9 New & Unique Ways To Get Real Estate Seller Leads

9 New & Unique Ways To Get Real Estate Seller Leads

Are you looking for new and unique ways to get real estate seller leads? If so, this blog post is for you!

We’ve put together a list of 9 creative seller real estate lead generation ideas that will help you become a market leader.

So check out our list and start putting these methods into action today!

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1. YouTube

YouTube has been increasing in importance for real estate agents in the last couple of years. Thus far, many real estate agents have been finding success with buyer lead generation on YouTube (specifically relocation). However, I truly believe sellers will follow suit, and real estate agents who create seller-focused videos will be able to generate quality leads that convert.

For example, you could create a video on “10 Easy Ways To Sell Your San Antonio Home For Above Market Value” This would be a great way to position yourself as an expert in your market and get more motivated seller leads.

Another idea is to do walkthroughs of properties that you have for sale. This will help potential sellers get a better idea of what your listings look like and it can also help increase your conversion rate.

2. Open Houses

When most agents think of open houses they think of buyer lead generation. However, contrary to what you may think you can actually gain many prime seller leads when done properly.

Host Open Houses In The Same Neighborhood / Area

A key mistake I see agents make when implementing an open house strategy is doing open houses sporadically all over town.

To be effective, agents must find one to five neighborhoods that are in close proximity and host open houses within a few-mile radius, multiple times per week.

With this approach, and by using custom-branded signs, sellers (and potential buyers) will take notice of your expertise in the area and will be more likely to want to meet you and discuss listing their home when the time comes.

Also, if you get in the habit of door-knocking prior to your open house to invite the neighbors, you’ll find that you start to meet many homeowners who will be more open to talking with you because they have seen your signs multiple times.

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3. Target a Farm Area

Taking the open house strategy to a whole new level, geographic farming is a proven way of picking up motivated seller leads. And with all of the targeted marketing opportunities available to agents this year, reaching your desired audience is easier and cheaper than ever.

I’ll share some of the most effective methods for marketing to your geographic farm.

Direct Mail

Yes, even this year direct mail still works. Even though many potential clients will throw your postcards in the trash, there’s a large enough percentage that will take notice and call you.

The key to getting the most out of your direct mail is to layer this strategy with other branding opportunities like open house signs, Facebook ads, and sponsoring or hosting hyper-local events.

As homeowners recognize your branding across multiple mediums, they’ll be more likely to keep your postcard for when the time is right for them and/or perform your call-to-action right away.

Speaking of your call-to-action, you should differentiate yourself from the traditional agent and offer something of real value rather than simply call you.

Add a QR code that allows the property owner to instantly book a free 30-minute market analysis consultation via zoom. Or let them know they can download your lead magnet that shares the 5 Best Updates A Seller Can Make On Their Home To Get Top Dollar and Sell Their Home Faster.

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Run A Facebook Ad

Continuing the discussion on geographic farming, another marketing venue you can use is Facebook Ads. Even with recent updates, you can target as little as a 15-mile radius. Depending on where you’re located that might be fine or if you’re located in a city center, that may not work well.

Our overall goal is to get your branding and marketing in front of as many people in your target audience as possible without spending too much advertising to those outside your farm area.


Hyper-local community events are great ways to get your branding out in front of a highly targeted audience while also showing that you’re an expert in the area.

By sponsoring or hosting a community event, you can reach hundreds of potential sellers who live near your farm area.

And if you’re looking for ideas on what type of events to host or sponsor, think about what’s popular in the spring and summer, like block parties, outdoor concerts, farmers’ markets, and community yard sales.

Hyper-Local Content

Create hyper-local content like neighborhood pricing reports and overviews that show you know the area well.

Creating helpful content is one of the best ways to generate free high-quality real estate leads.

When you create this type of content, you can reach your audience organically. Still, you also can leverage these videos for ads, send them via email to homeowners in that area, and post them to social media groups.

4. Facebook & Google Ads

Free Market Analysis Zoom Consultation

Running ads for seller real estate lead generation peaked around 2015 and then has been sliding ever since. However, much of the decline has been due to the fact that real estate agents are still trying to send traffic to an automated home valuation landing page to convert the seller lead.

Today, sellers have wised up to automated values. Take the contrarian approach and especially call out these automated values and offer free customized home values during a 30-minute Zoom consultation with you.

Yes, you risk your time that some may just use you to get a more accurate value on their home, but you’ll also have many opportunities to run CMA’s, build relationships with sellers, and demonstrate your expertise around listings.

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5. Sphere of Influence

Did you know that for every twelve people in your sphere of influence, you should be able to net one listing?

