7 Proven Tips To Craft Your Real Estate Agent Bio (Examples)

7 Proven Tips To Craft Your Real Estate Agent Bio (Examples)

Wondering how to write an amazing real estate agent bio for your website? Your bio is one of the first things a potential client will read about you and can often be the deciding factor for whether or not they choose to work with you.

In this post, I’ll share 17 great examples from other real estate agents, as well as several writing tips so you can create your own successful real estate agent biography.

How to Create Your Own Real Estate Agent Bio

You don’t have to be an amazing writer to create a good bio. You can hire a professional to write your bio for you. This can help you save time while still ensuring a high-quality result. You can always find freelancers and real estate agent virtual assistants for hire on platforms like UpWork or Fiver.

Alternatively, you can find real estate bio templates online and simply fill in your information. These templates are tried-and-true methods of structuring your bio for the best possible result.

Before Writing Your Real Estate Agent Bio

If you do plan on writing your real estate agent biography from scratch, there are several tips you should follow to make sure you are crafting the best bio possible.

First, be sure to keep your Realtor bio on the shorter side, ideally no more than 300 words. The longer your bio, the higher the chance that potential customers won’t bother scrolling down to read all of it. For this reason, you’ll have to make sure you only include only the most relevant information and remove any fluff.

Choosing the Right Head Shot

In addition, you should use a professionally taken real estate headshot to go alongside your bio. The picture you end up using will communicate a lot about you. Whatever you want it to say will depend on who you’re targeting and how you want to appear to them.

For example, a more serious headshot where you are standing still with your arms crossed will make you appear more professional. Details like your posture and facial expression can demonstrate expertise and exude authority.

On the other hand, a more casual headshot can demonstrate how approachable you are. It can demonstrate your openness to communication and your helpfulness.

To stand out even more, instead of a typical headshot you can use a photo of you interacting with your community in some way. These types of photos can say a lot about your character and who you are as a person outside of being a real estate agent. Showing yourself engaged outdoors or with other people can help convince leads to work with you.

Choose Your Tone

Another consideration to make before writing your bio is whether you want to use first-person or third-person. There’s no rule that one is more effective than the other. Instead, the choice is up to you and what style you want. Take into account the tone you want to convey, and what your target audience will respond best to.

First-person will create a more casual, personal tone, as though you are speaking directly to the lead. On the other hand, third-person is more formal and professional. Third-person is more common, so first-person can often help you stand out and appear more confident.

Writing Your Real Estate Agent Bio

So, what should you include in your real estate agent bio? Your bio is the place where you are introducing yourself to the lead, not selling your services.

To this end, you’ll want to focus on you, your background, experience, what led you to work in real estate, and a few personal details, such as what you like to do outside of real estate.

Provide Value

Most importantly, the value you provide your leads should be front and center in your bio. Share the unique ways you can help fulfill your client’s needs. Try to convey what you can offer them that other real estate agents can’t.

Find ways to separate yourself from the competition. Instead of general statements like you “provide great customer service,” try to say something more specific, like you always listen to your clients and are committed to helping them achieve their dreams.

Your Background

Just as crucial as the value you provide is your background and professional experience in real estate. If you’ve had a long, successful career in real estate, be sure to mention how many years you’ve been in the industry. Clients will be more likely to hire you if you’re a veteran of the industry with years of real estate experience behind your business.

In addition, if you’ve earned any accolades, recognition, rewards, or have any sales statistics about your performance in the industry, be sure to include them in your bio to help you stand out from your competition.

Also, if you have any special designations or certifications, mention these as well. This will act as social proof that demonstrates your success. For example, if people see that you rank in the top 1% of agents in your brokerage, they’ll be more confident in their decision to work with you.

What to Include if You’re a New Agent

Don’t worry if you are a new real estate agent without much professional experience or recognition behind your name yet. You can still demonstrate social proof by bringing up your background prior to real estate and the journey that brought you into the industry.

You can mention your previous education and other careers you’ve had before real estate. Share what you’ve learned or gained from these experiences, especially any character traits you feel have benefited you as a real estate agent.

For example, if you’ve previously worked in a customer service position, you can say that it has taught you how to listen, work hard, and enjoy helping people meet their goals.

Another aspect that will help give you credibility to your leads is if you’re a native of your local market. Be sure to mention how long you’ve been in the area, and especially if you were born and raised there. This will give your leads confidence that you’ll be able to guide them around the neighborhoods and zip codes within your market.

Share Some Personal Details

Lastly, you’ll want to make sure you include some personal details to give the potential client a glimpse into your personal life and show who you are outside of real estate. Your real estate bio should help the lead find you more relatable and get a better sense of you as a person.

