7 Scripts For Real Estate Internet Leads To Close More Deals

7 Scripts For Real Estate Internet Leads To Close More Deals

As a Realtor, getting leads is key to the success of your real estate business. But if you’re a new agent and haven’t developed your sales skills yet, it can be hard to know what to say to win over your leads and turn them into clients. In this post, we’ll go over several scripts for real estate internet leads, the three main phases of communication with your leads, and how to ask them relevant questions.

Phase One: Initial Contact Scripts

The first phase of dealing with a new lead is initial contact. This phase is the very first time you talk to them. Or if they’re a past client, the first time you talk to them again in a while.

The beginning of every conversation is initial contact. Wherever your lead comes from, whether they’re from a referral, the internet, or an open house, the first time you talk or message them is initial contact.

Initial contact scripts for real estate internet leads consist of an icebreaker, usually a compliment or joke, followed by asking for permission.

Remember that as a real estate professional, a new buyer or seller lead is like gold. But for the potential lead, especially the ones at the beginning of their journey, we’re just a blip in their day. We’re not a top priority for them.

For this reason, it’s important to have an effective conversation and follow up with all your leads.

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Use Compliments To Break The Ice

The first move you should make on a new call is to break the ice by complimenting your lead. Make sure you are excited and upbeat.

Realtor: Hey, good morning, Ian.

Ian: Who’s this?

Realtor: This is Kyle with eXp Realty. I met you this weekend at an open house. How are you doing?

Realtor: Your little kid was so awesome. I was telling my wife about him. I was still laughing. That was such a funny thing he did at that open house.

A compliment or funny story like this that relates to your lead makes a great icebreaker to warm them up and get them in the mood to talk to you.

Ask For Permission

The next step you should include in your scripts for real estate internet leads is to ask for permission to start the conversation. Your lead will take this as a sign of respect. You can ask something like, “Did I catch you at a bad time?” Or, “do you have a couple of minutes to chat?”

As soon as you have permission, you’re ready to go and can launch into phase two of the script: rapport building.

If you don’t get permission, don’t worry. You can change directions by immediately setting up the follow-up and finding a better time to call them back.

However, if you get on the phone and the lead is immediately rude, off-putting, and it’s clear they don’t want to talk to you, there’s always one question you should ask before ending the conversation.

This question is: “Are you actively in the process of searching for a home? Or thinking about buying or selling sometime down the road?”

Whenever you get a new lead, you need to make sure you qualify them and see if they’re worth following up with. This one question will immediately tell you if this is a potential buyer or seller lead.

Make sure you ask it before they hang up the phone, whether or not they give you permission.

If the lead answers Yes or Maybe, add them to your list of leads and spend the rest of the week trying to get them on a phone call to set up an appointment.

If they say no, then you’ll know to put that person into your cold lead list.

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Set Expectations

The other key to initial contact is to set the expectation of how you’re going to move to the next step and follow up with them.

Setting expectations for the rest of the call serves as a critical transition between initial contact and rapport building. It is also the best way to set yourself up for getting an appointment.

Realtor: Alright, cool. I’m glad you have a couple of minutes. Here’s what I’d like to do. I wanted to ask you a few questions to get to know more about you and your situation. Then we’re going to talk about getting together, and how or when we move to the next step. Does that sound like a good plan?

With this script, you’ve already told your lead what you want to do next on the phone, so they shouldn’t be caught off guard. Also, you’ve set the expectation for setting an appointment.

When you clearly set all the expectations upfront, your lead won’t be surprised when you ask for the appointment or try to move them to the next step after that, such as referring them to a lender.

Use A Direct Approach

Another strategy for the initial contact scripts for real estate internet leads is to tell the lead exactly who you are and why you’re calling them.

Realtor: Hey, this is Kyle with eXp Realty. I met you yesterday at that open house at 123 Main Street. We talked about connecting today. Did I catch you at a bad time? Or do you have a couple of quick minutes to chat?

This approach works especially well with almost every internet lead you’ll work with.

Realtor: Hey, Will, my name is Kyle with eXp Realty. I’m giving you a call because you were just on my website and looked at 123 Main Street. Did I catch you at a bad time, or do you have a quick minute to chat?

Another tip on initial contact is using your first name and the lead’s first name throughout the conversation. If you start by asking, “Is this Ian Flanagan?” or “Is this Mr. Flanagan?” that doesn’t create a personal connection the same way as being on a first-name basis.

But when you use their first name, it establishes a personal feeling right away. For example, it’s best just beginning with a simple, “Hi, good morning, Ian.”

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Give Value Quickly

When making initial contact, you must give value to your seller or buyer lead in the first 60 seconds. You can do this by telling them important information that might interest them.

Realtor: Hey, this is Kyle with eXp Realty. I met you yesterday at the open house at 123 Main Street, but I didn’t have a list of all the other available homes in that same area. But I’ve got it for you right now if you have a quick minute to chat.”

Giving value quickly is especially important when working with online leads.

Realtor: Hey, Ian, this is Kyle with eXp Realty. You were looking at the home on 123 Main Street on my website just a minute ago. I’ve actually got that house pulled up right now, if you have a quick minute to chat.

By giving your buyer or seller lead something of value right away, you’re letting them know that you are a valuable person that can help them out. As a result, the conversation is more likely to move forward to the rapport-building phase.

