15 Binge-Worthy Real Estate Shows To Watch In 2022

15 Binge-Worthy Real Estate Shows To Watch In 2023

Looking for great real estate shows that you can binge-watch over the weekend? Below are 15 of the best real estate agent-related TV shows. These reality shows document everything from unique architecture, beautifully designed interiors, scenic locations, and the daily lives of real estate agents working in the country’s top markets.

15 Real Estate Shows To Watch

15. Property Brothers

property brothers TV show featured image, one of the most popular real estate shows

Property Brothers is a Canadian reality television show that has been on HGTV since 2011. It features twin brothers Drew Scott, a real estate agent, and Jonathan Scott, a licensed contractor. The show follows the two as Drew scouts neglected houses to purchase, and Jonathan renovates them. Together, they help families find a fixer-upper and turn it into their dream home, sticking to a strict budget and timeline.

14. House Hunters

house hunters TV show feature image, one of the most long-running real estate shows

House Hunters is one of the oldest real estate shows. It has been around since 1999 and has spawned a franchise with various spin-offs. In the original House Hunters, the show followers buyers as they work with a local real estate agent to choose between three different properties. Buyers can be families, couples, or just individuals looking to buy or rent. Several spin-offs include House Hunters International, House Hunters on Vacation, House Hunters Renovation, and House Hunters: Million Dollar Homes.

13. Fixer Upper

fixer upper tv show featured image, one of the most popular real estate shows

Another popular show on HGTV is Fixer Upper, featuring Chip and Joanna Gaines. The Gaines are a married couple who own a home renovation and redecoration business in Waco, Texas. The series ran for five seasons and ended in 2017. On the show, the Gaines show a home buyer three fixer-upper homes in the Waco area. Once a home is chosen, Joanna designs it, and Chip works as the main contractor. The show is known for having popularized a “farmhouse chic” interior design.

12. Flip or Flop

flip or flop tv show featured image

Flip or Flop is similar to Fixer Upper, but takes place in Orange County, California. The show stars real estate agents Christina Hack and Tarek El Moussa. The show has followed the couple since 2013 as they buy bank-owned homes, short sales, or foreclosed homes and then renovate and resell them for a profit. You can find Flip or Flop on HGTV.

11. Million Dollar Beach House

Million Dollar Beach House Netflix feature image

Million Dollar Beach House is a Netflix reality TV series that started streaming in 2020. It follows a group of young real estate agents who are part of Nest Seekers International, a full-service international brokerage firm. In the show, the young agents sell multi-million dollar luxury listings in The Hamptons.

10. Tiny House Nation

tiny house nation tv show featured image

Tiny House Nation began in 2014 and can currently be found on Netflix. The show follows buyers around the U.S. interested in tiny homes, which are structures no bigger than 500 square feet. The show features renovation experts John Weisbarth and Zack Giffin as they help families build the perfect tiny home.

9. Million Dollar Listing

million dollar listing tv show featured image

The Million Dollar Listing franchise follows the professional and personal lives of real estate agents who sell million-dollar homes. The original show featured homes in Los Angeles, and since then there have been spin-offs in New York, Miami, and San Francisco. The New York spin-off of the show has been nominated twice for an Emmy award. Currently, only the Los Angeles and New York shows are still airing. All of the Million Dollar Listing real estate shows can be found on Bravo.

8. Selling Sunset

Selling Sunset netflix feature image

This Netflix reality television show follows the Oppenheim Group, a high-end real estate brokerage in Los Angeles. Since 2019, the show has followed all the real estate agents of the brokerage in both their personal and professional lives. In 2021, it was renewed for a fourth and fifth season.

7. Income Property

income property tv show title screen

This Canadian home improvement show aired for 11 seasons on HGTV. It’s hosted by Scott McGillivray, a real estate investor and contractor with years of experience in renovating properties so that they generate income. McGillivray helps guide homeowners through the renovation process of their first property. He helps them choose a design, prepare a plan for a conversion, and manage the ups and downs of home renovation.

6. Rehab Addict

rehab addict tv show title screen

Rehab Addict focuses on historic homes that require renovation. The show has been airing since 2010 on DIY and HGTV. It follows Nicole Curtis, who travels around Minnesota to fix historic homes at risk of demolition. Curtis then preserves and restores the homes to their original appearance, rather than modernizing them. The homes are often pre-World War II homes.

5. Amazing Interiors

amazing interiors tv show title screen

Amazing Interiors is a Netflix series that documents homes with unusual interiors. The homes often have normal exterior appearances but unique rooms. For example, some homes are part-time museums or feature indoor aquariums or roller coasters in the backyard. The show doesn’t have a host or narrator. Instead, each episode showcases three unique homes, with a main focus on one currently being constructed or renovated.

4. Curb Appeal

curb appeal tv show title screen, one of the most long-running real estate shows

Curb Appeal is an HGTV show that has been airing since 2002. The show focuses on updating the outdoor surroundings of a home, including the paint, landscaping, and fences. Architect and interior designer John Gidding hosts the show. Each episode features a real home and homeowner, who receives advice from several guest experts on what changes should be made to the home.

3. Mountain Life

Screenshot of TV show "Mountain Life"

Mountain Life follows different buyers looking to escape urban areas and find a home in the mountains, whether that be the mountains of the east coast or Hawaii. The show is hosted by Brian West and documents each buyer’s journey to find their dream home. Each home has an amazing view and is in a remote mountain location. The show can be found on HGTV.

2. Log Cabin Living

log cabin living tv show title screen

Log Cabin Living is another HGTV show that features buyers looking to retreat to a more rural setting. The show focuses specifically on homebuyers looking to live in log cabins and documents the unique maintenance concerns required for living in a log structure. The show follows people all across the U.S. and showcases log cabins of different styles, from small vacation cabins to log cabin estates.

1. Beachfront Bargain Hunt

beachfront bargain hunt

Beachfront Bargain Hunt is one of the most popular real estate shows on HGTV. It focuses on homebuyers seeking to live on the beachfront. The homes they look at are surprisingly affordable waterfront properties. The prospective buyer is shown three different homes within their budget and must choose the one they want to be their dream home.

Which Real Estate Shows Do You Watch?

Sit back, relax, and have fun watching these real estate shows! Hopefully, you discover your next favorite, and maybe even get a little design inspiration for the interior or exterior of your own home.

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