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Scripts For Real Estate Internet Leads


by Kyle Handy       Updated July 29, 2020


In this post, we discuss building and managing your real estate database. We also discuss scripts, building rapport, LPMAMA.

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So we'll usually wait till about 91902 Central Time and make sure we've got a handful of folks on. But if y'all can hear me, if you've been to this mastermind before, you kind of know the format if you have not the format of the mastermind is we want to get as many questions as we can from everybody that joins the mastermind, whether it be a challenge in your real estate business, or an opportunity that you want to address or, you know, develop your knowledge or skills in or you want to share an experience, because we try to kind of collect what everybody's looking for. And then we try to mastermind, the answers to those questions or those problems. And we draw on different experiences from different agents across the country that jump on the mastermind and share as well. So if you guys have any topics, you want to make sure we covered normal normal already brought up lead generation. If y'all have any topics, just drop them in the chat or even unmute your microphone and let us know what you want to talk about. And we'll we'll make sure to cover that or cover something related to that throughout this master Morning, Carmen.

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Morning. How are you doing?

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I'm good. How are you? Awesome. doing amazing. Do you have a great weekend? Yeah, I did. My kids, my kids, my kids were here. So that was fun. Oh, that's so cool. Very, very cool. What topic would you like to see covered today? What's on your mind?

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I don't know. I hadn't really thought about it.

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Now you are you can let the wheels turn. Yeah, I'll let the wheels turn. Awesome. Okay, cool. I see your chat. Lisa. Lisa Melvin. Awesome. Lisa, if there's any topics you want to cover, drop them in the chat. Let me know what you're thinking about what your questions or experiences or any hurdles you've had thus far in your real estate career.

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I see you doing a lot of open houses. That's awesome.

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Will Wheeler Oh man. I'm excited to hear his audio kicking. What's up my man? How are you doing? In Flanagan in the house. Good morning and Happy Monday, man. always glad to have you. Will if you can hear me, man, I just want to say congratulations, I know you've been crushing it. I follow you on Facebook. Seems like you've had a great year so far, man. Keep it up. So if you can hear my voice and you're muted, I'll just ask you and remind you, the format of this mastermind is to bring any topic to the table that is either an opportunity or a challenge in your real estate business. And we're going to do our best to mastermind that with the the realtors across the country here that are on this call. So what's the biggest hurdle in your business right now? What's the biggest opportunity that you're pursuing? Or maybe the opportunity that you've identified that you're not pursuing yet? What challenges are you having? What struggles are you having? What's on your mind as we approach these summer months? Hopefully everybody's business is heating up. If not, what is keeping it from heating up? drop that in the chat or unmute your microphone. We've already got lead generation topics here. Is what Norma brought up something she wants to talk about and cover and see what's working right now and lead generation. I'll go through a little bit of last week's here before we formally kick off let a few more people jump on. But last week's what we covered was actually quite a bit. So just to kind of get the wheels turning, I'll go backwards. At the end of the mastermind, we were actually talking about having a business plan, your money goal for the rest of the year, your units, your sources of deals, we talked about conversion ratios. We also talked about skills, skills you would want to develop to become better in listing appointments and just in your real estate sales business in general. We talked about listening skills specifically, we talked about seller net sheets, we talked about listing checklists. We also talked about we talked a lot about sellers last week, which is great because listings and sellers are the gold standard in the real estate business, right they lead to buyer leads, and there are different kinds of client relationship and opportunity. We talked about how to get sellers Commit best practices practical steps things we could do. And that's pretty much the bulk of last week so we've got Mario jumped on Good Morning Mario Mitchell jumped on Sandra jumped on the morning Sandra. Good to have you here. So it's 91 Central time guys will let a couple more folks trickle in here in the next couple of minutes but I don't see anything in the chat yet. So it's Monday morning I got to challenge you guys drop something in this chat. What happened this weekend in your real estate business that was a challenge or an opportunity what's going on in your real estate business right now? What would make this week an awesome week like what do you need a walk away from here today having in your bag or in your belief cup? Where are you struggling? Where you hurting? Or where are you killing it and you want to double down and maximize your success in that area? The morning Alicia. Mario? Will Wheeler you gotta bring us a topic today. Man I need you need you to tell us what's going on in your business. What area Do you want a mastermind today, these masterminds Only really powerful guys. They're the most powerful when we contribute when we share when we help each other hosted an open house yesterday for another agent and no one showed up. That's a great, great question, Sharon. I'm going to put this down. Mario, congratulations, man. That's good stuff. Alright, so let me get another question

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How to get more people

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show up for open houses. I love it. Love it. Drop one in the chat box. If you do open houses consistently. And in order to qualify for consistently you have to do more than two a month, month after month, drop one in the chat box. If you do open houses consistently, more than two or more a month. All right, how to attract more listings and how to schedule your day. I love it. Well, that's good stuff. How to attract more listings and how to schedule your day. That is good stuff. All right, that'll probably get us rolling here what to say when you follow up multiple, multiple times? It's a great one. So follow up. scripts and questions. Good stuff. All right. I'm loving it. I'm loving it. If y'all are getting excited about the stuff that's gone in the chat, drop something in there too, because you have good ideas. You have questions other people have you have opportunities you've identified that everybody wants to talk about. So let's get him in here. What's up, Anthony? Good morning. Good morning, Patricia. Daniel. Good morning. All right, so we've got about 15 folks on the call here. It's 905 Central Time, we're going to go ahead and kick this thing off everybody. I think I know most of you pretty well. But for those of you that I haven't met, my name is Curtis Dixon. I'm a real estate entrepreneur down here in san antonio, Texas. And the reason I say entrepreneurs because from day one joining real estate industry, I've structured my approach like a business you know, and I recommend you guys all challenge yourself to think the same way. And think of yourself as an entrepreneur. You know, by definition entrepreneurs take more risk than most people are willing to stomach for potentially greater reward. And you know, Ian Flanagan, Patricia Czar's Anthony, like I guarantee you, we are pursuing that greater reward and we're having a stomach more risk. That's what it feels like. That's, that's what we're doing every day. And just by getting up on a Monday morning and starting off here at 9am on a mastermind, like you're taking more risk than the average person who's commuting to their comfortable job and sitting at their desk, right. So really want to maximize this time, guys. The strategy and formula for this mastermind call is the morning Peggy Good to see you. There. Good to have you. So the format for this call is we call it a mastermind because we want to take questions you might have in your real estate business, whether there are challenges, hurdles, ideas that you want to see, you know if they're good or you want to get input from other people. We want to take those or we want to take topics and opportunities. You have it identified that would help you grow your real estate business. And we want to collectively answer and contribute to those questions, topics and opportunities. So that's why we call it a mastermind. So if you've never been in here, please, I encourage you to use the chat box. So what would help you grow your business today, if you walked away with a little more information or a little more inspiration, or a little more belief or strategy or tactics around what topic would make this a good day. So that's what we need in the chat box to kick us off guys. And then last, we need your contribution. So if you don't bring a topic in the chat box, but rather you have some knowledge, or some input, or some experience that you can share with everybody in this group, let's do it. That's the goal here. So I'm going to, I'm going to bring on bring up the topics that have got brought up this morning so far. And again, I need you guys to use the chat to tell us which one you want to start with. So one idea is to talk about what's working right now in lead generation, what's the best lead generation sources and tools and ideas right Now, next is to talk about open houses, how to get more people to show up for your open houses. Next was the idea of talking about specifically lead generating for listings, how to go get more listings specifically. Next was scheduling your day. And last but not least, is follow up scripts and questions. So I'm gonna break this down into really just three areas. So I need a one, two or three, drop a one, if you want to talk leads in prospecting, drop a two, if you want to talk organization and drop a three if you want to talk scripts, and questions. One lead gen and prospecting to organization three scripts and questions, one, two, or three. And if you don't have a way to chat, just

