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35 Real Estate Content Ideas For Your Blog or YouTube Channel


by Kyle Handy       Updated October 22, 2020


This episode originally aired on my weekly live show, The Monday Mastermind. To join in on the next conversation, go to every Monday at 9am CST.

In this post, I talk about the 3 reasons agents should be focused on real estate content creation. 

Here is the podcast:

Authority, communication, and scalability...

I give examples of what type of content you should be creating to generate leads in today's market.

I discuss the process of creating content and then optimizing it for different platforms.

We talk about the difference between blogging, creating videos, and/or podcasts.


Kyle Handy 0:00
So anyways, well cool guys. Well, we got looks like we've got about 19 people on the call welcome. So excited to have you guys here today for the Monday mastermind call. As I mentioned, we're going to be talking today about content creation, how to go about just, you know, thinking about content creation, and you know, really like researching it finding out like, what people are looking for, and how you can kind of like use these strategies in your business. Most like imagine it's a real estate business. But even if you're running some other type of business, this could I'm sure apply to it. But, but yeah, there's a lot of benefits to content creation. You know, and I guess maybe that's where we'll just kind of start is like a general overview and kind of like the benefits, why you would even want to start creating your own content. But really, I think, you know, one of the most powerful benefits that I see as now that I kind of, say that I'm a content creator, is is you you gain trust in You gain kind of like, like respect and people, it doesn't take quite as long to sell somebody on something when they can already see that you've created content that's helpful to them. And they kind of begin to see that you're an expert at whatever it is that you're creating that content on, right from the start. So you have to sell yourself less whatever it is that you get involved in a meeting or, you know, sales presentation, or whatever it is, if you've got content out there, in this day and age, people are typically looking you up there, you know, researching what they can find about you. And you know, and so when you create that content, I think that it just helps that sales process in whatever business that you're in, move forward. And so I think that's, that's, of course, one big benefit. I think the other benefit of is of course, then you can get discovered, right? You're going to get relationships and, you know, get opportunities to do things that you might not have gotten otherwise if you didn't have things out there in the you know, youtube space. In the, you know, Google SEO space, in all of these spaces where people are searching and looking for stuff, you you might not have gotten, you know, found if you didn't have things out there. And so, one of the things that I guess, you know, you know, that I started in the beginning, why I was really hesitant about not creating as much content as I do today, is I almost felt like you're like in this uphill battle of like, like, you don't even know where to start. And you don't even know because there's so much out there that what you're going to do is going to be effective. Like, you know, I know that for me, I was like, man, I don't, you know, I don't even want to start there's already stuff about this are like, Who am I? Like, nobody's gonna know who I am. You know, so like, I shouldn't even start at it, you know, and that was kind of my thought for, you know, a few years, you know, in the very beginning. And then whenever I did do stuff, it was never like, you know, it wasn't like, very planned or it was just kind of at a whim and then I put it out there. And now what's ended up transpiring over like two or three years as I see that that stuff that I put out there on a whim, actually was like, now it's like reaching people people find it and they're like, connecting with me and like, and if that happened, you know, just from a whim, like, what could happen if I actually was consistent with this? And, you know, actually, you know, made it made a go at it. And sure enough, I mean, I've been doing that now solid for, I'd say, four to five months, with some plan behind it. And, you know, there's good things happening, you know, I mean, a lot of good things happening for me. And so, so anyway, so that's kind of, I would say, an overview about the benefits, Curtis, I'll kick it to you to just, you know, see if I missed anything, or if that makes sense to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 3:37
Yeah, no, it makes total sense, man. Let me summarize a little bit here, just the notes. So you talked about establishing authority, and that's a big one. That's a very big opportunity. You know, we need that as realtors, we're in a leadership position, whether we know it or not, in interacting with our buyer and seller clients interacting with our vendor partners, and the content that you create, and you put out there, it just establishes Your position, you know, you think about like walking into a classroom, if you will, the presenter, the teacher up front, they have immediate authority, right? Just because you see them standing up there in the front of the room. And it's the same thing with your online content. When somebody sees you, on video, they see you, you know, putting stuff out there, your blog posts, all that good stuff is establishing that authority for you. So that's an absolutely great reason, Kyle, another one you mentioned was building trust and creating new relationships, you know, we're in the business of those two things. And we should be all day every day, right. And if you're not on the phone, or you're not in person with a prospective client or an actual client, then the next best thing or in many cases, even a better thing is to be in front of them on the web and on social media. And that's what your content is, right? So it builds that trust, it creates those new relationships. And then Kyle talked about being discovered. And that's a, that's a hard to, at least initially when you're getting going. That's a hard to quantify and understand benefit. But I can tell you, it's probably one of the most actually valuable benefits of creating content and it's one of your biggest returns on investment. When you Get a brand new potential buyer seller, out of the blue that you've never heard of never connected with, you've never marketed directly to them, and then they come find you like that is worth, you know, 10 100 1000 times whatever money and time you invested to create that content. A couple more here. I think this one's pretty good too. It's practice, right? So when you're creating content and you're sharing a message, or you're writing something down, or you're, you know, whatever type of content you're creating, you're recording something like you're practicing what it is that you should be doing. Every other minute of your day as a realtor, right? you're practicing. Speaking of buyers, you're practicing speaking of sellers, you're practicing demonstrating your market knowledge you're practicing explaining why you should, you know, understand this pricing in this market or why you should make an offer, why you should list your house etc. So it's amazing practice. And then the last one, as Kyle was kind of starting to share again, this one's hard to expect but like Every buddy, every one of us has something that we know that we can offer to somebody out there that we don't think is valuable, but to them is extremely valuable. So like some of the early content Kyle was talking about was back in the day, he was just like reviewing social platforms like crm stuff and different things like that, right? And you, you'd be so surprised that people are watching this stuff that you don't even think is relevant or valuable to them. And out of the blue, they're like, Hey, I watched your video about that, and that you're like, I'm up in Wisconsin, bumping into a few family members here and there. And I literally have had three family members this week, tell me that they watch my stuff online. My stuff's not necessarily geared for a NASA scientist and a therapist and all this but they're watching it. They're watching that content. They're getting value, as Kyle said, they're feeling more connected to you and you're getting in deeper relationships. So absolutely. Yep.

