The 15 Best Real Estate Closing Gifts For Buyers & Sellers

The 18 Best Real Estate Closing Gifts For Buyers & Sellers

Are you looking for the perfect real estate closing gifts for your client? Closing gifts are a gesture you should take with all your clients to maintain a long-lasting relationship with them, build your sphere of influence, and get referrals. Not to mention, it’s the perfect way to celebrate your client’s new beginning.

In this post, I’ll share a list of the top 18 real estate closing gifts for your clients, whether you’re looking for something techy, practical, edible, fun, or reminiscent of the local area.

I’ll also go over why you should bother getting a closing gift for your client, how much is the right amount to spend, and whether or not your closing gifts are tax deductible.

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Why Should You Get a Realtor Closing Gift For Your Client?

The perfect gift for your client doesn’t just delight your clients; it also helps you as a real estate professional. A closing gift will be one of, if not the first, housewarming gift the new homeowner will receive. Giving your client a personalized closing gift creates a memorable experience and lasting impression of your real estate business that will stick in their minds for years to come.

So whenever they need your services in the future or know someone else who does, you’ll immediately be top of mind as the first person they recommend. Your business will receive many more real estate referrals from this simple act.

A unique closing gift will also motivate your clients to leave your real estate business a nice review across your Google business page, Facebook page, Zillow, and Yelp profiles.

However, the goal of giving a great closing gift should not just be the expectation of getting referrals and reviews. Instead, the primary goal is to connect to your client through a meaningful personal touch. You are celebrating their success at moving into their new dream home and your job as their real estate agent, bringing them to a successful closing day.

When you connect genuinely with your clients, the real estate referrals and reviews will be a natural effect of your kindness.

How Much Should A Realtor Spend On A Closing Gift?

One of the most common questions agents have about buying a closing gift for a client is how much they should spend.

How much you spend on a personalized gift will depend on what sort of market you are in. For example, if you’re a luxury real estate agent working with higher-end clients, a simple gift basket may not cut it.

Similarly, in the commercial real estate industry, gifts are usually given to an entire company or group rather than an individual.

At the end of the day, while any gift is sure to be appreciated, if you go out of your way to impress your client, your investment will be returned in the form of repeat business, referrals, and reviews.

A good rule to follow is that most agents should spend between 1-5% of their gross commission income for that deal on a client’s closing gift.

For example, a $300,000 home at a 3% commission equals $9,000 in commission. In this case, 1% would be around $90, and 5% would be around $450. I have always spent around 2-3% of the gross commission income on my clients.

Ultimately, a closing gift is not required. So anything that you decide to give to your client is special. You should always feel proud rather than pressured to give a closing gift to a client.

In addition, the cost of the gift isn’t everything. Instead, focus on what is more meaningful. While gift baskets are nice, a gift certificate to an experience such as a fun class or local restaurant might be more thoughtful and special.

Are Real Estate Closing Gifts Tax Deductible?

When deciding what to give a client for a closing gift, you should also consider using them as tax deductions for real estate agents.

Closing gifts are indeed eligible to be written off for tax deductions come tax season. However, there are some rules to how you can do this.

If you purchase a thoughtful gift for a client, you can only write off $25 per gift per individual.

But there is a way to get around this. If you want to be able to write off your entire gift, you’ll need to place your branding on it.

If you place your branding onto the personal gift, you can typically deduct the entire purchase as a promotional and advertising expense. This is a significant advantage come tax time at the end of the year!

Depending on what type of gift you give your client, this won’t always be possible. In addition, a branded gift could potentially come across as more salesy rather than a genuine act of gift-giving.

To ensure you have the best chance of deducting your closing gifts from your taxes, keep all the receipts of your purchases.

Overall, the best gift ideas are ones that are custom and unique. Personalized gifts will stand out in your client’s mind and make a lasting impression.

By the way, if you’re looking for a gift for a real estate agent, check out the post I made here.