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feel free to unmute. And I'll categorize your vote. One of these days I'm learn how to use this polling feature will just turn it on. Alright. It looks like everybody wants to kick off with lead generation. So I'm going to ask A couple of folks that start thinking and just share, share what's working for them share, think about it this way. So try to break your lead generation down into two or three major categories or sources. And let's open up to hear the sources. And then let's let's drill down. So personally, my sources, of course, I'm very big on social media and internet lead generation. So that's probably my number one source referrals and past client relationships. Number two, and then the third, I would call referrals from business partners. That's my top three sources. So I've got Internet and social, I've got referrals, and then I've got business partners. So I'll ask Ian Flanagan, Anthony, Peggy, Alicia, Carmen, y'all contribute What are your biggest lead sources and then let's dive into a couple normal brought up facebook ads as well. And mail outs and reaching neighbors. So let's open up a lead source list real quick, and then we'll dive in morning Kyle. Good to have you dude. supposed to be?

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I'm just driving do too.

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I love it, man. Alright, so we're we're first compiling a list of what's working right now for lead generation across the country. So we've got Facebook ads, we've got mail outs. We've got postcards all through reaching neighbors. I want to dig in there to see what kind of Postcards you're sending. Norma, what everybody else is using open houses definitely. handwritten notes on talk about that. We're talking about their handwritten notes, main sources online Facebook and Google. All right.

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What's your main sources these days Kyle?

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Mine is a mines referrals and sphere of influence man, and it's going deep with them. It's not just, you know, the ones that I've got, like in my database, but it's, you know, calling them and trying to see who they know, that I can reach out to and starting to, you know, build that way. Yep.

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Absolutely. Right. So going deep on referrals and sphere of influence, not just for them, but who they know. They know. And we've talked about this, it's funny, you know, it's not surprising because like the number one thing that will launch your day, your week, your month, your year, right is building and managing your list write your list of prospective buyers and sellers. So I'm glad that that's a topic on everybody's mind on Monday morning, and it has been for many Monday mornings in a row and as it should be, right, so referrals and sphere of influence going deep and getting to know who they know, I think that's an important one. And then Facebook specifically, is another one that everybody seems to want to chat about. So let me open it up here. First, I want to talk about the going deep and finding out who people know and how you can actually get referrals. Who does that effectively on this call? And who can share their approach their strategy to actually going deep with people in Their sphere of influence and generating good referrals and a good amount of business off of that. That's you open up your mic. And let me hear from you. Tim power. Good morning, man. Daniel, good to see you. Here you, Alicia, Carmen, Carmen, I know you're just getting going on that front in a much mate in a bigger way. Who's great at going deeper with their sphere and generating referrals? Who has that as their biggest pillar of business on this call?

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I'll chime in real quick until somebody, maybe I'll jive some of these memory here. But I mean, I'll say I'm a big video guy. And I think everybody's a little bit intimidated with creating videos or whatever it might be. But one of the things that I do to my sphere of influence and my referral base, is I create a little video, you know, like a customized one for somebody that's in my you know, top 25 or, you know, top 300 list and just say, hey, was thinking about you today, you know, I hope all is well. You know, basically get a little bit of FaceTime with that person. And, you know, and that takes me less than a minute to make a video for somebody, let them know that you're thinking about them. And then beyond that you can actually, like incorporate that strategy. I think we had actually talked about it on one of our earlier calls, you know, we can we talked about, like, the contest strategy, letting them know, like, Hey, I'm, you know, I'm involved in a contest, you know, I'm trying to see, you know, you know, competing with the fellow agent of mine to see who can get the most referrals this month, you know, if there's anybody that you know, that might even be thinking down the road, a year from now, about a house, I would love to being in contact with them. Can you please send me a name or number if you think about over the next week or two, and, you know, if you make a video, like, you know, they see your face, I mean, I think that accomplishes two things. I mean, one, you may get a referral from it. But then secondly, even if you don't, I mean, you've just now like, you know, popped up to that person, you're closer to that person, just a little bit more personal and so I mean, that's something I do quite often is just send out text message videos, you know, addressing that person using their name and letting them know I'm thinking about them.

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loving man, and you're absolutely right. So what I actually did was I went back to one of our first week's mastermind notes, and I'm going to share what we masterminded there guys around going deep with your, with your sphere of influence, and generating referrals. So the first thing Kyle talked about, and this one's This one's extremely important. So I challenge you guys to do so if you haven't done this, right. We're also used to living like, online, we're used to looking at our Facebook, we're used to looking through our phone for names and numbers and stuff. But the first thing like Kyle mentioned, and it's super important, is in order to go deep with your sphere of influence and generate referrals, you actually have to have written down who that sphere of influence is like, Who is your list of folks that you're trying to build a deeper relationship with, and make a deeper connection with and if you haven't started there, you know, you're missing an offer. community. From there, you can organize your list digitally, you can create a friends list on Facebook, you can if you use a crm, you can create a tag or status or a segment of your CRM related to going after that list. Then from there, you can do the tactics like Kyle suggested, for example, sending out text message videos, contacting them and using specific scripts or certain strategies. So I'm gonna drop a script we talked about in the chat box at first week. And the simple script was, you know, reaching out, of course, always deepening the relationship with your soI. But once you're ready to ask is asking them who they know that's looking to buy or sell in the next six months, or who they know that's thinking of making a move. And then we talked best practices about getting in front of these folks, right? So when Kyle talks about going deep, and he talks about having a top 25 or top 300 list, you know, that's a big wide range. So if you've got a list that's really really large as your sphere of influence, then you're going to need a maximize your ability to reach them with efficient things like Do in mass text and email, all that stuff. If you've got a much smaller list, if you've got a handful of folks, or you're just getting started, you need to start by getting in front of them face to face, you know the things that sort of fit in between that, right, you've got the face to face one on one meeting, then you've got the tools and systems that can attack a much larger list like text message videos and stuff like that. And then in between our small happy hours and small get togethers and small parties, you know, you might not think that stuff moves the needle, but it moves the needle in a huge way. Like if you just have a group lunch or a happy hour at your house or you invite some folks in your soI over to watch a game or a fight or, you know, a TV show or whatever. Like one of my one of our business coaches here in San Antonio. He's an amazingly successful entrepreneurial is a big mortgage company. And one of the things he does multiple times a year is he has very strategic client appreciation parties. And then in between there sprinkled in, he fights Ways To Get A group of people together. Like last night, he had a game of thrones watch party at his house, he's brought five or six people over here, the drinks flowing. And every single time you get deeper in that relationship, like you get a better connection with those folks, you open up the opportunity, as Kyle said, to actually go deeper and generate those referrals and that sort of stuff with your soI. So I mean, that That, to me, is the number one way and like Kyle said, there's digital ways to get in front of them. There's the physical ways to get in front of them, but that's the absolute like secret to this, like you have to get in front of them. You should write down and consider that you know, the number the appointment volume you have in your business 100% dictates your success. And if you're not meeting with a buyer or seller, then you need to be meeting with somebody else that you know in your sphere of influence, or as I said, potentially a referral or business partner. So I that's where I generate a lot of leads personally as I have meetings like that multiple times a month, whether it's lunch coffee or breakfast with folks that may not you know, maybe they bought or sold a house. Or maybe they didn't. But we talk business, I helped them impact their business and therefore, they helped me impact mine. So they refer to me and help me generate leads.