Kyle Handy 6:51
Oh, you're muted at the end there. But yeah, you know, and I actually as we were talking to I thought of another benefit, I think this is huge. And this is something why I think In the last four to five months, mine has really, you know, my content creation had to step up is because also the biggest thing, I think, is that it's also scaling, right? Like, as you begin to work with a lot of other people, and you begin to scale your business, whatever that is, you find that you be you're asked the same questions, or people struggle with the same things like time and time again. And I only have so many hours in the day. So it's like, you know, if I helped everybody one on one with the same thing that I'm constantly hearing, you know, don't take up all my time. And for a long time, that's what I what I did. But now it's like, I realized, you know, most people have similar questions like they, you know, they all especially in real estate, like they usually boil down to, you know, a lot of the same things. And so it's like, man, if I can create one video or like, when it like Now what I do is I do zoom calls with agents that are on my team, you know, I run into an expansion team across the US, I got agents in multiple states. And what I'll do is if an agent has a question, you know, at this point, I don't meet up face to face with them, even if there isn't Antonio, you know, I meet agents on zoom, just like we're doing here. And I record the zoom call whenever I create it, and then I put it into my library, right? Like, because if that person has a question, you know, chances are, there's gonna be, like Curtis said, probably hundreds, if not thousands of people that have that exact same question. And it could be the most, like, random, you know, you think specific question that it's like, nobody's gonna, you know, be curious about this. But then, you know, they should be so surprised. Like, you get found you get, you know, people that watch those videos like, like Curtis said, like, a good example of that was like, I think a year and a half ago, I had an agent that he was asking about, I think it was agent legend was it's like a text messaging platform that real estate agents can use. It's called agent legend. And I was like, oh man, no worries. Like I didn't even have a YouTube channel. This is like literally my very first video I ever put on YouTube. And I was like all I'll create a video so I'll say my screen I'll create a video about you know, Agent legend, the demo of it, like, I'll show you it on my screen, I'll record it. I'll kind of talk about it, as I'm going over it, and I'll send it to you. When I got to the point of sending Tim was like, man, how do I send this? I put it in the email, do I? I don't know, well, I'll put it on this YouTube channel. So literally, I put it on my YouTube channel. It was the very first video I didn't think of it, anything of it. And then I didn't even like do anything with it. Like at all, like, I just put it on there. And now I like look back, I think I've got like five or 600 views on that one video alone. And I'm like, holy crap, like, this is just a like a, I put, you know, Agent legend demo, you know, for the guy. I've since went back and kind of like added description and all that kind of stuff now, but even before I did all that, I mean, I had hundreds and hundreds of views on it. And you know, and so anyways, you know, you just got to be thinking of this is like a long term thing. It's like, you know, you could do a video a week, right? If something like over the course of a year to two years, you're going to 50 or 100 videos. It's already was the idea of having like, you know passive income or something like that like but it's like the content version of it right like so instead of you going out and buying a rental property which as we know like you know, you get you buy rental properties can continue to pay you month over month down the road. Like it's almost like that with content which which content as we had talked about one of the benefits is providing you business and so like you have all these little pieces of content out there that people are finding they're discovering you for and then later on down the road, you know, that provides business back to you in whatever it is that you're trying to get business in. Right so

Unknown Speaker 10:33
that's a cool analogy, dude. I like that analogy and I think it plays completely one more thing that you you sparked while you were talking there for me back to like one of the reasons why we talked about you know, being known and creating new relationships and Sylvia put something cool in the chat that Grant Cardone says right, it's all about being discovered and people know who you are. Like when you don't share content. What you're doing is you're letting the audience who is paying attention to you actually decided Your story for themselves right? So they're deciding if you're a successful realtor not a successful realtor they're deciding if you're primarily work with buyers, you primarily work with sellers, they're deciding if you're, you know, techie or non techie, they're deciding your entire story for you, if you're not putting that content out there and allowing them to understand who you are. So as you put the content out there as you celebrate your victories, as you share as you be helpful as you offer value for free, then they're watching you tell your story, and you're creating the brand that you want in their minds, but if you're not doing that, they're doing it for themselves, whether you know it or not, so that's another huge benefit of putting your content out there.

Kyle Handy 11:37
Yeah, it's funny because I mean, I think most of us as realtors like myself included, like I kind of like I don't know, I don't want to look at myself like a salesperson. In fact, like I don't even want to be a good sales like I don't want to be that salesy person we all say that, right? Like we always try and differentiate ourselves like in the public eye like Oh, we don't want to be like classified like a used car salesperson, right? Like that's how we don't want be viewed or we don't want to look at ourselves. And and most of us tell ourselves that. And so like by creating content and having that being out there, the way I look at that is like you're attracting business versus having to sell people on it. And so since I don't want to sell people on why they need to use me in the first place, like, that's a very viable strategy for me, like, I don't want to do anything else other than attract people to me, and I was like, I wish that I knew this. You know how to do this. Five years ago, six years ago, when I first got started in the general real estate. Hell, I wish I would have started this 10 years ago, when YouTube was just kind of starting and all my videos would be, you know, ranked even higher, but, but you know what I mean? Like, it's like, if you start this library early on, and it's not too late. That's the things I think people think, oh, man, I missed this boat. And I'll be honest with you, like, and this kind of gets in maybe like, the next segment is, you know, a lot of times you know, people think like, well, should I blog like, do I write you know, do I do video? You know, should I create a podcast like where what's the right approach to take with content creation show I just be putting things on Facebook on Instagram or whatever right? Like Where do I even start? And here's kind of my general view and I'm open to you know hearing feedback criticism whatever. But you know I look at like the organic like writing thing like if you're a writer you should definitely do blogs right like I'm not a writer like I never have been anytime I have writing I let Chrissy my wife kind of either you know, rehash it or, you know, I kind of put just put like, chicken scratch down and then she kind of like writes it out to where people can understand it. I'm not a writer, but I do like creating video like I have no problem being on a camera. If feels like to me I can create video a lot faster than I can write something out when I write it takes hours because I've just like don't know what I'm doing and you know, I can and maybe I can improve but for me video is the right thing for me. Maybe for you. If you don't like being on video, but you don't like writing maybe you gotta you know, do podcasts have audio out there. What I will say though, from just what I see in this space, I feel like if you the opportunities still lives with video right now, I still think that there's a lot of people that are hesitant about video that there's not a lot of, you know, there's not as much good video content out there as there probably is with, you know, blogs and SEO and trying to get ranked on that, you know, as quickly, I think video first off to the power of video is of course that you can gain trust a lot quicker, I think when people see you, you know, hear you talking. You know, I think there's, there's, there's a big power to that, and in our business, especially as real estate agents, like gaining trust is is super important. So if like, there's a way that, you know, I can spend one hour You know, and it's going to be creating, you know, a video or a blog post, like, I'm going to do a video because I think it's multifaceted, like you're going to get discovered from it, you're going to gain trust from it, but that's just me but if you're like totally anti it, you can still do the content creation on blogs. But I don't know I think that's kind of my thought and that's why I've taken this approach to going on video because I still think there's a huge opportunity within YouTube within you know, video, all that stuff to do it.

