9 Unique Real Estate Postcards Ideas That Get Leads In 2022

9 Unique Real Estate Postcards Ideas That Get Leads In 2023

A real estate agent can use a postcard to send mass mailings to potential client homes. Direct mail marketing is a cost-effective way to reach a lot of people with minimal effort, but your real estate postcards must be attention-grabbing to get people to call.

If you are a real estate agent considering a real estate mailer option using postcards, the right design is critical. Here are some steps to take to ensure your real estate postcards stand out.

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Real Estate Postcards Need the Right Elements

It’s important to understand what a real estate postcard needs to have to be effective. First, your postcard must have something that draws attention. Some ideas include:

  • Surprising statement or fact
  • Attention-grabbing image
  • Unique font or print
  • An offer or free gift for past client referrals

Next, you need to include your contact information so every potential buyer or seller who gets the postcard can contact you. Some information about yourself as a real estate professional or about your real estate brokerage firm is also important. 

Finally, make sure your logo or tagline is part of your real estate postcard template. remember, at the end of the day your mailing is a marketing tool. It needs to have your main branding elements as part of the design.

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9 Real Estate Postcard Ideas to Save for Your Marketing Plan

As you plan for your real estate marketing postcard design and direct mail campaign, you may want to see ideas. Here are 9 real estate postcards that would work well for a direct mailing that you can gather ideas from.

1. “Just Listed” Announcements

One way you can tap into real estate postcard marketing for your business is through “just listed” announcement postcards. These send information about a new listing, often a unique or luxury listing, in your target market. Even if the recipients aren’t potential buyers, they may be looking for real estate services and the postcard mailers will keep your contact information in mind.

2. Expired Listing Postcards

If your real estate market has a lot of expired listings, create a postcard that targets these sellers. Get their attention and let them know that you specialize in selling hard-to-sell properties. When you spot an expired listing, send your real estate agent postcard right away to build more seller leads through direct mail campaigns.

An aerial photo of a neighborhood. Geographic farming is a good strategy for your real estate postcards

3. Real Estate Farming Postcards

A farming postcard is a type of real estate postcard campaign designed for lead generation. It asks a question of the recipient or touches on a pain point that you have the ability to solve. Once you design farming postcards, send them in mass mailings to an area you want to target and wait for some leads to call. To learn more about geographic farming, read my post on real estate farming.

4. Open House Postcards

An open house postcard campaign lets people in a neighborhood know that an open house is coming. This is a great way to get prospective buyers through the door and maximize the effectiveness of your open house event. Use attractive images of the home to gather attention.

5. Free Offer Postcards

Free offer postcards provide potential buyers with a free home analysis or another offer. This can drive in potential clients because they want risk-free information. Consider a service you could provide for free to your target market, and build a real estate postcard design around it.

6. Local Information Postcards

Not all of your real estate postcards need to target buyers and sellers directly. Sometimes you can use the postcards to keep your name front and center with each homeowner in your farming area. A postcard mailing that highlights fun local information, such as pumpkin patches in your region in the fall, can keep you at the forefront of the mind of your target area.

7. Social Media Marketing Postcards

Do you have a strong social media marketing strategy you use for your listings? If so, design printed materials to send to your farm area that highlights this. Show potential sellers just how you will market their listings as part of your marketing efforts.

8. Call-to-Action Postcards

While some postcards are designed to keep your name in mind, others are designed to get the recipient to take action. If you’re targeting a real estate investor, for instance, ask them to call or contact you. Work with your graphic designer to craft a postcard that makes the call to action very clear.

two blank pieces of paper

9. Recipe Postcard

For postcards sent in large numbers to your farm area, consider sending a helpful and tasty recipe, along with your contact information. People will hang on to a recipe postcard longer because of the recipe, and then they’ll call you when they need real estate marketing help.

FAQs on Real Estate Postcards

How to send real estate postcards?

My favorite method of sending real estate postcards is with Every Door Direct Mail through USPS. This is the most cost-effective method. You can choose a mail route that runs through your target market. EDDM tends to be less expensive per door than any other option I’ve found.

How to make real estate postcards?

You can find many real estate postcard templates online. You can download and customize them on graphic design sites like Canva. Or, you can use Canva to design yours from scratch.

Final Thoughts on Real Estate Postcards

Remember, printed materials are still an effective marketing option. As you build your real estate marketing plan, be sure to include some postcard mailings in it. You will see results as you keep your name front-and-center for your target market.

Have you used real estate postcards before? How did they help your business? Let me know in the comments below!

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