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Real Estate Facebook Ads: The Ultimate Guide (2020)


by Kyle Handy       Updated October 29, 2020

Real Estate Facebook Ads

By now, you've probably realized that real estate Facebook ads are a compelling way to generate a massive number of leads for your business.

Real estate Facebook ads give you the ability to reach your exact market with the message that best applies to them.

But, perhaps you've tried and not had the success you are looking for. You're stuck in the "Boosted Post" thought process...

How do you effectively run real estate Facebook ad campaigns that generate more leads for you daily?

If you're having a hard time figuring out where to start or how to gain traction with Facebook lead generation, it can feel overwhelming.

And let's face it. Leads are the lifeblood of our success in real estate. Without leads, it's hard to sustain a predictable business.

In today's post, I share with you exactly how I have scaled my real estate Facebook ads game from doing $1/day to my sphere of influence to now targeting and running ads to traffic all over my market!

You can start using these strategies for yourself and also help get your team motivated.

Real Estate Facebook Ads Video


Unknown Speaker 0:00
Oh, we missed all that meaty banter. Yeah, like starting with witty banter. That's pretty good. Yeah, we missed all of it though. We're going to start it earlier next time. All right, let's just just pretend like we didn't say it and started right now. Yeah, marks iPhone three. Are you kidding me? Ha ha ha ha ha. I love it. Oh, good stuff. Welcome guys. This is our weekly sales call where we all think we're funnier than we probably really are on the replay. So much, much better to get here live. I promise a lot. A lot better, right?

Unknown Speaker 0:35
Wednesday, today is what april 25. So today we're going to be coming and talking to you guys about facebook, facebook advertising, Facebook strategies. You know, that's an entire pillar of our business here at the Handy team that we've been just building and building and building seems like we've been doing something probably the last two, three years now pretty heavily, maybe even longer than that.

Unknown Speaker 1:00
with Facebook and so we're going to do today is I've got a resource here that's on my screen right now. piggybacking off of this guy, I read through his stuff, and it's pretty, pretty spot on. And so, you know, we're going to go through it and, and then you know, we'll have our own little commentary, our own little spin on it, and maybe go into a little bit more detail. And of course, as you guys have any kind of questions, let us know. And we're happy to happy to know go into further detail, but for right now, thank you 39 Celsius calm, Mr. Toby. we're utilizing your stuff and we're going to go through it here. So let me scroll down. Alright.

Unknown Speaker 1:42
So let's see the three core pillars of success for real estate ads on Facebook. Real quick to let me give you a little summary guys, this one's Facebook ads. Okay, this isn't the entire Facebook strategy. Don't think that when we say Facebook that it only means advertising okay.

Unknown Speaker 2:00
There's a lot of things you can do besides paying for advertisements. This is just one particular aspect of the Facebook pillar, there's a whole sort of things to that we're going to talk about that are not specific to having to pay for ads. But for using for talking about Facebook ads, though, we're going to utilize this resource right here, just kind of go through it as quickly as we can. So

Unknown Speaker 2:22
the three core pillars of success for real estate ads on Facebook targeting the most important component, which I'll talk a little bit more about later. Targeting is when you set up an ad, you're going to choose who you want it to go to, there's gonna be a ton of different things that you can sort by that you can target by, and I'll kind of go into detail what we target by campaign objectives. So this is like what you want to do with your ad. Do you want to generate leads? Do you want to just you know, get brand awareness? Do you want to

Unknown Speaker 2:57
you know, kind of kind of reach more people

Unknown Speaker 3:00
I mean, there's all sorts of different ones that will talk about it looks like they got here, what lead generation brand awareness, engagement engagements and other one if you want more likes and comments and things like that on your posts, reach conversions conversions, like if you have a lead generation website, and you want to send them to that website, and then hope that your website converts them that you can do that as well. The difference between lead generation and conversions is lead generation means specifically that the lead generation the lead form is hosted on the Facebook platform versus a conversion is something that you do on an external platform. So outside of Facebook,

Unknown Speaker 3:39
and then your ad so like what type of ad Are you going to run? There's going to be a video add an image, add a text ad, I mean, like what what are you hoping to do with your type of ad?

Unknown Speaker 3:52
You know, so we'll get into that a little bit. Before you scroll scroll back up. This is the point I want to make for even anybody watching this video.

Unknown Speaker 4:00
That bullet point on them. Number two, many real estate agents start with the boost post. Every single time I say out loud, we're a heavy internet marketing team. We do a lot of Facebook ads. They're like, Oh, yeah, I post the dot stop boosting posts. You're wasting your money, literal waste of money to boost posts. How can probably get into ride? But just hear that? That is one I'm glad you picked up. Yeah, absolutely. I'm sorry. I skipped past that. That's very true. That is the first thing people say to me. And that's the unlike as soon as they say that, I'm like, all right, well, you're your rookie or like, you know, you're like a novice. You know? That's, that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about building your strategy. It's so much bigger than that.

Unknown Speaker 4:44
You know, we'll talk about it you know, you basically doing that you're kind of throwing some money away. I mean, don't get me wrong, we did it. So we learn from our mistakes. But hopefully we'll we'll teach it is how not to do it that way and how you how there is a better way. They're just sucker bets like in Vegas.

