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19 This Or That Real Estate Posts & Polls That Get Responses

Social media is all about engagement.

An engaged follower is a good prospect. The more they interact with you, the more likely they are to hire you as a real estate agent.

Further, the more engagement you get, the more your posts will be promoted. If you get a social media post with a lot of engagement, it’s more likely to show up on someone’s feed.

So, you don’t just have to create valuable, informative social media posts; you also need to create posts that people respond to.

One of the best ways to do this is through This or That real estate posts. Today, we’re going to dig into these posts and what makes them so great.

What is a This Or That Real Estate Post?

A “This or That” real estate post is also known as a “comparison” post. This or That real estate posts ask followers about their preferences. Would they prefer a two-story house or a one-story house? Would they prefer a garden or would they prefer a pool?

While this may seem remarkably simple, it’s also a very effective form of real estate marketing. A “This or That” post can be moved to Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or even LinkedIn. It’s proven to build engagement—and engagement, in turn, can improve your SEO standing

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Why Are This or That Real Estate Posts Effective?

People want to share their opinions. Sometimes to an extreme degree. While you might think that “Carpet or Hardwood?” is something to lose sleep over, there are absolutely some for which this is a hill to die on.

A “This or That” post entreats your followers to post their opinion. If they feel particularly passionate about their opinion, they’ll also want to justify it.

Secondly, a “This or That” post also means that you get more information about your followers. Are they more interested in condos or houses? Well, you’ll find out once you make the Facebook post.

19 This or That Posts & Polls for More Responses

“This or That” comparison posts tend to be simple rather than deep. In fact, even though it’s so effective, it’s one of the simplest real estate Facebook posts you can make.

Here are a few great examples of a “This or That” post:

lake view

1. Lake View or Pool View?

Do your followers want to be in a remote, lakeside location, or would they rather be in the heart of the suburbs with a gorgeous pool? How many of your potential buyers are interested in pools—is it something that you should really be pushing in a listing?

2. Industrial or Shabby Chic?

If you renovate homes as well as sell them, this is even more important. Realtors can pick up on current style trends by asking their followers about what they prefer. You might find out that the local market is heavily pulling toward shabby chic.

3. Carpet or Hardwood?

Buyers tend to go back and forth on this one. From past clients, you may have seen people preferring the comfort of carpet or the luxury of hardwood. You can test the temperature of the market with this question.

4. Farmhouse or Townhouse?

In many markets, people are moving back toward homesteading, rural properties, and the old farmhouse. If you’re interested in knowing how your followers are skewing, you can ask this question on your social accounts.

apartment building

5. Condo or Suburb?

Would your followers rather live in the city or a suburb? That’s an important question to have answered. With this question, you’ll know what to expect with every new listing. Your followers could be pulling heavily in one direction or another.

6. Light Cabinets or Dark Cabinets?

Another great question for rehabbers and renovators: Do people prefer light cabinets or dark cabinets? Sometimes, it prefers on the property. But this is also something that goes in and out of style in the real estate market.

7. Shower or Tub?

The bathtub is one of the major rooms that people look at when they look at a new home. But what are they looking for? This question is going to give you more insights into what bathrooms are going to be most popular.

8. Neutral or Bright?

Need to advise your clients on which paint colors to use? Realtors need to know about current trends. In the past decade, “millennial gray” was all the rage, and everything was a flat, pale monochrome. Now brighter colors are coming into style, but not everywhere.

hot tub

9. Jacuzzi or Pool?

Outdoor features are another thing that people go back and forth on. A few decades ago, everyone wanted an in-ground pool. Today, a lot of people are wary of maintenance. Find out what your market prefers.

10. Granite or Marble Counters?

Has an owner ever asked you what type of counters they should install? A lot of people need this type of advice. With the right Instagram or Facebook marketing questions, you can have an educated answer.

These are almost assured to inspire discussion. Once you post “Jacuzzi or Pool?” as an Instagram post, you’ll have people sharing their opinions and justifying their decisions. And any of those people could be a potential client.

In addition to these closed questions, there are also open-ended questions that you can use on your real estate social media:

plants on a shelf

11. What are your favorite garden plants?

Create an image that features a huge variety of beautiful garden plants and ask your followers which are their favorites. You’ll get them thinking about the garden that they could design if they bought the house of their dreams.

12. What kind of mailbox do you want?

While this seems like a completely innocuous question, it’s actually quite clever. When your homeowners ask you what type of mailbox they should install, you’ll know an objectively truthful answer—and how to best enhance their curb appeal.

