These 9 Real Estate Coaches Can Help You Sell More Homes in 2022

9 Proven Real Estate Coaching Programs That Actually Work

Do you need a little boost to grow as an agent? Whether you’re a new agent or an agent looking to become a broker, attending a real estate coaching program is one of the best ways to improve your career.

A coaching company will work with you to better understand your personality and strengths and point out how to use those to your advantage. In addition, real estate mentors can help share tactics, techniques, and processes that have helped them and provide accountability.

This post will look at some of the most popular real estate coaching programs.

9 Real Estate Coaching Programs

9. Buffini & Company

Buffini & Company has some fantastic reviews, testimonials, and success stories. In addition to coaching, they offer training, events, solutions, and free resources.

Buffini & Company offers three types of coaching programs:

  • Team Coaching. A certified team coach will work with your entire real estate team in order to provide training, marketing materials, and live classes. Included is the REALStrengths assessment, which gives real estate agents insights into what type of leader they are.
  • One2One Coaching. A real estate coach will work directly with a real estate agent in bi-monthly, private coaching sessions. A personality assessment tool as well as a referral maker CRM solution is provided. A monthly marketing kit rounds out this coaching option.
  • Group Coaching. A real estate coach works with a group (not a team) to provide expert coaching knowledge. This includes everything within the One2One real estate coaching program, but in a group atmosphere.

Most real estate professionals will choose the One2One coaching program. But there can be benefits to group coaching as well (in addition to being more affordable).

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8. CCIM Institute

The CCIM Institute provides an all-in-one, comprehensive commercial real estate coaching, and mentorship program. Through CCIM Institute, a commercial real estate agent is able to work directly with a coach, pursue their CCIM Pin, and attend continuing education.

The CCIM Institute runs an extremely rigorous set of classes and courses which are intended to make you a better real estate agent. For example, topics covered include:

  • Lead generation.
  • Building a real estate business.
  • Working within the real estate industry.
  • Building up your clients.
  • Working with the commercial real estate investor.

Because the CCIM Institute is targeted toward commercial real estate, it’s ideal for beginners in commercial real estate and residential agents who are interested in moving toward commercial real estate. Once an agent goes through all the courses, they can become a CCIM.

Additionally, CCIM provides other resources such as tuition, scholarships, events, conferences, trade shows. This program is a critical resource for anyone interested in commercial real estate and is its global standard for professional achievement. In many areas, becoming licensed for residential real estate and commercial real estate is identical. So, there needs to be a differentiator for those who want to pursue a commercial real estate career.

7. The Massimo Group

There are multiple programs at the Massimo Group: market leader, owner/manager, mid-career, new-to-business, and Massimobile. There are also multiple coaching options:

  • Elite 1-on-1 coaching. This exclusive program is intended for those who want to work intensely with a personal coach to improve their career. With coaching calls and the Massimo Group program, real estate agents can set themselves up for success. Elite 1-on-1 coaching is focused on developing an individual’s personal success.
  • Massimo.Coach. A group coaching service for CRE professionals, Massimo.Coach walks multiple people through creating systems and processes that will help them thrive. This is meant for those who are in the middle of their career.
  • CRE N2B. Lastly, this program is designed for CRE professionals who have just gotten started, or only have two years or less in the business. Here, they’ll learn how to develop a solid pipeline and processes, and they’ll be introduced to others who are building a career in CRE.

Each of these coaching options is a great way for a Realtor to engage in professional development, build a real estate team, or refine their real estate strategy.

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6. Mike Ferry Coaching

Mike Ferry Coaching provides coaching for both agents and management. For agents, there’s coaching for professional real estate agents and coaching for brokers and owners.

Mike Ferry has been in the coaching business since 1988 and has a tremendous amount of personal knowledge in the industry. His coaching takes the form of customizable programs, seminars, one-on-one coaching, and audio training. There are many different forms of real estate training, depending on what you need.

  • Premier Coaching. This is an exclusive coaching service that comes with unlimited access to Mike Ferry events.
  • One on One Coaching. For those who want to develop a better marketing strategy and improve their performance, one-on-one coaching with Mike Ferry is available.
  • Mornings with Mike. Transcripts and recordings of Mike’s audio lessons are available for those who just want to learn from Mike’s experience.

Altogether, you can get any level of training you desire, from a simple audio seminar to one-on-one coaching features.

5. Real Estate Trainer

Also known as Icenhower Coaching, Real Estate Trainer is a customized and structured real estate coaching and training program. Designed for everyone from those who just got their real estate license to professionals trying to branch out, Icenhower Coaching promises to:

  • Increase your gross commission income. According to Icenhower Coaching, they are able to increase the gross commission income of their students by up to 39 percent.
  • Improve the number of sales you have. ICC clients sell an average of 110 homes, which is an increase over the number of sales they make before training.
  • Give higher average income. According to ICC, their clients average $485,000 a year, which is substantially higher than most real estate professionals.

