as far as you know, just like a website just for her when I google her, but as far as like Instagram, she had about 1500 followers on there. She is authentic like she's herself, right like most of the pictures, you know, of her, you know, having fun stuff like that. It's not just all about like real estate, right? Like sometimes I think, you know, even myself like when I got in the beginning I had to think like, man, like I only have to post professional like, you know, my houses or if it's like a video of me talking about real estate, but you know, in general guys like this stuff is you know what I think people you know, associate with at least in you know, in this day and age and maybe for this particular market, like if she's Trying to attract millennial buyers. That's maybe her you know her target demographic. I mean this is going to go you know just fine if somebody looks her up to see if they want to work with her she's a real person right so you know really cool there. She looks like she's got a YouTube video that kind of talks a little bit about who she is. But then if you come over here to our Facebook business page, very professional got like a nice professionally done video as kind of her you know, banner image or whatever you call that there. You know, it looks really well done. You know, it's her being herself. She got a nice little, you know, picture there as her icon 200 people follow not a ton of people, right? But at least it looks professional when she comes here, Scott 10 five star reviews on there. Really, really good looking profile. But as far as her posting schedule looks like she posted July 5, see what she's posting on here. July 4, June 19, June 15, June 11. So it's coming. sporadic right June 8, like she put a couple posts in June a few posts here recently. But she's got some stuff going on there and she's got you know, again same thing is her Instagram, she got some stuff talking about, you know business. She's got some, you know, personal stuff. And if you're comfortable mixing that, you know, I think that can be one of the best strategies still so kind of cool there. That's Felicia Martinez, Felicia Martinez All right. So let's pull up the next one here. Alexa bolo Hughes out of REMAX, South Windsor Connecticut.

Kyle Handy 31:37
so again same thing mother daughter real estate I don't know if they're a team or what but some of the cool thing she talks about that her game plan for success is leveraging video. So guys, if you're not on the video train yet, I think that you know you've got to be at least for you know it right now you're probably fine without having to do video but I'm telling you make Your job that much easier to three, five years down the road, if you start to get comfortable with video, if you start to put video content out there, you know, it's just going to make your job that much easier. For one, you know, scalability wise, when I create a video now, I look at the views and I look at like 100 views, and I'm basically thinking of that as like, man. That's like me basically having to say the same thing to 100 people how much time that would take versus I create a five minute video or a 10 minute video and I have that, you know, that kind of impact on that many people. I mean, it's mind boggling, you know, to be able to do that and so, you know, leveraging video is huge, but I also think too and she kind of talks about this the personalization of what you can do with video is so important where like she uses bom bom we've talked about that in the past where you can use that to send one on one videos to somebody right like through Gmail instead of typing something out. You can create a 32nd bomb bomb video shows your face chosen talking to person, that's so important guys. So she's able to more effectively communicate with her clients that way, it's the closest you can get to face to face communication while allowing you to respond in a timely manner. So really cool there, I love that, you know, leveraging video, create and maintain a strong network. So again, you know, we talked about, you know, how important it is to be network, not only with, you know, other professionals in your area, you know, it's important to network you know, all over the country with agents that are doing things differently. I think that's been a huge part of my business. In you know, growing my businesses, I've always been plugged into the realtor community trying to learn from other realtors, you know, and then also share with other realtors. And so, you know, I will say that having a strong network is extremely important in this business. So if you're a new agent, and you're like, you know, just kind of feeling like you're out there on your own, I promise you there are people that you can link up with, like, you know, as a brand new agent, you can link up with people that are well see you know, more see Then you can, you know, link up with people that are at the same level as you, Curtis and I kind of call it being, you know, having a running buddy. But having somebody you know, and multiple people that you can rely on, I think is important. But then also the other. The other way that I took this is having a network of people that you can be the expert of in your market and send people to like, one of the reasons that I truly feel that I've been successful as a real estate agent here in San Antonio, is now I'm like more than just a real estate agent, like when people have a question about who to call for something random, right? Like, usually home related, but it's not necessarily selling a home. They call me first, right like they are they text me. They say, Hey, Kyle, you know, who do you have? That's good landscaper, who you know, that does pools, you know, what should we do for you know, this situation like, I'm just the expert with pretty much anything related to real estate, not just selling real estate, and it's because I've got a great network of people that I've built over the years. And so one of the things that you can focus on if you're a new agent is really Just starting to try and build that network, right? I went as far as like having an actual Excel spreadsheet where I would just you know, every time I meet somebody had put them in that list and know, okay, like, this guy's a painter, this guy's a landscaper, this guy's home warranty, this guy's insurance, right? And so like, whenever I did have a question like, Hey, who do you recommend for that? I could send out three people that I've personally met with and say, Hey, you know, just, you know, give these three call, you know, whoever you feel best about. And then that's just, like I say, it's giving that extra value to somebody, you seem like the expert, and then they come to you for everything, not just for selling homes. And I think that's so important. Having a strong network, giving back, we do know how important it is to give back. You know, I try and give back as far as you know, my time and volunteering, and just, you know, even creating content, I feel is almost another form of giving back that it just makes you feel good, right? And then when you give back the coolest thing, at least in this instance, like I always have benefited from it right. So whether it's giving back content, I've already benefited immensely from getting Back in this content, but then even like relationships and networking and things that you'll make when you're out there giving back, it's just, you know, a rewarding feeling. But it also reward you most of the time in other ways, you know, in your business. So, getting involved with your association, again, that's kind of part of building a network, you're going to meet a lot of people, you're gonna meet a lot of other agents that you can learn from that you can share things with. Plus, of course, you'll stay on top of the different trends and things that people are doing. So really cool there. Let's go ahead and take a look and see Alexa, what her profile looks like here.

