What to Include For a Successful Prelisting Package

7 Must-Haves In Your Real Estate Pre-Listing Package (2023)

Meeting with a seller before you have signed to list their piece of real estate is a critical part of the real estate process. You need to convince that seller that you are the best agent for their listing, so they will sign with you. This is where having a clear marketing plan for your prelisting package is crucial.

When working as a real estate agent and creating a listing for a seller, your marketing plan is going to be an important part of the process. At the listing appointment where you talk to your seller about that plan, you can help land the listing with a prelisting package.

For many new agents, the prelisting presentation is where they fall short. A solid plan for presenting your pre listing package can help you put forth your best at your next listing presentation. Here is a guide to help.

What Is a Prelisting Package?

A pre list package is a document you send to sellers before a listing meeting to tell them a little bit more about you and why they should list with you.

This document has several purposes to help attract a seller to you as a real estate professional. These include:

  • Showing a potential client who you are and how you understand today’s market.
  • Educating sellers about the home selling process
  • Showcasing your value through the listing and selling process.
  • Making the pre listing meeting easier.
  • Introducing your marketing plan using social media and similar technologies to reach interested buyers.

This listing package helps limit the amount of seller homework a potential client must do before listing with you. It shows the person receiving the packet exactly why they should sign a listing agreement with you or your firm.

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What Should My Real Estate Listing Package Contain?

If you are going to send a prelisting package to potential clients, there are several things it should contain. These will give your potential client the right information they need before your listing presentation.

1. Introduction Letter

First, the pre listing packet should include an introduction to yourself as a real estate professional. This should be highly personal to the seller.

Creating a custom, personalized letter as part of your listing package will show the seller that you are serious about working with them. You should also include some information about what the pre listing package will contain, so the seller will know what information is inside the packet.

2. An About You Page

Next, go beyond the introduction letter to tell your prospective client more about you as a person, not just a Realtor. Think about any question that might come up about you and your real estate experience, and include information about that. This is a great place to include a professional portrait or headshot, so the recipient knows what you look like when you meet in person.

If you work with a team or brokerage, give the seller an idea of who is on that team. This will help them make the right decision about working with you.

3. Statistics About Today’s Local Market

This is the chance to show the seller that you have done your homework. Show statistics about the current market, using infographics if you can.

Consider adding a portion of the comparative market analysis that shows your understanding of the seller’s home and how it fits into the current market. Save the full CMA for the actual listing appointment, but show part of it in the packet.

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4. Education about the Home Selling Process

Sellers, especially those who have never sold a home before, need some education about the home selling process. Have a section that explains what the process entails and how you will reach prospective buyers through your marketing material.

You can get creative here. An FAQ section or a flow chart that walks through the selling process can help the seller understand what you are saying.

5. A Peek at Your Marketing Strategy

While you do not want to give away your entire marketing plan in the listing package, giving a taste of what you will do to market the property to a potential buyer will help set the stage for a positive working relationship with the seller.

Highlight the various tools you use to market properties, such as social media and open houses. Show why you are the best real estate agent to partner with to reach a buyer and sell the home quickly.

6. Testimonials from Happy Clients

Get some testimonials from past clients that you can include in your listing package. These testimonials will show the potential client why working with you makes sense. Testimonials show your value as a real estate agent, and they increase the chances that a seller will have the confidence to sign with you.

7. Your Contact Information

Always include your contact information and the website for your real estate business. This ensures the homeowner can reach you when ready to make an actual listing presentation appointment.

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Impress Buyers with a Real Estate Listing Package That Shines

Your listing package is one of the most helpful tools in your pocket as a real estate agent. It gives you the ability to connect with potential sellers to show your worth, so they will trust you to help them find a buyer.

Take the time to develop a listing package template, then customize it for each seller. This will help you turn a potential client into a signed listing.

FAQs About Pre Listing Packets

How to create a prelisting package?

To create a pre listing packet or presentation, you must think through the potential questions a seller will have. Create a packet of information that answers those questions and highlights your skills as an agent. Send this to a seller before you meet for a listing appointment to set the stage for a successful in-person meeting.

What is typically included in a listing packet?

A listing package will include information about the real estate agent, the marketing process, and the local market. The goal is to show the potential client that the agent is worth listing with.

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