Unknown Speaker 5:00
That's right. That's right. All right. So

Unknown Speaker 5:06
the best part about Facebook ads is you can get your specific ad targeted in front of your ideal customer and get the results that you want. And so now the biggest thing there is your ideal customer. So keep in mind, what that means is you need to know who your ideal customer is. Okay? So that's one of the first thing that you're going to talk we're going to get into talking about with targeting and establishing, you know, how wide of a net Do you cast? Like, who are you cast a net net to like, you want to be very clear on that because with Facebook, you know, you can afford to be very clear and quite frankly, you can't afford not to be so because the more wide you make it, you might think oh, well that's more opportunities. That's completely the opposite unless you just have an unlimited budget and you know, got deep pockets and you can reach everybody. You won't do anything well

Unknown Speaker 6:00
If you can't, you know, your your target audience down to a manageable level to where you can get your ads in front of them in a consistent basis. So we'll talk a little bit about that. But

Unknown Speaker 6:12
so Facebook targeting some of the things that you're going to, you know, key off of, are things like interests, behaviors, in demographics. Okay, so take a look at all the people that you've helped in the last year, two years. Or if you're new into the business, take a look at the people that like are your sphere of influence, who do you hang with most often, you know, all that kind of stuff. And be very specific about it. Like, you know, I know, I can tell you like some of our demographics are anybody from the age of 28 years old to 55 years old, that's just on average, who we target, right? We don't do older than 55 even though I'm sure there's plenty of buyers that are older than 55 that want to buy and there's even probably some that are younger than 28 that want to buy when we look at who we've helped recently.

Unknown Speaker 7:00
They're usually between that age range. And so that's where we start and that's who we go after. So that's, you know, on like demographic side of things. income, you can also do that, like, I know that the majority of people that we're helping have an income of about $75,000 or higher maybe it's a combined income maybe there's two levels, you know, two people like it's, you know, husband and wife, but combined, they make 75 K. So what we do is we actually target people that have income levels, I believe the bracket might be 50 K and up. So we might lose a few people that we could have helped if like, you know, we know that say they averaged in one was 40. And the other one was, you know, 50 or something like that. We might miss the 40 k person, but even still we do 50 k income and above, per person. So that way we have some set level baseline we're not you know, targeting to people that can't afford a home or afford the types of homes that we're trying to sell to them.

Unknown Speaker 7:57
If they have kids, if they don't have kids, parents, look

Unknown Speaker 8:00
Living in the house job title, you can really get pretty specific upon demographics. And you know, I'm not gonna tell you all of the demographics to do but like, definitely when you're in there choosing them be pretty specific. And you'll see because as you choose your demographic that's going to update the audience size that you're going to target to. And we'll talk a little bit about audience size.

Unknown Speaker 8:22
Hey, Kyle, let me ask a question about targeting. So assuming that you know, some people watching this video or on this call might be rookie, some might be more intermediate. And some might be more advanced, right, in terms of Facebook, for rookies that are just setting up their first target audience, which can be a little bit daunting, we know because there's checkboxes and you know, things like that filters, etc. What would you say would be maybe the top two or three things you could start with, you know, if you were to pick, you know, is it money is it you know, I know, these are the three bullet points, but what specifically inside maybe one each of those, so, okay, so yeah, and let me even backtrack a little bit from there too. So where I was

Unknown Speaker 9:00
Started if I was literally running my very first Facebook ad was I wouldn't even be targeting or demographic, anybody, I would be taking a very specific list of people that are in my sphere of influence. And I would be uploading that list to book. So, you know, take a list of 100 people, or if you have 200 people, whatever that list that you have, which you should have already had, by now, if you start running ads, I mean, if you're not even if you didn't have a list of people, for your business, like start there, like don't even be watching this video, right, like, start by building a list of a database of people that you can start, you know, building a real estate business upon. And you know, and if you don't have that list already, and it might be small, maybe 50 people or might be 100 people, but you know, start there with, you know, your contact list in your phone, you know, start getting that list where you have a phone number and email and a name, and you're gonna be able to upload that list to Facebook, and I don't have all the instructions in front of me but if you guys all know their video, but just want to

Unknown Speaker 10:00
Get some started. Yeah, if this is something that like you say, I gotta do this first, just google upload a custom audience to Facebook, if you Google that, you'll get plenty of information on how you can take your list. It's a spreadsheet, that's all you need, put in the Facebook, and that'll create a custom audience. Facebook will match up the people automatically to their profiles to the emails and the phone numbers that you put in there along with the names so out of those hundred people once it's done uploading the Facebook Facebook will say great, you've got 70 people in this audience. What that means is that 70 of those hundred people Facebook was able to find and and match them up. So now when you run an ad, you want to target those people. Okay? So that way your sphere of influence the people you know that already know like and trust, you are going to see your your communicate your information on a regular basis. And you can do that for a very minimal budget $1 a day or something like that. Right like that.

Unknown Speaker 11:00
Where you get the biggest bang for your buck bar not like, by far, that's where you start. This is like a medium, intermediate tactic, building an audience. This is Yeah, this is kind of like what you would do once you're already getting that ad setup. And you've already you know, got your custom audience with your sphere of influence. And I don't care if you're on a team, I don't care if you're like an individual agent, just getting going, like, you know, anybody can be doing this advertisement literally $1 a day like you don't this is stuff that you know, if you want to grow your sphere of influence business, and you want to make more money, you know, you can go out and you can do this on your own. And this is something that will help grow your business, I promise you because as you start to get more customers and clients, you can add them to that custom audience. As you you know what it means you're going to be building that custom audience. That's always going to be your first and go to audience all the time, but you never audience.