You can get a personal real estate coach, access to the coaching platform, and access to the training library. The coaching is tailored to fit your needs, whether you’re a team leader or a broker-owner. You can schedule a consultation with Icenhower Coaching to find out more.

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4. Rob Vivian Coaching

Rob Vivian offers an extensive array of coaching options for real estate agents and CRE brokers. The coaching options include:

  • Platinum 1-1 coaching. A focused program that deals directly with a mentor, Platinum 1-1 coaching is designed for complete improvement within the real estate industry.
  • Web coaching. Web coaching is perfect for real estate agents who do the majority of their work online, as well as those who want to be able to fit their coaching into a hectic schedule.
  • MasterMind coaching. A high accountability program, MasterMind coaching is for those who want to dig down, focus, and improve upon their careers.
  • Scripts and Dialogues. This targeted, focused lesson plan is based on creating scripts and dialogues that individuals can use to improve their real estate generation, negotiation, and marketing and sales processes.
  • Company coaching. For companies that need coaching for the whole team, Rob Vivian provides company coaching services. This proven success system is intended to provide the entire team with proven marketing and generation processes.

Real estate agents can begin with web coaching services to see whether they might want to progress along the coaching path.

3. Tim and Julie Harris

Tim and Julie Harris are experts in lead generation within the real estate market. If you or your team want to improve lead generation, marketing, and sales, the Tim and Julie Harris coaching service can help.

  • Premier. Included in this are daily coaching calls, a private Facebook group, learning library, lead generation system, prospect scripts, objection handlers, pre-qualification scripts, buyer leads systems, listing system and presentation, pre-listing package, mindset techniques, and disc personality system.
  • Premier Accountability. This program includes five daily semi-private calls, mastermind events, proprietary team systems, team building and expansion systems, broadcast and print media, and far more.
  • VIP. VIP coaching includes such things as the mindset systems and techniques, cash flow system, proprietary negotiation systems and scripts, and superstar interviews.

In any of these, you learn from Tim and Julie Harris, who have a combined 46 years of experience in the real estate industry. They have a real estate podcast, are best-selling authors, and have coached over 10,000 individuals.

2. Top Dogs with Bob McComb

Bob McComb offers a complete program for those who are interested in developing a successful real estate practice. This program has a number of lessons, including:

  • How to Create a Successful Real Estate Practice
  • How to Fast-Track Your Expertise in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
  • Winning at Multifamily Commercial Real Estate Brokerage
  • How to Run With the Big Dogs in CRE in 120 Days

Many of these are accelerated courses that are designed to help agents hit the ground running. Bob McComb provides a very personalized custom coaching service, which is perfect for those who don’t feel that they fit in with existing coaching services and want to work directly with a mentor.

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1. Tom Ferry Coaching

Tom Ferry has created “8 levels of performance,” which he uses to gauge the strength of a real estate agent’s current career and determine what they need to do to advance. His levels include:

  • 1: Make Money Now
  • 2: Expand Market
  • 3: Gain Consistency
  • 4: Delegate Work
  • 5: Grow Team
  • 6: Maximize Production
  • 7: Multiply Profits
  • 8: Exit Business

With his coaching services, you can move through these eight levels of performance and quickly advance as a real estate professional.

FAQs On Real Estate Coaching Programs

Is coaching necessary to boost your real estate career?

In many industries, you “don’t know what you don’t know.” Mentorship can help real estate agents who are either new to the industry or feel they have plateaued. But that doesn’t mean coaching is strictly necessary for those wanting to develop their careers.

What are the major benefits of real estate coaching programs?

Real estate coaching programs can give you an outside perspective on the processes you need to succeed.

Should you do one-on-one or group coaching?

Much of this depends on your learning style. A one-on-one coaching session is better if you’d rather work directly with a coach. But group coaching would be preferred if you want to talk to other professionals and network. There are also team programs for those working in a real estate team.

How do you know whether you can trust a coach?

Different real estate professionals can have vastly different tactics. Consider checking out a coach’s social media presence together with their articles and publications, to see whether they are the right fit for you. The more the coach’s personality resonates with you, the more likely they are to provide advice you can take.

How much does real estate coaching cost?

Most real estate coaching services cost quite a bit. Extensive real estate coaching generally starts at around $700 but can exceed many thousands of dollars. The most affordable types of coaching are web-only coaching services, which can be only a few hundred dollars. However, good real estate coaching can help launch your real estate career and may be able to deliver far more than that in value.

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