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I love it. Hey, Curtis, we talked about this all the time. And I think it applies here. But I mean, you know, even in the sales side of it, you know, the way you have to look at the real estate businessman is I mean, it, we've said this before is that it's a process. It's not an event, right? Like you building your real estate business is so much of that, and you got to be strategic. And it's almost like now that I've been doing it for Geez, 11 years. I mean, I finally come to this conclusion is, you know, working smarter, not harder. And the reason I say that is, I mean, there's just so many shiny objects right now in real estate. And when I look back, and I do look back, you know, like Facebook advertising, I look at Internet sources and stuff like that, but I will guarantee anybody on this call that there is no better way to get your business moving quickly than to start with the people that know like and trust you already, or building up you know, people face to face kind of connections. First, you know, you got it really just do everything you possibly can to maximize that side before you do anything else. Like I really feel because I mean, you know, we ran, you know, Facebook ads here in google ads, we did all these, like, I would say, like mass kind of things for quite a while. And what I've learned about that is yes, you definitely can generate massive amounts of leads doing it. But at the same time, it takes a massive amount of time to have success with it. And, and so it's really good. Of course, if you've got a big team and you got a lot of people you need to feed and you got, you know, a lot of people that can work on these things. But if you're just the individual agent, if you got even just a small network, you got to start there, and you got to really go deep in that and what I mean by that to not only just for the referral and sphere of influence, but even if somebody doesn't have, you know, an immediate person that's looking to buy or sell a house, I think you can take it one step further and say, well, then you know, who else do you know to that's maybe just a business person, that's a networker that you know is influential, maybe that I could meet and get in front of and just you know, Talk to them or sit down with coffee or just have a good conversation with them. And go from that, because that's actually been a really big impact on my business is people that even haven't even bought or sold a house with me, but they're just influential people. And I met them, you know, either at a networking event, or I met them through somebody, you know, they've that made an introduction to that person. And those are the people that move the needle, because if you can get one person that refers you three or five deals, you know, a year, I mean, that's good, that's going to be, you know, way more impactful than all the amount of time you're going to spend, and, you know, generating, you know, random leads and doing all this kind of stuff to work with them and wait for them to close. So I don't know that that's my thoughts about that as unless you're doing everything possible to maximize that. Like, I almost feel like you know, there's so many other things that just are kind of distractions that take people away that you know, I mean, because I'll be easy. I mean, I'll be honest, it's, it's not hard work to do some of the stuff that it takes to build your sphere of influence and stuff out but maybe it's more intimidating because You know, these are people that are close to you. But it's almost like you just got to do it, you know, you got to risk your ego, you got to risk whatever it is that's holding you back from making those calls to those people. Because I guarantee you won't have success in this business and let you unless you let go of that kind of stuff. And you just go out there and make it happen. Like you have no, you know, no fear that whatever it is that stopping you from doing it today is, you know, is you don't have any fear of that anymore. You just let it go. And you're like, Hey, I'm going to make this work. I'm going to go out there and put the work in that I need to do to make that tough phone call the one that I'm scared to make, because those are the things that's going to move the needle. So

Unknown Speaker 22:36
absolutely, man, one of my favorite sayings, too, is activity creates clarity. So if you're not sure what to do, and you're not sure who to talk to, and you're not sure if they're going to be able to help you or you're gonna be able to help them you still just have to like Kyle said, you got to make the call. You got to go see him You got to go sit down with them. And you might find some of the time that you're like, oh, that was a waste of an hour. That was a terrible 30 minutes or what an awkward lunch we had, that's okay, you have to have plenty of those before you figure out who the people are that you do want to spend your time around. And that you do click with the best and that are going to support you and you can support them. Like you have to take a lot of that activity before you can sift through and figure it all out. And the other thing that I'll recommend to is like sometimes we trick ourselves into thinking, well, I don't know anybody, you just got dropped into a town and you don't know anybody. How do you start, I'll give you a very simple way to start. Every single town almost has builders, right? new construction, start there. Like if you don't know where to start, go somewhere else, where you're not necessarily competing with that person and start building relationships till you find somebody that will refer you or bring you a lead like that's a very simple, easy starting point. And then there's a whole variety of places you can go from there. And I don't see baby with you this morning. I wanted to see if you might want to contribute and share your experience and kind of your vast experience of both playing the long game of internet lead generation. conversion, all that and leveraging the short game of going deep on relationships. I know you have a needs analysis process and things like that, that you're, you know, passionate about. Would you chime in here?

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Yeah, I think you guys already really kind of hit the nail on the head on both sides. You know about the sphere of influence going deep and really nurturing those relationships. And then also, you know, the internet marketing game. I mean, I've been an internet marketing for quite some time. And the one thing that's missing with internet marketing is the personal touch the personal relationship. So if you are focusing on generating leads online, just know that that conversion rate is really, really low. And I'll share a nugget with you that I learned from glenn sanford. Because he built up a massive, massive business out of generating leads online for people to buy properties. And one of the things that he did was, as those leads were coming into their pipeline as they were trying to warm them up, right, the, you know, getting ahold of them. And then, you know, finding out their timeline. But one of the things that they started doing was they actually would get their criteria and find the area of, you know, the, the area where they wanted to live. And they would, on their own time, go start previewing houses and sending them videos of the houses based off of their criteria. And what that was doing was not number one, it was continuing to build the relationship. But number two, it was positioning them as a massive expert of doing something completely different than what other people are doing. And I think I just woke my baby up.

Unknown Speaker 25:41
So here I'll talk a little quieter.

Unknown Speaker 25:44
But it's just doing something that can really differentiate yourself. One of the things that I have done over time is using a video and that's something that Kyle touched on, but you know, if you're going to be driving traffic from your internet into phone You know, set up a bom bom campaign and educate people on the process of buying property. So every, every touch, you're sending them as a video clip of you educating them, because that's the hardest part about online lead generation is to build the relationship and then get the lead warm enough to where you know, you can hand them over to your mortgage broker, get that pre qual letter and then start you know, opening doors and writing contracts. So I think that that can really fast track the timeline between getting a lead and then actually closing a transaction. So try to incorporate more ways with your online lead gen campaigns to really get you in front of them and add value that's sticky. So they want to work with you and they come to you for their for their questions and comments and all that and then you know, the same thing with the referral, I mean, the sphere of influence in the research the referral side of the business, I mean, the more people know like and trust you then the more confidence they have of actually, you know, sending you those referrals so you guys kind of nailed it on the head. That's just, you know, going deep into each one of them strategy, so

Unknown Speaker 27:00
You know, you know, you know what you'd like? Okay, so you you got my wheels turning now a little bit.

