Top 5 Proven Real Estate Lead Generation Companies In 2022

Top 5 Proven Real Estate Lead Generation Companies In 2023

Lead generation is a crucial aspect of every Realtor’s business. Fortunately, there are many real estate lead generation companies out there that can help simplify the process.

In this post, I’ll share five lead generation companies that every real estate agent should consider using. These companies can quickly help you find leads and grow your real estate business.

5 Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Before I start with the five real estate lead generation companies you should know in 2022; I will give you a little insight into what you will find in the lead generation report.

With each company, I’ll break down the features and pricing and give you my opinion on whether or not I feel it’s worth the price.

The common theme throughout this article is either the company charges a monthly fee, or they charge you per lead. Your specific needs may differ from mine; therefore, take my opinion lightly.

Real Geeks homepage. Real Geeks is one of the cheapest real estate lead generation companies

Real Geeks


First, Real Geeks includes an IDX website that is easy to set up. Unlike other lead generation companies, Real Geeks is limited in terms of the customization choices it offers. With the IDX website, you can choose between two sleek, modern designs that are easy for your leads to navigate.

While customization is limited, it is still an option. You’ll need to contact a web developer or designer to customize your website. Real Geeks can refer you to a web developer or designer to help you.

In addition to an IDX website, the other main feature offered by Real Geeks is an extensive CRM system. The CRM is directly linked to the front-end IDX website.

The CRM gives you many options for capturing leads. These include a real-time activity tracker, custom email drip campaigns, automatic text responder, built-in texting, and lead profiles.

You can also sign up to get email and text notifications whenever you get new leads. This will ensure that you can have a fast speed to lead time. You’ll be able to reach out to all your leads in real time, even if you are not at your computer.

Real Geeks can also manage your Facebook and Google ads campaigns for you. This feature comes as an additional add-on that costs $550 per month. To use this feature, choose who you want to market your ads to and where you want your leads to be sent. Real Geeks will take care of the rest.


Real Geeks is a cheaper real estate lead generation company on the market. The basic package costs $249 monthly, with no separate setup fee. If you decide to purchase separate add-ons, this will increase your price.

For example, Real Geeks offers a property valuation tool and a Facebook ad creator tool. These both cost an extra $50 per month.

Another cost to keep in mind is that you will have to pay $25 per new user you want to add to your account.

Is It Worth It?

Despite its low price, Real Geeks provides great value to every real estate agent who incorporates it into their lead generation strategy. This platform is a solid choice for any Realtor, whether they are just starting or have been in the business for years.

Real Geeks is also a popular option with agents looking for something ready to go straight out of the box. Real Geeks requires no actual setup. It can be used once you make an account and choose a payment plan.

The platform can be as hands-on or automated as you want. This will depend on whether you prefer focusing on your leads or focusing more on marketing.

Because of its lower price, Real Geeks is ideal for newer agents looking for a more cost-effective CRM system and IDX website. It’s also an excellent option for agents in small teams.

Zillow Premier Agent homepage

Zillow Premier Agent


Zillow is one of the most recognizable names in the real estate industry. This makes them an excellent choice for a lead generation company for every agent.

Zillow Premier Agent works by giving its members better ad placements, and access to Zillow leads in a given market.

Essentially, you’re paying a certain amount to “purchase” a percentage of a specific zip code you want to target.

Your ads will then appear on property listings in that zip code, whether they’re your listings or not. This is a great way to spread your name and increase brand awareness.

However, you’ll still be competing against other Premier Agents who purchased access to that zip code. But the benefit is that you’ll get more exposure and rank above non-Premier agents.

On Zillow’s Agent Finder tool, Premier Agents also rank higher than non-Premier ones. This ensures that your name will be at the top of the list when leads search for agents in your area.

In addition, leads will see the label “Premier Agent” next to your name. This will boost your reputation and credibility on the platform.

You’ll also get exposure and branding across Zillow’s network of real estate sites, including Trulia, StreetEasy, and

Zillow also gives you your personally branded webpage and CRM system for accurately tracking and communicating with the leads you capture.

You also get phone call introductions to leads in your area, marketing templates, and extensive customer support and training to help you succeed.

However, compared with other real estate lead generation companies, Zillow lacks the features necessary to create a comprehensive follow-up strategy, such as drip campaigns.


Zillow Premier Agent lead generation service does not have a monthly fee. Instead, the cost will vary depending on the average price of homes in your market and the competition from other agents.

If you’re trying to access a market with more expensive homes and a lot of competition, you’ll pay more compared to a rural area where there aren’t as many agents working.

For example, if your market is New York City, you’ll pay more than a small town in Indiana.

However, you can generally expect to spend anywhere between $150 to $1,000 per month. While this might seem expensive, it’ll ensure you get the most impressions and leads possible.

Thinking about it another way, you’ll be paying around $20 to $60 per 1,000 impressions. Zillow recommends you pay for at least 5,000 impressions each month to see the most effective results for your investment.

On average, 5,000 impressions can get you one to two leads. This means the average cost for a lead is around $50 to $150 per lead. You can find packages for single agents, small teams, and brokerages.