Share some of your hobbies and interests outside of real estate. You can also briefly mention your family because showing you’re a family-oriented person can often make you appear more relatable to potential leads.

Make sure you end your bio by including your social media and other relevant links so that your clients can learn more about you.

Real Estate Agent Bio Examples

17. Brendan Bartic, CEO of the Bartic Group, Keller Williams Realty

brendan bartic real estate agent bio

Bartic’s real estate agent bio is a good example of how to keep your bio short while still including all the most relevant points of information that your leads need to know about you. Because it’s written in first-person, the bio has a more personal feel and a strong tone. His headshot is professional, friendly, and inviting. First and foremost, Bartic’s professional bio highlights that he is a Colorado native, which proves his knowledge and connection to his local market.

In addition, he also includes relevant statistics about his ranking within his brokerage. Lastly, he describes his background prior to real estate and how he applies that to real estate. He also shares that outside of real estate, he likes to give back to his community in his spare time. This shows the lead that he is very actively involved in the local community.

16. Leslie Woods, Sereno Group, Palo Alto

Leslie Woods agent bio

Leslie Woods’ bio features a casual photo of her sitting at a cafe and looking off in the distance. The effect of this more casual headshot is to demonstrate that Woods is approachable and enjoys being out in her community.

Her bio starts by describing how Woods provides unique value to her clients through her listening and negotiating skills. Next, she describes being raised in the area and mentions all the things she loves about it, and also states that she is a current resident in the community. Her bio then goes into her background and successful career before real estate and her journey into the real estate industry. All these facets combine to make Woods’ appear as a knowledgable authority in her market.

15. Shane D. Inman, The Inman Company

Shane Inman bio
Shane Inman bio continued

While Shane Inman’s bio is on the longer side, not a single sentence is unnecessary fluff. As president of The Inman Company, Inman has a long background and many years of experience in the industry. The bio highlights Inman’s reputation with celebrity and A-list clients, which acts as social proof. It then goes into Inman’s two decades of experience with popular real estate-related brands, which serves as further social proof. He then goes briefly into his background and how he began his career, his previous education and finishes with how he likes to give back to his community. Touching on his different volunteer projects shows potential leads that he is heavily involved with the area.

14. Kenneth Brown, Signature Real Estate Group

Kenneth Brown Realtor bio

Rather than starting with his real estate credentials, this bio of Kenneth Brown begins with his journey before real estate and what led him to join the industry. The bio then finishes with a first-person quote by Brown that demonstrates his commitment to his clients and passion for real estate. It also shows how he brings value to his clients by listing three of Brown’s best character traits for serving his customer’s needs. He also affirms his passion for real estate, which shows potential clients that he is customer service oriented.

13. Greg Noonan, Greg Noonan & Associates

Greg Noonan bio
Greg Noonan bio continued

Greg Noonan’s opens with a strong sales statistic, which is in bolded text to draw the lead’s eye directly to it. The layout of the page itself is unique, with multiple images, and his contact information and social media links are at the top of the page. The bio doesn’t really go into his background or education but instead focuses on his reputation, social proof, how he provides value to fulfill his client’s needs, and connection to his local market. The mention of referrals and repeat business shows any potential customer that Noonan is trustworthy.

12. Tracy Campion, Campion & Company

Tracy Campion real estate agent bio

Campion’s Realtor bio begins with the sales statistics and accolades she’s achieved in her nearly two-decade career. Opening with this strong social proof will hook the lead and easily convince them to work with her. Her bio then shows how she provides value to her clients in unique ways: through her “ethics, experience, and expertise.” It then concludes by highlighting Campion’s connection and knowledge of the Boston market and her previous work experience in the industry before starting her own business.

11. Ellen Grubert, Compass Realty

Ellen Grubert Realtor bio

Ellen Grubert’s real estate agent bio is short and to the point. It begins with her prior education and background and describes how those experiences gave her the skills needed to succeed in real estate. She mentions her three decades of experience in the industry along with her special designations before describing the unique ways she provides value. Lastly, she shows her connection to the market and finishes with what she does in her spare time and how she gives back to the community.

10. Landon Clements, Sam Real Group

Landon Clements real estate agent bio

Landon Clements’ Realtor bio opens with the extensive market she serves and her passion and interest in real estate. She then goes into how she provides value, mentions some social proof, and briefly describes her education and experience. The bio finishes with a personal detail about her family. This bio is short but still manages to convey Clements’ qualifications and skills in the industry.

