Reminder Media Review: Uncovering the Service’s Pros and Cons

ReminderMedia is a marketing platform designed to help professionals stay top of mind with their clients by providing personalized advice and engaging communication materials. By leveraging their services, you can ensure your brand remains visible and memorable to your audience.

Many customers have reported positive experiences with ReminderMedia, including excellent communication and support. From digital marketing to print materials, ReminderMedia has various tools that cater to today’s professionals’ unique branding and relationship-building needs.

By utilizing ReminderMedia’s services, you can maintain consistent touchpoints with your clients, rekindle relationships with previous customers, and showcase more business with a professional image. This could lead to more referrals and increased customer loyalty for your business.

Overview of Reminder Media

As a business owner or sales professional, you’re probably always looking for the most effective way to stay in touch with your past clients and sphere of influence. ReminderMedia is a marketing company that helps real estate agents, insurance agents, financial professionals, and small business owners connect with their clients by providing various marketing tools and products.

Company Background

Founded in 2003, ReminderMedia has built a reputation for helping professionals and companies create lasting impressions with their clients through various marketing channels. Their mission is to help business owners and sales professionals never worry about who to contact, how to contact them, or when to contact them.

Products and Services

ReminderMedia offers a wide range of products and services to keep you in front of past clients and maintain a positive relationships. Some of their popular offerings include:

  • American Lifestyle magazine: A beautifully designed magazine that is branded by you, making it an effective way to stay remembered by your clients.
  • Email marketing: Create and send customized email campaigns to nurture client relationships.
  • Direct mail: Send targeted campaigns to stay in front of your prospects and clients.
  • Social media posts: Share professional content on your social media platforms to engage with your audience.

By utilizing ReminderMedia’s products and services, you can maintain a consistent presence with your past and potential clients, helping you stay top of mind and ultimately grow and protect your business.

Service Features

ReminderMedia offers various services to enhance your marketing strategy and boost customer engagement. This section will examine the key service features: Personalized Print Materials, Digital Marketing Integration, and CRM and Analytics.

Personalized Print Materials

One of the core strengths of ReminderMedia is its ability to create personalized print materials for your business. This service lets you create a lasting impression on your clients through high-quality prints and custom designs. You can choose from various formats, such as magazines, postcards, and brochures, to effectively convey your brand message and showcase your unique offerings.

Digital Marketing Integration

Integrating digital marketing into your strategy is essential in today’s competitive landscape. ReminderMedia offers comprehensive digital marketing integration to help you reach your audience through various online channels. This feature includes email marketing campaigns, social media management, and online advertising. With a strategic approach and data-driven insights, this service allows you to connect with your audience and drive more leads to your business.

CRM and Analytics

Connected to Digital Marketing Integration, ReminderMedia’s CRM and Analytics feature helps you collect customer feedback and monitor the performance of your campaigns. This includes tracking essential metrics like open, click-through, and conversion rates. With this information, you can make data-driven decisions to optimize your marketing efforts, improve customer satisfaction, and ultimately increase revenue.

By leveraging these powerful features, you can enhance your marketing approach and create a strong connection with your target audience.

Pricing and Packages

When you decide to use ReminderMedia, it’s essential to understand the costs involved. The pricing primarily depends on the magazine volume you plan to order.

For clients who order a quantity of 50 or more magazines, the cost is $4.49 per magazine. However, if your order quantity is between 1 and 49, you’ll pay $6.99 per magazine. In addition to these costs, there is a one-time activation fee of $299.99.

Beyond the magazine offerings, ReminderMedia provides services ranging from digital branding to postcard campaigns. These additional services can help you diversify your marketing channels and approach.

Your investment in ReminderMedia’s services should be well-considered, as it could be a critical element in building lasting relationships with your clients and prospects. Remember, the success of these marketing tools depends on your ability to use them effectively to deliver and offer value to your audience.

Pros and Cons


  • High-quality publications: Many users praise the quality of the magazines, with some even stating that recipients believe they’re featured in a professional magazine.
  • Positive feedback from clients: Several real estate agents have received compliments and appreciation from their clients for sending the magazines, noting that they enjoy the content.
  • Top-of-mind marketing tool: Many users report that sending these magazines helps them stay top of mind with their clients, making it easier to receive referrals.
  • Customizable: Users appreciate the ability to customize covers and tear-out cards to personalize the magazines further.


  • Expensive: Some users find the cost of Reminder Media’s services too high, particularly if they haven’t seen a clear return on investment.
  • Difficulty canceling: A few users have mentioned that canceling their service with Reminder Media can be challenging, with some even encountering threats of cancellation fees or issues with remaining payments.
  • Inconsistent mailing schedules: Some users report difficulties with the mailing schedule, noting that their magazines are sent more frequently than requested.
  • Lack of noticeable results: While some users have experienced success with Reminder Media, others report little to no impact on their business or referrals from the service.

It’s important to note that results may vary, and individual experiences with Reminder Media could differ. Factors such as the size of a user’s client base, their marketing strategy, and client engagement could impact the effectiveness of the service.