18 Real Estate Closing Gift Ideas

  1. Lefant Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Tangle-Free, Strong Suction, Slim, Low Noise, Automatic Self-Charging, Wi-Fi/App/Alexa Control, Ideal for Pet Hair Hard Floor

    Buying a robot vacuum as a client closing gift is a great idea for real estate agents. A robot vacuum is an affordable, useful and thoughtful gift that can help the new homeowner keep their home clean with ease. Robot vacuums are convenient, effective and easy to use, making them the perfect choice for busy homeowners.

    Plus, they are relatively inexpensive compared to other gifts such as appliances or home décor items. This practical and thoughtful gift will be sure to leave your clients with a great impression of you and your services.

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  2. Customized Return Address Stamp

    As a real estate agent, I understand how important it is to show appreciation for my clients. Giving them a closing gift is an easy way to thank them for entrusting me with such a big purchase. I recently discovered the perfect closing gift: a customized return address stamp!

    My clients can use it to put their new home address on their mail and packages. Plus, this stamp gives them an extra special touch every time they use it, reminding them of the experience they had working with me. It's the perfect way to say thank you!

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  3. Personalized Home Sweet Home Bamboo Cutting Board

    I recently purchased a Personalized Home Sweet Home Bamboo Cutting Board as a closing gift for a client. I think it's the perfect gift to congratulate them on their new home and show my appreciation for their business.

    Not only is it practical and will last for years, but it's also personalized with their name, which makes it even more special. I know they'll love this thoughtful gift and will remember me each time they use it!

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  4. Bocce Ball Set with 8 Balls, Pallino, Case and Measuring Rope

    A bocce ball set is the perfect closing gift for a real estate agent to give their client. Bocce ball sets are great outdoor activities that can be enjoyed by family and friends, making it a great way to celebrate a successful closing. It also serves as an excellent reminder of their great experience with their agent while providing them with hours of entertainment.

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  5. New Homeowner Sticker And Wine Label Gift Set

    This New Homeowner Sticker And Wine Label Gift Set is the perfect closing gift for real estate agents to give their clients. The set includes 5 wine bottle labels, perfect for decorating the new home and bringing a little extra cheer to the housewarming party. Not only will it help make the move more special, but it's also an incredibly thoughtful gesture that will be remembered by buyers and sellers alike. The labels are of high quality and come with a money-back guarantee if not satisfied with the design or quality.

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  6. Vivace Bird Feeder

    A real estate agent can show their appreciation to a client by purchasing them a bird feeder as a closing gift. Not only is it an affordable and thoughtful gesture, but it is also practical and will provide enjoyment for years to come. The bird feeder can be placed in the yard of the new home, creating a beautiful atmosphere and inviting local birds to visit. It's a perfect way to remind clients of their agent's support through the home buying process and create lasting memories.

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  7. Newentor Weather Station Wireless Indoor Outdoor Thermometer

    A weather station is an excellent closing gift for a client from a real estate agent. It serves as a thoughtful and practical gift for the client and provides them with valuable information about the climate of their new home.

    With features like temperature and humidity readings, wind speed, rainfall records, and more, the weather station can give the client a better understanding of their surroundings. Additionally, it can help them plan activities outdoors around their new home and even help with gardening efforts.

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  8. Stud Finder Wall Scanner Detector - 5 in 1 Electronic Wall Wood Metal Stud Finder

    A stud finder is a great gift for your next closing! It's beneficial for the homeowner and a reminder of the hard work and dedication that their real estate agent put into helping them find the perfect house. Having a stud finder on hand can be extremely helpful when hanging pictures or shelves, and it's an easy way to save time and energy. Plus, it's a unique and thoughtful gift that will make your clients feel appreciated!

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  9. Primica Pizza Steel for Oven (Pizza Stone Alternative)

    A pizza steel is an excellent closing gift for real estate agents to give their clients. It is a thoughtful and practical gift that will be used and appreciated for years. Not only does it make delicious pizzas, but it also helps keep the oven clean since it distributes heat evenly. It can even be used as a serving platter or cutting board. This is an excellent way for real estate agents to show appreciation for their clients and make them feel special.

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  10. Cuisinart Color Pro Collection 12 Piece Knife Block Set, White

    A knife block set makes a great closing gift for real estate clients. It is practical and has a lasting quality that will remind the client of their experience with the agent. A high-quality set will surely be appreciated by any home chef and will help them stay organized in the kitchen. The gift also adds value to the overall housewarming experience and could even encourage referrals in the future.

