The 3 Reasons You Should Be Focused on Real Estate Content Creation

35 Unique Real Estate Content Ideas For Your Blog or YouTube

Content creation is one of the best methods for increasing your brand awareness, building trust, and generating leads.

If you’ve never created content before, it can be challenging to know where to start, what type of content to make, and what works best to generate leads in today’s market.

In this post, I’ll share 35 real estate content ideas to reach buyers and sellers on your blog or YouTube channel.

Why Should You Create Content?


One of the most powerful benefits of creating content is that it makes people know, like, and trust you. Getting your name out there establishes your authority, and people will view you as an expert in your field. Establishing authority is a huge opportunity because as a Realtor, you are in a leadership position whenever you are interacting with buyers, sellers, clients, vendor partners, etc. Having that content to showcase your knowledge and authority makes it easier for those people to trust you.


As a real estate agent, communication is key because you’re in the business of building trust and creating new relationships. If you’re not on the phone or in-person with a prospective client, the next best thing is to be in front of them on the web and social media. Also, if you don’t create content, you’re leaving it up to your audience to decide your story for themselves. If you create content and get your name out there, you have more control over your branding and story, rather than letting the audience determine who you are.


By creating content, you’re attracting business rather than having to convince people to work with you. As you begin to scale your business, you’ll constantly hear the same questions from your clients. One way to quickly answer client questions is to write blog posts or film videos, which you can then send to clients to answer their questions. You can do the same thing if you work with a team of agents. The real estate content ideas listed below give you some examples of the helpful content you can create to provide value to people. 

Best Practices for Creating Content

Keyword Research

First, you can’t just create content on any topic you want. You have to keep in mind the topics people are actively searching for online. This way, you will have the best chance at ranking high in Google. Use a keyword research tool to discover the keywords that are trending related to your niche, and then choose the ones with the highest search volume. If you are just starting out with real estate content marketing, you’ll want to make sure you choose keywords that don’t have too much competition.


The point of using keywords is to create optimized content that will rank high in search engines. Creating videos or blogging for real estate involves using SEO best practices when creating your content. Include the keyword exactly as it’s written throughout your piece. For YouTube, put the keyword in the video description. For a full tutorial on YouTube for real estate agents, check out my post here. Also, include external links to other sources as well as internal links to other pieces of content you’ve created.


When you’re creating content, consistency is key. Create an upload schedule that you can keep up with long-term. Choose something realistic that you know you can maintain, even if it’s just once per week. With only one piece of content per week, you will have 50 posts by the end of the year that will all be drawing in traffic to your business. Use the real estate content ideas below to give you some inspiration about what to create.


Just because you’re creating a real estate blog or YouTube channel does not mean that all of your content has to be real estate specific.  Add variety into your content and share information that people moving to your city, or who already live in your city, might be interested in. For example, in San Antonio a top search I found on Google is “San Antonio Allergies”. This keyword obviously isn’t real estate specific, but it has excellent traffic and low competition. Therefore, if I create a helpful post that ranks well for this keyword, I’ll get in front of tons of fellow San Antonians and it stands to reason that a percentage of those people just might happen to want to buy or sell a home!

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35 Real Estate Content Ideas

  1. The Top 5 Most Common Buyer Questions About [Your City]
  2. The Top 5 Common Seller Questions About [Your City]
  3. Top 10 Tourist Attractions in [Your City]
  4. Top 10 Restaurants in [Your City]
  5. Moving to [Your City] Checklist
  6. Top 10 Reasons To Move to [Your City]
  7. Homes for Sale in Zip Code in [Your City]
  8. Best [Your City] Parks
  9. Best [Your City] Realtors
  10. 10 Essential Tips When Moving To [Your City]
  11. How to Get A Pre-Approval in [Your City]
  12. Step by Step Guide to Buying a Home
  13. Step by Step Guide to Selling a Home
  14. Thrift Stores in [Your City]
  15. Luxury Homes in [Your City]
  16. [Your City] Flea Markets
  17. How to Find the Right Realtor For You
  18. First Time Home Buyers Guide
  19. Free Things to Do in [Your City]
  20. Buying a House in [Your City]
  21. Pros and Cons of Living in [Your City]
  22. Cost of Living in [Your City]
  23. Homebuilders in [Your City]
  24. Best Place to Live in [Your City]
  25. Estate Sales in [Your City]
  26. Flea Markets in [Your City]
  27. How to Work with a Lender
  28. Condos For Sale in [Your City]
  29. Everything You Need to Know About Mortgages
  30. Free Museums in [Your City]
  31. Farmers Market in [Your City]
  32. Gated Communities in [Your City]
  33. 10 High Paying Jobs in [Your City]
  34. 10 Things You Must Know When Living in [Your City]
  35. Why You Should Raise a Family in [Your City]

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Content Ideas

Use these real estate content ideas to create helpful, engaging content that your audience will love. Content creation is a long-term game that usually takes years before it brings you success and connects you with clients. But when people find you through your content, it’s worth a hundred times more than the time and money you invested in creating it. 

For some blogging inspiration, check out these 17 awesome real estate blogs. And for YouTube, take a look at my post on the 18 best real estate agent YouTube subscriptions. What are some of your content ideas? Let me know in the comments below!

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