If you’re not currently taking FULL advantage of your sphere of influence, you should be. Too many agents don’t have a dedicated strategy to really wow their sphere and think that just because they may be a friend they’ll automatically use you.

Here’s what I recommend you do to get the most from your sphere:

6. Niche Markets

Becoming an expert in a niche seller market can become very lucrative. Many top-producing agents have mastered one of these and built a highly profitable sustainable real estate business.

Divorce Sales

Partnering up with an attorney or mediator that specializes in divorce can get you some prime real estate listings. These are usually high-net-worth individuals and the attorney or mediator will likely have a few clients going through a divorce at any given time.

Distressed Sales

While currently, we’re seeing fewer distressed sales there will always be a niche for distressed sellers. In tough times, this niche can be highly profitable and rewarding.

Working with distressed sellers can certainly have its challenges but helping someone out of a tough situation also has its benefits.

Relocation Sales

Many relocating families are in the market for a new home before they’ve even sold their current one. In fact, studies have shown that 70% of relocating families start their search online before they’ve even put their homes on the market.

This is a great opportunity for real estate agents to get in front of these potential sellers early and generate qualified leads.

Better yet, find companies (both large and small) that regularly relocate employees and need trustworthy agents that can list and sell homes quickly.

7. Participate On Facebook To Be More Visible

Facebook is still king when it comes to real estate listings. The average age demographic of Facebook is older than Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Also, the ability to participate and lead groups present one of the biggest opportunities to find listings across all social media channels.

Start a Facebook Group

Speaking of Facebook groups, this is a great way to generate real estate seller leads. There are many different types of Facebook groups that you can start.

Start a neighborhood or niche area group and share relevant news, events, and real estate information.

Not only will this keep you top of mind when someone in the group is ready to sell, but it can also introduce you to potential buyers who may be looking in that area.

Don’t be discouraged if a similar group exists. Many Facebook groups don’t have much participation and are simply filled with spam. It won’t take much to create a group that competes with unorganized neighborhood groups.

Participate In Facebook Groups

You can also join other real estate Facebook groups and become an active participant. Share your listings, open houses, and real estate news.

Be sure to follow the guidelines of each group so that you don’t get kicked out.

Many groups have rules about self-promotion.

Answering as many questions as you can from other group members is a sure way to build trust, and credibility, and get your name in front of many targeted homeowners.

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8. Real Estate Investors & House Flippers

Identifying and working with real estate investors can be a highly effective way for a real estate agent to secure many listings. This strategy should only be employed by an agent who’s passionate about the investment niche and is willing to learn and participate within the community.

Real estate investors (especially those that do many deals per year) are looking for a knowledgeable, dedicated, and trustworthy agent. You should plan to attend local real estate investor meetups, participate in BiggerPockets (one of the leading real estate investing forums online), and even consider shadowing an investor to really understand their business.

You’ll also need to get very skilled in understanding the numbers behind investment real estate. Hone in your skills in creating accurate market analysis, rent analysis, calculating return on investment, estimating rehab costs, and after-repair values.

When investors see that you can talk the talk, you’ll likely be able to land a solid investor client more easily.

9. Target Homebuilders

Homebuilders are constantly working with clients who wish to purchase a new construction home but need to sell their current home first.

If you can establish a good relationship and prove that you can sell homes quickly and consistently, you’ll gain the builders (or the sales representatives) trust which will lead to even more opportunities.

The first step to targeting homebuilders is to do your research about their products, price range, and inventory. To speak with the new home representative for the community and learn about them.

Don’t expect that you’ll get listings after the first meeting. Depending on how that first meeting went, if you continue to visit the community and demonstrate your willingness to share their product, you’ll find listing opportunities coming your way.

Create A Move Up Program

To take this strategy even further, create a move-up program. A move-up program is a branded plan to help clients get into their new homes at a discount.

I would regularly discount the listing to 4.5% (from the standard 6%), meaning I’d only receive 1.5% on the listing, however, I’d get 3% on the buy side from the builder.

This was an extremely profitable model since my cost to generate the seller lead was minimal. It mostly only takes your time to build the relationship and perhaps lunches and coffees for the builder representative.


If you’re looking for more creative ways to find real estate seller leads in your area, these nine tips should give you a good starting point. Of course, this is just a taste of what’s possible – there are countless other techniques that could work well depending on your market and the type of property you’re looking to list.

But no matter what approach you take, remember to always be prepared and stay focused on your goals.

And most importantly, have fun with it! After all, if you don’t enjoy what you’re doing, it will show in your results. 

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