Unknown Speaker 11:55
And the reason that it is is I mean Facebook, I mean, this is their business model, right? Is that a

Unknown Speaker 12:00
Make money, they make money off their advertisements. But that, you know, when you have a Facebook business page, which is another training that we've done, when you create that, that's great, but just know that say you have you get it up to 1000 followers on your Facebook page, which is a lot when you just get going thousand followers would be considered pretty good. about less than 10% of those people are going to see your whatever you post on their newsfeed, that's just just how it's going to be. So like, less than 100 of those people would see your stuff unless you advertise to it. So like, you know, that's where like Facebook almost makes you do this. But, but most people they do the wrong thing, right? They're going to go out, they're gonna spend 510 15 $20 on a boosted post and they're going to send that post out to like, random targeted audience that they think in their mind is targeted. But it's like, you know, you might do it one time you spend 20 bucks, it goes out to, you know, sends it in. You know, it looks really good because you're like, oh man, you know, 1000 people saw my advert

Unknown Speaker 13:00
And, you know, or my content, whatever it is that I shared on Facebook, or my advertise my ad, and then you know, then a week later or two weeks later you come up with another one, you boost it again now sends it out to a different thousand people. And you're like you this whole time you're like, man, well, this is really effective I'm getting a lot of people will see my stuff that every single time it's somebody different. And it's not even an audience that knows likes or trusts you so it's gonna be really hard to convert them right off the get go. So like you're just throwing money away. Whereas if you start with literally as small as $1 a day, you start building that targeted audience in Facebook and you can continuously send them stuff, or you just share the stuff that you're already, you know, putting out there on Facebook. That's going to be your your best, best advertisement right there. So that's an audience that I'm talking about. We'll talk a little bit more about what kinds of ads you can run to be effective because there are different ads that you can run to your sphere of influence, then you're going to run to

Unknown Speaker 14:00
random person, right? Like you don't want to serve up, you know, an ad that might look a little bit less, you know, in personal or you know, personal to your sphere of influence than you might to, you know, somebody that doesn't know you. So, again, kind of, you know, you got to consider all of these things, demographics, like who you're going to serve this at this ad up to, and the message that you're going to be sending, okay, they're very important things.

Unknown Speaker 14:26
But just know, so let's go back to you know, now outside of your sphere of influence, you know, you're coming up with demographics that are, you know, people that are that you've not made touch with, but there are people that are similar to the types of people that you do kind of work with. So that's what you're going to be doing here. You may look for demographics, and then interests and behaviors. Be very clear about this to like, you want to kind of know, what is your audience like, like, you know, and this is where it takes a little bit of thinking, but like, you know, if I know that, you know, my audience likes like, I'm doing a lot of things

Unknown Speaker 15:00
This on, you know, the north side of san antonio. And they like, you know, Stoke, you know, you can make an interest off of like the stove, you know, whatever, whatever, you know Association. And so it'll pick up on people that like, are in areas or that like things that you know you think are applicable to them. And that helps to kind of like, you know, get your audience a little bit more engaged with whatever it is that you're going to send to them. So, interest and then behaviors. This is also important when they have one that's like likely to move, and we'll talk about that a little bit. But you want to also make sure that like their behaviors on Facebook, which Facebook has all these algorithms, talk about, like their actions leading up to a decision to buy a home. And there's ways that Facebook can already kind of segment those people. And if you make that as one of your targets, then that'll help significantly with you know, getting your message in front of the right people. So

Unknown Speaker 16:00
Ok. So

Unknown Speaker 16:04
Facebook ad tactic number one, this is the by far my, you know, if you're going to be trying to lead generate, this is the number one ad to run. And it is a Facebook lead ad. This requires no external websites or anything like that it's very simple. You can literally create everything within Facebook, you don't have to worry about linking systems together or anything like that, you basically come up with an ad, you create your audience of who you're going to serve that add up to, and they're either going to fill out the form with their information in it, or they're not right, like and you're either going to get a conversion or you won't, but it's all done on Facebook. And then you know, once you get those conversions on Facebook, there's, you know, additional things you would want to do at that point, like, you know, now that you got a lead, what do you do with it, you know, you want to put it in your database, you want to follow up with it. I mean, those are all strategies that we can talk about, but just for the sake of time and talking about like

Unknown Speaker 17:00
The most effective in my opinion, bang for your buck on how to actually generate more leads to get you in conversations with more people, it's to utilize Facebook's lead ad platform, okay?

Unknown Speaker 17:13
Here's their where there's where they're talking about it no need for a landing page. Again, you're capturing the lead within Facebook, you don't need an external landing page. It's easier for the customer. So like, you know, Facebook already knows their name knows their email knows their phone number. So when they click your ad, or take a look down here and an ad right here, here's a home valuation and when they click learn more right here, it takes them to a page still within Facebook that says, great, we'd love to send you this put in your you know your name, your email, your phone number, and then click here and you'll get whatever it is that you're offering. But that name that email that phone number is already pre populated by Facebook, so they don't have to like put in their information so it's easier for the customer to just go click, click and your conversion rate will go up.

Unknown Speaker 18:00
Hire plus you're going to get more accurate information because yeah, they could still go back and like erase their email and erase their phone number and like put in something wrong or different but that percentage of them doing that is a lot less than if you send them to like you know your landing page or your website and then you know, it asks for their information on there and then they literally got to type it out the chance of them getting to that point and then typing it out and putting everything in there correct and not giving you bogus information is a lot less likely than you keeping it all within the Facebook ecosystem and just you know having to go that way.