Unknown Speaker 27:06
Here's kind of what I think so I always say in real estate for lead generation specifically, everything works, okay? Everything literally will go to a Starbucks on a day off, sit there for 10 hours, commit to talking to eight people in our somehow strike up a conversation guarantee you'll get one lead that day, like one new person when you're like, literally everything works, right? It does. But what Ian sort of had me thinking about was like nowadays, you know, normally this is for you to like nowadays, in order to maximize and really get the most out of both sort of the digital lead generation opportunities out there and the real life lead generation opportunities. You have to do what EN suggesting and you have to blend them, right you have to merge that you have to make them overlap, right. So for example, you're running a Facebook ad And you get this this new inbound lead. And let's say it's a, here's a good example to will like, let's say it's a listing lead, right? So you say, who, you know, drop your address if in the chat if you are in the comments, if you would like to sell your house for 300,000 or more in under a week, right? You have one person who drops their address and their name, right. So now you have this like new small lead. But then what Ian suggested is, now you take the real life, physical stuff you can do you go preview this home, you get a cma hand, write them a note, you put something in the mail, and you sort of merge like that digital introduction with sort of real life rapport building and value adding and trust. And now you have, you know, a very potent combination. Like if you can take your internet lead generation and you can turn them into, you know, real life things and then you can take advantage of the principles of going deep and building relationships, but you do it on the front end with a new lead. You're going to expedite that process much quicker. Like when Kyle was talking, here's what's funny, I did get dropped into Santa You, I did not know anybody four years ago. So the majority of my sphere of influence right now in this town comes from the couple thousand people that I talked to in my first year in real estate on the phones. That's my sphere of influence now, but I didn't have one. So what I did was, as every time I got a new internet, every time I got a new person, I treated them, like somebody that was already super important in my life. I wrote a handwritten thank you note, I followed up, I met them in person, I met them for coffee, a lot of times people won't meet buyers or sellers that aren't pre qualified or might not get approved or aren't ready to sell, right? I'd meet those people all day long. Like if you're in the beginning of your business, if you don't have 10 to 15 face to face meetings with anybody every week, you're missing a huge opportunity to actually build and grow and develop. Let me give you like an example. Why right? So you get this internet lead, and you call them up and they're not pre qualified to buy a house. So like, Oh, we have, you know, 500 score. I've only worked for a year but they really, really want to, they really wonder the process. Well guess what? There's about Three ways that this could really translate to something really good for you. Way number one, you go ahead and schedule that face to face coffee meeting, you don't book it for two hours, but you schedule an hour, you go sit down with them, you walk them through the process, and you give them a plan and a vision for the next 12 to 18 months. And a year and a half. That's going to be a deal for you. That's the long game, right? But here's the short game. You friend them on Facebook, they bring their wife you friend her to guess what she's super active on Facebook. Well, normally asked how you get more people to see your facebook post, Norma, you comment and like and engage on other people's posts so that when you post a video, or when you go live on Facebook, it pings them, or it tags them or they see it on their feed. Now your video about the home buying process one on one shows up on like their moms feed who is ready to buy a house or is ready to sell a house. And now they contact there's their daughter and they're like hey, Who was that guy on your Facebook? Was that your realtor and be like, Oh yeah, he met me for coffee, even though I can't buy a house for two years. But he was so nice and so helpful. And he gave me the whole process. Now you have Now lead. Like that's how these little stories can kind of chained together and piece together. One doesn't work very well by itself in a vacuum. But when you put the two or three pieces all together, it works really, really well. And until you've done it for a while, you kind of can't see that crystallizing. But what I'll tell you for sure is with your online social media presence, there are people watching, and there are ways to get more people watching normal and it comes back to like your engagement and how you interact with other people inside your Facebook. It also comes back to how well you organize your list. So I'm going to transition this now into sort of the the Facebook and internet marketing portion of lead generation and what's working. And if you take nothing else from this, you know, I don't want you to feel over your head here. But the bottom line is the power for you to do anything on the web down the road, or in volume make many many sales per year. It all comes back to the quality and strength of your list. Like all of it if you don't have names and numbers and emails like You don't have a chance to really get massive traction or scale up your business. Because in order to truly scale, if you want to go to 3040 5060 houses a year, you're going to have to have a really well organized list of people at some point that is put into a database at some point that is put into a CRM system. So you can then utilize it to really leverage like the social platforms. And again, don't want to go too deep here. But like, if, for example, every person you've met in person was Facebook friended. And you were liking and commenting on all of their stuff. Every time you go live, every time you post a video, they're going to see it on their feed. And when you go back to advertise Now, everybody who's hit your feed, and everybody who's hit your website, because you have all these people loaded in your CRM, you can target those people specifically. And so it just allows you to go much deeper, but thinking about like,

Unknown Speaker 32:55
approaching Facebook advertising as your initial source with no no lyst behind it. No additional power. That's the kind of stuff Kyle was talking about that can be spinning your wheels. So get your list together, you'll get people in real life, pull them into your sort of digital world. Make sure you're keeping track of all that stuff. Carmen and I were just going through this right now, right Carmen like you got two or 300 people in your world, past clients and current clients and people that you know, and then you're managing them on Facebook, and now you're getting people engaging on your Facebook Lives and stuff like that, right? So it just, it just works together. Very important. So let me let me read through here, guys, see if anybody else got anything else on that topic of their Facebook or real life lead generation, we can go to open houses next, or we can go to prospecting and scripts and that sort of stuff. So you guys, let me know where you want to go. I'm going to read through the chat here real quick. I'm going to read Alicia story in case anybody hasn't read it. I want to sign a new contract with new leaf that's a local builder. And I spoke to the sales rep about marketing and found out he's opening a new subdivision and wants me to put on a big event out there to help him with a grand opening like That's amazing. So events and the ability to market those events and brand yourself as, you know, as Ian said, as an expert, deep expertise, like that's what people are looking for. Right? So when they're out there seeing like, the average agents add a lot of people, not everybody, but some people are sophisticated and savvy and they're like, Oh, that's just clickbait. That's just an ad. So I can click and get my email address. They're not really excited about that. But those savvy people are looking and saying, like, oh, man, this girl, Lisa, like she's always got this content, she's always running stuff. She's got these big events like, I bet she's an awesome agent. I'm going to follow her like her page or reach out to her. That's huge. You can run ads just to your sphere, it keeps you top of mind and doesn't cost much for sure. Like even if you have a small sphere 10 1520 people load them up in there and run ads to them. Buyers at open houses, you go get five buyer leads, load them up and Facebook and run a small targeted ad at that at that group and just see if you get a click if you got their email but you didn't get their phone number to see if you can get a click Morning, Tracy. Alright guys, so let me give you the options here. Again, unmute if you got anything else to contribute lead generation what's working right now? We did Facebook and digital, and we did sphere of influence and referrals.

