How To Create Your Own Real Estate Landing Page (Plus 15 Examples)

21 Real Estate Landing Page Examples (+ How To Create Your Own)

Whether you think of it as a one-page ad or an elevator pitch, your real estate landing page is incredibly important for conversion. The real estate landing page examples we will cover below should provide some creative inspiration for your business page.

Landing pages, also known as a “squeeze page,” are the first impression anyone has of your brand.

People who end up on your real estate landing page are already interested. You just need to convert them.

Today, we’re going to take a look at what makes a real estate landing page great, how you can make your own real estate landing page, and 21 of the most popular real estate landing page examples.

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real estate landing page examples

What Makes a Great Real Estate Landing Page?

A real estate landing page needs to give the buyer, seller, or investor exactly want they want, fast.

If your landing page design isn’t designed for lead generation, they may just bounce off the page.

There are a few elements that make a great landing page template:

  • A clear call to action. Usually, that’s a button: “See our listings,” “Contact us for more information,” etc. The user should never be confused as to what to do next.
  • Media, such as photographs and videos. Today, videos are extremely popular. A small, optimized video can play in the background and make it more engaging.
  • A brief format. If you need to add more text, you add it “below the fold.” You should think of the bulk of your landing page as an ad in a magazine. It doesn’t need a lot of copy.
  • Excellent branding. Someone should be able to look at the site and, at a glance, know exactly who is involved. If you haven’t created your branding yet, you should now.
  • A responsive design. Your site should look fantastic on mobile devices, tablets, PCs, laptops, etc. If you don’t have a responsive design for your website, you’re missing out.
  • The right targeting. You should have different targeting for each potential client. Visitors should get a different landing page depending on whether they’re looking to buy or sell.
  • Personalization. When you can, try to personalize the page to the person looking at it. If they’ve visited your site, it’s likely you already know what they’re interested in or even what their name and contact information is.
  • Google maps integration. If you can integrate your site into Google Maps, all the better; you can highlight locations that have geographic proximity to the person on the page.
  • MLS integration. Many custom landing pages make it possible for users to search through MLS listings, encouraging users to see the site as a resource, and encouraging people to look up popular properties.

By following the above tips, you should be able to create an impactful landing page. But, of course, knowing what makes a great landing page doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re great at design. Let’s take a look at some of the tools that you can use to bring in potential buyers and sellers.

designing on computer

How Can You Make an Excellent Real Estate Landing Page?

If you have a WordPress site, you likely already have access to a landing page template or plug-ins that let you generate a landing page. But there are also some landing page tools that you can use to make your landing pages even better.

  • BoldLeads. BoldLeads provides lead generation services including templates for landing pages that are designed to increase your conversion rate. If you want an all-in-one lead generation suite that also includes landing pages, this is a great platform.
  • Canva. While Canva won’t generate a landing page for you, it will make it easy for you to create graphics. Canva is a free-to-use service with premium features that can be used for things like landing pages, flyers, social media, and online ads.
  • Chime. Chime provides an IDX website in addition to templates for different landing pages. You can integrate your landing pages with your website easily without knowing anything about the digital marketing or web design process.
  • InCom. InCom provides affordable landing pages for real estate professionals who want something simple that can convert. Make a few landing pages, pay for some Facebook ads, and you can have leads generating themselves.
  • Envato. Envato is well-known for having an extensive array of templates that can be purchased or are sometimes available for free. If you just want a simple template (or to view some popular examples of landing pages), Envato can help.
  • Placester. This all-in-one boutique service will help a real estate company build their website, and their landing pages, from the ground up; the ideal solution for a busy realtor who wants their website and landing pages handled for them.
  • Real Geeks. Real Geeks provides high-value landing pages in addition to integration with popular CRM suites. You can create custom landing pages, test different landing pages, and get help and support from experts.

Through these services, you can either make landing pages on your own (DIY) or get a professional to handle your potential customers for you. It all depends on how confident you feel with your online real estate marketing.

Some real estate professionals know the basics of HTML, CSS, WordPress, and other online technologies. Other real estate agents would rather concentrate on lead capture after the technical stuff has already been handled.

21 of the Best Real Estate Landing Page Examples

Now it’s time to take a look at some of the best real estate landing page examples. Often, it’s easiest to learn from an example; you can see what works for you and what doesn’t.

exp realty landing page example

1. EXP Realty CA: Find Your Way Home

  • An engaging video plays in the background, drawing the user in.
  • There are only a few elements on the page, tailored to bring in a buyer.
  • Branding is clearly seen at the top of the page and is unmistakable.
  • Interestingly, there’s no CTA button; it’s just an input box.
  • Buyers can quickly launch into trying to find their next home.

2. Adams Homes: Value Simplified

  • The page promotes both “value” and “dream home,” which makes the target audience feel more interested.
  • There’s an immediate search, so potential real estate buyers can immediately see properties and get attached to them.
  • Below, the page highlights specific areas of interest that the target audience might be interested in.
  • At the bottom, a contact form is linked to, in case the target audience wants to further engage.
  • Further, there’s a part of the page that addresses potential misgivings during the research stage (“Why work with Adams homes?”)

