These 12 Real Estate Thank You Notes Will DOUBLE Your Business

12 Unique Real Estate Thank You Notes (Create Loyal Clients)

Being a real estate agent is all about delivering a personal touch. Real estate thank you notes are a part of it.

It may seem as though “thank you” notes are a lost art today – but there’s nothing more valuable to an agent.

A real estate agent gets a lot of their work through reviews and referrals. A “thank you” note keeps you in a client’s mind well after you’ve already closed your deals. Better yet, it shows that you appreciate them even after the work is done and the checks have been cashed.

Today, we’re going to take a look at some unique real estate thank you notes that you can send to give a positive first impression.

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Sending Real Estate Thank You Notes

A “thank you” has to be earnest. It’s not just real estate marketing; it’s an opportunity to develop a relationship.

After closing, you should already be sending a real estate closing gift to your client. But handwritten notes should be sent throughout the process of a real estate transaction — and even to potential clients who don’t ultimately choose you.

Let’s take a look at some of the great things to include in your real estate thank you notes.

A thank you card.

1. Gift Cards for New Home Buyers

A new home buyer is going to need to buy a lot of things. Consider a small gift card or gift certificate along with a handwritten thank-you note.

Send them to Bed Bath & Beyond and they’ll always think of you when they pull out their new towels — and that can go a long way for referrals.


“Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to get to know you and your family. I hope this can be of some use in furnishing your new place!”

2. Gift Baskets for Home Sellers

A home seller may not need to get more things, but a gift basket is always a welcome thank you. After a successful sale, consider sending the seller something small that you know they would like.

As you get to know your clients, such as during the first interview, be mindful of asking a few personal questions. They’ll be even more impressed and likely to refer you if you remembered they love caramels or taffy.


“It was great to work with you and get to know your needs. I enclosed those taffies that we talked about on Sunday — let me know what you think!”

A thank you succulent.

3. A Small Item of Decor

See something that you know matches the taste of your buyer? After they close on their home, send it to them with a handwritten note. Again, you’ll now have something that “lives” in their house.

Every time they see that decor, they’ll be reminded of the thoughtful realtor who gave it to them. It’s a great way to make sure that a past client is just a future client waiting for their next move.


“I’m so incredibly happy that we were able to find you and your family the perfect home. I saw this and I thought of you!”

4. Handmade Items

Some real estate professionals go above and beyond and send handmade items. This is a great way to get praised for excellent service. Home-canned jams with a logo on them, for instance, can distinguish you from others in the real estate industry and give your interactions a personal touch.

If you’re part of a team within your real estate agency, consider helping each other build personalized “gift baskets.”


“I hope your new home brings you many years of joy! I’ve enclosed some homemade candles to decorate your new hearth.”

Dog playing in yard.

5. Don’t Forget the Pets

Pet owners love their pets. A lot of them choose their homes based on their pets. If you know someone with a beloved cat, dog, or exotic animal, consider gifting them carefully selected pet treats or toys. Definitely mention them in the note. 

Since a lot of people think of their pets as their family, this can go a long way toward engendering a feeling of closeness — and the closer you are, the more likely you are to get a real estate referral.


“I was so honored to be able to help you find your new home. I bet Marley is just loving the yard!”

6. Deliver Your Note With a Meal

A DoorDash or GrubHub coupon can be a great way to deliver a meal to someone who has just moved. Think about it this way: they’ve probably not unpacked and don’t want to deal with their kitchen yet.

This type of thank you can be better than a generic gift card or certificate because it doesn’t just show that you’re happy for them — it shows that you have an understanding of what they’re going through and you still want to make their life a little easier.


“I know that moving can be hectic, so I’ve enclosed a little coupon for GrubHub!”

A takeout meal.

7. An Offer of Future Services

Let’s say you’re sending a thank-you note to someone who didn’t ultimately choose your real estate services. Include an offer for future services, such as a free real estate appraisal, a home staging — something that might get them to consider you in the future.

Thank you notes aren’t just about thanking satisfied clients. They’re also about thanking those who didn’t choose your services for their time and for considering you in what’s already a very competitive real estate market.