Is It Worth It?

Due to the higher cost, Zillow’s lead generation program isn’t for everyone. Aside from needing a large amount of money, depending on your market, you’ll also need a strong Zillow profile.

If you’re a new agent with a new Zillow profile, you should consider collecting reviews on the platform before signing up to become a Zillow Premier Agent. Positive reviews from past clients on your profile will ensure that you have the most success for your investment.

In addition, keep in mind that leads are not guaranteed, no matter how much you pay each month. For this reason, you should not rely on Zillow as your primary source of leads. If you do, you could find yourself burning through your budget. In addition, you will be facing more competition for these leads, depending on what market you are working in.

One benefit to Zillow leads is that they are likely more qualified than other internet leads from social media platforms. These leads might be more motivated to follow through and agree to work with you than Facebook leads. So while Zillow leads are more expensive, they’re also more serious.

The most obvious benefit of using Zillow Premier Agent is that Zillow is the most visited and well-known real estate site in the U.S. For this reason, you’re more likely to find a constant stream of leads on this platform.

These leads are likely to be mostly buyer leads, not seller leads. So if you want to focus on buyers in your area, Zillow is an excellent lead-generation service to choose.

REDX homepage



REDX is one of the best real estate lead generation companies for agents looking for various cold-calling tools to give them the best chance of success.

The REDX system is an all-encompassing lead generation software. It offers access to different types of leads, a top-quality dialer system, and a great CRM database.

The platform provides its users access to five lead acquisition sources: Expireds, Geoleads, For Sale By Owners, For Rent By Owners, and Pre-foreclosure. The company lets you pay only for only the leads you want. This lets you focus your lead generation strategy on the types of leads that work best for your business so that you’re not wasting any time or money.

REDX only includes qualified homeowners. Also, the system excludes leads on the Do Not Call List. This way, you can be confident you’re calling the best leads. In addition, REDX will give you specific data about the home and all the information you need to contact the lead.

REDX provides accurate, up-to-date information like this for all the categories of leads. They also provide other tools like scripts and practice scenarios so you can perfect your cold-calling routine.

REDX’s Storm Dialer is a separate add-on that automatically dials leads straight from the Vortex CRM interface. For an additional fee, you can upgrade it to a multi-line dialer.

The Vortex system conveniently keeps all your data in one place, including your leads, past clients, and current sphere of influence. This saves you the hassle of using different platforms. It also includes scripts, lead verification, and tips for handling objections.


REDX’s prices depend on the lead source you choose to access:

  • Expireds are $59.99 per month
  • Geoleads are $49.99 per month
  • For Sale By Owners are $39.99 per month
  • For Rent By Owners are $79.99 per month
  • Pre-foreclosures are $39.99 per month

The Storm Dialer is an additional $99.99 per month and can be upgraded to a multi-line dialer for $50. The Vortex CRM system is free when you purchase any lead subscription.

Is It Worth It?

REDX is popular among real estate agents because of the fast speed to lead times it provides for agents. It also provides many tools to make cold calling easier.

It’s also a convenient lead-generation service for aggregating the most up-to-date information on new leads. REDX does all the digging for you, and every lead you receive on the platform will have contact information and complete property history details.

REDX is cheaper than other popular real estate lead generation companies and dialer systems, such as Vulcan7. In addition, it provides more comprehensive features than comparably priced options on the market.

REDX is the best option for real estate agents looking for a cheaper lead generation company because of its pricing structure and lack of setup fees. However, it heavily focuses on seller leads, so another company might be better if you want to work with buyer leads instead.

If you’d like to learn more about REDX, you can use my link to get a $150 discount.

Zurple homepage. Zurple is one of the best real estate lead generation companies for automation



Zurple is one of the best real estate lead generation companies with a comprehensive end-to-end lead capture system for your real estate business.

The first step in Zurple’s process is to launch home search websites. You can have up to 10 websites for each area or market you work in within your city. These websites are branded with your branding.

In addition, Zurple also helps you capture leads with the option to purchase special search engine marketing services. This service ensures that the ads for your home search websites get to the top of Google and other search engines.

Zurple’s extensive analytics system lets you know all your leads’ actions across your home search websites.

You’ll see a complete profile of your lead’s search behavior. This includes their location, the types of properties they prefer, and what searches they have performed on your website.

Another feature Zurple provides is predictive analytics. This uses a special algorithm to determine what actions a lead will likely take in the near future.

Zurple will notify you if a potential client views a single property multiple times, saves a property to their favorites list, or if they increase the rate of their searches.

Next, Zurple has an automated email service that you can use to follow up with leads in real time. These emails are personalized and tailored to the lead’s search behavior and needs.

Zurple offers options for paid lead generation on Google and Facebook ads. This works similarly to Zillow’s lead program, where you purchase leads in different zip codes. You can choose up to five zip codes when buying leads that are exclusive to you.

The lead generation tool also offers a Lead Intelligence Bundle that can automatically import your leads’ social media information.

Lastly, Zurple can be integrated with Zillow, Trulia, and This way, you can conveniently keep all your leads in one place.


