15 Memorable Pop By Ideas For Realtors In 2022 (Examples)

15 Memorable Pop-By Ideas For Realtors In 2023 (Examples)

Pop by gifts are small, inexpensive gifts that you hand out to your past clients when you “pop by” their homes. Typically, you’ll write a short real estate-themed message to go along with the gift. These notes could ask for referrals or just for your client to think of you whenever they need to buy or sell a home. In this post, we’ll explore 15 memorable pop by ideas that will be sure to impress your clients and win you more referrals for your real estate business.

15 Pop By Ideas For Realtors

Realtor pop by idea message tag

15. Extra Chewing Gum

REdigitalassist has created this clever “extra mile” note, available for purchase as an instant download on their Etsy shop. You can personalize it with your own name and contact information, and then print it out and attach it to a pack of Extra chewing gum for a great little gift. Small gifts like this can also be used at an open house event to make a lasting impression on your leads.

Pie server pop by idea for Realtors

14. Pie Server

This pie-themed pop by idea by Buffini & Company is a fun way to ask your past clients for referrals while making sure you stay top of mind. Your clients will definitely appreciate this useful gift, which doubles as a great holiday-themed present as well. You can find this personalized tag available for download on Buffini & Company’s website.

A pop by message that goes well with a gardening gift

13. Gardening Trowel

A gardening trowel makes a great gift for the spring season as the weather warms up and people spend more time outside in their yards. Pair it with this pop by tag by REdigitalassist thanking your client for their past business. Be sure to write your contact information on the back of the tag, which is available as a download on Etsy.

Holiday themed gift tag

12. Peppermint Hot Cocoa Kit

You can always purchase a peppermint hot cocoa kit during the holiday season. But if you have the time, making a homemade version is much more meaningful. Follow this recipe by Alejandra Ramos and pair it with a holiday-themed personalized tag from REdigitalassist’s Etsy store. Or, write your own real estate-themed gift tag.

Gift tag for a hand soap themed pop by gift

11. Hand Soap Dispenser

This hand soap-themed tag, also available on REdigitalassist’s Etsy store, can be used with several different pop by ideas. For example, instead of an ordinary hand soap bottle, you can pair it with holiday-themed hand soaps. Or, you can also use lotion, a soap bar, hand sanitizer, or a similar product as a gift.

Halloween themed pop by idea gift tag

10. Pumpkin Carving Tools

Pumpkin carving tools make a wonderful Halloween-themed gift, especially for families with children. Alternatively, you can also give a small pumpkin as a gift as well. Pair your gift with this cute pop by tag from REdigitalassist’s Etsy store and add a handwritten signature or note to give it a personal touch.

Baseball themed gift tag for Realtors

9. Sports-themed Snacks

Sunflower seeds or peanuts make a great baseball-themed pop by gift. This simple gift is perfect for the spring season. Attach this customizable note by Make Me Smile Market, available on their Etsy store for shipping along with your chosen snack option.

Grill spatula gift

8. Grill Spatula

A spatula or other grill tool is perfect for your client’s backyard summer barbecues. You can pair this practical gift with a clever note like this example from Buffini & Company: “The Market Has Flipped! Call me for the latest real estate news.” This gift tag is especially effective because it positions you as a go-to authority on the latest trends in the housing market.

Home made banana bread with a personalized note

7. Banana Bread

If you’re looking to put your baking skills to good use, consider baking homemade banana bread or another baked good as a pop by gift. If baking isn’t a skill of yours, you can also buy some from the store. You can attach a cute pop by tag like this one from Realtor Haley Soto, along with your contact information.

Peeps spring gift idea

6. Peeps Marshmallows

A pack of Peeps marshmallows is a cute springtime pop by idea that your clients will be sure to appreciate. It’s also a fun way to ask for referrals. You can pair it with a catchy tagline, such as this idea created by Peggy Urieff: “Have Your Peeps Call My Peeps.”

Plant pick gift tag

5. Seed or Plant Starter

Flower seeds or a plant starter are perfect spring pop by gift ideas that your clients will be sure to appreciate. Alternatively, you can choose a small potted plant, such as a succulent, as your gift. You can use this unique wooden plant pick by HisHer Workshop on Etsy as your personalized tag.

Popcorn pop by idea

4. Popcorn Bag

Popcorn is a great idea for any time of the year, whether you choose a bag or jar of unpopped kernels or a gourmet bag that’s ready for your client to eat. Use this customizable note by Market Dwellings to share your contact information and show your clients you’re thinking of them.

A bee themed gift tag for Realtors

3. Honey Jar

A small jar of honey, especially if it’s local honey, is a great pop by idea that your clients are sure to enjoy. Pair it with this bee-themed note from Blue Fence Designs. You can purchase them for instant download from their Etsy store and print them out at home.

A jam jar gift idea for Realtors

2. Jam Jar

Like honey, a jar of high-quality local jam is a thoughtful gift your client will certainly enjoy. You can attach this printable tag by Alex Makes Homes, available as a PDF download on Etsy. Add a personal handwritten note or signature, and be sure to include your contact information on the back.

S'mores gift pop by gift idea

1. S’mores Kit

A s’mores kit is the perfect year-round treat to show your clients how much you value your relationship with them. Use this fun gift tag by REdigitalassist to compliment your clients and ask them for referrals. You can find it as a digital download on their Etsy store.

Final Thoughts on Pop By Ideas

Pop by gifts are a great way to stay top of mind with your past clients and make sure they always think of you as their go-to resource for all their real estate needs. They will surely appreciate the thoughtful gesture of you stopping by their home to deliver a small gift, and it will show them how much you truly value your relationships with your clients.

Need closing gift ideas? Check out my post on the 15 best real estate closing gifts.

What pop by ideas do you plan to use in your real estate marketing strategy? Do you have any that didn’t make it on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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