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  • Matt Steiner: “Yes! I think it’s the best marketing investment that I’ve ever made. I’ve been using them for 3 years. They love it. They share it with friends and family. I get tons of business from it.”
  • Traci Ratzlaff: “I do! My clients absolutely love the publications when they come. I get lots of great feedback.”
  • James Warren: “100% love it! Great ROI and people seem to hang on to the magazine and I’ve seen the recipe cards pulled out and in clients’ kitchens.”
  • Dan Sieverding: “I’ve used the magazine since ‘08. I see people all the time that thank me for the magazine. And it’s been great for referrals.”
  • Angela Katterfield McCloskey: “I’ve been using it for years. I always customize the covers and tear-out cards. I went to my neighbor’s once and she had five recipes on her fridge (with my contact info). Everyone seems to love them!”
  • Kira Zabolotney McKinley: “I love them! I send them to my top referral peeps and have some sent to me to hand out. My clients love them. I often get asked when the next one is coming.”
  • Kimberly Pfeiffer: “Yes! My clients love receiving it and it keeps me top of mind for their referrals.”
  • Christina Moon: “Yes! For 5 years. It always pays for itself. 6x a year to 100 people. Top referral clients.”
  • Kellie Parker: “I have used them for about 2 years. The magazines are high quality and several people have commented positively about them.”
  • Terri Turner Vellios: “I’ve been sending them to my top people. It’s for top of mind. I’ve received good feedback. One family friend kept everyone of them. During his wife’s memorial gathering he pointed out the magazine to his guests.”
  • Olga Hollywood: “Been doing it for two years. I don’t mail mine. I hand them out on listing appts, open houses, etc.”
  • Mary Braatz: “Hi Marsha, I use them. I send out the magazines. My clients like them, especially my older clients.”

Some customers, however, didn’t experience the same success and had issues with the service:

  • Ginny Nobbe: “They are nice. I can’t say I got any business from it.”
  • Kelly McConnell: “I did it for a while. Really nice magazine, but I didn’t see a ROI.”
  • Sam Pecor: “I found them expensive for what it was when I sought to cancel they made it extremely difficult, threatening huge cancellation fees and claiming I owed them money for mailings that weren’t to be sent.”
  • Tabatha Baltimore Pittaluga: “Used them for a few cycles. Magazines were awesome. Great content. Unfortunately, it was too expensive without any results… Pretty difficult to cancel.”

Overall Consensus

Most customers seem satisfied with Reminder Media’s services and have experienced positive results from using their products. The high-quality magazines, customization options, and positive feedback from clients make it a valuable marketing tool for many professionals.

Comparisons with Competitors


Reminder Media and SendOutCards are both marketing tools for maintaining relationships with clients. Reminder Media focuses on customizable print and digital magazines sent to an agent’s SOI at chosen intervals, providing valuable content to keep the agent top-of-mind. SendOutCards specializes in personalized greeting cards and gifts that can be sent for various occasions, helping agents maintain a more personal connection with their clients. While both services aid in relationship building, the choice depends on the agent’s preferred marketing approach and audience engagement strategy.

Mailbox Power

Reminder Media and Mailbox Power are marketing solutions designed to help professionals stay connected with their clients. Reminder Media offers customizable print and digital magazines, focusing on delivering valuable content to keep agents top-of-mind. On the other hand, Mailbox Power provides personalized direct mail campaigns, including postcards, greeting cards, and gifts. Both services aim to foster client relationships, but their choice depends on an individual’s preference for content-rich magazines or targeted, personalized direct mail campaigns.

Real Producers

Reminder Media and Real Producers Magazine both offer print marketing solutions for professionals. Reminder Media focuses on customizable magazines with lifestyle content for a broad audience. At the same time, Real Producers Magazine targets real estate agents, providing local industry insights, agent profiles, and success stories to help build connections within the real estate community.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much content can users control in the magazine?

Users can customize six sections within the magazine, including a personalized message on the inside cover tailored to individual clients.

What additional services come with the magazine?

Services include a dedicated marketing support team, proven follow-up scripts, targeted AI software for database prioritization, and access to e-books, guides, printables, training, webinars, lead magnets, and more.

How frequently is the magazine printed?

Based on optimal results and cost-effectiveness, the magazine is published bi-monthly.

Is there evidence that recipients read the magazine?

A third-party study found that readers spend an average of 46 minutes per issue, with magazines remaining in homes for 3-4 weeks due to their perceived value.

Is this magazine suitable for various industries?

The magazine works well for over 140 industries, especially those focused on referrals or repeat customers, such as real estate, insurance, and financial services.

What if I don’t have a high-quality cover photo?

Reminder Media’s team provides editing assistance and training on capturing professional photos using a smartphone.

What is the minimum magazine order?

To receive the best price of $4.49 per magazine, a minimum order of 50 is required.

What if I don’t have 50 contacts to send the magazine to?

Options include purchasing a list of potential movers, training on building a contact list, and using extra copies for presentations or placing them in local businesses.

What is the purpose of the activation fee?

The activation fee covers the initial setup and secures recipient addresses exclusively for your use.

Where do the articles come from, and who writes them?

Reminder Media’s editorial team creates the articles, but users can customize the magazine to align with their branding and messaging.


In this article, we have explored Reminder Media’s services and offerings. By this point, you better understand what they provide and how they can benefit your business. Reminder Media offers a variety of tools and services to help manage customer relationships and make it easier to stay on top of important tasks.

What sets them apart is their ability to create targeted, personalized communications for their clients. Through their platform, you can design and send customized reminders to your customers, helping you stand out from competitors and build strong connections with your audience. Their services are particularly useful for businesses that track appointments, calls, events, and follow-ups.

With Reminder Media, you can choose between a wide range of templates and customization options, ensuring that your reminders cater to your specific needs and preferences. Their services include reminder apps for scheduling, team collaboration, and more traditional print materials for a close, tangible connection with your customers. Their team also offers outstanding customer support, ensuring you have the resources to maximize their services.

Choosing Reminder Media can help streamline your business processes, improve customer satisfaction, and increase the likelihood of lasting success. Consider integrating their services and tools into your daily operations to experience the benefits for yourself.

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