Zurple’s base price is $299 per month for one user. Connecting the MLS to your home search website is an additional $10 fee. This brings the total price to $309 per month.

In addition, you will have to pay a one-time setup fee of $799 at the start of your six- or 12-month contract.

To add more users, you’ll need to pay $150 per month to access up to five additional users. And if you want more than five, the cost will be $50 per new user.

If you want to utilize the paid lead generation, this will cost at least $250 per month for buyer leads and $450 per month for seller leads.

Another cost to remember is a one-time $150 fee if you import over 5,000 leads when you first start.

Zurple’s Lead Intelligence Bundle is a monthly add-on for $150.

Is It Worth It?

Zurple’s features make it easy to follow up and contact your clients immediately. And when you reach out, Zurple will ensure it’s with the right personalized message to get them to make an appointment with you.

On the other hand, Zurple’s home search websites don’t have many options for customization. Instead, they rely heavily on making every lead fill out a lead registration form to see a property.

Zurple also does not have as extensive of a CRM system as other real estate lead generation companies on the market.

Zurple’s behavioral marketing email system is the main feature of its lead follow-up strategy. There aren’t many options to create different workflows or task lists besides these emails.

However, Zurple is the best option for real estate agents looking for a lead generation company that prioritizes personalized automation and data-driven tools.

Bold Leads homepage

Bold Leads


Bold Leads is an all-encompassing lead generation system. It has automatic lead generation techniques, a complete lead nurture system, and comprehensive lead communication tools.

Bold Leads’ automatic, done-for-you lead generation process creates advertisements that brand you as the local expert in your market. Then, the system delivers the resulting leads straight into your CRM system for you to follow up. These leads are also exclusive to you, so you don’t have to worry about competition from other agents.

Bold Leads helps you turn your leads into clients with their included CRM system and different options to create customer funnels.

With Bold Leads, you can capture leads who are early on in the buying or selling process. The platform also has an automatic lead nurture system to engage your leads.

This works when the platform automatically sends the leads to the funnel you have set up for them. You can set up multiple funnels, and Bold Leads will send the right leads into the relevant funnel.

Bold Leads offers proven funnels that nurture leads through customizable emails, texts, and even voicemails. Professional email and text templates can be used to connect with your leads.

The platform will also give you detailed analytics that shows which of your leads actively engage with your content. This way, you can reach out only to the most receptive leads.

Another feature of the platform is the ability to send out mass communication to all your current and past leads. Keep them engaged by sending content about seasonal real estate industry tips, current news in your market, new listings, and invitations to upcoming open houses.

The platform’s automatic Text Concierge will respond to your leads and make sure they’re qualified for you. And while you focus on face-to-face interactions and closing deals, the platform will also take care of setting up appointments with new leads. This way, you can be confident that you’re only interacting with leads with the most serious intentions.


Bold Leads has a base cost of $269 per month, which will get you buyers or seller leads. If you want to have both types of leads, it’ll be an additional $250, for a total of $500 per month.

Contract options are either six or 12 months if you want to save the most money. However, there is also a month-to-month option, which is the most expensive. There is a minimum commitment of six months.

This cost does not include ad spending, which should be at least $250 if you want an effective campaign. For PPC advertising, the cost will be $769 per month.

Is It Worth It?

Bold Leads is one of the best overall options for a great lead generation company because of the exclusive access to leads that they guarantee you. The company even limits the amount of real estate agents advertising in each area, which gives you a huge advantage.

In addition, Bold Leads’ level of customization gives agents everything they need to create an effective lead generation strategy, from up to 40 landing page templates, A/B testing for landing pages, automated text messaging, and more.

Bold Leads’ advertising automation is ideal for real estate agents who don’t have much marketing experience and want to do whatever works best. The platform boasts a total of $15 million in successful online advertisements, so you can rest assured they know what works best.

Bold Leads can be expensive, but they are still affordable compared to other higher-end real estate lead generation companies. For this reason, you need to be prepared to work with many leads to get a good ROI on the platform.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Lead Generation Companies

Overall, using any real estate lead generation company is better than using nothing. These tools are a great way to streamline your lead generation capture and increase your ROI.

These five real estate lead generation companies are great options for every agent. The best one for you will depend on how long you’ve been in the industry, your budget, how much automation you want, and what kinds of features you are looking for.

If you don’t quite have the budget to hire any of these companies, check out my post that shares 14 proven ways to generate FREE real estate leads.

What real estate lead generation company will you choose? Do you currently use one that didn’t get mentioned on this list? Let me know in the comments below!

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    1. Hey Rosa! First off congratulations on your success thus far. If you’re looking for high-quality luxury leads, you’re better off using a service or learning how to manage your own Google PPC campaign. Think like a luxury buyer in your market. Most lux buyers that already live in your market will have a home already and be looking for information to sell their current home to buy another. Or think of out-of-state buyers looking to purchase in certain luxury areas in your market. These would be the specific terms and keywords I’d go after with my advertising. Then provide something of value to get these leads to provide you their information in exchange. Good luck!

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