Kyle Handy 15:02
What I will say like an overall kind of strategy that I would you know, and I think so, and I was making this mistake for a very long time was that I would do all of this content creation, and I would put it on like Facebook or Instagram or something like that. And the problem with those platforms is that they don't live on forever. It's not what you would call evergreen, you know, in the sense that it's going to, like, you know, be searched and found like, tons of time. So I've like, last three, four years, you know, I've been on Facebook, I've been on Instagram, and I create stuff that takes my time. Like, we all spend hours and hours and hours on these social media platforms. But it's like you're putting all this stuff out there and then it's like gone, whereas the power that I truly see between between having a blog between having a YouTube channel between having a podcast is literally people will search that stuff, two years later, like there's going to be people that have questions about things you're doing today. That will be you know, maybe coming across that in They're stage of their business two years from now that are going to look up something. And when you have something that you created, like, they can go back and find that, and then discover you, and then they can discover all the new stuff that you're doing. Because if you've been consistent, you keep doing it, you know, that's how they get connected to you. And so, you know, I think that's the real cool thing behind this is like when you go to a platform like YouTube, blogging, podcasts. And when I say blogging, that's like, you know, having your own website, you know, your own domain where you put your blog posts on, and they can, you know, go and do Google research or, you know, searching something on Google and find your post, you know, a year later or whatever, like, that's what I'm talking about creating that type of content. If you just create an awesome video, and you put it on Facebook, like without putting it on, you know, something else like that, you know, you're kind of putting yourself at a disadvantage. I mean, I think now what I've kind of come to terms with is that like, I put everything on my website, you know, you know, like my YouTube videos. I've created on YouTube, I can, you know, make a blog post about it on my website. And then even now what I'm going to start to do is probably start to kind of, you know, change all of the, the coding into these videos and just making them podcasts, right, because I'm not really showing a whole lot of screens and stuff like that somebody could listen to this in their car. So you can actually do one thing that becomes three, right? But the cool thing and then you use the social media platforms to just help advertise those different pages, those different YouTube videos that you're creating, like, that's what Facebook and Instagram and all that stuff should be used for. If you're, you know, in the content creation space, of course, you're going to use it for a whole bunch of things, but on around content creation, you should, you know, host it on to these different platforms, and then use social media to push people to that content to at least get the views kicked off and you know, get, you know, some juices flowing to that content. But, but don't just put it on these platforms like Instagram and Facebook and think that that's going to be your strategy because you know, a year later like no Nobody's going to find that stuff. It's just not going to happen. So, all right, I'll let it all at Curtis jump in and see if I missed anything there or if anybody wants to jump in, you know, honestly, that I missed or or ideas behind that. Yeah, we're good.

Unknown Speaker 18:13
No, I want

Unknown Speaker 18:15
to reiterate video, because you're right video is, is the number one traffic source on the internet. And the thing you mentioned, you mentioned writing and you sit like myself to like when I sit there, and I try to write content. I'll sit there for 10 to 20 minutes trying to figure out what the right whereas with video, you just say what comes to mind and it rolls off your tongue like you're having a normal conversation. The other thing about video is that I learned attending a social media class is a really cool trick is you make a bunch of videos and if you're not a video person, you can have those. You can have those videos transcribed into blocks and transcribed into post the guy that taught the class he videos but he wrote a book by having the videos transcribed and started writing. So that's like a little hack or a little tip you can use that and say you make a video you don't like the audio like you you don't appreciate how you look you can have a like a artists make a cartoon of the video or something like that so video is probably I think that's the best way to go about things don't sit there right don't sit there and block like make a video have that transcribed like it's easy to have videos transcribed these days. So video to me that's the best way to go about it. And it's like I said before, it's the number one traffic source on the internet. Compared to reading we take we retain 10% of the information we are we we receive when reading when we're watching a video it goes up to about 90%

Kyle Handy 19:53
I believe that man that's so powerful. I appreciate that. That's That's good stuff, man. Yeah, and I know I've looked into that transcribed And I'm sure Curtis can chime in, he's probably looked into it as well. But yeah, I mean, there's you go to like, Fiverr they've got services on their f5? Or are you going up work or any of these places where you can hire virtual assistants, you'll find people that are willing to do that type of work, where Yeah, they'll take your stuff. And literally, like, that's all that I'm talking about is like, I'll create video on somebody transcribe it for me, I'll make it into, you know, take the, you know, MP or just the audio file, and, and make it into a podcast. And, you know, that's a, it's a huge strategy. If you look at all these people that are doing content creation, I think that that is, you know, something that a lot of them are doing. And so and then it's just being consistent beyond that, you know, and that's, that's probably the hardest part of it all is just the consistency aspect about it. But like, I want to relate this a little bit, kind of back, like if you're a real estate agent, like what does this look like, for you? Like, what are we actually talking about, like, you know, because we're all in kind of, you know, there's different businesses and like, what I'm doing might not be exactly what you're looking to do. You know, I'm creating content Around, you know, for real estate agents, right? But like you might just be like, hey, like, what does this mean? Like if I'm trying to get more buyers and sellers, right? Like it's it's basically the same thing like we got to start with first off keyword research right like what do people buyers and sellers you know your target demographic What are they looking for like what information are they lacking? You know hopefully if you're if you're doing this business you know you're working with people already like what questions do they normally have like what things to hold them up from you know, working with you or working to buy a house all together? Like you know, what are the common themes I think there's a lot of them you know, that you can start talking about you can start creating videos about but you know, just like, like on the buyer side, right, people always have questions about you know, like getting approved for a house, they have questions about the process, they have questions about like, where to start, like, you know, certain certain things like that and then you can talk even more like you can go and do more in depth things like, you know, homes in your area, right like Maybe there's a neighborhood or something that, you know, people constantly like, you know, they want to know about, like, it's a, it's a buzz neighborhood or, you know, just something like that. And you can do a little, you know, a video about that neighborhood. And, you know, the average prices in that neighborhood, the average days on market in that neighborhood, you know, like, what the HOA fees are for that neighborhood, you know, all that kind of, you'd be so surprised because in with when you go into, like, things like that, like it can, it's much easier to rank than when you're trying to rank for like, you know, real estate social media training, right? Like, you know, that's then you're going against the whole nation, right, like other people that are trying to like get realtors attentions, if you're just trying to like you know, you know, make some good video content for like different neighborhoods in your area. You'd be very surprised there's there's a lot less competition. I'm not saying that nobody's doing it. I'm sure there's other realtors in your area that kind of know or think that they you know, want to do this. So there might not be zero, but I can tell you there's very little like this. Especially when you kind of go into, like, what we call, like the long tail keywords and kind of the niche things where you're like, really kind of finding, like a specific neighborhood a zip code, you know, I mean, I think that, and I think that's the kind of the approach you have to take, I think that it'd be good for you as a realtor to like, you know, take a general approach, like maybe do a video about selling a house, do a video about the buying process, do a video about, you know, you and you being a real estate agent in your market, and like what your market is, and like the city as a general. And then you know, I think it's important to start kind of branching off and doing the small little other things, because what's going to happen is when those people actually search for those long tail keywords, or those like, you know, houses for sale in 70 247, like a zip code in my area, which people will search for that and say, my video comes up, they're going to watch that video, and then they're going to look and see okay, well what else does he have on his channel, right? And then when I've got on there, like about me as a real estate agent, that's when the real power comes in. And that's when people start to like, give you phone calls. They already have the trust built around you so like that's like The overall picture of this whole thing, I think that you know, you got to do the big overview videos, because people will see that you might not rank for it. Like there's big agents in, you know, say, san antonio, Texas that are already ranking ahead of time. Don't concern yourself with that right away, right? Like, just have that video out there, you might get some views from it right away. You might not get enough views until later when your other videos are getting discovered. And then more people are funneling into those bigger videos. But either way, you know, I think it's important to kind of have those and then to branch off ones. So I see we got a hand raised. Tammy, you want to go ahead and ask your question.

Unknown Speaker 24:36

Kyle Handy 24:37
Hey, how are you?

Unknown Speaker 24:40
I just good. How are you? Good. Good. I wanted I wanted to add, I've been doing videos off and on for a while. I use big view as a teleprompter. And so I kind of go out and kind of figure out what I want to say. I mean, not say it exactly that way. And then it's free actually with a watermark. And I just put my logo over the watermark. And then what? Who? Yeah, and then when I do is after I do my video, I actually copy and paste that. teleprompter, the transcription and I use it for my blog.

