Real Estate Yard Signs - 7 Ideas For Effective, Eye-Catching Signs That Will Stand Out

7 Eye-Catching Real Estate Yard Sign Ideas That Generate Leads

Many real estate agents might be wondering how they can get their real estate yard signs to stand out from the sea of other real estate signage and attract a potential buyer, seller, or visitor to their open house.

A custom real estate sign acts almost like a business card that tells your target audience your name, contact information, and information on the home. For this reason, Realtor signs are essential to your marketing strategy, and it’s important to find ways to make them unique and eye-catching.

In this post, we’ll go over seven ideas for making your lawn sign, open house sign, or directional sign stand out from your competitors.

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7 Real Estate Yard Sign Ideas

Before you try out any of these real estate yard sign ideas, be sure to check with the neighborhood’s HOA to make sure that nothing on the sign violates their property rules.

Several real estate signs on different lawns

1. Consider Ditching Sign Riders

Every agent who uses yard signs is undoubtedly familiar with using a sign rider to accompany those signs. And while sign riders do play an important role in updating the status of the home or adding your branding to the sign, they can sometimes be difficult to read from a distance.

Depending on the location of your sign, how far it is from the road, and how much traffic is in the area, you may just want to skip the sign riders altogether and use the entire sign space for advertising your event or listing. This allows you to use the entire space and large, bold lettering to reach your audience more effectively.

This is an especially good idea if you’re trying to attract a large crowd to an open house, for example. You can create several different signs for open houses, just sold homes, and under contract homes and swap them out accordingly.

2. Unique Vanity Numbers For Each Sign

To help you keep track of how effective your signs are, consider using a unique smart number for each sign. This way, whenever a lead calls you, you will know which sign they got your name and number from.

You can use this to shape your marketing strategy and ensure that your signs are located in effective areas that reach the most amount of people. This can also be used to test the effectiveness of different designs on your sign.

A real estate yard sign in a lawn

3. Use Technology to Accompany Your Signs

A large part of making sure your real estate yard signs are effective in our more technology-driven society is finding ways to integrate that technology.

You can use QR codes on your signs to direct your audience to your website, social media, or a unique landing page with more information about your listing or open house event.

Another lesser-known option is to use beacons. These electronic devices automatically send out messages via Bluetooth to anyone passing by with Bluetooth enabled on their devices. This is a great way to get people to your open houses.

4. Signs With Unique Shapes

It’s fairly easy for the average person driving or walking by your neighborhood to tune out real estate yard signs. The traditional square-shaped signage tends to all too easily fade into the background.

A great way to stand out is to use uniquely shaped signs, such as circles or rectangles. In addition to that, flashy detailing that shows your brand or personality, such as a stainless steel custom sign frame, eye-catching graphic, or lighting, can also draw eyes to your real estate yard sign.

Traditional methods that attract the eye through movement, such as balloons in your brand’s color, can also help your custom-shaped signs stand out.

feather flag signs

5. Feather Flags Instead of Signs

Where appropriate, consider using feather flags instead of or in addition to your signs. A feather flag is tall enough to be easily seen from a distance, combined with natural movement from the wind to draw peoples’ eyes. And given the greater size of a feather flag, you have more room for bigger, bolder text.

6. Lighting Up Your Signs at Night

Lighting up your signs at night is more than just an eye-catching detail. It’s a practical way to make sure your real estate sign can be seen at any time, day or night. You can find LED solar light stakes on Amazon that you can place on a lawn.

Linkind 12 LEDs Landscape Solar Spotlights

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These bad boys deliver an impressive 350LM of 6500K Daylight White light, making them perfect for illuminating any outdoor area. What’s more, they come with TWO LIGHTING MODES – perfect for when you need either a bright or more subtle light.

And if that wasn’t enough, the spotlights are also fully adjustable and focused, meaning you can easily direct the light exactly where you need it.

Otherwise, you can find lights to mount on top of your signposts, to light the sign from above, such as these unique real estate sign lights from

7. Emphasize Your Name and Branding

On all your signs, be sure to emphasize your own name and branding colors, not your brokerage’s, though you should be sure to include their name, too. But overall, the focus should be on you as a real estate professional. This means emphasizing your name and business above your brokerage, as this is the best way to stand out from another real estate agent in your same area. Make sure the text is large and bold.

In addition, add other elements of your own personal branding, like your color scheme, logo, and even consider adding your Realtor headshot.

An a-frame yard sign advertising an open house

Real Estate Sign FAQs

How much do real estate yard signs cost?

The cost of your signs will depend on how many signs you order, what material you choose, the type of frame you use, and where you decide to get them made. But on average, the cost for ten aluminum signs ranges from $60 to $75, on the top three online yard sign makers. Keep in mind that this is the cost of the sign itself and not the frame or post to display it.

Corrugated plastic yard signs tend to be cheaper but don’t last as well in stormy weather compared to aluminum signs.

The frame will typically be where the bulk of the expense lies when purchasing real estate yard signs. On average, an A-frame sign can cost between $100 to $250, and a vinyl post sign can cost between $55 to $80. However, this will depend on what material you use.

To save money when printing signs, especially as a brand new agent, consider borrowing your frames from fellow agents and then just printing your signs and sign riders.

How do I print real estate yard signs?

There are various online companies where you can get your signs, including,,, and These sites let you choose from hundreds of pre-designed templates that you can customize with your own brand’s colors, logo, and images.

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