13. What’s your favorite entryway door?

As with the mailbox question, this open-ended question gives you key insights into what your potential buyers are interested in. It will give you information that you can pass on or that you can use yourself if you’re renovating properties.

modern farmhouse

14. Which exterior do you like best?

Pair this with one of those classic infographics that show different home types. Do your followers love ranch-style houses? Victorians? It’s worth it to know what your audience likes so you can give them more of what they want.

15. What sink would you want the most?

Another renovation question, this tells you which sinks people would like the most. Although, be careful. When it comes to more “ornate” things (think: glass bowl sinks) the reality of what people think they want and what they actually want can differ.

16. Which couch is your favorite couch?

This is a home staging question. Knowing what couch is a “favorite” couch cues you into the designs that your followers like the best. Staging is an art unto itself and good staging can really sell an open house.

white brick wood floor

17. What type of flooring do you find most comfortable?

Like the carpet vs hardwood question, this gives followers a chance to discuss the flooring they love the most. Because it’s an open-ended question, it also means that followers could give you answers that you don’t predict.

18. Which set of windows is your favorite?

Windows are one of the things that are easiest to repair during a fast renovation. So, if you have property owners who are interested in renovating before they sell, you can use this question to give them the answers they need.

19. Do you prefer blinds, drapes, shutters, or something else?

Another thing that’s often easily replaced and contributes to the sale of a property; window dressings. Find out whether the followers in your area prefer blinds or drapes and you’ll have more valuable information to impart.

These polls are usually paired with an infographic that shows a lot of different options. Followers will be able to select their favorite from a blog post, Instagram story, or list, and will be able to share their opinion on the page. From there, real estate agents will both gather additional information about their audience and boost their engagement metrics.

house model in hand

Tips for Using This or That Real Estate Posts

One of the major advantages of “This or That” real estate posts is that they shouldn’t take a lot of work. You still need time to run your real estate business; you don’t want to be tied to a Facebook page. (And if you’re really having a hard time, consider just hiring a marketing company.)

With that in mind, here are a few simple tips:

  • Make sure your visuals are strong. “This or That” posts rely a lot on visuals. Use stock photo sites like Unsplash to find pictures to use and make sure that your followers have a clear idea of what’s being asked.
  • Don’t schedule too many of them in a row. If you schedule a “This or That” every day, your followers are going to stop interacting with them, and your real estate social media engagement metrics will go down.
  • Avoid truly controversial topics. The point to a “This or That” post is that it should be fun, silly, and lighthearted. You want people arguing about paint colors, not anything more serious.
  • Don’t be afraid to weigh in. Make the first comment on your post and tell them which you prefer. That will kick off the discussion of the content.
  • Brand all your images. Add your logo to your images to extend your brand; it’ll make people more likely to recognize you.

As you post your “This or That” posts, use your social media platform stats to see which posts are leading to the most engagement. It could be that your social media account doesn’t do well with this type of post. Or it could be that certain posts just do that much better.

Social media marketing is all about trying new things, seeing how they work out, and moving in the direction of the money.

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Create Your This or That Real Estate Posts Today

It’s time to get started. Fire up your social networks and begin building This or That real estate posts today.

  • Use Canva to create your real estate posts. Canva provides easy-to-use templates that you can use to create an attractive “this or that” post without any designing knowledge.
  • Find the right tags. Most social networks run on a tagging or categorization system. Make sure that you’re tagging the right topics (such as #renovations or #real estate) with each of your posts.
  • Schedule your posts in advance. Whether you’re using an Instagram account or a Facebook ad, you want your social media content to be spaced out and consistent. Schedule posts so that you have some content going out every evening.
  • Integrate your real estate listings. Do you have a listing that has a feature you’re talking about? Make sure to mention and link them in the post itself. “This or That: Claw Foot Bathtubs or Jacuzzi Tubs? I have a listing with an amazing Jacuzzi tub…”
  • Post it! Once your real estate posts go live, start interacting with the comments. When potential buyers or other prospective clients comment, you can draw them in further by talking to them, agreeing with them, or asking them further questions.

With the right process, you’ll be able to boost your engagement and learn more about what your audience wants.


What should I post on Instagram real estate?

Instagram thrives on visuals. In addition to beautiful photographs of your listings, consider engaging templates such as “This or That” posts and polls. These Q&A-styled posts will drive engagement.

What are some quick ideas for real estate Facebook accounts?

Think about what your target audience needs to know and tailor your real estate content accordingly. Consider posting your current listings, houses that you love, and your favorite new renovations.

How can I engage with my real estate followers?

Engage with real estate followers by posting questions and polls. When followers are asked to share their own opinion, they become more engaged. You can further build your social media presence by noting their answers.

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