Kyle Handy 36:34
Online, she's got a website, the Kabbalah mother, daughter group here, professional, good looking website, right? It's not like, necessarily like anything lead generation wise, let's kind of take a look and see what she's got for a blog here. Not much of a blogger. If we click on Search homes, it goes and takes you to an ID x. That's by IDX broker so basically it's just like a plugin that she plugs into her website. Not anything super techie or you know, forward thinking that we can kind of gain from that. But you can see here I mean obviously they're having success some success. I did want to pull her up on Zillow bolo group. Just see what pulls up there. Alex and Cheryl bolo, there we go. So they've got 11 reviews Five Star 20 sales in the last 2012 months. So you know, not not saying that she doesn't do more business than that. But I mean, that's not a whole ton that we couldn't you know, as agents do, but you can see their 20 sales last 12 months. Look at them on Instagram, almost 1000 followers there. So they are trying to grow it they're following 1800 people's shows that they're active. They're out there trying to make things happen on Instagram. They've got 195 posts, so pretty active there. This looks like that goes to their REMAX page and then Facebook wise, I found Just a personal profile. I didn't find a business page but that was probably because I was actually searching for her name. If we like look at that Kabbalah real estate. Look at pages. Yeah, I don't see them there either. So that's not to say that they don't have one. I just couldn't find it. We come over to Zillow. We could have Yeah, there we go. So they do have one take a look at what what they're doing there if they're doing anything special. Looks like now about 170 people they don't even have any ratings yet. So guys, I mean, just goes to show you can sell the different level of business, right? We look at, you know, somebody doing 80 homes a year and they've got what 180 Zillow reviews, or I forget what it was for for the that agent there. But then you know, you come to somebody like this and they got 20 sales at least showing on Zillow, and they're not as organized there. Right. And that's not to say that they're bad agent or anything like that. I'm sure they're they're great. I mean, hell they were posted on a 30 under 30 I was never even on that. Right. So I mean, they're doing some stuff, right. But I mean, it just goes to show that you can always be doing some things better to as far as your online presence goes. And so from that I would, you know, give it probably a five or six right on social media presence, like they're there. It's professional looking, they've got some posts going, but nothing that I would like to say, you know, is, you know, standing out to me, so anything there, Curtis that you wanted to share? Nope. Alright. The next one, on to the next. Oh, good stuff. All right. Well, this next one here, this is a cool one. I looked her up, and she's probably the biggest on social media. So I'm kind of excited to kind of show the presence on this one, but her name is Jean Fang. And she's out of San Francisco, California. 29 year old out of the Bay Area. Right. So here's her game plan for success. She says Of course know what's being sold on the market and for what price to convert leads into clients. And I'll tell you guys I'm sure that every markets got its little intricacies but I can from just what I can gather from probably the San Francisco real estate market. And you know, because of the price point that you're playing at, at that level, it is you do got to be pretty sharp. I would imagine not saying you don't have to be sharp in other markets. But when somebody is, you know, average price point is seven $800,000. And you're, you know, probably selling million dollar homes on you know, the regular, you got to be probably pretty sharp on your numbers and valuations and stuff like that. So to see that as being her number one game plan for success, that doesn't surprise me having a lead funnel system in place. So this is kind of a cool one. I thought, yeah, she's the first person that actually mentioned like a lead funnel system. I couldn't actually come across any of what she was doing on her lead funnel. I do see like her Instagram and stuff like that does kind of go to like her website and stuff. And maybe she's getting phone calls. Maybe they're getting, you know, email inquiries, or just, you know, people reaching out on their social media, you know, messages and things like that. stuff that I can't track. But I would imagine with the amount of like social following, she has, that that's probably a lot of where her business is coming from. And I'll show you here in a little bit what that looks like. But she also says, you know, building trust with clients, by looking into the details attention to detail sets her apart from a lot of other agents.