Unknown Speaker 35:13
I'll share something real quick, please. So let me turn on my video here. Hi, everybody. Okay, so a trick that somebody told me about is you can take your Facebook list, and you can segment that list, she can go through all of your friends, and you can put them into a list. And so what I did is I took and made a 10 day list for myself. So I had about 1000 friends. So it was roughly 100 people per day, right? So every day of the week, I go through one or two of those lists, and it just shows me their post. Like it didn't show me anything else. So I'm looking through a through B because I just went alphabetically, and I go and I see and I'm like, like on stuff and post on stuff and comment on stuff and post some to give some stuff. And it's a way that I can kind of keep up with those people because Facebook's algorithm, you will see everybody stuff all the time. And if you set list option and just everyday you pick a list and you just go through and you just hit those people up, it's going to help you stay top of mind and it's going to help you stay relevant with them. If you don't know how to do that, just google Facebook friends list or create a list for friends or whatever.

Unknown Speaker 36:24
I love it. Heather, thank you lists are super powerful and Facebook, I absolutely recommend them because like you said, You have so much to sift through. And you remember when it used to be really exciting to get a letter in the mail. It's still really exciting to get a letter in the mail. But nowadays, getting a comment or a private message is really exciting on social media platforms like IC and Flanagan thumb up and stuff all day long, but when I get a smiley face or like a muscle or like I'm excited like it just you know gives me that little extra smile in the back of my mind like it just really does. Like Heather said it keeps you top of mind and you also man, you never know like what people are going through what their situation is. They couldn't buy six months ago, but all of a sudden, you know, they made a big sale in their commission business and now they cleared up a bunch of debt and they can buy today. But if you're forgetting about those people, you know, and you're not taking advantage of the tools, we have to actually deepen those relationships. You're missing a big opportunity. Let me add that here. I really liked that Facebook lyst segmenting That's good stuff. Alright guys, anybody else on the topics Facebook lead generation what's working anything we missed? That everybody get a nugget

Unknown Speaker 37:29
that could be endless, but I think that you nailed it kind of like a one on one. You know, adding value to people's lives, you know, liking comment on their, their posts. You know, it's just like anything you have to, you know, dedicate some time and being more be more intentional. Because sometimes when I get on Facebook, I'm just kind of checking everything out. I'm catching up with people like this morning, I saw Kyle's video from Seattle. I was just enjoying social media. So be intentional about when you do get on and then others times be more strategic like, Okay, I'm going to spend an hour liking and calming and commenting on my sphere of influence, versus just, you know, not having a plan when you do get on social media. So think about that. So be more intentional about when you do engage versus just enjoying just catching up with people versus, hey, this is I'm going to spend an hour just on my business, and I'm going to really drive social media. So yeah, we could talk about that forever.

Unknown Speaker 38:25
I love it. Well, let me give you guys a couple more resources to so you're going to have to extrapolate from these resources a little bit if you use them because it's not real estate specific, but I think it's To me, it's the best the best knowledge out there about how to actually develop business online, and it's by Gary van der Chuck. So if you guys have never watched Gary Vee, you know, he goes by Gary Vee, he is like his brand and he also goes by Gary van der Chuck. I think that's the correct spelling. But there's two things you want to go watch today. If you're interested in developing your business online. So there's the dollar ad strategy. So just literally go to like youtube or Google and Google his name, I put in the chat, Google his name and Google dollar ad strategy. And he's going to talk about exactly what he ended on about being intentional with your engagement and commenting for the purpose of opening new relationships and deepening existing ones. And it is, and if you have if you have nothing else going on in your business right now, and you don't have a dozen buyers and sellers and you don't have a bunch of active clients, and you're just trying to grow this thing, spend four hours a day using his dollar ad strategy, I promise it'll open up opportunities. The other thing that I recommend, and this is, again, this is if you number one, want to get more into sort of the digital entrepreneurship brand of marketing and building relationships, or you're already pretty good at it and you want to get great at it. Here's the next one. Go read this book. It's also Gary Vee. It's called crushing it or hit it on Audible. Here's why. I love this book, you know that little anecdote that I gave a minute ago about like, you meet somebody online and then you go sit down with them in person, even though they can't buy, they see your Facebook Live, and then all of a sudden their mom buys from you. That's like a real story. Like I really have a friend here in San Antonio, who does Facebook Lives. And like Ian said, he doesn't always want to be on video. He doesn't always want to do it. But he did it. And he had a buddy, give him a referral, because that guy's neighbor so my friend Rob had a client that clients on Rob's Facebook Live, then that guy's neighbor also somehow re Rob's Facebook Live, maybe the guys shared it or liked it commented. And then that neighbor reached out to Rob's past client and said, Hey, is that your realtor? And the guy said, Yeah, he's awesome. He's like, I saw his video looks awesome. Can you give me his info? Like that's how a referral really came to be. The reason I love that crushing it book is because Gary Vee gives you some real examples of how to use Facebook, Instagram, different things to actually generate for yourself like good, good relationships. new leads and build your business. So that book is something I would highly recommend. Really, really worth it. Alright, so we've gone deep on lead generation. That's a great topic for a Monday. I love it. Let's go through a couple more. I'm going to give you guys a one or two option here again, and let's do it. So we have, we have the open house topic, which is an interesting one, we could go we could go pretty deep there, I think. So if you want to go open houses, drop a one. If you want to go scripts and questions, drop a two or if you want to go organization and scheduling drop with three. So one is open houses specifically to his scripts and questions. And three is scheduling your day. I got one got two or three that one, drop it in the chat. We got one open houses. Well, this is pretty pretty, pretty mixed here. Tracy, I'll do a recap here at the end of the call. appreciate your comments. Drop a number in here too. Oh, it's a battle. I got 1234 ones. I got 1234 twos and I got a three. I need a tiebreaker. Next person drops a one or two. That's where we'll go.

Unknown Speaker 42:11
Heather, all you beat them, Heather, you beat them. Alright, so we're going scripts and questions. I love it. scripts and questions is a fun one. I really like this. So, scripts and questions. There's a couple different directions we could go here. So we talked about helping you get your next deal. And that's that's this masterminds core mission, right? We want you to close one of your current clients and make a sale. We want you to take a bumpy contract and get this thing across the finish line. open houses will be at the top of the list for next Monday. You got it, Sharon, thank you. Or we want you to go get a new deal. Right. So we've already talked a lot about lead generation. And I'm going to push the strategy of you know, activity creates clarity. So if you've got new lead generation ideas from this mastermind, go get on the phones go make some phone calls, See these people in person? When you come back next week, we can go into a specific question to build rapport or specific question to close them. So I'm going to go a little further down the funnel right here. Now, let's assume that we've got, and we can we can sort of use open houses. Let's assume we've got a new lead already. Right? We've got a new lead right now. And we're going to work them through the initial contact rapport building and appointment setting phases. Alright, so we'll work through for the next 15 minutes if everybody's good. So I'm gonna break that down again, I'm gonna type it in the chat because if you don't think this way, about

Unknown Speaker 43:35
dealing with leads, you should.