3. Brivity: Get a Website as Unique as Your Brand

  • A landing page that’s targeted to real estate agents looking for a landing page, this page shows many hallmarks of a great template.
  • It calls out to the user on a simple page without a top menu: It’s just an ad.
  • The animation to the left side of the page encourages users to watch it and engage.
  • The value proposition to the right is an IDX website that’s customized to the agent.
  • At the bottom is a contact form that makes it simple and easy for the user to contact the site.
compass real estate landing page examples

4. Compass: Find Your Place

  • A tagline and an image is all Compass needs to make its site look welcoming and appealing.
  • Buying and renting are both highlighted, with an easy way to switch between the two.
  • Below, the “Compass Concierge” is an additional feature that they’re hoping to promote.
  • Real estate in popular cities is highlighted, which automatically makes it easier to rank in those locations for SEO.
  • At the very bottom and top, there are maps linking to the other four corners of the site, encouraging the user to stay.

5. DreamTown: Find Exactly What You’re Looking For

  • Between the font selection and the graphics, this site shows a lot of personality that’s otherwise missing from similar pages.
  • The “new” box and predictive phrase search highlights new technologies that may intrigue a buyer or seller.
  • The site encourages the user to think of them as a cutting-edge or state-of-the-art real estate company.
  • Value propositions of innovative, authentic, and local, are highly featured just below the fold.
  • After the value propositions, the page launches right into listings, which could interest potential customers or at least provoke them into contacting a realtor.
homelight real estate landing page examples

6. HomeLight: Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent

  • Another agent service, HomeLight opens with its value proposition strongly: Find the Perfect Real Estate Agent. Sell Your Home Faster.
  • Users are prompted to enter their address in, which also gives HomeLight information for lead generation purposes.
  • The statistics provide a very strong “proof of work” which includes the analyzing of millions of homes and introduction of over a million buyers, sellers, and agents.
  • Below, more information is given to explain the HomeLight process and what makes it special.
  • Profiles for real estate agents are shown to humanize the service’s efforts and further increase conversion rate.

7. Ideal Agent: Top Local Agents

  • This landing page seeks to connect buyers/sellers to real estate agents.
  • To that end, it’s targeted to an audience that is looking for an agent in their area.
  • The landing page promises to connect people to top local real estate agents and help them save on commission (a value proposition).
  • It prompts the user to enter their address, which gives them further information about the user.
  • It follows up with social proof provided through TrustPilot in the form of user reviews, a great way to increase conversion rate and trust.

8. MarketLeader: Real Estate Leads

  • This special landing page is actually targeted toward real estate agents, promising real estate leads, and lead generation techniques.
  • Users are able to “check availability,” which further interests most users, as they want to see if the service is even available to them.
  • “You buy em, you own em,” the site directly addresses some concerns a realtor might have.
  • “We never sell the same lead to another agent” is another value proposition that again addresses potential concerns.
  • At the bottom, they actually link to another site; This is another site they want to promote lead capture for.

9. Movoto: Jump-Start Your Real Estate Journey

  • Like many pages, Movoto beings with a home search and the ability to price out your home if you want to sell it.
  • Directly under, however, it shows personalized listings that are targeted to the user themselves.
  • It also includes a little announcement about mortgage interest rates and seeks to get commitments for mortgages.
  • Pages are promoted for homebuyers, sellers, and homeowners.
  • By targeting homeowners, they can also target those who might not be interested in selling right now, but might be interested in the future.

10. OpenDoor: Ready, Set, Sold

  • Quickly establishes what OpenDoor is about, with “Get an offer in minutes, sell in a matter of days.”
  • Has a very clear call to action, as well as a search form so users can find their property.
  • Establishes its own trust and authority through badges such as Forbes, Fortune, WSJ, and the New York Times.
  • Has an appealing, clean image and a very simple menu: Sell, Buy, and Finance.

11. Placester: Get the Website You’ve Always Wanted

  • A little different, here’s the landing page for one of the services that design landing pages.
  • Take a look at the format: on one side, quick features, and value propositions. On the other side, a video.
  • The “Book a Demo” CTA is very clear on the site and will show up above the fold on any platform.
  • Scrolling down, the below-the-fold content provides further insight on what Placester does and what makes them special.
  • A lot of gifs, videos, and other interactive and moving media keep the site looking engaging.
property shark real estate landing page examples

12. PropertyShark: Your One-Stop Real Estate Data Source

  • PropertyShark is well-localized to New York, which means it ranks much higher in this area.
  • It makes it easy to search for agents to dig into properties or for owners to search for their own property.
  • It promises comprehensive data for those who are digging a little deeper, i.e. engaged potential clients.
  • Owner names, foreclosure listings, property value estimates are all available for real estate agents looking for leads.
  • It shows it own trustworthiness with badges from CBRE, NestSeekers, Compass, and more.