Unknown Speaker 25:26

Unknown Speaker 25:27
so I just yeah I just go out and change a few things on there on my blog and I instant blog information.

Kyle Handy 25:36
It was called lights tell me

Unknown Speaker 25:38

Kyle Handy 25:40
It's called Big view. Big Big view calm. Oh, there you go. There you go. Perfect. Curtis so I was going to do is type it into the chat. You put it in there. Big is the website. Yep. Perfect.

Unknown Speaker 25:53
And it's free, again with the watermark and I just put my local Go over the watermark on my videos. So no, and it's really easy to use, you can upload to your Google Drive. And then I download it into my video program. So

Unknown Speaker 26:17
pretty cool. I love it.

Kyle Handy 26:19
I love it, like, give me an example. Like what I would do it like with that information. And just like this information that we've talked about today in general, like if I was getting back into real estate sales, like today, for the very first time, like I had nothing built up, where I would literally start is I would research different zip codes in my area that are popular right in different neighborhoods, like the buzz keywords that are going on and, and, and you can research that by like if you go so let me just actually kind of give some specifics here. I like to this is where if you're on a podcast, you wouldn't be able to follow along here but you'd have to watch go back to my YouTube video here but I'm going to share my screen. I want to Share this desktop here. So Alright, so you can see here I'm going to start a new tab here, KW Finder. So this is where I look for my keywords KW Finder. com right and so within here it's it's not expensive, I think it's, I don't know $20 a month or something for to be able to do this. But you can like for instance put in anything like like let's say homes for sale 7270 247 right, that's a zip code by me and I could see how many people are searching that keyword on Google every single month and it will help me kind of like top grade to figure out like where do I want to focus my efforts beginning right. So like I do that right. And then what this does is it actually shows me all the different zip codes right like similar zip codes, this the searches per month, so you kind of start to find like houses for sale in San Antonio. Like what are people are what are they going to find you for right and like make that the you know how you kind of feel You're out, like what you want to make your videos, you know, like, because you need to start with kind of the research part of it first. But like if I wanted to create, you know, my first video, like I said, I think it's good to have some big ones, you know, houses for sale in San Antonio, you probably want to rank for that kind of a thing eventually. But in the beginning, there might be more competition for it. And actually, if you see here, this like Keyword Difficulty, kind of tells you you know, the the difficulty of getting ranked for that. But then, you know, some of these, you know, more specific ones, like an area like a neighborhood or something like that, like if I put a neighborhood, right.

Kyle Handy 28:34
It's going to usually be a little bit easier to rank for these more long tail things than it is for the big ones. And so I can't sell it This one is I gotta click on it here to see what it'll be. But even still, like that's a neighborhood of my area. 480 people searching that a month. And what I would do is I would literally and see because this is where I thought I knew this kind of stuff. Three, four or five years ago when I was growing my real estate sales business, but I never took any Action, because what I thought was, man, I'm gonna have to, like, get a video guy to go out there with me. And, you know, and I'm going to go stand in front of this neighborhood or maybe walk through it and like, you know, create this awesome video for this neighborhood. What I would do today is I would sit here in front of my computer, I might share my screen, you know, it doesn't, I mean, you want it to be as high quality as you can make it like I'm not saying just put crap out there, but like, you know, but getting something out there is better than nothing and starting to get discovered is better than not. And I would like provide a lot of value, I would say like, Hey, you know, this is Kyle here, you know, I want it today I'm talking about timber wood Park. And you know, that the houses in this area, you know, typically, you know, on average sell for this amount, you know, per square foot. And you know, of course this is 2019 So, I would let them know, like, Hey, you know, this, I'm recording this at this time, you know, but then, you know, average days on market is this and this, you know, the homes, you know, ages range from, you know, this year to this year, they're still currently being built. You know, there's a couple options like you could buy a lot in here. If you want Build, you know, and just go through like that and create little like five minute video for it, right and boom, put that up and get that out there. And then do another one, right? Like do one on 72 six. So, like you could literally create 10 videos a day if you really wanted to, and you were focused on it. And versus what I did, as I thought I overthought it you know, I was like, I'm gonna have to go to all these different places to go like interview people that live there. And I'm going to like make these things like high quality when they're only getting like a couple hundred searches a month like you know, it's probably not worth your time or investment to like go out and like you know, make some massive production out of it right but now when you do something that's like going to be something you want to rank high on like your San Antonio video, that might be where you probably might invest a little bit more time or money into it and do something professional or whatever where it's like looking really good because you're one going to need to look professional if you do have plans to rank for that down the road. But then to like if that's the one that you're funneling everybody back to to see about you. worth your time to like make it you know, pretty good, but all these other ones that are kind of like the longer tail stuff, having information out there, you're going to be ahead of 99% of the realtors in your area because they're not going to have anything to do like that. And so then it's cool too, because then what ends up happening is like, say, now you're working with clients, and they want to go, you know, look in a certain zip code or area. Now you're the expert, because you'd be like, Hey, you know what, that's great. I'm excited to work with you. Tell you what, you know, before we even start going out and looking, watching Oh, this video, this video, this video and sending the links for those three areas that you've already got in your library because you've been creating these right? How much of an expert do you look like now with them because they can go back and they can see what you talked about. And I would say like specific videos like this, like if you're creating videos for zip codes and neighborhoods, they're probably relevant for two to three years like after that you might have to go back and probably update them with some you know, new figures because prices are going to change, things like that. But like literally I mean, you can create all these videos, you know, and have them be relevant and good for quite some time and then All you gotta do is just, you know, update the old ones every now and then with something better and newer and whatever. So anyways, that's