Unknown Speaker 43:43
All right. So when we talk about asking questions and scripting, here's four very distinct phases of a conversation, or even a bunch of conversations that you need to think in and inside each one of these phases or stages. lies an existing set of best questions and best scripts to use. Okay, so I'm not sure we'll get through all four. But I'll do my best here, depending on where you guys want to go deeper. So the first phase of dealing with a new lead and using scripts and asking questions is what's called the initial contact phase. So you can think of this simply as the first time you talk to them. Or the first time you talk to them again in a little while, if you don't have a great relationship, right? So literally, like the beginning of every conversation, every conversation is initial contact, the beginning of every conversation. So if you meet somebody in an open house, that's initial contact, right then in there, there's specific questions you want to ask. We're going to cover those and open house next week. But you got a new lead in your database, right? Whether wherever they came from a referral, online, anywhere in between the first time you get them on the phone is initial contact. Okay, so I'm going to give you guys a couple of questions and there's going to be some different philosophies here. I'm just going to share mine personally with you guys. There's a couple of things you want to do an initial contact, this is my style. I'm an AI, not all these are going to resonate with this. I got a couple days on this call. So when I asked you guys to start thinking as DS, what's the first thing you do on a new call? eyes? My formula I think works for SS as well like eyes and SS. And that's in the disc personality profile. If you guys know what I'm talking about, you can drop a one in the chat box and we'll do this another day. But so my first move on a new call is to be excited to compliment them or break the ice, and then is to ask for permission. Okay, so what what that looks like for example, is like, Hey, good morning, Ian. He's like, Who's this in? This is Curtis man with the XP realty I mentioned this weekend an open house. How are you doing dude? Oh, man. Did I just your little kid was so awesome. Let's tell my wife about it. No. still laughing. That was such a funny thing. He did have that open house. So that's my like icebreaker right? I'm excited. I break the ice. My ice breakers are compliments or something funny? I'm a big fan of complimenting and something funny, right? Like anything I can do. Then the next thing for me, this is my style. I always ask for permission. Always, to me that is such a sign of respect. Did I catch you at a bad time will? Or do you have a couple minutes to chat? That's my initial contact script right there. Excitement, compliment, or, or joke and ask for permission. Because as soon as I have permission, then I'm ready to go. We can launch into rapport building, we can launch in any direction. If I don't get permission, that's okay too. Because now I'm immediately going to set up the follow up

Unknown Speaker 46:41
and go from there because I think in these phases, right, so initial contact, to me, personally, is about getting permission to start this conversation. Ok. So now there's other directions initial contact can go right. So you you you get on the phone, and they're immediately like rude and off putting and they don't want to talk to you Then in that case, if I don't get permission, there's always one question I want to ask. Because if I get a chance to qualify a new lead, to see if they're worth continuing to follow up with continuing to chase, where they go in my list, I always ask, Are you actively in the process of searching for a home? or thinking about buying or selling sometime down the road? That's going to immediately tell me if this is a buyer seller lead, potentially or not? So that's the one question I always try to get off, whether they give me permission or not before they hang up the phone. Because if they tell me Yes, they're in the process, I'm going to chase that person down for the rest of my week, right? If they tell me, maybe I'm gonna still chase that person down to if they tell me, absolutely not, not at all. Okay, that person is going to probably drop into my cold list or somebody that I follow up with periodically, right? But initial contact is super important. Now here's the other thing to remember. Without initial contact and Another way you can make this initial contact depending on the situation. Another thing to remember is to us a new buyer or seller lead is like gold right that's like the center of our day like oh my gosh, I got a new lead I got a new lead I might make a sale right? You're thinking about Commission's you're thinking about spend that money in two months like that's what we think right? Well, for some buyer and seller leads the average ones at the beginning of their journey. We're just like a blip in their day. We're not Top of Mind, we're not top priority. We're not the number one thing we're not the person whose phone call they're waiting on, necessarily. Right. So another way to make initial contact is to tell them exactly who you are and why you're calling. Hey, in this is Curtis, I met you yesterday that open house at 123 Main Street. We talked about connecting today. Did I catch you too bad time? Or do you have a couple quick minutes to chat? So you tell them exactly who you are and why you're calling. This is a very good approach for internet leads. Hey, will my name is Curtis I'm giving you a call because you were just on my website you looked at 123 Main Street did I catch should have had time or do you have a quick minute to chat? So exactly who you are and why you're calling and remind them of that. That's huge. Another tip and initial contact is using your first name. And their first name. Hi, good morning, Ian. Not like hey, in Flint again, is this Ian Flanagan. Like that does not create sort of that personal feel right away. But first name is does and they'll be scrambling like damn, I don't I was gonna have his number, say to my phone. Who is this guy? How does he know me? So that's another tip I've got in the initial contact. The last one. So I talked about telling them exactly why you're calling them. I talked about, you know, kill them with kindness, giving them that warm and fuzzy making sure you get your one question off.

Unknown Speaker 49:49
There was another one.

Unknown Speaker 49:51
Ah, yeah. So I used to teach this a lot guys. It's kind of coming back to me. So another thing you can do an initial contact right away is give value Really fast in the first 60 seconds. Hey in this is Curtis man, I met you yesterday that open house, but I didn't have a list of all the other homes in that area. But I've got it for you right now you have a quick minute to chat, like, give value right away, tell them something super important. Hey, Ian, this is Curtis, I know you were looking on my website just a minute ago, I've actually got that house pulled up, you have a quick minute to chat. So like give them something of value right away and let them know that you are a valuable person to talk to. And this initial contact will typically continue to move forward, depending on where you got them from and that source. So initial contact you've got asked for permission. You've got give value you've got tell them who you are and why you're calling. And then you've got Make sure to ask the question. If you don't like the permission thing, I'm still a big fan of trying to qualify that lead to see if they're a buyer or seller. That's initial contact anybody any input their feedback, thoughts, questions.

Unknown Speaker 51:02
Good stuff. Keep going. Y'all want to report building triple one if you want to keep going all right.

Unknown Speaker 51:10
Curtis, I love it, man. I'm taking notes. I got my Yep.

Unknown Speaker 51:16
Oh man, dude, I just did an audio note right now. So

Unknown Speaker 51:20
that's cool.

Unknown Speaker 51:21
Okay, so people are liking it good stuff. Okey dokey. So rapport building. And he and I know I'm pushing Ian's like one of the only people with his video on and I'm seeing him and like staring at him. So I just like, I just love some time, man. I love seeing you man. I don't

Unknown Speaker 51:34
I don't want to just jump in on everything. But I mean, yeah, there's a lot of takeaways there rapport building be excited.

Unknown Speaker 51:41
I want to call you I want to call you on the rapport building permit. Let's imagine, let's imagine we've moved through the initial contact, right? You've got them on the phone for 60 seconds. And they said, Yeah, I'm kind of actively in the process. If you would even take us through how you build rapport right there. You know, somebody opened the door for you. And they've said I'm open to continue This conversation, you know, where do you go first? How do you approach that strategically or tactically?