Unknown Speaker 18:38
Leads can be easily downloaded. So that's correct. It does make a little list is good and bad. So it can be easily downloaded but at the same time to it's all within Facebook. So you need to set up a couple extra systems if you want it to be flowing into your crm system. So like for us we use a program called zapier. ZAPIER, you can read how that one connects to what

Unknown Speaker 19:00
Every platform you're using, but for us, you know, we download Xavier Xavier is a website, you just hook Zapier up to your Facebook account, and then you hook it up to your,

Unknown Speaker 19:10
whatever CRM system you're using, or if you just wanna use a spreadsheet or whatever, and you hook it up to that. So that way it takes those leads automatically, and it sends it straight to your, your CRM that way, you don't have to go within Facebook every time and see, did I get a new lead or not? You know, it's all Kyle. Yeah. Can I ask a question? Sure.

Unknown Speaker 19:30
When you're talking about linking these are you talking about placing ads through your business page or personal page? You can only put ads to your business page? That's a great question. Yeah. That's why we actually say to create a business page because you cannot run ads through a personal Facebook page. It just doesn't exist. So you can want to run ads, you have to have a business page. Thank you. Good question. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 19:57
Alright, so in Yeah, you can be set up so you can

Unknown Speaker 20:00
For buyer or seller leads, which we'll talk a little bit about I've got experience with both I've had better experience for sure with buyer leads than seller leads,

Unknown Speaker 20:10
you know generating seller leads it costs a lot more money it's It seems I remember you know, on an average buyer lead I can get 456 $7 a seller lead you know, cost me 2530 4050 and there's no telling that it's any better of a lead than a buyer lead that you know that you would generate So for us, you know, we'll talk more about it but but like this kind of an ad you know, you can try it see your experience with it. I've not found out the secret sauce yet for it to get it actually to be profitable, because they just cost so much more money. And, and the conversion wasn't there any better than a buyer so

Unknown Speaker 20:51
all right.

Unknown Speaker 20:57
So yeah, here you go, guys. Here's a little bit. Here's an eagle

Unknown Speaker 21:00
Sample but once you click that, learn more, it takes them to like, this is still within Facebook automatic stuff. And then below here is where they would have their phone number, their email their

Unknown Speaker 21:12
their name, and then they would click Submit and then it would send you the lead they would get whatever it is that you're offering. So for like a buyer for buyer leads, what we do is we offer them list of homes that are

Unknown Speaker 21:28
interesting, you know, to people, so like in your market, so like, you know, what we do is that we've had a lot of success with is we actually have an ad that we've ran for, you know, probably a year now. And it's basically the top 12 homes in San Antonio that have a pool under $300,000. Right. So like our ad, you know, like kind of has a picture of a house with a pool, and it says, Hey, check out you know, these homes, the San Antonio's top 12 homes with the pool under $300,000

Unknown Speaker 22:00
There's one home as low as $215,000 on this list, right, so that's like our ad copy, they click, you know, learn more. When they go there, it says, you know, fill out your information, you'll be sent this list, and then they fill out that information. And then what we have set up is once they do that, and we get the lead, it sends it to our database.

Unknown Speaker 22:22
Or I'm sorry, it I'm sorry, know, the way that it works. It sends them to our website at that point, to a landing page that we've created on our landing on our website that has only those homes. It's just a filter that you use, it's you know, it's hooked up to the MLS or website is, and it's a filter that we've created to show homes with the pool under $300,000. And the funny thing is, is most of the time, you know, there's only 910 11 you know, homes in that range. You know, there's not even 12 homes, but we've worked with a safe number that we know that you know, there's usually going to be around that number and nobody's ever given us crap and said hey,

Unknown Speaker 23:00
There's 14 homes on this list or there's nine homes on this list like, you just it's an up to date list because it's hooked up to the MLS. And that's what gets sent out. And, and then even that one part where it says, you know, homes as low as $215,000. Usually, you know, it's just the law of numbers, there's a home that's somewhere around that price range. It's just how they're how it is, you know, there's, it might be $222,000. But you know, if they asked about the one that's 215 is like, hey, that house is sold, you know, it went the other day, right? Like, nobody ever asks about that. But it's more about just having the ad copy that's relevant to your area. And it's not like you're puffing up anything. I mean, you know, to say to 15, like, there's going to be a house pretty low, and say, 12 houses, there's going to be around that number. You're doing what you know, people are expecting, and they're getting the information that that they're looking for, and then you get a lead that you can follow up with and then actually customize something based on that. So that's where the power really comes in.

Unknown Speaker 23:54
That makes sense to everybody.

Unknown Speaker 23:58
Yep. Cool. Cool.

Unknown Speaker 24:01
Likely to move targeting. So I told you about this. This is something that you know, I think is pretty important. You know, Facebook, they do have an algorithm that shows you know who's likely to move and it's based off of like one doing on Facebook. They you know, are they looking at you know, Zillow? Are they looking at true Trulia are they look at, you know, all this kind of stuff Facebook takes those things into account, and they've come up with a category called likely to move. When you're selecting your ads, I would recommend you, you choose that one. We've like I say, it's again, you know, it's different for everybody. We've tried both ways, you know, likely to move and then taken off likely to move and just depends on like, what your funnel size that you're going for what your budget is, I know for our budget, because we started spending a lot more money on Facebook, we took that off. And, and so now we have a little bit of a bigger funnel. But if you're really just trying to do things on a smaller budget, you might keep that in there and experiment with it.