“Although we weren’t the perfect fit this time, I hope that you’ll remember me in the future! If you ever need to list your home, we offer free real estate photos and staging. Call me to find out more!”

8. A Custom Business Card

A lot of real estate professionals go through the trouble of making their business cards something of a gift. This doesn’t have to be a business card you hand out to just anyone (although creative business cards do get a lot of traction).

Consider ideas like a custom card with a built-in level. It’s perfect for hanging all those pictures in a new home. And someday a potential buyer may just ask to borrow it.

Magnetic calendars, wall calendars, keyrings, pens, and rulers are all great “thank you” gifts that can also have your name on them.


“It was a great experience working with you. I’ve enclosed this little level to help you with all your family photos!”

neighborhood view from drone

9. Enclose Information About the Neighborhood

In your thank-you note, you can also include some pertinent information about their new neighborhood.

Consider, for instance, including a listing of your favorite restaurants in your note, or some great places that they could consider taking their kids.

Not only does this secure your position as a knowledgeable resource, but it shows that you understand their lives and have paid attention to the things they might like.


“You’re going to love your new neighborhood, I just know it. The pizzeria down the corner is one of the best in town.”

10. Include a List of Service Recommendations

Another thing that they may need is a list of services. A home buyer is going to need everything from home cleaners to home warranties. They may need to know what the best electrician or plumber is in the area, or who to hire to cut their lawn. Your seller will need these in their new area, as well.

There’s nothing wrong with putting together a list of service recommendations as long as you’re doing it ethically. Even better, this can become a sort of “cheat sheet” that they pull out frequently.


“I’ve enclosed a list of the best services in the area, including gardeners, home cleaners, etc. These are services that I know personally and have always done right by me!”

Stationery, envelopes, and pencils.

11. Add Personalized Mailing Address Stickers

Your buyers have just changed their mailing addresses. So why not include some mailing address stickers for them?

This is a great gift because, again, every time they send a letter they’re going to think of you. And that’s what you want: You want a thank you note that has some sticking power. Add some personalized stationery and you also have a pretty good gift.


“Thank you so much for trusting me with your family and your home. I’ve enclosed a little gift… mailing address stickers! Perfect to celebrate your new address.”

12. Hand Deliver Your Thank You

Consider hand-delivering a thank you note when it comes after closing, along with your closing gift.

While other notes can be mailed, you always run the risk of a mailed note being ignored or considered impersonal. And since a lot of people won’t be expecting the thank you note, it could be missed.

A hand-delivered thank you gives you the opportunity to talk to your clients one last time, make sure they’re happy where they are, and find out if they have any further needs.


“Hey! I came by to congratulate you on your home and deliver you this thank you note and gift. How are things going? Is there anything more I can do for you?”

real estate thank you note

Opportunities for Real Estate Thank You Notes

Many real estate agents only send a thank you note after a deal has closed. But there are many more opportunities for these types of interactions than just closing.

Thank you notes should be sent after giving initial listing pitches, after getting a listing, after losing a listing (but still being allowed to pitch) — you get the idea. They should most definitely be sent after receiving a referral.

Whenever someone has taken their time to speak to you, that’s the opportunity to send a handwritten card. Maybe they didn’t decide to go with you as their real estate agent this time. But what about the next time?

Also, consider sending general real estate thank you notes around the holiday season. It’ll remind people about your services just before the holidays end and most people start looking again for a home.


What do you write in a thank you note to a buyer or a seller?

Express that you valued the time that you spent getting to know them, that you are happy that you were able to help them fulfill their goals, and that you enjoyed building a relationship with them as a real estate client.

How do you thank clients for their real estate business?

Often, you congratulate them. Either they’ve just successfully sold their home or they’ve bought a home. Both are cause for celebration. A card doesn’t have to be complex; it just has to show your appreciation and gratitude.

What do you say to your real estate clients after closing?

A real estate professional should always close with a letter or handwritten note expressing appreciation and reminding the client to come to them again if they have any future needs. A personal note can go a long way toward getting referrals.

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