Kyle Handy 41:19
So anyways, you know, we all know that you know what that can do, of course, you want to be giving a great experience, we talked about that earlier. And just making sure that you know, that that agent or that client that you're working with, feels like you know, you got their back and every aspect that you're not an agent that's dropping the ball. So again, that's, that's something that kind of goes on, you know, without saying, learn more, learn how to work efficiently, efficiently, and how to use your time wisely. So again, we talked about this kind of in the technology part of it, but having a CRM system in place to be more organized. That's probably part of why she doesn't forget the details, right? If you're just doing things like a lot of people, you know, and it's not bad I'd like to say, Oh, well, you know, I'm old school, right? I use, you know, piece of, you know, paper and stuff like that. And yeah, that can work. I mean, but you know, once you get to a certain level, you know, I feel like you're going to drop the ball, you know, you're not going to be as organized as you would be if you had something that, you know, not only keeps you organized, but it makes you organize automatically, right? Like it's doing the stuff that that makes you not drop the ball automatically. You don't have a system in place, chances are you're going to drop the ball at some point in time. So, you know, using using your time wisely, having a CRM, creating a solid real estate business plan and setting goals. We already talked about that. And then she talks about taking care of the financial aspects of the business. super important, guys. You don't know how many agents that I talked to that they're not set up like as an LLC, at least here in Texas and you got to have a broker, have a brokerage license, get paid into an LLC, but if you've been in real estate for four years, at least in Texas, and you can pretend Get your broker's license, it is a no brainer, the tax savings that you'll get getting paid into an LLC. And so one of the things that I'll say is, you know, go get with your financial advisor, whoever does your taxes, if you're at that level where you're selling, you know, 80 to $100,000 in real estate a year, you've got to make sure that on a financial aspect, you are set up for success there. And that's not something that we all understand or get. So just make sure you're working with somebody that's competent in that and she says, you make sure that you have a tax accountant that specializes in 1099 tax returns. So anyways, and if you don't know somebody like that, that's why it's important to have a good network, right, go to the realtors that are doing a high level of business and ask them for some some suggestions as to who they're using for accountants. So pretty cool there. Let's open up her social media stuff here. So she's got an amazing website, right. Jim Fang real looks really pretty, you know, nice little video. Kind of going on. They're really really nice. Shoes are just sold. Right which I think is a cool little touch. And it shows all the homes that she sold. Be nice to be able to sell some $3 million homes 1.5 million. But guys, me you can just tell me this is professional right? This is what you got to be in all markets, but especially I would say San Francisco right. So you got that. Let's take a look at her Instagram. She got 6500 followers. All right, really cool their top 1% really professional looking stuff. She got some, you know, things of her. She got clients, she's got house pictures, kind of a mix of everything right some videos. All right go. So you can just kind of see what she's doing there on Instagram. Pretty cool stuff. And she's getting a lot of you know, engagement. You know what over 175 likes and comments. just good to see that kind of stuff there. And again, you know, if we go here, let's let's see what link her Instagram takes us to click on that right oh alumni here we go join us for two oh so she must have just changed that she she you on Instagram you can kind of you can have one link on there so it looks like she's got an event that's kind of coming up yeah so she's kind of promoting this event it looks like but then on our Facebook here's like her her Facebook I couldn't find a an actual Facebook business page I found one for her real estate brokerage that she's a part of. But you can kind of see here what she's done. She's you know, mixing a lot of her Facebook stuff on her personal profile, along with her business stuff up. Here we go. There we go. We can click on that. Gene fan climb real estate. So 656 people like it, no ratings. I was kind of surprised by that one. I did want to pull up her Zillow.