Unknown Speaker 32:06
a Kyle notes stay here for a second. This is a this is a very, I think meaty part of this conversation, guys. So let me let me flip it for people's brains who don't work exactly like Kyle and let me take you another direction, right? So Kyle was suggesting that if you're starting your content creation, you want to make a plan today, you can literally start researching your market, you know, nail down the zip codes he referenced as an example of how you get started. Think about it from the other end. Look at everybody you're servicing right now as a current client. Where are your searches? Or where are your listings and start making videos there? And just be like, Look, this is a buyer that I'm working with. We're searching in this school district, make a seven minute video about that school district. Think about it. Think about that buyer as your target audience and then think about every other would be buyer in that area as your target audience and make something that's high quality for them. But make something that's reusable and repurpose double for everybody. So don't say Hey, Kyle. Here's the video that I promise you, I was gonna make you man say, All right, I'm going to go over the Northeast Independent School District, all the homes in this area under $300,000. Right now I'm going to show you my screen bubble ball, right? So like, you just, if you can't figure out what to create, create things initially out of necessity that are helpful, but just be strategic when you create them and make sure that they're repurposed. And they're going to be good value for YouTube. They're going to be easy to, you know, advertise on your social media, all that stuff Kyle was talking about. And then one other thing that I'll pull in here, when he was talking about the strategy earlier, let me let me repeat it and lay it out for anybody who's kind of keeping notes and keeping track of what we're talking about here. The strategy that he talked about from a distribution perspective was he said, he creates a video, he starts by putting it on his website as a blog post. Then he puts that into YouTube. Then he talked about converting that into a podcast for himself. And then he said, use social media platforms to advertise. I'm going to give you one more bullet point about what you use social media platforms for. You can use social media platforms to experiment. Okay? So here's an example. You're out in a zip code, and you're at a builder, and you just decided to be brave and turn on your phone. And you experiment with capturing content at that new builder in that area, right? And you put that on Facebook, or you do it as a Facebook Live or whatever. You're not even thinking strategically enough yet to build it as a YouTube video. And then you see if that resonates right. If people can't comment if people like if people engage with that, well, hey, that's something really interesting and helpful. Let me now redo it or do it even better at my computer and out in about and make that a YouTube video. So that's the other benefit and value to social media is you figure out what lands what works for people like because if they're engaging there, then they're definitely going to be looking for that kind of content on your YouTube and stuff. And not to say if they're not that doesn't mean it's, it's something they're not looking for. That's another big benefit to doing your stuff and creating yourself and Practicing all on Facebook and Instagram and all the other social media platforms. So there's a couple ways to go about forcing yourself to create. But the bottom line that Kyle is saying, and you should be getting from this is you just got to make something, you just got to start getting some stuff out there. And you're going to figure out what works, what doesn't work, what you like, what you don't like. And if you just start small, as Kyle said, instead of overthinking it, what you're going to find is the coolest thing about content creation, in my opinion, guys, it's kind of like telling a good story. Like it gets more fun as it goes, if you're doing it, right, right, if you create a small five minute video about a zip code, and then you're out showing homes in that zip code, and then you're eating in that zip code, and then you're doing whatever else in that zip code. Now you have four or five, six videos that tell this compelling story. They do exactly what we're talking about earlier. They build trust, they make connections, all that good stuff, but you can't put that six sequence video series together until you do one video. And you can't think through that six video sequence series until you've done 100 different series. Right, so you just got to go do a couple of videos to get your juices flowing and get your wheels turning.

Kyle Handy 36:05
Yeah, I'll tell you. I mean, one of the most motivating things for me now about this whole thing is like, every time I create something, like, I feel good about it, because I'm like, Man, you know, I'm creating something right now. And it's going to like last right? Like, it's going to, like, it's creating value for, you know, for today, because I mean, there's people that already, you know, know who I am, and it's providing value to them today. But it's like creating value down the road for people and for myself, you know, for years to come. And so it's like, every time I create that, it's like, Man, this is powerful, you know, and so that's something I think is super, super cool.

Unknown Speaker 36:39
If nothing else, your sons and daughters, I think you're cooler because you're on YouTube, but I call Yeah, my dad's a YouTuber. hundred subscribers and like 80 views, but he's a YouTuber. That's right.

Kyle Handy 36:47
That's right. So yeah, I know. And one of the things that I want to share too, so like KW finders, a good keyword research for like Google ad, you know, finding out what people are searching Google for, and most of the time that's pretty relevant for you. YouTube as well because I get there searching for it on Google that translates over to YouTube for the most part to especially if it's like a question type of a thing, like, you know, how many you know, or like, what's the average price or you know, like all those types of are how do I go about buying a house? Like if they're asking that to Google like you know, chances are they're gonna ask it on YouTube but then even still, most of the time you know, as you see like when you search for something, if you're ranked for it in YouTube, you're usually one of the occupying the first spots on Google so like even if they search on Google, they were going to come across your video and a lot of people are more you know inclined to click on the video if there's a video about it then they are to click on just like you know, a blog page or whatever. Like if there's something that specifically speaks to what I'm asking and it's a video my God, I'm gonna check this out, you know, so I think that's the power there but if you do want a specific like keyword research kind of tool for YouTube, I found a really cool one is called to buddy. TUBE buddy, BUDDY to is a pretty cool tool that I use for for YouTube. And it's not only for like keyword research and planning your YouTube videos, but it's also very helpful for like optimization and like when you are actually creating content and YouTube videos it's going to help you optimize them and like use the right tags and there's a whole you know, video I'm sure there's a whole nother training we can do another topic about like optimization and you know, getting the most juice out of this content you're creating, but But yeah, too buddy you can look that up it's the same I think there's another one that's its competitor called vid IQ vi D IQ. I used to buddy myself but but I think both of them are do pretty similar things. But anyway, so that's kind of a

Unknown Speaker 38:45
pause. If you have a YouTube channel right now and you're at your computer and not your phone go to to buddy and install it as a Chrome extension. You can do that like right now in 45 seconds.

Kyle Handy 38:54
Yeah, let me let me just I'll show you I kind of want to show you like what a YouTube channel looks like. If you've never seen like the back end of a YouTube channel, you're like, man, like, what does this stuff even look like? Like, it's kind of exciting. Like, I'm going to show you something here that I at least it excites me, right? Like if I come here and go to my channel. So first off two buddies right here, like install it when you install it, like you're going to see like this little thing here and then this up here. But let's see here. Of course, now it's gonna hang for some reason. Alright, so here we go. So like you can see, here's all like my videos, right? tells you views, comments, all that kind of stuff. But one of the cool things I like to go into, like the analytics of them all in CH Yeah, so like, look at this. So I mean, like, in just the last like, little bit like about this last 28 days, but if I go like last 365 days. Yeah, I mean, you can see like, I mean, it's slow, right? Like, those are like, you know, how many views that I got, you know, I was getting five 810 but now like literally, I mean, the last few days, you know, over 100 views a day on all the videos and it's become My videos have been out there to rank longer. But then I also have more content out there for people to come across. Right? So like, as you create more and more and more, it starts to you know, spike, you can see all these spikes. You're like, what the heck are all these spikes? That's usually like down here you can see Oh, you published a video that day. So you had a spike. I published a video that day you had a spike. So like, you see that but even when I don't have a video published, my overall is a lot higher than it was before. So So that's kind of cool, right? Like and then like, watch time, it's like crazy to think that literally, like, over people spent 61,000 minutes watching content that I've created. Like, that's crazy to me. And I know and that's like, nothing like that's not that's not you know, too much. And in my opinion, I mean, I think there's people that have billions probably of minutes watched on their channel. But at least for me, that feels you know, like, that's pretty substantial. So anyways, BI you can see like, subscribers, you know, how many subscribers you're gaining a day. And don't be discouraged. Like literally, I mean, even in the beginning, I mean, I had no social grabbers writings even still, I've only got 200 I think now. But but it's growing, you know, I'm starting to get more subscribers consistently daily now than I ever was in the past. And so it'll, it'll come it just takes a little while to kind of do all that stuff. But one of the cool things I wanted to show you so cuz I told you guys early on in the call about that first video that I created. So here let me scroll all the way to my last page of videos that I created. Let's see here. Yeah, Agent legend demo. There we go. 570 views on it and y'all should do I mean, go go and watch it. You'll see the quality. It's like literally me screen recording. You know, just talking to a guy might have even said his name in it. I don't even remember. Like, I don't even think I made it generalized. He probably did. I think I was making it for this agent out in Florida. It might have even said his name but I put it up there right and but now 570 people have watched it. You know, eight people have liked it. It's crazy, right?