13. Realtor: To Each Their Own Home

  • Realtor is interesting because their home page is essentially their landing page. Their home page is a simple, unique value proposition.
  • But if you search for buying a home, Realtor’s landing page actually throws you in the middle of their listings.
  • You will be connected not only to listings but listings specifically in your area.
  • This is an interesting approach to landing pages because it goes against a lot of the theory of landing pages: It’s not concise, it’s not simple, and it’s not easy.
  • But what it is, is engaging. It’s immediate information to consume.

14. RE/MAX: Buy, Rent, Sell, Agents, Offices

  • This landing page, really a home page, is interesting because it promotes all the services rather than a single one.
  • Users are able to easily and quickly access listing data that may interest them further.
  • Below the fold, significantly more information is available for users who want it.
  • The page is customized for the user, pulling up listings from the area that they’re viewing the page from.
  • For further lead capture, they promote their app at the bottom of the page.
redfin real estate landing page examples

15. RedFin: How Much Is My Home Worth?

  • Answers a direct question that sellers would have.
  • It isn’t just branded with their logo, but also their style; the red is noticeable throughout the design.
  • It promises value: an instant home value estimate, which sellers might not be able to get elsewhere.
  • The value proposition and call-to-action are very clear on this landing page example.
  • The menu has been personalized to the landing page, linking directly to areas of the site like “RedFin Selling Options” and “Selling Resources.”

16. Find Your Home

  • Targeted toward the rental market, the site is personalized geographically based on the location the user is in.
  • The landing page addresses both “Landlords” and “Renters” on the same page, encouraging engagement from both.
  • Value propositions of streamlined management, improved accessibility, and ease of use are highlighted.
  • Buttons are provided to encourage users to add a listing, screen tenants, or start collecting rent.
  • The page further links to its most popular cities, thereby targeting the page effectively.

17. REX: Full Service. Lowest Fee.

  • Once again, this begins with a critical value proposition: They are able to provide selling services at a low cost.
  • Instead of prompting users to see their home value, they’re prompted to “see if they qualify.” This gives their target audience the feeling they want to prove themselves or see if they have something to gain.
  • The other value propositions (low fees, game-changing technology, dedicated agents) are clearly discussed below.
  • Users can also see in the menu that “Homes for Sale” is highlighted, perfect for redirecting an audience interested in seeing homes.
  • A “speak with a licensed agent” prompt in the corner in red actually provides a secondary call to action, which is something that isn’t often seen.

18. RoofStock: Investment Property Marketplace

  • Targeted toward real estate investors who are doing comprehensive research in their area.
  • Many landing pages actually throw users directly into the site, with a whole inventory of their portfolio.
  • Users can immediately compare the home value of properties and their condition.
  • A different type of landing page, because it essentially directs the user into immediately using the site, rather than using a traditional real estate landing page.
  • Although it could be confusing, the right targeted Google Ad will get this page in front of highly motivated investors.

19. Get a Cash Offer for Your House

  • There are a lot of “cash home buyers” out there today, so let’s take a look at the landing page for one.
  • This begins by throwing the user directly into a six-step form. That’s a lot of buy-in, but it works because…
  • The target audience for this site is already someone who is motivated to sell.
  • In fact, this site essentially pre-qualifies its leads by ensuring those who connect are really motivated.
  • This is a unique type of landing page because it’s not interested in the most conversion, it’s interested in the highest quality of conversion.

20. Xome: Find Your Next House on Xome

  • A Google AdWords landing page, this page focuses on providing an auction search as well as traditional listings.
  • Users can either immediately browse homes or find information about the Auction Calendar, Foreclosure Events, and All Auction Properties.
  • To further refine ads and landing pages, a site visitor can be tracked through Google Analytics.
  • By launching users directly into a property listing (and a niche property listing) it makes it more likely they can retain a prospective home buyer.
  • To improve branding, client logos (orange) are matched with page elements (also orange).

21. Zillow: How Much Is My Home Worth?

  • Much like RedFin, this approaches a user by helping them find something of value: How much their property is worth.
  • This is targeted via SEO at users who are searching to sell their property or value their property.
  • Below, there’s an easy-to-read FAQ covering questions like “What is a Zestimate?” and “How to find the value of your home?”
  • Users are directed to put their information in right away, leading to engagement.
  • In addition to requesting an appraisal, users can also request direct offers.

When it comes to search engine optimization and paid advertising you’re only as good as your landing page. By taking a look at the above examples, you can find the tactics that really resonate with you.


What’s the most important element of a real estate landing page?

A clear call-to-action will always be the most important element of a real estate landing page. Without a clear call-to-action, a reader will simply not know what to do next. After a call-to-action, it’s usually the heading, which is intended to represent a value proposition to the reader (whether they’re a buyer, seller, or investor).

How can you design a real estate landing page?

There are many companies that can help you design a real estate landing page. Services such as Real Geeks or Bold Leads provide landing page generation, and there are also plug-ins for sites such as WordPress.

How do you optimize your real estate landing page?

Split-testing is the best form of optimization. Run the same ads with a few landing pages and see which landing pages work to convert more customers. You can fine-tune and optimize headings, images, and call-to-actions by testing them over time. Once you’ve run enough tests, you’ll get a feel for what your audience is looking for.

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