7 Useful Real Estate Mastermind Groups To Join Today

7 Useful Real Estate Mastermind Groups To Join Today

Are you looking to grow your real estate business through investments or become a better real estate agent?

Many agents, investors, and real estate professionals will eventually reach a plateau. You might be working 12 hours a day but not seeing any real financial gains — or you might be growing, but more slowly than you’d like.

Networking with other like-minded real estate agents in a real estate mastermind group can help. Today, we’ll take a look at the four best mastermind groups for real estate investors and the top three mastermind groups for real estate agents.

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What Are Real Estate Mastermind Groups?

Real estate mastermind groups are groups of like-minded individuals, such as real estate agents and investors, who want to network, learn more, plan together, and develop their skills. 

In a mastermind group, you can meet other investors or agents like you, talk about the challenges that you face, and find solutions as a group rather than having to tackle every issue on your own.

Investing can be a lonely business. A mastermind group makes it a little less lonely.

Many real estate mastermind groups are centered around a specific entrepreneur who has proven themselves within the field. Some, like Richard Branson, are guest speakers. Others, like Dan Sullivan, serve as mentors with mastermind groups and real estate coaching sessions of their own.

Real estate investors, entrepreneurs, and those in the real estate industry can all benefit from sharing knowledge. Over time, trends can become more obvious — and strategies for success can become more apparent. Some professionals will even work with multiple masterminds on their path to becoming multi-millionaire investors.

Today, we’re going to take take a look at some of the most well-known mastermind groups — and the best ones for a real estate investor or real estate agent looking to grow their business. And that includes my new Agent Mastermind Facebook Group; the perfect place to get started.

7. M1 by Rock Thomas International: Living Your Best Life

A financial freedom and lifestyle mastermind group, M1 doesn’t just focus on sales. M1 also focuses on contributing to society, building authentic relationships, creating bucket list adventures, and even improving your health. 

The right person can learn a lot from the active investors, professionals, and entrepreneurs in this network — although it is a pretty exclusive network to get into.

6. The Underdog Advantage Mastermind: For Success Seekers and Dream Chasers – Investors

Dean Graziosi runs the Underdog Advantage Mastermind. At a membership fee of just $7 a month, it’s one of the cheapest options out there for real estate investors. 

If you want to know more about what it means to be a successful person, how to balance work and personal life, and how to meet other like-minded individuals, this mastermind will introduce you to a similar cohort.

As a personal development and wealth-building mastermind, it’s great for those who want to become investors, entrepreneurs, and successful agents alike — without having to spend a lot of money to do it.

5. Joe Polish’s Genius Network: The Best Kept Secret for High Profile Entrepreneurs

The Genius Network is a network of high-performing entrepreneurs and business owners. Everyone from producing agents to real estate investors can join to become higher-functioning and more efficient. 

Joe doesn’t just focus on how to develop a business, but also how to ensure that you build a business your way — keeping it fun, exciting, and light.

4. Maverick 1000: Are You One of Them?

Maverick 1000 is for CEOs, investors, entrepreneurs, and high-powered individuals who want to be able to connect on a peer level with people of a similar mindset.

Unlike many other mastermind groups, Maverick 1000 doesn’t just focus on personal wealth. It also focuses on general world impact.

When you get successful people together, they are more likely to have an idea that can change the world.

But if you want to be a member, you need to be invited — and you’ll need to be voted in to seal the deal.

3. The Lab Coat Agents: Empowering Agents

Agents in the real estate industry can join the Lab Coat Agents. Unlike many other mastermind groups, the LCA started as a real estate agent mastermind and remains heavily real estate-focused. It’s all about using data and technology to generate leads and build revenue — something any real estate agent can appreciate.

As a group of 145,000 members, this is a great place to develop personal success in the real estate industry. Founder Tristan Ahumada continues to moderate the group and help members find the best tips, tricks, and tools.

2. YesMasters: Pursue Greatness. Play to Win. Always Expect Yes!

Built around the teachings of Kevin Ward, the YesMasters Facebook Community consequently focuses on what he calls a “no-BS approach” to real estate. 

What’s great about YesMasters is that the community is centered around improving real estate earnings without losing work-life balance. YesMasters also has online courses, one-on-one training, and an eBook designed to help you sell more.

1. (And of course…) The Agent Mastermind Group

You can join my Agent Mastermind Facebook Group for free, joining the ranks of nearly 700 real estate professionals, entrepreneurs, disruptors, and innovators. The Agent Mastermind is a private group dedicated to helping real estate professionals build their business and brand — like a boss.

On the Agent Mastermind group, you can ask questions, get feedback on projects, create relationships, collaborate, and garner support.

Share your wins and learn from your losses. Figure out new marketing strategies and techniques. And keep your eye out for the changes rippling through the industry. Join today and start talking to like-minded real estate professionals right away.

To summarize, there are a lot of mastermind groups out there. It all depends on where you are in your career and what you want to know. But joining any mastermind group can help you start building your career. And you can get started today.


How do I find a real estate mastermind group?

A lot of real estate mastermind groups are active on Facebook. Search for a group in your area if you want in-person time with other business owners and entrepreneurs.

How much does a mastermind group cost?

Some mastermind groups are free. Others can cost up to $10,000. It depends on where you are in your career. If you just want to find like-minded agents and investors, you can find a free group — if you want real mentorship, you’ll have to pay more.

Why should I join a real estate mastermind group?

A real estate mastermind group connects you with other like-minded people in the real estate industry. You gain accountability, contribute to each other’s success, and work together for a common goal.

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