Unknown Speaker 45:53
It just shows you what the kids are doing right Kyle? Like you've been saying it for a little while and you've been saying like you kinda I think that the Facebook business page, at least in the current construct, and the way Facebook doesn't promote it and doesn't give you reach is not Uber. Uber relevant. And, you know, I think she has so far my opinion, like the best social game all around, and, you know, not a very active business page. So I think it sort of just confirms your suspicion.

Kyle Handy 46:21
Yep, agreed, agreed. And so here we go. We look at this. So she's got 26, five star reviews, that's pretty huge, especially because she's probably not doing a whole lot of volume. But her average sales price is probably a lot higher than the majority of us. So I would imagine she's probably still selling over, you know, 15, maybe even 20 million in volume just depending on what her average sales price is even with 13 sales in the last 12 months. So pretty cool stuff there. You can see that and then her you know, brokerage, of course has 64 five star reviews. So it's good to have you know, just a presence and like I say on Zillow, she's best of Zillow. I don't even know what that means. But anyways, she's got a good Low Profile, there's some actual stuff on there for her. Again, I'm not saying you need to go out and you know, pay for Zillow or be a premier agent or anything like that. But even myself, like, you know, I made it a big, you know, deal for me to go out and get some Zillow reviews because, like it or not, you know, people are searching for real estate, you know, they're going to see, you know, real estate from Zillow. So you want to be on there, so they look you up. You look like you're Haley's hanging with the people in your market. And you've got some stuff on there. So cool. So that kind of, you know, sums it up for all of that. And let's take off the stop share there. And just open it up. I'm happy we got about 10 minutes at this point. If anybody wants to maybe share thoughts or, you know, feedback, what do they think I'm actually going to read through I know we got a lot of questions here in the chat, and just see if I missed anything that I can go back from, but feel free to unmute yourself. Curtis if you want to share anything as just a wrap up, you know, feel free, but I'm going to just read some of these. It looks like you are going to handle a lot of the checkers appreciate that. No problem. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 48:08
Yeah, one one thing that I took away from it, it actually reminded me of this book that I was reading. This is a shout out to our boy Ian Flanagan. He recommended this book a little while ago. It's called fanatical prospecting by Jeb blunt. Wow. And I went and ordered it because it seemed like what I wanted to read about, you know, I've been a big prospector for a long time, inside my real estate sales business. And even before real estate, I spent a lot of times on the phones, the little subtitle, this book is called social selling, telephone, email, text and cold calling. Right. So what that is that little subtitle, it kind of is what I took away from everybody. It's a balance, right? Like everybody's success is based on their personal balance. And one of the formulas that this author puts out in this book, it's a little abstract, but I really like it. He said, efficiency plus effectiveness. Equals performance. Efficiency plus effectiveness equals performance. So when you look at all these different people, you know, they all have a different way to be effective. They're not exactly the same. And they all mentioned some form of efficiency, right? So efficiency is, is making the most of your time, and using your resources to the best of your ability to give you more time and leverage, right. And effectiveness is how good you are at taking advantage of every single, you know, moment or chance or opportunity. And that all equals your performance. Right? So the biggest thing I took away from these folks is like, you don't have to do it exactly their way. You have to do it the way that makes you most effective. Would you have to give consideration to being efficient, right? Like, when do you need a tool, or if you're super effective at something, use a tool to give you more time to be effective at that thing, you know, so that's kind of like the biggest thing I took away from all these people. Almost every single bullet point had a little bit of efficiency, best practices and a little bit of effectiveness best practices and then what it rolls up to for all of them is high performance in their real estate.

