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7 Real Estate Email Ideas That Actually Work

Would you like to be able to craft emails that potential buyers and sellers open but also click on to see your offer? Are you curious about what other real estate agents are averaging for their open and click-through rates? Look no further than today’s post, where I cover my real estate email ideas.  

These seven tips are what I use with my email list of over 10,000 subscribers that helps me generate a six-figure income.

Real Estate Email Marketing – How To Send Emails That Get A Response

1. The Format

Whatever you send, you want it to look personal. Sometimes too, “professional” can look to impersonal. As professional as a beautifully formatted email with images, tons of data and detail may seem, they can decrease the engagement you receive.

Not only that, but they take forever to craft, and most real estate agents won’t consistently create these types of email.

Someone typing on a laptop

Instead, I prefer to create simple, plain-text emails that are only a few sentences long. I space these sentences out into separate lines, which makes reading the emails much more comfortable.  

If you’ve captured their first name, consider using it in the body or even the subject line.

Think of email marketing as a small step above text messaging a prospect, and your email response will drastically improve.

2. Tracking

Be sure to use an email marketing service provider that allows you to track your open and click rates. I prefer to use AWeber as it is easy to set up and cheaper than many of the choices.

Additionally, be sure only to include one link per email. There are two reasons for this.

First, I don’t want to overwhelm a prospect with too many choices. Instead, I would much rather send a few separate emails with one call-to-action each. 

This reduction of call-to-actions includes your email signature with links to social media and your website. Leave links like those out of your emails.  

Second, is for tracking purposes. To accurately track your click rates across emails, you need only to have one clickable link in the email. Otherwise, your data will be skewed by leads that click a different link than your desired call-to-action.

I strive for a 30% email-open rate and a 5% click-through rate. As I send more and more emails, I can see patterns to what types of emails my subscribers prefer.

3. Consistency

Consistency is the successful agent’s secret weapon. In my observation, nearly all real estate agents fail at the business because they lack persistence. This lack of grit holds for prospecting, marketing, follow-up, and yes, email marketing.

Don’t ever stop sending emails. Sometimes you’ll need a few different approaches to get a response. At worse, the lead will unsubscribe. 

I welcome leads to unsubscribe as I would instead over-communicate than not reach out enough. At least when I over-communicate, I’ll know when someone either doesn’t need or want my communication any longer.

A clean email database full of leads that receive consistent email communication from you and want to stay on the list is much better than one that is rarely communicated to but has tons of subscribers.

4. Value is Key

Just be sure to be sending useful and valuable information. Your emails represent your brand. Even though these emails can be written quickly and don’t need fancy formatting, be sure that whatever you send or provide is worth the prospect’s time.

Always remember the ultimate goal of the email is to get into a dialogue with the prospect. It’s challenging to sell a home to or for a person without a conversation with them.

A mug of coffee with the text "what good shall I do this day?"

Outside of providing value emails, a consistent call to action of having the lead contact you or reply to your email can produce effective results.

“Hey John, I found a home I thought you might like, but I didn’t have your phone number to call you on. What’s a good number to reach you at?”

5. Keep It Light

A funny email will frequently get people to respond. “Funny” is just one type of email you can send. It’s usually one of my most popular archetypes, as it shows prospects that you are a real person with a lighter side.

That’s not to say every email has to be funny. I would guess that about 50% of my emails have some form of humor to them.

6. Call To Action

No matter what, though, be sure that your email has some call-to-action in it. Calls-to-action include:

  • Clicking a link to a video you made
  • Blog posts
  • Reply to this email
  • Send me your phone number
  • Clicking to see a new listing
  • Setting an appointment on your calendar via Calendly
  • Segmenting themselves into another list/tag (more below)

7. Segmentation

When you are just getting started with real estate email marketing, don’t worry too much about segmentation. I wouldn’t worry so much about this until your list is over 1000 contacts or more.

You can always go back with an extensive list and ask for contacts to segment themselves.  

A yellow bell pepper on top of a stack of red peppers

My motto is to keep things simple. That means I have one list that I send a new email to every few days. For the first few years, I didn’t even have separate lists (or tags as AWeber uses) for buyers and sellers.  

It’s much more effective to send less targeted emails consistently than highly targeted emails sporadically.  

Eventually, once you get email marketing down to a science and have proved that you can email your list multiple times per week, every week, then you can think about segmenting your list.

Email Done Right

When you follow these real estate email ideas and nail email marketing, the business of selling real estate gets much more manageable. Even in 2020, when many think that email is dead, I get excited about showing up in leads emails every week.

As your list grows, so too will your sales production. Treat your email list like gold, and it will pay you back ten times over!

Your Real Estate Email Ideas

I’d love to hear from you. What are some of your best real estate email ideas, best practices, or scripts? Leave them in a comment below.

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