The 5 Best Letters To Homeowners Asking Them To Sell Their Home

The 5 Best Letters To Homeowners Asking Them To Sell Their Home

Need a sample letter to homeowner asking to sell their home?

You’re in a hot real estate market. There aren’t enough listings to meet your needs.

It’s time to get creative.

Everyone who owns a home has received a prospecting letter. Sometimes, that offer letter comes at exactly the right time. Other times, well, it’s irritating–or even offensive.

How can you create a house offer letter that helps rather than hurts?

Well, a lot of it depends on the type of letter you write. Check out a sample letter to homeowner asking to sell below.

When should you send a real estate letter?

Before we get started, should you even bother?

There are a few reasons you might want to send out letters to homeowners. 

First, you could just canvas the entire area–send out letters in a given zip code, or send out letters to distressed properties. But that rarely works because it’s not an offer letter; you just ask them if they want to sell their home. They probably don’t.

Second, you could send out a letter to a specific home. Perhaps your buyer is interested in a given neighborhood or even an exact house they’ve seen. A personal letter isn’t likely to sway someone who isn’t interested in selling their home… but it could. At least, it could be worth a shot.

Sending a real estate prospecting letter rarely hurts. It’s easier than a lot of forms of lead generation.

But you should be careful regarding your tone to avoid appearing predatory. Imagine sending a “Do you want to sell your house?” letter to someone behind on their mortgage because they were laid off. They are less likely to find it helpful than ghoulish!

So, strike the right tone. It isn’t about them or their financial situation: It’s about their amazing house! You want to help someone purchase that house–and maybe help them, too, just incidentally.

1. The Friends and Family Letter

Warm leads beat cold calls.

Let’s say you have a buyer in mind. And you know they want a specific type of house. Well, before you start prospecting in the dark, think about someone you might already know that has exactly that type of house–and who might be interested in selling.

It’s more common than you think. You may have heard that someone was thinking of moving when you were at a party. Or an aunt may have mentioned that they know someone considering selling their home. Alternatively, you could just know that a friend-of-a-friend is now seriously house-poor.

So, send a personal letter. The “Friends and Family” letter is a letter sent to someone you know, ideally with their best interests at heart.

Example Friends and Family Letter (Known Buyer)

Dear Ron,

My mom called the other day and said April got that science scholarship. Congratulations!

I have some great news, too. I think I have someone interested in buying your house! The market around here is incredibly active. They can’t find what they want. But I showed them your home and they adore it.

I know, I know: You might not be interested in selling right now. That’s fine. But out of curiosity, would you like to hear them out?

Now, of course, since I’m representing the buyer, you’re also fully in the right to find someone else to represent you! Regardless, though, I’d love a chance to talk about your house and its potential. I’ve enclosed my card.

Hope everything is going wonderful with you. I look forward to catching up soon.

Kind Regards,


Example Friends and Family Letter (Prospecting)

Dear Ron,

My mom called the other day and said April got that science scholarship. Congratulations!

I have some great news, too–I just signed up at a new brokerage. I thought of you–I remember you kept talking about selling your house when the time was right.

No pressure, but I’d love it if you’d reach out to me to discuss your options. There are tons of buyers out there looking for a house just like yours.

Hope everything is going wonderful with you. I look forward to catching up soon.

Kind Regards,


2. The Curb Appeal Letter

Is there a home in your area that wows your buyers whenever they see it?

Well, maybe it belongs to someone who’s sick of the maintenance.

Reach out to sellers with great-looking homes to let them know that you have an excellent opportunity for them. Just keep in mind–a lot of people who have great-looking homes know that they do.

Example Curb Appeal Letter (Known Buyer)

Dear Homeowner,

I pass your home regularly; your garden is lovely. Seeing your azaleas bloom makes my day!

I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I have a buyer similarly wowed by your home. They’re interested in making you an offer–if you’re thinking about selling.

Could you give me a call? I’ve included my card. I don’t want to be pushy, but there’s no harm in discussing an offer!