Unknown Speaker 41:54
Because agent legend is something that's so interesting to people and people are using it and looking for it. Just like The restaurant in your neighborhood is interesting to people. And just like, you know that builders name is interesting to people. And just like interest rates are super interesting to people right now. Like, what's crazy is the content inside the video guys like Kyle showing sort of the title in the, you know, the tags and stuff like that, if you get that right inside the video, your content could be Who cares? Like it doesn't even have to be at all good. It's just something because people are searching and finding the result based on that. Of course, the content keeps them coming back. It gets them connected to you like it's got to be compelling and all that stuff, but it doesn't really matter. At first, what matters is that you just do something and you just put it out there and it gets better and better over time. Like this is a this creation and distribution. That's a muscle you know, and if you're not like working this muscle yet, okay, but you just got to get in the gym and don't expect to be good for a year or two years or three years. But eventually, you'll get it and people will appreciate it.

Kyle Handy 42:55
One of the most encouraging things you guys can do right now is like go to YouTube. And if you're Like you know you use YouTube and all that kind of stuff and you have people that you subscribe to one of the most encouraging things you can do is like go to somebody that you subscribe that you subscribe to right like so Graham Steve I love watching his content right he's got over 700,000 subscribers now but then go to their videos and then sort it by the oldest videos right? Like watch the early one go watch like their earliest videos right? Like you know it's like see how these like you're like watches how to get leads in real estate right? And hold on one sec. Will do this skip there. So like you like watch like how they do it. And there's so like, they're not what it looks like today, right? Like this is like he's recording with his iPhone here. Like, right? It's like but then you go look at his videos today and they're much more polished and all that but you know, when he got found when he you know, it's not like it was super well crafted, right? You just got stuff out there. You know, you tag them the right way. And they will get watched. And so anyways, I 47,000

Unknown Speaker 44:03

Kyle Handy 44:04
on that basic. Yeah, exactly, exactly. So that's where it's like, you know, if you want some encouragement, go do that, right? Go find anybody because you know, they're going to still have their old videos there because they're not gonna want get rid of them because they're already probably ranking pretty good. So you can sort it by their oldest stuff and go watch what they did in the beginning. And I guarantee you it's not going to look like what it does today. Like they're polished videos. You know, so anyways,

Unknown Speaker 44:27
and it's a journey people like to be part of your journey when you first started off to where to where you are now when you start off with the iPhone, and a low quality and then you get up to the professional videos. Like you go through some of these old videos and you'll see like they've I've been watching you since way back when and they're a loyal fan, a loyal customer. People would like to be part of that journey. And see you grow people like to be part of it.

Kyle Handy 44:51
Absolutely, man. I couldn't agree more. That is a good point.

Unknown Speaker 44:55
I love it. I was going to pull in something from last week, Kyle So last week, guys, we were talking about just using Social media in general, right and what you should do every day and the different, you know, ways that you should kind of mix up your social media strategically. We talked about mixing it up between professional and lifestyle. We talked about being intentional and purposeful. We talked about using the right tags and hash tags and descriptions. All the same applies when we're talking about video, like video is just a microcosm of your larger social media strategy, right. So like, what drone was saying is 100%, right? People, people get connected to pain, people going to get connected to stories, like a lot of what you can do with your videos. It doesn't have to be perfect, polished and precise. You know, it can be real and raw and authentic. And you're taking people you know, sometimes behind the scenes, you're giving them a glimpse into your real personality. That's what they love. It's exactly what he said they follow the journey. What you're going to find is people are going to watch a lot of your stuff before they latch on to you. If they like you, right if they watch like one video and they get a little bit of helpful information about a zip code, cool, but if they watch a second and a third of They see you taking your your son or daughter out to a showing. And then they see you, you know, getting to a closing late and saying like, oh man just got to this closing. And here's this and here's that. But here's how it all went. And here's what you guys should keep in mind when you're buying or selling, like, all that stuff is what's going to kind of pull them in. And then it's going to do what Kyle said early on, which is the goal of this content, it's going to attract them to it's going to make it so that you don't have to go out and find your next buyer and seller lead, they're going to come to you they're going to reach out they're going to comment on your YouTube, they're going to send you a private message through social and that like Kyle is talking about being excited about your views and all that stuff. That's pretty exciting. It is. But it's the most exciting when you actually get an engagement when they reach out to you like I'm not kidding. I don't get a lot of comments on my YouTube's but what I do, I'm so excited. I can't wait to write that person back and help them send them more stuff. Maybe make a follow up video just for that one commenter because that was a person that I didn't go out and actively find they came and found me like that is the magic stuff. I'll give one more story Dr. Social media and to kind of hammer home Jerome's point. So I was a pretty timid social media user for the majority of my adult life, meaning I didn't even post on Facebook, I didn't post about my professional life or my personal life. And about six months ago, approximately, I changed that stance. And I said, Okay, I'm going to get out there. And I'm creating all this content. At the time I was keeping it private, I was only creating it for my clients, and for my agents on my team. And I started to go more public and started to put this stuff out there. So I created something that was kind of a combination of video and long writing. So I put it on a facebook post had that video somewhere else, and I just kind of shared a little bit about my personal life. And it had sort of a professional context, right. I was talking about an event I just gone to, I had somebody reach out privately to me that I'd never talked to before ever. I sort of knew them through social media, and they had gone through a major situation in their life, a tragedy and they related to my situation. Now, we're in a relationship, both professionally and personally, you know, she's a friend, we're engaged in business together. And like all that happen. And just because I put up this post on Facebook, I just created some content. It was thoughtful. It was purposeful. It was intentional. And a whole new relationship was created just because of that, and somebody that I could really help. And all because she made that connection to me through what I shared. Like that's an example of how this stuff all actually works together.

Kyle Handy 48:28
Awesome. Awesome. Very cool, guys. I mean, I know we're getting close to the top of the hour. I do want to open it up just to see maybe if anybody's got questions, anything we didn't cover or thoughts feedback from today. Let's see. I think I see your hand raise. Tammy, I don't know if you have another question. That's still from earlier, but let's see. Does anybody else what else we got? Who's going to start doing this today? Ian Flanagan you're gonna go out there and create some content today. You got the studio behind you.

Unknown Speaker 48:58
Yes. Let's go. Let's create a piece of content right now. Real Time. All right, right here. So just to make an example of this Hey guys, I'm live with Kyle Handy the Monday mastermind for real estate agents. We're talking about selling real estate increasing our business. You know, it's the selling season right now, so I got Kyle right there. I love it. What's up guys? I can't hear you man. I have you on my head. Oh, but either way, you want to give a shout out to Kyle Handy Curtis Dixon for putting on this awesome mastermind. Thanks, guys.