Phase Two: Rapport-Building Scripts

Once your real estate lead has signaled they are open to continuing the conversation, where do you take the conversation next? How do you approach the rest of it strategically or tactically? Effective rapport-building will depend on the context of how you meet your real estate leads

But no matter what, you should start by getting more specific in your pre-qualification questions, so you can accurately assess their needs.

At this point in the conversation, you need to ask questions and listen rather than sell them on hiring you by telling them how great you are.

Figure Out Their Needs

Ask questions to figure out their timeline, what kind of home they are looking for, what’s important to them, and just to get to know them in general. The way you build rapport is by doing a needs analysis and asking qualifying questions to discover more about them as a person.

For example, you can find out what their timeline is by asking:

Realtor: So, are you looking to potentially buy a house in the next three to six months? And if so, what are you looking for in the house or neighborhood?

And if they have kids, you can ask questions related to that:

Realtor: So you have two small children. Are you looking to live in a particular area then? Is it important to you to have a good school nearby? Are you going to put your children in a private school? 

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Continue To Provide Value

You should continue to provide value in the rapport-building phase. You can give this value in different ways, for example, by referring them to a broker or lender.

Realtor: I don’t know if you’ve talked to any mortgage brokers yet, but I would recommend you interview a few of them. Here’s one that is a rock star, and all my clients really love this person. Maybe you should have a conversation with them.

Use LPMAMA to Build Rapport

The first strategy you can use in your rapport-building scripts for real estate internet leads is a traditional real estate acronym: LPMAMA.

  • Location – What areas do they want to live in?
  • Pricing – What are their price range and budget?
  • Motivation – Figure out your lead’s “why.” What’s bringing them to this area? Are they relocating? Are they looking to downsize? Up-size?
  • Are They Working With An Agent Already? – Are they already working with an agent? Do they have someone in mind, or are they still looking?
  • Mortgage Ready – Are they ready for a mortgage? Are they pre-qualified and ready financially to get a home?
  • Appointment Setting – Set an appointment with them after you’ve discussed all of these points.

Using these six points in your scripts for real estate internet leads can help you quickly build rapport with your lead. However, keep in mind your role should still be just asking questions, listening, and letting your lead speak.

Using Questions to Dig Deeper

Use LPMAMA to ask questions that dig deep and find out more information about their situation. 

For example, a good question to start with is what locations your lead is considering. But don’t stop there. Go deeper by including these follow-up questions in your real estate phone scripts.

  • Where do they currently live?
  • If they’re originally from this area, do they still have family in town? If so, where do they live?
  • What areas of town do they spend their time in?
  • If you’re not able to ask a lot of questions yet, at least make sure you ask the basic ones:
  • What area do they want to live in?
  • What price range are they considering?
  • Why are you guys looking to move?
  • Do you have an agent you’re working with yet?
  • Have you been pre-qualified for a mortgage?
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The “Fab Five” Questions

The second strategy for building rapport is the Fab Five. If you can’t remember LPMAMA, this is an excellent substitute you can use in your real estate script.


Talk about the people in their life. Who’s involved in making this move? Is your lead married? Do they have kids? Where does their family live?


When are they thinking of moving? When is their current lease up? When did they buy their last house? When is their summer vacation?


Where do they live currently? Where do they work and where do they spend their free time? Where do they go out to eat? Where does their family live? Where did they grow up?


Questions that ask “why” are necessary to deepen a relationship with a potential client. Even if you don’t go too far with these questions, you should at least make sure to ask why they’re thinking of moving.

If you just get an answer like, “we think it’s time,” or “we’re tired of our neighborhood,” dig a little deeper. What does that mean?

Then they might expand and say they hate their current neighborhood for a specific reason, like people parking in front of their driveway. Now you have a real pain point you can use to your advantage when showing them homes.

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Phase Three: Appointment Setting

The fifth question of the Fab Five is “How Much.” It serves as a transition from rapport building into the third phase of the conversation: appointment setting.

There’s one question you should include in your scripts for real estate internet leads to start this transition: how much do you know about the process of buying or selling a home?

This part of the phone script should be the first time you really start talking, because you’ll be positioning yourself as the expert.

This question sets you up to get an appointment because unless the lead is a professional real estate agent, they don’t actually know how to sell or buy a home.

And if they think they know or have a lot of experience, you can go back to asking “when” questions and then work to set an appointment from there.

Appointment-Setting With Real Estate Internet Leads

Realtor: So, how much do you know about the process of buying a home?

Lead: Oh, a lot. I’ve bought 15 homes.

Realtor: Oh, great. How many of you bought this year? This month?

Realtor: Well, here’s what I’d like to do next. The next step is for us to sit down and get together.

If the lead has no experience, you should get the same outcome.

Realtor: So, how much do you know about the process of listing a home?

Lead: We don’t know anything. We’re terrified. We don’t even know when we should do it or how we should do it.

Realtor: Awesome. That’s the perfect time for us to sit down and get together. I promise you this. We’re not going to sell your home the first time we meet. Well, let’s talk about the process. Let’s set an appointment.

Aim to reassure your lead by eliminating the risk and bringing down their guard. By showing how much you know about the process, you get to be their knight in shining armor and demonstrate that you are a successful real estate agent.

Final Thoughts Scripts for Real Estate Internet Leads

Keep in mind that your lead is already going to be happy with you because you’ve been getting to know them and showing that you care about them as people, not just clients. 

No matter what direction your conversation takes, use these scripts for real estate internet leads to guide your lead towards the perfect closing, and you’ll get a buyer or listing appointment with them in no time.

Do you have any go-to scripts you use with your internet leads? Let me know in the comments below!

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