Unknown Speaker 25:01
Pick out that brings up a really good point real quick, when you're just getting started advertising and you have a budget, you know, what's the difference in velocity between going for, you know, as you reference with sellers spending, you know, 20 $30 on the lead, hoping it's a really good one, versus spending those same 20 or $30 on five or six or seven leads as many as you can generate, you know, what's the thought process? Do you go for volume? Or do you go for, you know, higher quality with more precise targeting? What's the approach? Yeah, I go, Well, yeah, I go for the buyers. The higher volume like this is the thing that I found with the sellers so much is that most of the times the sellers there, you know, they've either just bought a house and they came across my ad and they're just trying to see what the house is worth. So I came across with that a ton. And then I'll get people that literally, you know, they're just refinancing their property. So they're like, you know, looking at what the value could be, and then you'll get you know, like on the rare occasion

Unknown Speaker 26:00
Somebody's like, yeah, think about selling my house, you know, maybe in a couple of years, but like, you know, you never found anyone, like super motivated from my ads, and you have so many less chances to convert them. So it's like when you get one ad, the one guy who spent, you know, 25 or 30 bucks to get in there, and then it's like, you know, no opportunity because it's just a refinance question, or they just bought their house, they're curious if they got a good price on it or not, like you kind of demoralizing right? But you know, but when you get a bunch of buyer leads, you get the ability to you know, a lot of the times to people start their initial search by by looking to buy a house that's what you know, people that own houses, they don't start by usually getting values of their own. They start by looking at properties. You know, think of it when you go to you know, you want to buy a new house, is it usually because you're looking at what the next greatest, you know, next best and greatest thing is because you're on the internet and see like, man, I could get this for $4,000 or are you doing it because

Unknown Speaker 27:00
You're like, let me go see what my house is worth. And if it's worth this will then I'll start looking, it's like, No, you get eye candy and you start, like, you know, I, you know, we deserve a better house, we want a better house, like, you know, you want to certainly seeing what's out there. And then you worry about what your house is worth, you know, later, like, once you have enough of no motivation to want to upgrade, you know, to a better house or whatever. And so, absolutely, that's kind of my thought there. And so a lot of times, like I say, that's where, again, you get it on the front end side on the buyer side. Yeah, it's still a 10 month, you know, kind of period, the average buyer lead, you know, from the time they come into a website to the time that they actually buy houses, usually about 10 months.

Unknown Speaker 27:39
But again, you're hitting people on the front end of things versus like trying to snipe these people out and hope they are just going to get a seller lead, like you know, with it, he's not talking to anybody else. He has no relationship and you're spending more money on the ads to get it just it wasn't a very, you know, productive and that was me. I did that for

Unknown Speaker 28:00
You know, a year and so it's not like I just tried this thing for a short period of time. I did say, a long time. And so trust me if I can save you guys any money and time on I have to spend the money yourselves. I'd say, you know, yeah, I know, everybody wants the seller leads and nobody's like, Oh, I want to, you know, go after buyer leads, everybody wants the seller leads, but quite honestly, like there's just not a way that I've found to be super effective on Facebook, you know, at this point, so like, what I'm going to teach you is what I do. And what I do right now is buyer leads. And, and like I say, and then you just try and convert some of those buyer leads that do have a selling opportunity, and you'll get your listings that way, and so cool. So get as many buyers that you can first cheap as you can as the last feed. Absolutely. Yep. And when I say that also, you know, at the ability that you're able to, you know, to talk to them. If you're like a part time agent, and you're watching this video, and you're like working 40 or 50 hours at another job and you think you're going to go out and spend you know $50 a day on Facebook ads and generate all these words.

Unknown Speaker 29:00
leads, you're going to be sorely mistaken because you're gonna generate a ton of leads me I promise you, you won't be able to give them the attention that they need to be effective with it. And you're going to say, oh, Facebook doesn't work, like, no, Facebook works just fine. We're doing just fine. But it's because we work these leads very heavily and we got inside sales agent department, we've got agents that are, you know, on these, we've got people on the back end that are following up, you know, like once their initial contact is over, so like literally do it at the scale that you're able to do it at. So like, you know, when you're just getting going, that's probably a pretty small scale, which is most if I don't have big budgets, so you know, keep the budget small, keep the audience size small and that's where we're getting to right now. What you'll see is so like he did a little study right here where after he's done his targeted list, he chose a few zip codes, and then he put in here likely to move or not likely to move. When he put likely to move his audience wants a 4600 people both

Unknown Speaker 30:00
42 likely to move hit 88,000 people, and that's about what you'll see them and you will target that audience down quite a bit. But when you have an audience of 4600 people, if you wanted to spend, say, $5 a day, you're going to be able to reach those 4600 people, you know, about every week, okay? Whereas if you had 80,000 people, you would want to up your budget like almost what 20 times and so like, if you had a budget of $100 a day, that might be a good audience for you to go after. But $5 a day, this is more realistic to what you want to go after. So the number that I've found is whatever your audience size is, if you divide it by 100 that's what you should be spending on it per day. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 30:46
Good tip.

Unknown Speaker 30:48

Unknown Speaker 30:50
target first time homebuyer so here's your buyer lead. So that is another one. So like you know, we do likely to move you can do first time homebuyer that's inside of the home ownership.