Kyle Handy 49:36
Awesome, love it at easy. Go in. Guys. I'm telling you the worst thing that you can do. And I mean, I made this mistake was I just overthought it right? Like you know, you overthink it, you think you got to do too much or you know, it's got to be, you know, this well crafted thing. Like you'll get better over time. Just don't overthink it, like go out there put out some content. And like Jerome said, you might have some limiting beliefs about like, well, maybe You just don't like the way you look on camera that's not an excuse, there's ways you can go around it right? Like make it into a podcast, transcribe it into, you know, into a blog post, put some, you know, cartoon figures over it, right, like do something right like you can easily create these pieces of content that's going to help and then who knows what that'll lead to like maybe you eventually get you know, more confident in your skills, your abilities, whatever it might be. And you know, one of the cool things that I'll just wrap it up with this is kind of my last thought about all of this. As I've created more content I've become I became more wise in whatever it is that I'm creating content about, like I become the master of it, right? Like you don't learn something really until you can like until you teach it like like there's things that I'm teaching you today that I'm still learning but as I teach them I get smarter and because I'm like researching it, I'm talking about it, like you know and so like I mean think of that in your you know, in your craft like in you know, real estate sales like you know, you want to be an expert in your market will go create 50 YouTube videos, and I guarantee You'll be a lot smarter than you are today, you know, in your market, like it's just going to happen. You're going to go and research these neighborhoods, these zip codes, these areas, whatever it might be, you're going to have to, you know, come up with content for it. And then you're going to go out there and talk about it, and put it out there. So I mean, you're just going to be smarter about it. So that's the other cool, cool thing that Curtis wants to talk I could tell.

Unknown Speaker 51:22
Actually, I just have like a cramp. I'm sitting on like this bench in my in my SATA. Kyle called it and I'm like, Oh, just moving all around. No, I do want to hammer home what Kyle said, though, because I'm a firm believer in it. And if you think back, you know, we didn't plan this count. I don't actually rehearse. We just kind of jump on and go. But it's the same kind of message I brought up in the beginning, right, like content, put out in public creates authority. And Kyle just talked about sort of being that teacher, right. If you can't teach it, you don't know it well enough. And it all kind of goes hand in hand, right? Like when you are out there sharing this stuff you are teaching others and if you're prepared enough and practice enough and researched enough, like you're going to become a better expert. Your authority is going to be authentic and real and true, right? Like that authority that they're perceiving you have, you actually do have because you've spent the time and invested in actually putting this thought together and putting it out there. So if you can't teach it, you don't know it well enough. If you can't make a video about it, you don't know what well enough. I like that kind of thing. That's a good message. I want to ask you one more question if you got a minute just because, guys, the other thing that separates content creators from people who just wish they were creating content, is that mindset that Ian Flanagan just demonstrated, right? And what's the mindset you have to have to actually just be able to jump on a live video and share on a Monday morning at 10am? With I'm sure your you know, baby in the background and your business and your phone going off? Like, what's that mindset talk a little bit about help people decide to just go out there and do it today. What do you have to be thinking?

Unknown Speaker 52:48
I mean, if you just, you just have to do it. I mean, obviously, in real estate, there's people that succeed at a high level and a lot of other people that are trying to figure it out and different. difference between the two are the people that actually block the time execute it make it happen versus getting ready to get ready to get ready to get ready. Like I would see people on threads be like I'm thinking about starting a video get whatever, whatever what type of camera should I use? And everyone's doing all these cameras. I was like, iPhone

Unknown Speaker 53:19
gives a shit on iPhone.

Unknown Speaker 53:21
So look, there it is, guys. I just there it is.

Unknown Speaker 53:26
Yeah, that's it.

Unknown Speaker 53:28
So I mean, it's it's literally that simple. Um, you just don't overthink it, come up with an idea, shoot it, put it out there, keyword it and move on. And, you know, another thing that I think a nugget that I pulled the biggest nugget that I pulled away from you guys today was when Kyle was talking about being more strategic in the content of the content that you play. So if you're talking about your neighborhood, your sphere of influence your your farm area, your schools, your restaurants and all that like if you do post that on Facebook is Anything about Facebook is it can be very quick and very random, right? Boom, boom, boom, you can get it out there. But you should take that video and either you do it yourself or have a virtual assistant, pull it down, transcribe it, what everybody was talking about put one and put put that video on YouTube with all the keywords. Because when consume YouTube is a very powerful search engine. So the more that those keywords are being searched, your video will organically start coming up. So the simplest thing that I could say is just pick a few topics that you're really that you're really knowledgeable about. And just educate people on them. Just share it share what you're excited about. And shit just share what it is. So obviously real estate, maybe something about about your children or your school or your dogs if you don't have kids. Just pick a few different topics and just consistently just shoot content about it. Just Just get over it get get over the nervous jitters Just do it. Love it. All right. Well,

Kyle Handy 54:56
Gabrielle you You had a question I saw you said you had your hand Raised

Unknown Speaker 55:01
Yes, I'm curious what video editing

Unknown Speaker 55:04
equipment do or

Unknown Speaker 55:06

Kyle Handy 55:07
Yeah so so I use on my, on my MacBook I use Final Cut Pro it's a bit advanced I will say right now i mean you know it takes some time to learn it and it i mean that's like a professional video editing you know software I know that most people probably could you know utilize like I movie if you're on like the apple platform probably to do that. which you know is actually an app that you can download on your phone if you're taking video on your phone.

Unknown Speaker 55:33
I've used that for some things

Unknown Speaker 55:37
I don't have I don't have a Mac. Okay.

Kyle Handy 55:41
Yeah, yeah, if you don't have a Mac Book I mean, I don't know maybe there's some PC users on here about like what specifically they use on PC. But I know that on the apple system I use I movie you can use it on your phone. And, and honestly, like if you're taking stuff on your phone, like I don't think you need anything more than that. Just you know, keep doing that like that for now. And Then once you get better and you want to start maybe using like a de SLR camera, or if you start using something else and you're going to be

Unknown Speaker 56:07
DJI as my pocket. Oh, perfect.

Kyle Handy 56:10
So yeah, so you're importing footage, let me You can either import that footage to your phone, you probably have to look it up how to do that, but I'm sure there's a way that you can put that footage into your phone. You know, and then you can edit it on a movie on your phone, if that's like what you want to stick with. Or if you have a PC, and you're like, I want to use my PC to edit this footage that I'm taking from my DJI. You just probably got to look it up. Like I know they've got you know, Adobe Premiere, which is like, you know, you could use that on Mac or PC. But that's a soup. I mean, that's an advanced, you know, professional level editing platform as well. And even for me, I tried using it. They're using,

Unknown Speaker 56:48
use your phone, they start that journey that we talked about, like with the low grade videos, use that and then eventually when you create more videos, you can even outsource that video creation part with You don't even have to do that you can have someone else do it for you know, start with the you know, start that journey. Start with the phone where it's like, oh, this guy's doing in his basement, whatever. And then like start thinking about like when you get more videos and more content, then start thinking about the video editing aspect of it because creating videos it's very, it's a lot that goes into it. Like Connor, he comes on this call, but he talked about how much how much you have to put into the videos and you want to have those videos first, and then start thinking about you know, editing and making them more professional.

Kyle Handy 57:32
Yeah, Gabrielle, like murder lead in 90. Yeah, 90 to 95% of the videos on my YouTube channel are unedited, like, I mean, they're like, I just take this video from zoom and I throw it on there. Like I might clip out the first three minutes because we're just kind of sitting around right or whatever. And I might clip out the last five minutes if we're just standing around after the call. But but that's it like I cut it and that's it but I don't do any editing and like even like I was saying like that video that I did on on which we call agent legend demo. Just straight up my thing. So like what they're saying is true, like all you have to do, if you want, like don't even focus so much on like the video editing aspect, like, right off the bat, like create you know, if you want to use your, you know, your tool that you bought the DJ Cosmo, like just have like a little bit better quality or like make yourself you know, if you're out on the go and you don't want to be shaky, but then like try and do it to where you don't have to edit it very much. Right? Like just be raw with it, and then upload that right and keyword it, you know, optimize

Unknown Speaker 58:27
when you do the shorter clips and put them together.