Let me know,


Example Curb Appeal Letter (Prospecting)

Dear Homeowner,

I pass your home regularly; your garden is lovely. Seeing your azaleas bloom makes my day!

I don’t want to be presumptuous, but I’ve been wondering if you’ve thought about selling your home. It’s a great time to sell.

I’ve been in the real estate business with my brokerage for over a decade–and over that time, I’ve closed some extraordinary deals for homeowners just like you.

Could you give me a call? I’ve included my card. I’d love to discuss what I can do for you.

Let me know,


3. The Personal Connection Letter

Sometimes, it’s more about the buyer than about you.

If you’ve got a fresh new family looking for a home, for instance, you may want to introduce them to a potential seller.

This has been getting pretty common in hot markets, where a personal touch is everything.

Example Personal Connection Letter

Dear Homeowner,

I’m Ann, a realtor in your area. You have a beautiful home–and it’s caught the eye of one of my buyers. Sara and Ian are young professionals who have just moved here and are interested in starting a home. They would love to start their family in your home.

They’re highly motivated buyers, so if you’ve ever considered selling your home, please call me. My contact information is enclosed.

Hoping to hear from you,


4. The Recent Sale Letter

Stoke a bit of FOMO by letting homeowners in your area know just how quickly houses like theirs are selling.

When you make a sale, consider doing some research and finding similar homes in your area. Then, reach out to neighbors to see if they’re interested in listing their houses with you.

Example Recent Sale Letter

Dear Homeowner,

Did you know that [address] just sold for [amount]?

Your neighborhood is booming–I’ve represented several houses in your area and they sold within the month.

I thought you might want to know what a great time it is to sell. Last month, I represented a family in your neighborhood that was moving out of state. They had a $300,000 asking price. The house sold for $430,000!

It’s a great market for sellers. If you’ve ever considered selling, please get in touch.



5. The Expired Listing Letter

While people’s circumstances can change in unexpected ways, it’s a good bet that someone who previously listed their home might be willing to offer it for sale again.

Reaching out to them can keep you top of mind when they are thinking of who they’d like to handle their sale.

(But also keep in mind the fact that an expired listing often expired for a reason–such as not being able to pass a home inspection.)

See the below sample letter to homeowner asking to sell their expired listing.

Example Expired Listing Letter

Dear Homeowner,

Market conditions can change fast. I know your home didn’t sell the last time you listed it. But it could sell now.

I’d like to talk to you about your last selling experience–and what I could do to help you. I’ve had some great results in your neighborhood, and your home looks like it has a lot of potential.

Have you considered listing your home again? If so, I’d love to chat more.



Conclusion: Should you use a sample letter to homeowner asking to sell?

There are a lot of scenarios in which a sales prospecting letter can help. You might have a buyer interested in a specific house, you might be interested in selling a specific house, or you might just be chasing expired or distressed listings.

Regardless, it never hurts to reach out.

When reaching out, remember that there’s a human on the other end. They could be in any situation–they could adore their house, they could be sick of their house, or they could be having a hard time for any specific reason.

You can start with a sample letter to homeowner asking to sell and personalize it to your own branding and approach.

Open that door, but be prepared for what comes through. It may be the first step to a fantastic working relationship–or it may not pay off until months or even years in the future.


Does writing a sample letter to homeowner to sell work?

It can. It all depends on the situation. Prospects may require multiple touches before they make a decision. If they’ve seen your name around already, a letter might be exactly what they need to call you.

How do you convince someone to let you sell their house?

Use the knowledge you have about the home, the neighborhood, the market, and the homeowner. You’re not going to convince someone to sell a house they don’t want to sell. Instead, you want to present yourself as the best possible option if they do want to sell.

How do you write a letter asking someone to sell their property?

Start by introducing yourself and sharing the reason you were writing. Let them know that you like their home and you want to help them. Don’t be disingenuous; you’re not their best friend. You’re a real estate agent interested in making a mutually beneficial deal.

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