Unknown Speaker 31:01
demographic. So when you go to homeownership home first time homebuyer, there you go, you know, I like I said, one thing I didn't bring up this is like an example. But when we were talking up here about interests and behaviors, this is going to be so tailored towards the agent and you need to make it tailored towards you. Like, I know that there's some agents that you know, are on our team or that I've worked with in the past that like, you know, maybe they like, you know, they're a single mother and they're part of single mom groups and like, they'd like helping single mothers, right? We'll use that as an interest. Like, honestly, like if you have an interest in that make that not only in the interest of the people that you think might be interested in your ads, but but keep it applicable to you. So that way, when you get the lead, you'll already have a common ground, a common connection with that person. So your chance to convert them goes, you know, much higher than if you're not choosing interests that align with who you are. So that's another little nugget there. Yep.

Unknown Speaker 32:02
Let's see. Okay so buyer leads we talked a little bit about that talked about all of this geography so against like the areas that you like to work you know don't choose the entire San Antonio market even though you are a realtor and you can do it pick honestly the the the markets that you want to be in that are hot markets that you know people are looking to buy houses in. Okay.

Unknown Speaker 32:26
So, you know, here in San Antonio 70 247 it's like a zip code that we know a lot of people are looking in we target that zip code like we don't if we just went and did all San Antonio, you know, we're going to get you know, people looking for $60,000 houses we're going to be in areas that we don't you know, typically work and we know nothing about, like that's not any you know, there's no benefit their target the areas that you know a lot about and that you know, people are looking to buy in and that have a good average price point that you know, that you service frequently.

Unknown Speaker 33:00
Here's where it talks about income qualification. So you know, choosing what income level you want people to be in. New again, I think we go as low as 50,000 on ours, but select all of them, don't just put 50 to, I think it's 50 to like 75,000. We do 50 to 7575 to 100 100 220 foot, we do all the above 50,000. So we're not going to discriminate if somebody's going to get up, you're going to make more money than 50,000. But that's just you know, like, we want to again, make sure that they make enough to be able to qualify for a home. So that's a way that you can kind of make sure that you're targeting the right people.

Unknown Speaker 33:36
target people that are browsing, Zillow and Trulia. So there's part of the interests that we talked about, right? That can be some of the interest that you choose. So like if they're already looking at those websites, there's a good chance that they might be in the market, be buying a house, utilize those interests and just piggyback off of those companies.

Unknown Speaker 33:58
This is the seller lead talking about

Unknown Speaker 34:00
Home evaluation.

Unknown Speaker 34:04
All right now this is where I was going to get into actually, like, this is what you can do with like your sphere of influence. And if you you know, want to get some posts across the people that you already, you know, know, they know like and trust you, you can use it for, you know, random people to people that, you know, you're trying to, you know, make as prospective clients. But this part here testimonial ads, basically just taking any successes that you have, and, and just publishing it, you know, making people aware of it, because again, like I told you, even if you put on your business page, less than 10% of the people are going to see it. But if you publish it if you put it as a as a post, an advertised post, and you target your sphere of influence list, even for $1 a day for like, you know, both, you know, put it up there for three or four days. You know, you might cost you three $4 to run that ad to get it to go across your entire sphere of influence. But at least that way, when you sell a house, everyone's going to see that you saw

Unknown Speaker 35:00
Wow, not just 10% of the people, when you get a good testimonial, everyone's going to see that you got a good testimonial, not just 10% of the people. So like, that's how you can leverage those those posts. Because if you're going to take the time to take a picture and put it on Facebook, and like, you know, congratulate somebody and all that kind of stuff, make sure you get the best bang for your buck, like, you know, make sure everybody sees that stuff. And the thing is, it says sponsored here, but I'll be honest, a lot of times as people are scrolling through their feed, if you make your Facebook business page, how we kind of talked about it, where you're going to make it be your name, people aren't going to know that this Facebook business page sponsored post is not something that just came across on on their newsfeed from your page. They don't know you're paying to get that message across to them. They just think that it's coming across their feed, and they're going to start seeing things consistently. So that's going to give proof in their mind that you're doing something right. You know, you have consistent things that you're doing. So like new listings, that you're doing open houses that you're

Unknown Speaker 36:00
doing, you know, closings, testimonials, all of that kind of stuff is what you're going to want to put out there and advertise.

Unknown Speaker 36:09
All right.

Unknown Speaker 36:13
Hey, got a quick question. Those kinds of posts. What are those typically do like that kind of post, if you were to advertise that you just had a closing, you're not putting like a conversion behind that, right? You're just putting like a, what do you want them to do like it or just like talk on it like comment? Yeah, that one, you're just looking for engagement. So

Unknown Speaker 36:33
you'll just make an engagement post. And like I say, that's just going to get people

Unknown Speaker 36:39
to comment or whatever. So it just gets it in front of their eyes basically, either they don't do anything, but at least they saw you on their newsfeed, you're staying Top of Mind awareness as well. So it's engagement and brand awareness. Those two, correct. Got it? That's it. Yeah. Can I ask a question? Yep. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker 36:55
Okay. So when we're doing this, you're saying instead of doing in the like the country

Unknown Speaker 37:00
We go into a post of everything that we're doing an ad for that stuff instead of posting. Well, yeah, well, exactly. Yeah, you can do an ad for it.

Unknown Speaker 37:10
So like, the way that it works is, you can do it two ways you can create the post and the way I do it is I create the post. And then you're only to show you Bobby's your right.

Unknown Speaker 37:26
As Pat haven would say, now you're getting into the meat and potatoes, the nitty gritty. That's right. That's right.