9. Peter Kui, RE/MAX

Peter Kui agent bio

Kui’s real estate agent bio focuses on his reputation and knowledge of his local market. It also touches on his commitment to providing quality service and value to his clients. It finishes by describing his previous background and education and ends with the activities he enjoys doing with his family in his spare time. Kui’s headshot is unique because the background is outdoors and features warm tones and colors. This can convey friendliness and openness better than a darker, plain color background. Paying attention to stylistic details like this can say just as much as what you write in your bio.

8. Aaron Kirkman, Aaron Kirkman Group

Aaron Kirkman real estate agent bio
Aaron Kirkman bio contiuned

Aaron Kirkman’s professional bio focuses on various forms of social proof. It’s a longer bio, but every sentence works to demonstrate his reputation, highlight his experience, and prove his success. It opens with strong social proof and an impressive sales statistic. The mention of the Wall Street Journal and his A-list and luxury clientele add to his reputation. The bio ends by mentioning Kirkman is the media’s go-to contact for real estate information. This demonstrates to his leads that he is a knowledgeable authority in the industry.

7. Keith Darby at Rise Realty

Keith Darby real estate agent bio
Keith Darby bio continued

Darby’s bio starts by listing his memberships, qualifications, and accolades. It then describes his 16 years in the industry that have made him a successful agent. The bio then goes into social proof before highlighting Darby’s area of expertise, experience, background, and education. It also mentions his active volunteer work with several different organizations. This shows leads that he enjoys engaging and giving back to his community. It ends with a fun personal detail that helps to show his leads that he is a real person outside of being just a real estate agent.

6. Rene Rodriguez, Cabot&Company

Rene Rodriguez agent bio

Rodriguez’s bio features his contact information prominently at the top. It opens with social proof that demonstrates his reputation and connection to his market and local clients. It also defines the specific neighborhoods he works in. The bio then shares a couple more specific sales statistics to impress a potential client. It concludes by bringing up the unique value he provides to his clients. He provides this value through his hard work, useful advice, and adapting to the latest technology.

5. The Bomze Team, Compass, NYC

The Bomze Team bio
Bomze Team bio continued

This team bio highlights the success of both of its members. First, the left-hand column contains links to all the press the Bomze team has received, so that leads can directly view the social proof for themselves. The bio itself opens with the value the team provides to its clients. It then goes into both agents’ connections to the local area and knowledge of the city. The bio then focuses on each team member by mentioning their experience and how each of them brings value to the team.

4. Jennifer GrandJean, Grand Group Realty LLC

Jennifer Grandjean real estate agent bio
Jennifer Grandjean bio continued

Grandjean’s bio manages to communicate everything her leads need to know. It opens with the positive character traits that led to her success in real estate, as well as how she provides value to her clients. It then establishes her as a native of the area before going into her background and education and how she uses her previous experiences to succeed in real estate. The bio concludes with a personal touch by mentioning what she does for fun and how she likes to get involved in her local community.

3. Anthony West, John Moffitt and Associates

Anthony West agent bio

Anthony West’s bio stands out due to the direct real estate quotes that testify to his character and how he provides value to his clients. These quotes highlight that West appreciates hard work and striving to make his clients happy. The shift between third and first-person creates a unique tone and draws the lead’s attention to the stronger first-person statements. In addition, mentioning that he is a 20 year native of his market adds credibility and reputation to his career. The official Realtor designation also accomplishes this. West’s real estate bio ends with his previous education and other experience.

2. Shannon McNulty, Coldwell Banker Realty

Shannon Mcnulty agent bio
Shannon McNulty bio continued

Shannon McNulty’s real estate agent bio is straight and to the point. At the same time, it still manages to demonstrate and qualify her experiences. It also shares more about her as a person. Her background in the army and former education experience is immediately tied into the character traits that make her successful as a Realtor. In addition, she highlights her own experience of needing to move frequently. This helps her relate to her leads and their desires for choosing a new home.

1. Missy Stagers, M. Stagers Realty Partners

Missy Stagers real estate agent bio

This professional bio begins with Stager’s background and history prior to real estate. It then goes into rankings and recognition that she and her brokerage have achieved in their local market. It then goes into how Stagers likes to give back to her community and concludes on a personal note that helps a prospective client relate to her. Mentioning her family, pets, and what she enjoys doing in her free time helps people to get to know her as a person.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Agent Bio

Use these 17 real estate agent bios to inspire your own. At the end of the day, there’s no exact formula for the perfect bio. Instead, a captivating real estate agent biography will depend on who your target market is. It’s up to you to decide the best way to engage them. Don’t be afraid to make it personal. Demonstrate to your client that there’s more to you besides being a real estate agent.

Ready to get writing? What will you include in your bio? Let me know in the comments below!

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