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  11. Double Hammock with Tree Straps Kit, Ohuhu Folding Curved-Bar Bamboo Hammock

    A real estate agent should buy a hammock for a client's closing gift to show appreciation for their business. This is an affordable, thoughtful way to thank clients for their time and effort throughout the process. A hammock provides comfort and relaxation and can also be seen as a symbol of success in achieving the goal of purchasing or selling a home.

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  12. SentrySafe Fireproof and Waterproof Safe Box with Key Lock

    A real estate agent should buy a fireproof safe for a client's closing gift to provide a valuable, useful, and lasting gift that also serves as a reminder of the experience. The fireproof safe will protect important documents such as home ownership papers, titles, deeds, and other legal papers from potential natural disasters such as fires and floods. It will also be an invaluable reminder of the successful real estate transaction.

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  13. Kidde Pro Fire Extinguisher

    As a real estate agent, I understand the importance of keeping my clients safe. Giving them a fire extinguisher as a closing gift is not only an incredibly thoughtful gesture, but it's also a practical one. A fire extinguisher can be invaluable in an emergency and a great way to show appreciation for their business. Plus, it's an affordable gift that will last for years.

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  14. BOSCH GLL30 30ft Cross-Line Laser Level Self-Leveling with 360 Degree Flexible Mounting Device

    A laser level is a great closing gift for your next client because it is an essential tool for any home improvement project. It can help them accurately measure and level walls, ceilings, floors, and more. It is an easy-to-use tool with various features that will make any home improvement project easier and more precise. Additionally, the laser level serves as a lasting reminder of the real estate agent who helped them buy or sell their home.

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  15. Heartful Custom Doormat Family Name - Premium Quality, Thick & Made in the USA

    A unique doormat bearing your client's name or a welcoming message makes a great first impression for their new home. It's a practical gift that adds a touch of personality and warmth, letting visitors know that this is a cherished and welcoming space.

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  16. Ben Kaufman - 100% Cotton Velour Monogrammed Shawl Collar Spa Robe - Gifts for Men & Women - White (His/Hers)

    High-quality towels or bathrobes embroidered with the client's initials show thoughtfulness and attention to detail. They bring an element of luxury and comfort to the new home, elevating your client's daily routine and making them feel pampered.

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  17. Personalized Wood Key Hooks for Wall Décor

    A customized key holder offers a practical and stylish solution for organizing keys. With the client's name or a meaningful quote, this gift adds a personal touch to their entryway and serves as a daily reminder of their new home.

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What Do You Think Of These Real Estate Closing Gifts?

Closing gifts are an essential part of the closing process and should not be overlooked. Don’t worry if you’re a brand-new agent and can’t afford extravagant gifts. Be sure to give your client at least a small gift you can afford, as this will leave a better impression than giving nothing.

These 18 memorable and unique real estate closing gift ideas will help your client celebrate living in their new dream home. You will put a smile on their face with these thoughtful gifts, and they will remember you as the one who helped them start their new chapter!

What real estate closing gifts will you give your clients? Have any ideas that should be added to the list? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Hey Kyle,

    I’d like to note that IMO while you may be able to write off your entire gift if it’s branded, this isn’t the best marketing strategy for agents overall. Closing gifts are all about inspiring referrals, and branded gifts often miss that mark. They feel too self-interested.

    On the other hand, a gift that responds to your personal experience with the client (like a snowblower for a transplant to a snowy region) OR a “continual gift” like flower bouquets delivered monthly OR a statement piece guaranteed to inspire conversations have much more potential to inspire referrals. After all, a commission is worth way more than a $100 tax deduction.

    1. Hi Ben,

      Thank you for sharing your perspective. You make a valid point about the intent and impact of closing gifts. It’s essential for agents to strike a balance between branding and genuine appreciation. Personalized gifts, as you mentioned, can indeed create a lasting impression and potentially lead to more referrals. I appreciate the insight and will definitely keep this in mind for future discussions on the topic. The goal is always to provide value and build lasting relationships with clients.

      Best regards,

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