Kyle Handy 58:32
Well then yeah, that's then all you need for that is literally I mean, you can you can clip them like on your iPhone, like if you just you know, find out how to get that DJ Cosmo footage on your iPhone. And then literally within just your photos platform when it goes into your camera roll. You can clip content from your camera roll, and it'll make separate clips, you know, like, like and then that's it like you don't have to put like banners over it or you know like me, that's maybe what you would use editing for Or like, I mean, like, for me, I create like lifestyle vlog videos. Like those are what you know, I edit those mean that takes me 10 hours to make something like that. And that's again though that's just more my hobby I'm doing that personally, you don't need to do all that, especially for like creating helpful valuable videos for people what people want is they just want you know, one like the information they're seeking, right so if you can provide that and then over time as you get to be just better with posting and stuff like that you might start to optimize and get better at your editing you might put some, you know, extra pieces in there that you wouldn't have done before. But you know, just take your footage, cut it, you know, splice it, which there's probably hundreds of platform, you know, tools that you can use just to cut content and then put that to your YouTube channel. So

Unknown Speaker 59:46
yeah, I want to get to a friend that I met we bought I've already done two videos this week, and

Unknown Speaker 59:52
we're together doing a bunch more this

Unknown Speaker 59:55
next week.

Kyle Handy 59:56
Yeah, that's perfect. That's perfect. Yeah, I mean for me, like I said, would just put it you know, get it to your phone edited on a movie on your phone. That's probably the easiest way and when I say Edit, I mean just like cut it, you know, if you make a mistake or something you want to cut that part out, you know, just splice or whatever, but I movie is plenty enough to do that type of work for you. Okay,

Unknown Speaker 1:00:15
yeah. And then where do you post these

Kyle Handy 1:00:16
Monday calls? These are all on my YouTube channel. So you go Yeah, if you go to my YouTube channel, you'll see all the past calls. Put on there. And, and so yep, you can go there.

Unknown Speaker 1:00:28
And Kyle, quick, quick promo. Before we wrap up, I dropped my Facebook in the chat because I think I know almost everybody on here. I'm Facebook friends with a lot of people. But I wanted to promote that I am doing a class Beginning tomorrow, Tuesday, 11am Central every single Tuesday week over week called database fundamentals. So I'm going to be teaching database management. I'm going to be teaching database organization how to leverage and maximize your database and just wanted to throw that out here on today's call because I know a lot of folks on here that's a hot topic all the time is your database. And so if you're at my brokerage Then you can join, you know, through our brokerage, you'll know how to find the class. It's Tuesday at 11am Central. If you're not at our brokerage or you don't know how to find it, that's why I dropped my Facebook just connect with me and drop me a message through Facebook. And I'll get you into the class every single Tuesday. 11 Central, I'll always remind you guys on this Monday call. So if database is a hot topic for you, you want to come in and grab a nugget. It's going to be a one hour weekly class starting tomorrow,

Kyle Handy 1:01:22
dude, I love it. I'll be there. I want to I want to hear that. That's good. Thanks, man. I'm excited. Absolutely. And real quick. So Tammy just commented to you can use camp Asia, it's easy to learn how to use it. I've never used that myself. But if you want to look into that, okay, cool. Cam teaser. There you go.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:38
This is a screen recording.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:41
It's a screen recording editor. So if I got turned on to it from recording making videos from like PowerPoints. So if you ever want to explain anything to somebody or if you're hiring virtual assistants, and you're wanting to show them exactly like hey log into this system, do this, this, this and this, log into this, do this, this this and this Love it Fantasia is just a screen capture but you can also upload videos so that video that I just shot that I put on Facebook I think it's got like oh I don't know 17 views already bunch of likes of other people are starting to look at it hopefully they'll share it and that will attract people and I keyword and hey there's no better way to start your week off with other like minded real estate pros the Matt the Monday mastermind com thank you Kyle and Curtis for always delivering great action taking content to sell more real estate perfect

Kyle Handy 1:02:31
dude I appreciate it

Unknown Speaker 1:02:32
that's what it is right there you guys can jump on there you can share it but so I just took that video is saved so all I have all my videos saved to my phone. So I can I literally just a second ago I pulled up the video. I don't know if those of you that have Apple know what I'm talking about. Then I just air dropped the video to my desktop. So now I pull up. Do you mind if I share my screen real quick?

Kyle Handy 1:02:55
Yeah, one second. I gotta make you co host your one second. See

Unknown Speaker 1:03:00
Just to show you how easy it is

Unknown Speaker 1:03:03
to edit a video, there you go.

Kyle Handy 1:03:07
All right, so,

Unknown Speaker 1:03:09
so there's my screen right there.

Unknown Speaker 1:03:14
Here's my video that I just loaded from

Unknown Speaker 1:03:19
my phone so there it is.

Kyle Handy 1:03:29
Does anybody know that? You know, I can't hear

Unknown Speaker 1:03:32
it. Sorry about that audio coming through my headphones. So anyway, so that's just real quick. You can throw it on there and if I want to import anything, I just because I have like a little a timer. You know, like the old school movie like 54321 like, like if you have a bumper video. Like if you're running any bumpers for like, intro outros on your videos, I can just come in here. I can insert it. I can move it over. I can slide it in there. I mean, I can pretty much Do anything and everything I can add the annotations to it audio video, I can lay it over there I can add my my my YouTube handle my Instagram handle and add an ultra ultra I can enter in any type of music I want and then boom, I click Save export and then I just named the video and then click Export and boom the video saved my desktop now I can upload it to YouTube or Yeah,

Kyle Handy 1:04:23
and I assume that this is camp Asia is a it's because you're on a Mac but it does anybody know if PC doesn't work on a PC as well does

Unknown Speaker 1:04:31
and that's a subscription that's like I think I paid 100 bucks for the license. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 1:04:36
Awesome. There you go. It's a really really easy user friendly

Unknown Speaker 1:04:41
you know, audio audio kind of video software, but it's it's designed for screen capture. Okay, cool. Yeah, that's the full video. It'll record full videos do

Kyle Handy 1:04:49
yeah, I'll just say just looking at I can definitely tell it looks like it's a lot simpler than using Final Cut Pro or Adobe. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 1:04:54
yeah. All those other ones are really advanced.

Kyle Handy 1:04:57
Yeah, like, it took me a long time to learn that so I got Honestly guys like cam Asia I movie if you're on the apple platform like I mean I would start with all that kind of stuff because it'll do everything 99% of what you're going to need to do like cutting stuff putting bumpers and like you said putting in like little things that slide in and have you know, you know captions or whatever you can put all that stuff in there with with that program so cool. Well guys, well we're going to wrap it up we went over the time today but is because we had some good stuff going, guys again, Curtis is got his his call tomorrow.

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