Real Estate Car Wraps - Are They Worth Using?

Should You Use Real Estate Car Wraps In 2023? (15 Examples)

Real estate car wraps can be an effective way to reach a target audience with your brand and its marketing message. A wrapped vehicle works as a mobile billboard, drawing attention every time you take your car to the streets. Yet some real estate agents wonder if wrapping their car, truck, van, or trailer is actually cheapening their brand.

Thankfully, evidence shows that a car or van wrap with professional branding can be an effective tool in your marketing toolbox. It gives you the chance to advertise your real estate services every time you drive your vehicle. If you are considering a wrap, you need to weigh the pros and cons and choose the right design to make it fit your needs.

Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap for Your Real Estate Business

According to research, the average Realtor spends more money on their real estate agent car than most other types of marketing. While this does not mean every car has a wrap, it does mean that your vehicle is an important part of your overall brand image. Here are some benefits of real estate vehicle wraps for the modern agent to consider:

  • Transform your car into a moving billboard
  • Reach a potential client while out in the community
  • Keep your advertising efforts always on
  • Improve your chances of being seen as the local real estate expert
  • Maximize the ROI of your other advertising, like social media pages

These are definitely benefits worth considering as you look at car, truck, and trailer wraps for your company.

Drawbacks of a Vehicle Wrap for Your Real Estate Company

As with any signage or advertising method you invest in, real estate vehicle wraps can have some potential drawbacks. These include:

  • Potential cheapening of a luxury brand
  • Possibility for liability if the car wrap is distracting
  • Potential damage to paint job if the vehicle wrap is poorly made
  • Need to change the vinyl wrap every time you change brokerages

Still, for most agents, these drawbacks are worth embracing in order to enjoy the perks of having a wrapped vehicle advertising on their behalf.

Alternative to a Full Vehicle Wrap

If you are picturing a full wrap that wraps all the way around your vehicle, you are thinking of just one type of car or truck wrap. There are other options that allow you to use your vehicle as an advertisement without covering it in a full vehicle wrap design. These include:

  • Real estate car magnets
  • Partial vehicle wrap
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Vinyl decals
  • Graphics made from vinyl

Each of these covers slightly less of your vehicle than a full vehicle wrapping, while still giving you the ability to get eyes on your brand and your company and its offerings.

What Your Custom Car Wrap Should Include

You can invest in different styles of wraps, such as magnetic signs or a digitally printed vinyl full car wrap for your fleet vehicle. Whatever you choose, the key to making the tool effective is ensuring your potential buyers and sellers can connect with the design and use the information to contact you. When planning your custom vehicle wrap, make sure you include your:

  • Logo
  • Company name
  • Brokerage, if you work for one
  • Contact information
  • An engaging graphic design

Remember, the goal of all types of real estate signs, including an auto wrap, is lead development and brand recognition. Include those items that will cause you to gain leads and increase your branding efforts for your business with your custom signs.

Vehicle Graphics – Effective Marketing When Used Well

Whether you are investing in a partial wrap for your car or a set of trailer wraps for your company’s trailers, your business can benefit from real estate vehicle wraps. Take the time to carefully plan the vehicle graphics so that they draw the right kind of attention. Decide how big and how permanent you want the design to be, and arrange the graphics effectively so that they will transform your real estate agent car, truck, trailer, or van into an effective marketing tool.

Close up of the side of a car

FAQs About Car Wraps for Real Estate Agents

Are car wraps for real estate agents effective?

When they have effective graphic design and the right personal branding message, car wraps for real estate agents are an effective way to get more people to learn about your business.

Are car wraps for real estate agents safe?

Real estate agents have two considerations when purchasing custom car and trailer wraps. First, they must make sure that the wrap is not too distracting for other drivers.

Second, they must be certain the wrap will not damage the paint on the wrapped vehicle. Otherwise, this is a safe and often effective marketing tool.

15 Real Estate Car Wrap Examples

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