Unknown Speaker 37:33
We'll have to like splice this video This will be like that. Yeah, this is a Well, I mean, yeah, what I plan to do with these, these calls are actually what's going to help me produce my content. So like, once we do this, and I've said it and we've, you know, kind of come up with some questions that people are asking will get a format. I'm going to create this into like an actual published thing that like Next slide. So that's kind of where it's going to start but this is you get to see it first firsthand and ask the Lord

Unknown Speaker 38:00
asking the questions. phone call. So, but if you look at Okay, so here's my Facebook business page, right? Great. I had an amazing night out at this, this event recently where you know, we're number 12 agents in San Antonio, right. So like if I wanted to, what I could do is I could go out and I could advertise this post to get it to go in front of more people. And so the way that I would do that, you can either you can do it two ways. There's always multiple ways to do things. Most of the time, I post things first. And then what I'll do is I'll go in here. And I will say, create, you can create ads, always ads, right? Go to your account, which if you've never done this before, it'll have you just set up an account the first time but the process is no different. Right? You go to Manage ads.

Unknown Speaker 38:53
You're going to say create.

Unknown Speaker 38:57
All right now this is where it's going to talk to you about the

Unknown Speaker 39:00
Where What are you trying to do? Right? Your objective tracking engagement conversions, lead generation, those are the ones you do most often. But like, if it's a video that you're promoting video views, you know, utilize that.

Unknown Speaker 39:15
So but for this, let's just go ahead and say we're going to do engagement. We want post engagement. net, but then even within page engagement, if you're trying to, like build up your Facebook page, which don't do this right off the bat, like I mean, there's so many other things you spend your money on, which what we're talking about, but like maybe at some point, you get to the point where you're like, Okay, I want to get my page likes up, you might click page likes or event responses. Right now we're just gonna do a simple post engagement.

Unknown Speaker 39:42
You can utilize split tests, eventually. Budget optimization, there's all sorts of things. Keep it all off right now. So we're just going to go engagement.

Unknown Speaker 39:53

Unknown Speaker 39:55
Saved audience. So I'm going to go with that.

Unknown Speaker 40:00

Unknown Speaker 40:04
Let's see, here

Unknown Speaker 40:08
we go.

Unknown Speaker 40:12
Here it is. So I've got my list right here client database. So I registered as a 124 18. I click that now pops in my mind.

Unknown Speaker 40:25
I don't need to do anything else with location targeting ages, genders or anything like that, because I gave this list to Facebook. So anyone I put on that list I want this ad going to, so I don't want to, you know, take anything away from that list. So I'll do that edit the placements.

Unknown Speaker 40:44
I do not like any other placements other than the Facebook news feed. So I take out Instant Articles, I take out the stream videos, suggested videos, audience network, all of that. So literally the only thing you want, it is on Facebook.

Unknown Speaker 41:00
Look, newsfeed is the only place that you want it.

Unknown Speaker 41:04
Why don't you want to engage on Instagram Instagrams a different platform and so like there's a different type of content they want to share on there. And so like there's there's merit sometimes to Instagram ads, but from all the research that I've done, you know that the ad image needs to be like what needs to look like on Instagram like Instagram, if you just go on there, it looks different than Facebook. And so if you just try and you know, go across Facebook to Instagram all the time, there's going to be things that just don't relate well and so like Instagram, there is merit to doing ads on there, but only if you've tailored the content for Instagram. So like, Instagram is all about like beautiful content and like, you know, just like very well polished images and things like that. Facebook is more raw, you can put up just, you know, your production and it's fine. Like that's what you kind of want to do on Facebook. So

Unknown Speaker 42:00
Again, that's, you know, what I've researched you are experiencing? Yeah, absolutely.

Unknown Speaker 42:06
So that's your, that's your placement.

Unknown Speaker 42:10
budget. Literally, again, you go to one, right. So like here, it shows you what the differences reach. This is what you want to concern yourself with. And again, wide range, it all depends on like how many people get on Facebook, of your of your list every day, it might depend. But say if you had 100 people on your list, and the reaches 15 to 76, I always bank on that it's gonna be closer to this low end of the number. So let's just say it's 20. That means that I would run that ad for about five days, and there's a good chance I'm going to hit 100 pretty close to you know, my whole list of at least the people that are going to get on and Facebook out of those hundred in any given week. And so like if your list is you know, 300 people, and you want to make sure that you get in, you know, everything

Unknown Speaker 43:01
You know, you might go, you know, $3 a day, and think that's probably going to be about 50 people, you might need to run it for six days, you know what I mean? And there you go. Now you're going to probably, there's no exact science, but at least kind of gives you a little bit of a good. Now the exact science comes in, when you actually run the ad, it'll give you a dashboard, which I'll show you to that you can you can see how many people saw your ad. So like, you'll know if your list is 200 people and it says that it's reached,

Unknown Speaker 43:33
you know, 100 people, then you know, then you've actually it's 100 different people. So the one thing and this is, you know, a little different too, but

Unknown Speaker 43:44
there's a difference between reach and impressions and you're both and you're gonna wonder what the heck is the difference and impression means that, like, you might have 300 impressions and you might have a reach of 100 people. What that means.