Kyle Handy 50:00
Love it. That's awesome. I'm gonna have to go get that book now I got it on Audible. I just haven't downloaded it. So I guess I gotta go download it and listen to it.

Unknown Speaker 50:09
Yeah, it's worth it man. It's solid and just kind of hammers home like a couple of points. Every single person in my opinion, basically said it is like, if you to be a Top Producing agent, period, you have to be a effective, relentless prospector. Like, that's it, you know? And that's, like, you look back at any time, most successful times in your career, and like you talked about Kyle, you know, years and years of super relentless prospecting, like that's what the book hammers home and these people all say it and it shows in their, you know, in their business as you research them.

Kyle Handy 50:39
I love it. I love it. Well, cool. Yeah, one of the books I'm reading I gotta finish this one first. And this is kind of outside of real estate. I mean, it's it's definitely applicable because it's important that we all know what to do when we're making the money. But it's an awesome book, my good friend, AJ mitre recommended to me but it's a simple path to wealth and it's a Just about you know personal finance and you know savings and all that kind of stuff. It's an awesome book so I just throwing that out there for anybody wants to go read it. I'm about three quarters the way through and it's been so I opening of how simple it can be to truly create, you know, an easy retirement and you know, a wealth you know, something that you can pass on something that you can live on. And it's you know, all about starting early and just being consistent, which, again, mean that kind of translates into this. What was the book again, it's a simple path to wealth, lotteries. So, yeah, go out there and get it. It's a great book. I'm going to look at fanatical prospecting. That's the next one on my list now.

Unknown Speaker 51:36
Something else I took away man, it's kind of funny. I'm glad you bring up simple path to wealth, right? You mentioned that you were 3331 30 but you still feel young. Right? And and all these people were 30 under 30. Like the other reminder is, you know, age is just a number, right? It doesn't matter how old you are, doesn't matter how many years of experience you have, you know, just matters kind of where you're at right now. point in time, right? So if you're You know, you want to spend the next three years becoming like these agents and being the best of the best in your market like you can you want to spend the next few years creating simple wealth you can, you know you if you're 20 years old, 23 years old, you can be having your own brokerage, running your own team doing whatever you want to do in the next two or three years, right? Like, that's all it takes. It just takes the right mindset, it takes the right approach, it takes applying a simple formula. Like there's absolutely nothing stopping you, regardless of age or experience level. You know, that's the other thing I took away from that is you look at those people, and they're all Uber successful. It doesn't matter how old they are, like, you know, they're just building something awesome with the right approach. And we all have that opportunity every day.