Unknown Speaker 52:08
Still muted? Sorry, I'm

Unknown Speaker 52:13
in your muted backup.

Unknown Speaker 52:17
How about now all those golden nuggets you gave away? start over? Okay.

Unknown Speaker 52:22
I said, it really kind of depends on the context of how you guys met. So for example, if we met at an open house, right? I met them, you know, hey, you know, you know, I really enjoyed meeting you guys, your your children are awesome. Your wife was great, like, Hey, you know, you know, in the next, you know, three to six months. Are you ready? Are you guys really looking to potentially buy a house? And if so, you know, what are the what are the some of the most important things that you're looking for? And maybe the house of the neighborhood. So I think it's just essentially going right to probing them and asking them those questions versus I'm great, use me blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. And I think that goes for any type of sales business is I think about that whenever I'm at places and people are trying to sell me stuff, and the first thing I thought of is like, you didn't pre qualify me, you didn't find out if I have a need for what you are selling. So I think that's the biggest thing right up front, obviously you want to, you know, be excited and, and compliment them, but you have to find out what their needs are. So I think that that's going to be the first step is really trying to probe them to find out what their timeline is, what their needs are. You know, hey, you know, I know this. You know, notice you have two small children. Is it important to you to have a private school close? Are you going to put your children in private school now because the, the when they have children, the schools are going to drive everything, right. Are they in a certain school district where there's Blue Blue Ribbon Schools, are they looking for a certain area, so you have to find out what's most important to them first. And then once you're opening and, you know, you can provide value in different ways by, you know, at the end of the conversation, you can say, hey, look, you know, I don't know if you've talked to a couple different mortgage brokers, but I would recommend you interview a few of them. Here's one that I see, it is a rock star that all my clients really, really love this person, maybe you should have a conversation with this person. So, probe them, find out what their needs are, and then maybe give them a couple referrals and some a few suggestions. And then set the next expectation of how you're going to be following up with them.

Unknown Speaker 54:32
I love it. We could dive down each one of those

Unknown Speaker 54:35
there. So let me let me pause you there for a minute because what Ian said at the end of that conversation to me, is super duper important, right, we're going to set the expectations about how we're moving the next step. So what you should got what you should have gotten from me and right there to me, is strategically from a high level, the way you build rapport is by doing a needs analysis and asking probing questions. He gave you a bunch of examples of what kind of probing questions and what kind needs you want to disk uncover, right? So let me back up to something that I missed, but it's super important. So once you finish initial contact, right, whether that takes 30 seconds, and they're like, yeah, I've got a couple minutes to chat, Curtis, where that takes like, a minute and a half and they're like, Who are you again? Were you the one at the purple house or the red house? Like, oh, man, I was at the Blue House. Hold on, you had no hair. You're the no hair guy. Okay, I got you. I got you. Right. So however long initial contact takes when you finish there, and they give you permission to keep going or you've decided you're going to keep going. setting expectations right then and there for the rest of the call is the best way to set yourself up for closing for setting an appointment. So the the expectation setting transition from initial contact rapport building goes something like this. Alright, cool. No, I'm glad you got a couple minutes. Here's what I'd like to do. I wanted to ask you a few questions to get to know more about you and your situation. Then we're going to talk about getting together and how we're when we move to the next step. Does that sound like a good plan? Cool. Thanks. So you've already told him what you want to do next on the phone, which is that Some questions, so they shouldn't be put off. When you ask questions. You've already told them you're going to try and set an appointment. And you've asked if that was cool with them. And they said yes. And then you told them like, you're going to set a next step again. So you told them like, Hey, I'm going to ask questions, and we're gonna talk about appointments. And we're gonna do next step again. So you set the expectations very clearly. So they won't be surprised when you ask for the appointment. And they won't be surprised when you try to move them to the next step, like referring them to a lender, like he had talked about. So that transition is super critical how you do that, if you do nothing else in that first 60 seconds, except like Bumble through saying, hey, what I want to do is ask you some questions and talk about the next steps that's good enough for at first like because at least you're setting them up to keep going. Then when you get to rapport building. I got a couple of strategies, and they're exactly in line with what Ian was talking about. There's actually a few there exactly in line with what Ian was talking about. So the first one is a very traditional real estate acronym that you guys can all Google and go find lots and lots of things. information on this but you can write it down if you've never heard it is the first one Kyle Handy taught me like my first day joining the Handy team at Handy Realty back in the day. It's LP Mama. And it write it down like LP Ma Ma, LP Mama. Thanks, Anthony. It's just like that LP Mama. So let's let's see if Anthony can rattle off what do you got? Anthony? What's LP mama? Have to unmute or drop it in the chat. So I'll start I'll start typing you gotta hear me. Yeah, we got you man. I'll bring it so location is a pretty Oh, yeah, really wanting to live what areas

Unknown Speaker 57:36
and then you got the P which is oh my god brain freeze right now, right? pricing. Yes. So what are they looking at? What is their price range at and you got their kind of their motivation, you know, the big one, you know why? What's bringing them as a relocation are they looking, you know, to downsize? upsized was Does that look like? One of the important ones is a are they working with an agent right now? Yes, sir. Okay, and then you got are they mortgage ready? Yep. And then the last one is set an appointment. Oh,

Unknown Speaker 58:18
dude, thank you that that guys is super simple and super powerful. And literally if you just talked about that you build rapport. But the key takeaway from talking about this is not you talking about the best locations, not you talking about the price points you asking and digging deep. When Kyle talks about digging deep, here's here's what he means. And here's what you should think of you guys have all heard the analogy of like peeling back the layer of the onion, right, like peel off a layer and then peel off another layer, right? So when you ask location for example, you'll ask, Hey, what areas are you guys considering? Okay, cool. That's a good question. That's one question right? But you need to go deeper. You need to peel back a little Well, where do you guys currently live? That's another layer. Right? Okay, peel back another layer. So you guys originally from this city, do you still have family in town and stuff? Okay, do Where do they live? peel back that layer. Now you know where their family lives? What are your town? Do you guys kind of run around in? Like, where do you spend your time? Well, movie theaters, you go to what Starbucks is your favorite like, now you find out where they play, right? What schools do your kids go to again? Now you find out more, right? So that's like five or six layers of location that you're peeling back. You could have a 25 minute conversation just by asking those few questions. And guess what? If you have written down on a sheet of paper, LP Ma Ma, and you ask that one question about what where do you guys spend your time, they might tell you motivation, they might tell you price, they might tell you all kinds of other things. So that's why you want to take that approach like peeling back layers. And if you're not able to ask lots of questions yet, at least ask these basic ones. What area what price range? Are you thinking? Why are you guys looking to make the move? Do you have an agent you're working with yet? Have you been pre qualified for a mortgage? Those are all very, like basic questions. But if you don't have anything else start there. Okay, so that's one strategy. And like I said, clearly, we're not going to get to all four phases of phone conversation, scripting and questions. But I'm going to give you one more, that is a little different, little different way of thinking. But in case you can't remember LP Mama, or in case you feel like with some agents do, you shouldn't have this belief, but you feel like sometimes, if you open up the can of worms to talk about real estate, and you're not real estate knowledgeable, you feel like you're not going to be able to ask these questions like What I mean is for like, I don't know the areas of my city yet. So when they say location, I'm gonna have to ask them, where does that mean or whatever, right. So like, I'll give you just another way to think about it. I call it the Fab Five, just because I'm a crazy basketball fan, and that was an old Michigan Wolverines nickname of basketball team, but the Fab Five to me, I'll type them in here real quick.