Unknown Speaker 44:00
that some of those people saw your ad multiple times. So like you might have had an average showing of three times per person, but reach is how many people different people, unique people saw your ad impressions is how many times that ad was shown regardless of different people or anything. Okay? Just a quick time check Kyle for you to know it's 152 Yep, cool. Well, we're just gonna wrap this up once we're done with this and this will at least kind of get them going. So now once we do that, so everything else here you leave the same leave this is post engagement. Don't mess with anything down here. So just once you get past budget, you're going to click Continue. Now this is where you're going to select your ad. So first off, if you is the first time you're doing it, you're going to link the business page to it which you know mines Kyle Handy that I want to run it from. I also can run it from my Handy team page. Like say for instance our want to run this one of my Kyle Handy now you can select your post

Unknown Speaker 45:00
Okay, so here's click the drop down, and you pick which posts you want to, to do, right? I want to do this one. Yep. Now, this is what my ads going to look like. That's awesome. Kyle Handy, sponsored, humbled to sit amongst the greatest realtors, Beauvoir, and again, this is an engagement post, there's no call to action button on here, it's literally just going to now it's going to pop it up in their feed. And they're not, they're just going to think that I came across their feed because it looks like a normal post would, and it's going to give them the chance to like it, comment on it or share it. Okay, that's the easiest way to do something like that. And honestly, to stay top of mind in front of your sphere of influence, this is the best way to do it.

Unknown Speaker 45:43
And I recommend you doing this on a consistent basis. Just get in the habit of spending at least $1 a day, $2 a day $3 a day and posting something on your business page, you know, twice a week or something like that. And then just constantly you know, kind of updating which post is putting in front of people each you know, two, three

Unknown Speaker 46:00
Four days. I mean, once you get the hang of this, it'll take you five minutes. You know what I mean? Like, it'll take you more time probably to figure out what you're going to post. But then the actual advertising of it, you saw how easy it was you literally just go through these, you pick your same audience, you pick which posts you want to do, and you just say confirm. And now your ad is up in mind. So

Unknown Speaker 46:20
awesome. Make it look easy, man. It is and they make it very easy they want Facebook wants your money, man, they don't want to make it hard for you to do these ads. They want your your money so they make marks putting up ads right now I see him over there. He's probably just

Unknown Speaker 46:33
love it. Love it. Video Ads again. So if you do have a video I showed you, you can do ads, I highly recommend it, you know, go out to a note because honestly, video ads are going to be the ones that you know, convert the best will be the ones that you know, show people your personality. And so like if you're trying to stay in front of people, you know, yeah, it's cool to show your production in like a picture of you at a closing. But give people a little bit of your personality go out to an open house in like, you know 15

Unknown Speaker 47:00
minutes before it starts just you know say hey guys i got this new listing of mine I'm excited about it two minute video real quick and then boost that post instead of just you know always boosting on an ad you mean yeah yeah I'm sorry I run an ad I boost a post just be so easy but like to me I boost the post to me is literally like just go in the back end and yeah, rather than cool yeah that's awesome so yeah exactly and anyways that's that's really it you know some more things we can talk about Facebook there's a lot of things you can utilize. But honestly guys I'd love for everyone here would be my challenge to you this week. Just get your business page up and running. If you haven't already, build your list if you haven't already, upload that list of Facebook and create a custom audience and then run one ad for like $1 a day for a couple days and see what it does. You can get that far in the process. I promise this video was a win because like that will help your business so much as far as referrals. SoI all that

Unknown Speaker 48:00
That kind of stuff, it'll make you look like the Pro. So when people do, you know, enlist your services or when they're considering it, you're not having to sell your services so hard, because they're already seeing that you are a productive agent versus you know, if you are new into the business, they've never seen anything, people are a little nervous. You do this AC just, you know, ran for, you know, you do the strategy for a couple weeks, a couple months. And, and you know, people are going to have those questions anymore in their mind. They're going to see this stuff naturally. So cool. Question for you.

Unknown Speaker 48:32
I know you have your Kyle Handy personal page, but you also have a public figure page. Is that correct? That is correct. Yeah. And that's the Facebook training that we were talking about. So when you go and build a Facebook fan page, like we're a little different, I've got to paint I've got two pages. I got the Handy team page and I've got my Kyle Handy page, right. We look toward, you know, you want to start by having your personal

Unknown Speaker 49:00
page and a Facebook business page with just your name on it once you want to start branding a team and all that kind of stuff that's great do that later but from the get go brand your name because it's easier to build that following and run will see that come across their feed, it's going to look look much more natural and you know Yep. So quick question on on just input I've got a I've got a Facebook business page. I've had it for several years I've probably got 650 followers, something like that. Some of them past clients, so I'm just friends. But I haven't listed as Mark lemons real estate. Do you think I should change that too? Just Mark lemons? Personally I would Yeah, I would I actually talked about that in the training too. It's a say that Yeah, take off. You know, anything that says real estate or realtor or anything like that. People are going to know that you're a realtor that you're in real estate.

Unknown Speaker 49:53
You know, and so by just seeing the type of ad that you're posting, so take that off in my opinion because otherwise people will be able

Unknown Speaker 50:00
make a distinction when they see like Mark lemons post something limits real estate. I just think it's better to have it all be natural coming from you. I hear you. Okay. Thanks for the input. Kyle, can I add on that? Yep. I quickly add on that under our name on our business page. So I have a man to discuss here. But then I have at you know how they can go and search for you. Are you saying take out anything that references real tour or real estate and that as well just know your username has to be different because nobody's going to see that come across their feed. Like mine does. Mine says we got it. Oh, Handy was taken for the username, like my name for my page says Kyle Handy, but my username is at real Kyle Handy because Kyle Handy was already taken, and that's fine. Nobody really sees that. All that that's going to be doing is you just got to know that when people search that they go to let's say slash you're gonna have to give them that username, to be able to get to your page.

Unknown Speaker 51:00
Like mines, calm slash real Kyle Handy. They click that.

Unknown Speaker 51:05
Now that takes them to my business page. You'll see here Kyle Handy at real time. Got it.

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