Kyle Handy 52:39
That's it. That's it. Well, cool, guys. Well, I guess we'll wrap this one up, then it looks like all the questions were pretty much answered in the chat. So I appreciate you doing that Curtis. So we don't even have to really cover any of that. But one of the things that I'll say is if you want to go back and watch any of these previously recorded weeks, I literally got to think there's like 2425 past week. Of these plus I've put in some extra, like bonus trainings that I didn't even put on my my YouTube channel, or that we didn't even cover on a Monday mastermind into my Patreon page. So if you haven't already checked that out, just go to slash Kyle Handy, you can literally join I think it's like 498 a month, but you get access to all the past trainings and you'll get access to all of the future recorded ones. So like if you miss this live, then you can jump on in the afternoon, I usually go on Monday afternoon and upload this to the Patreon page. So you can go and watch any of them if you miss them. So I hope that helps for everybody if there's anything I can ever do to bring more value to you guys, let me know I love kind of doing all this like research, you know, looking at a topic learning about it and then coming back and kind of sharing, you know, my insight and my knowledge with it. And then hearing from you guys what you think about it. So if there's ever a topic that I can cover, you know, feel free to reach out to me you Know, send me a message on Facebook, send me an email Kyle at the Handy team calm. And I'd be happy to, you know, look into it and cover it for you guys. It's kind of cool. I just did a training the other night last night actually, that I'll be putting to my YouTube channel about how to edit real estate listing videos. And so that's going to be part of a series that I'm putting together about how to do your own photography and videography, for your listings for real estate listings, and so I think that should be pretty cool. You know, if, if people don't already know, I mean, you know, all my listing videos that I've done probably in the last year, nine months have all been done by myself. And so I've had a lot of experience editing them shooting them. And now at this point, it doesn't take quite as long as what you might think. And so for me, it's a great investment up front. Of course, you have to spend some money on the gear, but I've saved I only know hundreds or thousands of dollars by thousands of dollars if you factor in the video that I've been able to save on For each of my listings because those things run 700 bucks to 1000 bucks, you know, per listing video and so I just released a training or I'm going to be releasing one today on my YouTube channel. That is how I edit all of my real estate listing videos. And so that'll be a good one to watch and then of course, you know, I'll follow that up without actually sheet the real estate listing videos. I just need somebody to come along with me while I'm shooting one so they can record what I'm doing it's a little hard to do both at the same time. So if I've got any takers that are in San Antonio that wants to get it, you know, some experience recording behind the camera let me know you come along with me my next listing I got one coming up, and maybe we can do that together. But But anyways, I got that coming. there's anything I can ever do though topic wise, let me know would love to research it and get back to you guys on it. So thanks so much for joining us today on the Monday call. If you want again I do a Tuesday call as well focused around XP realty agent attraction. That it's you know, the same kind of format, you know, it's a mastermind, if you're with the XP already, obviously, you're welcome to join that if revenue, share something that you're interested in. If you're not, then maybe you're looking to build a team or something like that. And you just want to get some kind of recruiting some team building ideas, you're welcome to join in that as well. So but it is specific to XP, so you know, don't be afraid if you hear a lot of EXB stuff, so But anyways, just trying to provide as much value as I can. That one is the Tuesday it's at 9am Central Standard Time every Tuesday. But anyways, we'll talk to you guys later. Curtis, is there anything you wanted to share or promote that you got going on this week?

Unknown Speaker 56:37
Yeah, man, I always want to invite everybody to the Tuesday database fundamentals class that I teach. If you're at EXP it's in REXP world in our university auditorium. If you're not a DSP, I dropped my personal Facebook link in the chat you can message me and I'll invite you can get a guest pass. The way this class is shaping up every single Tuesday guys, is to kind of be a little shot in the arm for managing and leveraging your database. Right. So let's say and I'll tell you the best time to make prospecting calls or Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays every single week. So you get your, you know, ducks in a row on Mondays you deal with your follow up from the weekend, you plan out your week and make some calls, run some appointments. On Tuesday mornings, block off two or three hours to start prospecting, come into my database class 11am Central Time, and right afterwards, start making some calls or make a couple hours worth of calls before class. And then I'll help you get organized when you get to class. So that's every single Tuesday 11am Central time in EXP world. Love it. Awesome.

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