Unknown Speaker 1:01:01
Now I can type the fourth one yet. So I do these real quick. So the Fab Five is who, when, where, why? I'll give you the fifth one in a minute. So if you can't remember LP mama or you don't want to talk real estate, you're just conversing with anybody. You talk about who? who's involved in making this move, right? Do you and your husband, Are you married? Do you guys have kids? Where's your family live? Who's your family? You have family in town, like you're just talking about who just people who impacts his decision, like just people. You're just talking about the people in their life. You're figuring out who's in their world. That's a very big deal, guys. He is one saying like he had a he had a specific question because he has tons of experience doing it. Where do your kids go to school? Does that matter? That's a very specific question. But just in general, who's in your family? have any kids, husband, wife, mom, dad, etc. Right? When Ian talked about that one specifically, it's not specifically an LP Mama, but it is to me the most important thing

Unknown Speaker 1:01:56
you should know in

Unknown Speaker 1:01:59
classifying your leaves the most important thing in my opinion, you're my entire database is segmented by when's, when are you thinking of making this move? When do you need to make a move? When is your current lease up? When did you buy your last house? When did you last to buy a house? When when? When? Right? Like when is your summer vacation? When do the kids get out of school, when to me is like the most, most important set of details you can get. The next one is where back to location I gave most of my questions away. Where do you live? Where do you work where you play? Where do you eat? Where's your family? Where did you used to live? Where did you grow up just where you can spend 15 minutes on were finding out all about them in their life. And the reason that these are so important, these build massive report. Like literally if you found out where their brother deployed in the army, that person is your friend now. Right? Like that's how deep you can go in these first conversations. If you just ask the right questions. The next one, the most powerful to actually build and deepen a relationship quickly is the y And this one really usually requires peeling back layers. So you're going to want to work on this. But at a minimum, you have to ask why they're thinking of making a move. And most of the time, we have a saying buyers are liars. They're gonna lie to you. They're gonna like they might not even know they're lying. Why are they making the move? All we're just tired of, we just we think it's time. Like, what does that mean? Well, actually, we hate our neighborhood and our cars been hit three times in the driveway, because we park on the street is really loud. And there's this person that we can't stand next door. That's the why. Okay, now you have a real pain point that you can push on. You take them Oh, nice, gorgeous, brand new master planned community, they're ready to go. So that's the why. And then the last one is how much and this is my favorite favorite one. This is the first time that I want to talk because I attempt to position myself as an expert through this transition statement. I know we gotta go guys. It's 10 to one. But here's my favorite question to take us if you scroll back up to take us from initial contact through rapport building this last Question is my transition to closing. So the question goes, how much do you know about the process of buying a home? How much do you know about the process of selling your home? Even if they have a huge ego and they think they're really good unless they're a professional Realtor, they don't know shit about selling their home or buying their home. So this transition statement sets you up to set the appointment as the expert. And even if they think they know a lot, awesome, back to your win. So how much you know about the process of buying a home? Oh, a lot, dude, I bought 15 Oh, great. How many of you bought this year? And maybe you bought this month? Well, here's what I'd like to do next. The next step is for us to sit down and get together and now we can set the appointment right? So how much you know about the process of listing home. We don't know it all. We're super scared and terrified. We don't even know when we should do it or how we should do it. Awesome. That's the perfect time for us to sit down and get together. I promise you this. We're not going to sell your home the first time we meet Well, let's talk about the process. Let me Come sit down. So you get to eliminate the risk, you bring down their guard, how much you know about the process, you get to sort of, for the first time be the knight in shining armor, they're already going to be happy with you, because you've been making them feel good by asking them lots of questions. Now you've set up the perfect clothes. So that's initial contact. That's rapport building. Hopefully you guys got some good questions. You got some good scripts, it's 10. Oh, 200 people gotta jump off. And we will put open houses at the top of next Monday. We can keep going through the closing and the follow up portions of scripts and question asking you if you guys want, drop a one in the chat. If you got something out of this today, this was helpful. Drop a two if we didn't help you.

Unknown Speaker 1:05:40
Drop a three if you're going to invite somebody for us next week, please. We want to get these calls up. I know it's summer. I know it's busy. But if this is kicking your week off in the right way, please bring somebody and invite you guys are wonderful. Thank you. And thanks for participating so much, Anthony. Thanks for contributing. Carmen appreciate you will. Thanks for bringing the question. Elisa, thanks for contributing. Tracy, I told you I'd recap so I'll stay on the recap real quick, Mario, Patricia, really appreciate y'all. Okay, so real quick recap from the beginning guys I always started with was we wanted to go through some lead generation topics, you know. So the way I kicked off this call was just to ask everybody what's on their mind, biggest challenge biggest opportunity, biggest hurdle. And when we got to lead generation topics, there were a couple specific ones that normal wanted to cover, for example, Facebook ads, she wanted to talk about mail outs and reaching neighbors. And then everybody else wanted to talk about Facebook again. And then some referrals and sphere of influence. So all I did was sort of break up the conversation into working your sphere of influence and building your list in real life. And then working facebook, facebook ads, working your social media platforms. Kyle Handy, got on and gave some nuggets like the biggest takeaway he gave was everybody that's in your sphere of influence, just like we just talked about going deep with a new lead. He talked about going deeper with the folks in your sphere of influence. Imagine having that Fab Five conversation with those folks. Who's in your life right now who's in your world? Kids, family, friends, brothers, sisters, right? Where do you live? Where do you work? Where do you play? Where do you spend your time? Where's the good stuff happening in our city right now? When? When did you guys buy your house again? When does your son graduate high school again? When does your daughter get out of fifth grade, like, just imagine going deep in that fashion with your sphere of influence, how much deeper you get to know them, and how much further you can move to a place of actually being able to make a strong enough connection to get some benefit and to be able to help them. So that's what we talked about. And then I think you jumped on right after that. dropped a simple script in the chat, something we worked on a couple of weeks ago about asking for referrals. And then the last piece we just talked about the short and the long game of lead generation how short game is generating referrals now deepening relationships. Now those are going to lead to leads now. And then the long game Ian talked about it like internet marketing and building your list. We talked about how that's worthless. If you're not doing anything with it. You're not popping it into a CRM, retargeting on Facebook doing all that stuff with your list. So the short game and the long game, so that was it random. What's up my man Good to see you appreciate you being on. Thanks, Tracy. Hey, thanks will do keep kicking butt high five, my man. Keep crushing. Let us know how we can help Tuesday. If you guys need anything from us tomorrow, come join that other mastermind and catch you later. Bye, everybody. I Carmen later and thanks again.

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